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When CNN or The NY Times need the cutting edge, they turn to the world’s #1 largest, most popular trend site. We offer unparalleled access to early adopters:

Traffic - Up to 60,000,000 monthly views

Visits - 3,500,000 monthly, 50% mobile

Social - 3,200,000 fans (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest)

Psychographic - influencers, early adopters, trend setters

Engagement - Extremely high: 25 pageviews & 6 minutes per visit

Geography - 50% USA, 10% UK, 6% Canada, 4% Australia

Demographics - 40% 18-34, 55% female, college educated

Categories -Trend Hunter is split into many sub-brands with their own demographics, based on categories (e.g. Lifestyle, Fashion, Tech, Design, Business, Auto & Luxury)

Our Mission - To help people find better ideas, faster

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We're a crowd sourced, crowd-powered community, designed to help people "Find Better Ideas, Faster." We've become the #1 site for millions of early adopters looking for new business ideas, products and services. Behind the scenes, we advise hundreds of brands, billionaires and CEOs like Victoria's Secret, Sony & NBC.

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Unparalleled Potential - Millions of early-adopters, eager to share

Infecting Influencers

Our influential audience offers advertisers a rare double benefit. Millions of early adopters visit Trend Hunter to find exciting new products & services, which they share with friends. Excite these influencers and you'll infect a much larger audience. The catch is that you can't excite an early adopter with banners alone. You need engaging content.

For seven years, Trend Hunter has been one of the highest performing ad partners for mission critical ad campaigns ranging from Verizon and Land Rover launches to Barack Obama's election campaigns and hundreds of viral videos.

1. Branded Channels - Custom portals & category takeovers

2. Sponsored Content - Articles, videos & social media

3. Display Advertising - Self-serve & laser-targeted direct

1. Branded Channels - Create an immersive experience with content, hubs & social acceleration

Sponsored Hubs

Starting at $50k, we'll create an immersive channel with content, branding, ads and category domination. We can guarantee awesome content, traffic and social sharing through our supercharged media and social presence.

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2. Sponsored Content ($2,000+) - Launch with 24 hours of front page content & a social boost

Trend Hunter Sponsored Articles Driving Traffic

$2k Sponsored Article & Launch - written by our team or yours

- Fixed placement near the top of our front page for 24 hours

- Article shared on Twitter and Facebook post to 3,000,000+ Fans

- ~10,000 impressions on launch date (potentially 100,000+)

$5k Campaign or Sponsored Video

- 3 Days of Launch OR 3 Launched Articles OR 1 Sponsored Video

- All Banners on the Article (728x90, 300x250, 300x600, 320x50)

* For an important campaign, this option allows us to cover your campaign from multiple story angles and multiple days (staggered or in a row)

$10k One Day Supercharger

- 15x more exposure than our $2k campaign

- If you have an important launch, we can supercharge it with a sponsored article featured on EVERY single page of the site. The exposure is incredible.

Examples - American Express (8 Articles, 500k views), Cadillac, Land Rover, Absolut, Jarritos Soda, Alcatel, Red Bull, Best Buy, LG, Marriott, HP, CNET, Nissan, Morocco Tourism, ALDO, Adidas, Bang & Olufsen

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2b. Custom Videos

Trend Hunter Custom Videos

Multiple video options exist, including sponsorship of a video series customized to your category ($2k-$5k per video), product placement and custom videos. Minimum buys are required, although large banner spend can reult in free videos.

Sprint - 14 Videos (Example) 6mm clicks on YouTube, 300k on TH + 10mm ads

Lincoln - 2 Custom Videos (Example) 160k clicks + 5mm ads

Verizon - 10 Videos (Example) 500k clicks on YouTube, 250k on TH + 20mm ads

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3. Display Ads - Get premium, targeted ads running today

Infecting Influencers on Trend Hunter

Get up and running today with quick self-serve ads OR contact us directly for more precise targeting, category dominance or higher budget packages.

Formats - 728x90, 300x250, 300x600, 320x50 (mobile)

Option 1: Self-Serve Ads - quick set-up, $500 minimums, $4cpm

Option 2: Direct - category choice, targeting & options! $5k min.

Option 1: Buy Ads Today Option 2: Discuss Options

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Sponsorable Categories - Dominate a niche and target more precisely

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CategoryArticlesMonthly ViewsSubcategories
Art & Design128,0006,600,000Modern   Architecture   Design   Graffiti   Home   Kitchen   Live Arts   DIY   Customization   Furniture  
Lifestyle101,0005,200,000Sports   Food   Health   Life   Drinking   Pets   Romance   Weddings   Credit Crunch  
Fashion94,0004,900,000Hip Fashion   Underwear   Watches   Jewelry   Hair   Cosmetics   Fashion for Men   Shoes   Photography  
Tech74,0003,800,000Science   Mobile   Multimedia   Games   Photography   Gadgets   Robots   Computers  
Pop Culture60,0003,100,000Celeb Products   Media   Leaders   Internet   Political   Celebs   Celeb Fashion   Viral   Humor  
Marketing44,0002,300,000Print   Publicity Stunts   Interactive   Billboards   Branding   Commercials  
Unique28,0001,500,000Inventions   Bizarre   Pranks  
Eco21,0001,100,000Eco Architecture   Transportation  
Top Lists21,0001,100,000Micro Reports   Generated  
Business20,0001,000,000Market   Books   Interviews   New Ventures   Retail  
World17,000900,000Hip Hotels   Travel   World News   Regional   Bizarre  
Life-Stages16,000800,000Toys   Youth   Seniors   Boomers   Babies  
Social Good15,000800,000Charity   Education   Religious   Activism   Social Business  
Luxury14,000700,000Luxury Fashion   Ultra Luxury  
Social Media8,000400,000

Mobile Campaigns - Connect with one of the top mobile publications

Mobile Campaigns

Trend Hunter was one of the first responsive designed publications, leading our mobile and tablet growth to 50% of our total traffic. We can help you tap into mobile consumers through content & banners.

Endorsements & Representation

Jeremy Gutsche

Our CEO is an award-winning author and innovation expert with several hundred TV appearances from CNN and Entertainment Tonight to WIRED and The Economist. If you have a high importance campaign and you are looking for brand representation, we can curate newsworthy stories and represent your brand in the media. For example, when American Express needed to re-launch their global brand, they relied on Jeremy to curate a pitch that resulted in 70 television, newspaper and radio interviews.

Jeremy's Bio, Clients & Details