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Shaped and influenced by economic developments as well as consumer incentives, the world of business is constantly evolving. Showcasing the most up-to-date information on emerging entrepreneurs, business ventures and retail technology, Trend Hunter’s business category will certainly have you re-thinking how enterprises innovate and where the future of business is heading.
Direct Digital File-Receiving Tools
Direct Digital File-Receiving Tools
'Docpool' Lets Users Receive Files Directly to Google Drive
Sending and receiving files has become an essential part of the lifestyle of digital users, so ‘Docpool’ has been created as a tool that will accelerate the process. The tool works by... MORE
Playful Origami Packaging
Playful Origami Packaging
Some of Nestlé's KitKat Bars in Japan Will Boast Paper-Based Wrappers
Nestlé Japan looks to curb its environmental impact with origami packaging. Starting in September 2019, the company will be overhauling some of its larger KitKat products in the region. It will... MORE
Empowering Handmade Marketplaces
Empowering Handmade Marketplaces
The A.C. Moore Marketplace Supports Creative Entrepreneurs
National arts and crafts retailer A.C. Moore now has its own handmade marketplace for artists and makers called the A.C. Moore Marketplace, which makes it easy for consumers to shop for handmade... MORE
Fast Food-Branded Lip Balms
Fast Food-Branded Lip Balms
Dunkin' is Launching a New Fall-Themed 'Pumpkin Munchkin' Lip Balm
With fall around the corner, many brands are quick to launch pumpkin-themed products, and Dunkin’s is no exception—the fast-food chain is launching the ‘Pumpkin Munchkin’ lip... MORE
Engaging Employee Management Apps
Engaging Employee Management Apps
The 'Nomify' App Gets Colleagues Communicating and Celebrating
The ‘Nomify’ app comes as an employee engagement platform that will encourage team members to communicate with one another, celebrate wins and more. The platform acts as an all-in-one... MORE
Automated Dispensary Kiosks
Automated Dispensary Kiosks
Grasshopper is Debuting a Compliant Retail Solution at a Festival
In North America, an increasing number of stores that legally sell cannabis products are just beginning to appear and Grasshopper is already looking to the future of cannabis retail with its... MORE
Minority-Supporting Subscription Boxes
Minority-Supporting Subscription Boxes
The Izzy Box Spotlights Minority- & Women-Owned Businesses
Subscription box company The Izzy Box is passionate about connecting consumers with businesses that are owned by minorities and women across categories like beauty, fashion, health, food and more.... MORE
Tactical Gear Subscription Services
Tactical Gear Subscription Services
The Monthly Knife Club Starts at $10 Per Month
Tactical gear and everyday carry (EDC) products have gained immense popularity as of late, so the Monthly Knife Club subscription service is intended to help offer enthusiasts with a way to keep... MORE
Plastic Alternative Supermarket Bags
Plastic Alternative Supermarket Bags
SuperValu Has Unveiled New Compostable Shopping Bags
The increasing disdain for single-use plastic products amongst consumers and the need for more corporate accountability is seeing brands respond with new initiatives like these compostable shopping... MORE
15 Cannabis Retail Innovations
15 Cannabis Retail Innovations
From Cannabis Store Pizza Shops to Automated Dispensary Kiosks
The cannabis industry is evolving fast with thanks to a variety of cannabis retail innovations, including physical store spaces that are centered on product education, wellness and even targeting... MORE
Traveler Taxi-Estimating Apps
Traveler Taxi-Estimating Apps
The 'hagglestar' App Keeps Travelers in Control of Charges
Getting into a taxi when traveling could result in passengers paying more than they should, so the ‘hagglestar’ app is positioned as a way to help travelers avoid overpaying by keeping... MORE
play_circle_filled Cheeky Call-Out Laptop Ads
Cheeky Call-Out Laptop Ads
Microsoft Commissions a Guy Named 'Mac Book' for Its New Commercial
