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When it comes to one of the most talked about athletic events in the world, the Olympics definitely takes the cake. Whether you’re interested in athletic events, sports innovations or olympic fashion, this category has everything you need to stay up-to-date on these world renowned games.
Olympic-Exclusive Sneakers
Olympic-Exclusive Sneakers
The Nike Air Presto AUS from 20 Years Ago is Enjoying a Public Release
The Nike Air Presto AUS is an iconic shoe that some might remember from 20 years ago. The silhouette was originally given out in the year of the 2000 Olympics which took place in Sydney, Australia... MORE
Triple-Stuffed Olympic Cookies
Triple-Stuffed Olympic Cookies
Oreo is Unveiling Team USA Cookies with Red, White & Blue Creme
Oreo is preparing for the 2020 Summer Olympics by announcing Team USA cookies that feature not one but three colorful layers of creme. The sandwich cookies include the classic white creme in between... MORE
Olympic Celebration Smartphones
Olympic Celebration Smartphones
The Samsung Galaxy S10+ Olympic Games Edition is Robust
The Samsung Galaxy S10+ Olympic Games Edition smartphone has been announced by the technology brand as a new device that celebrates the upcoming Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games. The device will come in a... MORE
Connected Japanese Smart Stadiums
Connected Japanese Smart Stadiums
NTT Boasts Multi-Media Stadiums with Community-Focused Features
With the Tokyo Olympics 2020 just around the corner, organizers are beginning to announce smart stadium opportunities. NTT is a leading player in the category as it offers fast Wi-Fi connectivity... MORE
Low-Oxygen Training Facilities
Low-Oxygen Training Facilities
ASICS is to Open a Tokyo Training Facility in September of 2019
Japanese footwear brand ASICS recently announced that it will be opening a Tokyo training facility at the heart of the city next year. More precisely, the location is in the Toyosu district,... MORE
Plant-Covered Sports Stadiums
Plant-Covered Sports Stadiums
SCAU Renovates a Stadium to Make It Desirable for the 2024 Olympics
French-based architectural practice SCAU embarks on a renovation process for a stadium in Clamart that is scheduled to be finished in time for the 2024 Olympics. It seems that the theme of the... MORE
Commemorative Olympic Coins
Commemorative Olympic Coins
These Collector's Coins Honor the Games in Rio and Tokyo
Now that the 2016 Summer Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro have officially come to a close, the anticipation is already building for the upcoming 2020 Games in Tokyo—as such, a limited-edition... MORE
Athlete-Honoring Branded Tees
Athlete-Honoring Branded Tees
UNDEFEATED's Olympic Clothing Series Pays Tribute to USA Competitors
With the Rio games now coming to an end, many companies are taking the opportunity to release some final Olympic clothing designs as a means to commemorate the efforts of their national athletes and... MORE
Cannabis Cream
Cannabis ice cream offers people indulgence and recreation
Trend - In countries and regions where recreational cannabis is legalized, cannabis-infused ice cream is becoming increasingly popular. Infused with either CBD, THC or both, these indulgent items offer benefits such as relaxation.
Workshop Question - How is your brand offering multiple benefits in its product/service?
