From Urban Co-Living Spaces to Customized Finance Apps

 - Jan 23, 2016
This collection of the top 2015 credit crunch trends demonstrates the control that many consumers are taking over their personal finances with the help of technology.

While money-managing apps are nothing new, 2015 did see many unique innovations within this realm emerge on the market. Social banking apps, asset management platforms and even health food budgeting tools are enabling consumers to keep better track of their money in all areas of their life.

2015 also saw the emergence of co-sharing living and working spaces. Entrepreneurs and freelancers who need office space but can't afford to finance their own office are able to join organizations that offer working and meeting space for a monthly subscription.

Trend Hunter's 2016 Trend Report offers most examples of the top 2015 credit crunch trends as well as additional research on this topic.