Microsoft’s latest laptop ad takes the brand’s rivalry with Apple to new heights. For this marketing campaign, the software company employs a guy who goes by the name of Mackenzie &#... MORE
Reissued Designer Collabs
Reissued Designer Collabs
The Target Anniversary Collection Revives Exclusive Collaborations
Over the years, Target shoppers have enjoyed being able to purchase a variety of exclusive products from accessibly priced designer collaborations and fortunately for those who missed out on desired... MORE
Summer-Celebrating QSR Drinks
Summer-Celebrating QSR Drinks
The Taco Bell Cherry Sunset Freeze Marks the End of Summer
The Taco Bell Cherry Sunset Freeze has been introduced by the QSR brand as a celebratory beverage that marks the end of the summer season. The frozen refreshment is made with a base of pineapple-... MORE
Dedicated Food-to-Go Brands
Dedicated Food-to-Go Brands
The Fresh Food for Now Company will Offer a Range of Products
The Fresh Food for Now Company has been launched by UK-based food manufacturer Samworth Brothers as a food-to-go brand that will offer retailers with a dedicated supplier of fresh products for... MORE
play_circle_filled Next-Gen Leader Think Tanks
Next-Gen Leader Think Tanks
Next100 is a Start-Up Supporting the Next Generation of Policy Leaders
Next100 is a pop-up think tank—or rather a start-up that calls itself a “think and do tank”—that’s on a mission to support the next generation of policy leaders who are... MORE
UK-Based Vegan Supermarkets
UK-Based Vegan Supermarkets
The Vegan Grocery Store Redshift Is Launching in Scotland
With the global demand for plant-based foods increasing, young entrepreneur Gavin Starrs has launched Redshift, a new vegan supermarket in Angus, Scotland. The grocery store will carry vegan meats... MORE
Employee Celebration Platforms
Employee Celebration Platforms
Nomify Lets You Digitize Your Business' Employee Engagement
In society’s ever-evolving work culture, many organizations have embraced technology to help create a cohesive business environment by increasing employee engagement. One notable example of... MORE
Integrated Customer Service Chats
Integrated Customer Service Chats
Shopify Chat Aims to Improve Customer Shopping Experiences
Shopify has announced that it has added a native chat into its platform, titled Shopify Chat. Shopify Chat will allow users to speak with a store, irrespective of a person’s browser or OS.... MORE
5G-Powered Telecom Packages
5G-Powered Telecom Packages
The New Vodafone Together Plans Offer 5G Mobile and Broadband
The Vodafone Together plans have been unveiled by the telecom company in the UK that aim to combine the must-have services at one all-inclusive price point. The plans start at £31 per month with... MORE
QSR Vegan Yogurt Parfaits
QSR Vegan Yogurt Parfaits
Starbucks Locations in Canada are Launching Vegan Yogurt Parfaits
In an effort to cater to vegan consumers, Starbucks Canada has announced it will expand its product line to include vegan yogurt parfait and plant-based everything bagels. The news was shared via a... MORE
Electric Scooter Trial Expansions
Electric Scooter Trial Expansions
Revel Brings Electric Moped Rental Service to Washington DC
The electric moped startup, Revel, will be available to customers in Washington DC. The company will begin its entrance into the city with a four-month trial. Revel has stated that 400 models will... MORE
Eco-Focused Digital Services
Eco-Focused Digital Services
Helsinki's Think Sustainably Service Empowers People & Businesses
The city of Helsinki launches a helpful digital platform that is called ‘Think Sustainably.’ The initative has obvious connotations and is meant to contribute to awareness, while... MORE
Design-Friendly Stigma-Defying Campaigns
Design-Friendly Stigma-Defying Campaigns
Approved, Not Approved Supports Sexual Wellness Products
Polly Rodriguez and Alexandra Fine — founders of Unbound and Fine, respectively, have made the decision to dedicate their time and design expertise to the market for sexual wellness products. With... MORE