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Taking the world by storm, new and innovative tech devices are heightening consumer lives in unexpected ways. Shining the spotlight on everything from emerging multimedia, mobile usage and smartphones designs, Trend Hunter’s tech category is showcasing the latest developments in cutting-edge technology.
play_circle_filled Secure Multi-Exchange Crypto Trading
Secure Multi-Exchange Crypto Trading
Coygo Offers a Suite of Tools to Empower Crypto Traders
Coygo provides a secure downloadable desktop application that offers a suite of tools to assist cryptocurrency and digital asset traders in their day-to-day workflow, helping them stay a step ahead... MORE
Paper-Free Bottle Labels
Paper-Free Bottle Labels
Ab InBev Has Announced Direct Object Printing to Replace Paper Labels
AB InBev has been making a number of changes in order to decrease its carbon footprint and increase its eco awareness, which is evident with its announcement of new direct object printing for its... MORE
Gaming Clip-Sharing Platforms
Gaming Clip-Sharing Platforms
Imgur's Melee is a Dedicated Gaming Section for Content Sharing
Imgur is a photo-sharing platform, and recently it created a dedicated gaming section named ‘Melee.’ Melee will provide a space for users to share and consume gaming content, and it will... MORE
Stylish Connected Audio Devices
Stylish Connected Audio Devices
The 'SoundHub' Bluetooth Amplifier Organizes Audio Equipment
Wireless connectivity has transitioned from optional to essential when it comes to music and audio, so the ‘SoundHub’ Bluetooth amplifier has been developed as a stylish way to enhance... MORE
Online Marketplace Apps
Online Marketplace Apps
The Official Craigslist App is Now Available for Buyers and Sellers
The first official Craigslist app was launched, giving mobile user access to the platform approximately 24 years after the original launch. Before the app was available, the online marketplace could... MORE
Functional Photography Outerwear
Functional Photography Outerwear
The Shackleton x Leica Frank Hurley Photographer's Jacket is Cozy
The Shackleton x Leica Frank Hurley Photographer’s Jacket is a premium outerwear option for shutterbugs that will provide them with a way to maintain movement without compromising on comfort.... MORE
Complete Breakfast Countertop Cookers
Complete Breakfast Countertop Cookers
The Gourmia Breakfast Station Creates Hearty Meals
Preparing a full breakfast usually consists of using a range, a toaster and potentially other popular kitchen solutions, which is something the Gourmia Breakfast Station aims to completely change.... MORE
Logo-Embellished AR Glasses
Logo-Embellished AR Glasses
Snap Created Limited Edition Gucci-Branded Spectacles 3
A limited-edition design of Snap’s Spectacles 3 was created with Gucci that’s covered in logos. Unfortunately for collectors, the Spectacles x Gucci style was expressly created for the... MORE
Wearable Posture
Wearable posture-correcting devices are on the rise
Implications - The rise of wearable posture-correcting devices has a range of implications – whether that's in the development of personal health, or in workplace safety systems. The increase of technological innovations in everything from exoskeletons to clothing in this field is a reactionary response to the magnifying glass that consumers, workers and unions have placed on enhancing the health of individuals.
Workshop Question - How could your brand employ technology that enhances the health of its customers or employees?