Virtual Olympian Events
Virtual Olympian Events
Airbnb, IOC & IPC are Hosting a Virtual Olympics-Inspired Event
Even though the 2020 Tokyo Olympics have been postponed until next year, sports lovers can look forward to a new five-day virtual Olympics festival from Airbnb that captures the spirit of the... MORE
Chromatic Olympic Game Sneakers
Chromatic Olympic Game Sneakers
The Asics Gel-Quantum Tokyo 2020 Olympics are Special Edition
The Asics Gel-Quantum Tokyo 2020 Olympics sneakers have been unveiled by the brand as a new footwear design from the brand that highlights its comfort-focused shoe technology in a celebratory way.... MORE
Architecturally-Inspired Olympic Torches
Architecturally-Inspired Olympic Torches
This Olympic Torch Design by Matteo Ercole is Modern
This Olympic Torch has been designed by Matteo Ercole as a design for the Milan Winter Olympics in 2026 as a stylish piece that draws inspiration from the city’s essence, heritage and culture.... MORE
play_circle_filled Animated Beauty Series
Animated Beauty Series
VS by Skincare Brand SK-II Shares the Stories of Top Olympic Athletes
Ahead of the 2020 Olympics, skincare brand SK-II is introducing an animated beauty series called VS that tells the stories of top Olympic athletes in six parts and declares that Beauty is #... MORE
Athlete-Optimized Electric Vehicles
Athlete-Optimized Electric Vehicles
Toyota Redesigns Its Electric e-Palette for the 2020 Olympics
The electric e-Palette by Japanese auto company Toyota was updated to have doors that are larger, lower floors, as well as electric ramps for accessibility purposes. The interior features versatile... MORE
play_circle_filled Olympian Sportswear Campaigns
Olympian Sportswear Campaigns
Sydney McLaughlin is the Face of This New Balance Campaign
Sydney McLaughlin is an Olympic hurdler and sprinter. She entered a serious stage of her athletic career at the tender age of 16 and, as a result, her story of how she keeps herself grounded would... MORE
Accessibility-Focused Support Robots
Accessibility-Focused Support Robots
Toyota Deploys Robots for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics
A series of support robots are expected to appear on Olympic and Paralympic sites during the Tokyo 2020 events. Manufactured by Japanese manufacturer Toyota, the robots are designed to assist staff... MORE
Cherry Blossom-Inspired Torch Designs
Cherry Blossom-Inspired Torch Designs
Tokujin Yoshioka is Commissioned for the 2020 Olympic Torch
The 2020 Olympic Torch will draw stylistic inspiration from Japanese cherry blossoms. Undoubtedly a quite appropriate design given the location of the Games, the silhouette of the ceremonious object... MORE
Recycled E-Waste Medals
Recycled E-Waste Medals
Tokyo is Striving to Meet Sustainable Goals with 2020 Olympic Medals
Tokyo is aiming to make the 2020 Olympic medals entirely from recycled materials. The initiative speaks volumes of the rising awareness of planet sustainability and will surely delight fans of the... MORE
Olympian-Endorsed Plant-Based Lifestyles
Olympian-Endorsed Plant-Based Lifestyles
The Switch 4 Good Campaign Urges People to Go Dairy-Free
The Switch 4 Good campaign is one that endorses a plant-based lifestyle while outlining the four main benefits of it—health, performance, sustainability, and ethics. The ad first ran during... MORE
play_circle_filled Space-Themed Olympic Buildings
Space-Themed Olympic Buildings
Asif Khan Created a Vantablack-Covered Building for the Olympics
Architect and artist Asif Khan created a new Vantablack-covered building for the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics in South Korea. The temporary structure reaches 10 meters high and was spray-painted in... MORE
Recycled Technology Sport Medals
Recycled Technology Sport Medals
The Olympic Medals at Tokyo 2020 will be Made from Old Technology
In a bid to promote recycling and sustainability the Olympic medals at the Tokyo 2020 games will be crafted from precious metals that have been sourced from old technology. Technology like laptops... MORE
Farmer-Branded Commemorative Coins
Farmer-Branded Commemorative Coins
Canada's Chicken Farmers Created a Lucky Coin for Paralympians
With the Paralympic Games just around the corner, Canada’s Chicken Farmers have pitched a special version of the 2016 Lucky Loonies for Canada’s national swim team. The new coins will... MORE
33 Olympic Ad Campaigns
33 Olympic Ad Campaigns
From Future Olympian Ads to Unifying Olympic Ads
For the 2016 Rio Olympic Games, sponsor companies produced an array of Olympic ad campaigns that ranged from funny to inspiring to sentimental. The ads show both the inspirational athletes who are... MORE
Upcycled Olympic Apparel
Upcycled Olympic Apparel
The ASICS Reborn Wear Project Turns Old Sportswear into Olympic Outfits
Sustainability is going to be a major focus of the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo and ASICS is supporting this initiative with the ‘ASICS Reborn Wear Project.’ As part of this project,... MORE
Tech-Informed Sports Concept Stores
Tech-Informed Sports Concept Stores
Nike Live is Tested in LA, with Plans for a Tokyo Expansion
Global brand Nike plans to disrupt retail through a series of sports concept stores that harness the power of technology to elevate consumer experience. The first Nike Live was launched in Los... MORE