Safety Directional Map Updates
Safety Directional Map Updates
Google’s Will Launch a Feature to Show Brightly Lit Streets on Maps
In an effort to inform its users on brightly lit streets, Google Maps will launch the ‘Lighting’ feature to help users avoid dark or poorly light streets to increase their safety. While... MORE
30 Film-Related Gifts
30 Film-Related Gifts
From Film-Themed Watches to Sci-Fi-Inspired Sneaker Collections
Films have had a long history of impacting audiences, and many consumers choose to give film-related gifts during the holiday season. People often express their love of movies through purchasing... MORE
play_circle_filled Athlete Safety AI Simulations
Athlete Safety AI Simulations
The NFL Collaborated with Amazon on the Digital Athlete System
The NFL and Amazon are collaborating to create a ‘Digital Athlete’ simulation, which will be used to predict injuries. The Digital Athlete system is able to run through potential game... MORE
Video Game Skincare Campaigns
Video Game Skincare Campaigns
Apotek Hjärtat's Skin for Skin Targets Gamers on Steam
Swedish pharmacy Apotek Hjärtat joined digital video game distribution service Steam and launched Skin for Skin, a unique campaign that gives players the chance to exchange in-game skins for real... MORE
Ambient Noise-Blocking Earbuds
Ambient Noise-Blocking Earbuds
The DSI Supersonic Earbuds Boast a Smart Ambient Mode
The DSI Supersonic wireless earbuds are a premium solution for users who are seeking out a way to streamline their access to music or audio content, while also putting a focus on enhanced noise... MORE
5G-Ready Smartphone Processors
5G-Ready Smartphone Processors
The Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 Offers 25% Enhanced Performance
5G is quickly arriving as the latest connectivity frequency that will enable unparalleled speeds on mobile devices, so the Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 has been unveiled by the technology brand to help... MORE
Autonomous Driving Investments
Autonomous Driving Investments
Volvo Invested in a Vehicle Operating System Company Named Apex.AI
Volvo recently invested in Apex.AI, which is a vehicle operating system company located in Palo Alto. No details of the investment were made public, however, Volvo stated the investment would not... MORE
Efficiency-Focused Design Tools
Efficiency-Focused Design Tools
Figma's Auto Layout Feature Expedites the Design Process
Figma is a design tool, and recently it announced its new Auto Layout feature that streamlines the reformatting process for users. The feature can be toggled on, where Figma will automatically... MORE
play_circle_filled Ethereal Strategy Video Games
Ethereal Strategy Video Games
The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance Tactics Has Over 50 Battles
The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance Tactics is being launched on the PlayStation 4 console on February 4, 2020 as an ethereal strategy game that’s sure to entice avid fans of the original film... MORE
Crisp Android-Powered TVs
Crisp Android-Powered TVs
The New Nokia Android Smart TV is Being Launched in India
The Nokia Android Smart TV has been unveiled by the brand as a new home entertainment solution for the India market that will offer consumers a precision piece of equipment for enjoying their choice... MORE
In-Store Arcade Apps
In-Store Arcade Apps
Dave & Buster's Launched a Contactless Payment App for Both Android and iOS
Dave & Buster’s launched a contactless payment app to streamline the purchases made in stores. In order to launch the app, the company worked alongside Stuzo, which is a developer company.... MORE
Tear Production-Prompting Devices
Tear Production-Prompting Devices
The Allergan 'TrueTear' Stimulates Natural Tear Production
Dry eyes are quickly becoming a more common issue for consumers who spend long periods of time staring at computer screens or who have allergies, so the Allergan ‘TrueTear’ is positioned... MORE
Online Dermatologist Services
Online Dermatologist Services
Apostrophe Lets You Virtually Meet with a Dermatologist
With today’s on-demand services, consumers are accustomed to having their demands met quickly and from the comfort of their own home—cue Apostrophe, a service that lets you meet with a... MORE
Physics-Understanding AI Systems
Physics-Understanding AI Systems
MIT's ADEPT System Can Understand the Laws of Physics
Researchers from MIT created the ADEPT system, which is a new AI model that is able to comprehend the fundamental laws of physics. This means that the ADEPT system is able to view objects in videos,... MORE
Remote Professional Laptop Screens
Remote Professional Laptop Screens
The MSI Optix MAG161V Portable Monitor is Backpack-Friendly
The MSI Optix MAG161V portable monitor is a robust mobile technology solution for users who are looking to maintain enhanced productivity when spending time away from their desk. The unit features a... MORE
Studying-Specific Music Steaming
Studying-Specific Music Steaming
Classical Music Streaming Service IDAGIO Launched a Premium Sale
IDAGIO, the only complete digital library of classical music that is optimized specifically for the listening experience of the classical genre,  recently launched a discounted premium... MORE