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As a priority for authenticity continues to grow among consumers, brands are constantly adapting to find new and unexpected ways to reach consumers. Highlighting developments in interactive campaigning, advertising trends and marketing stunts, Trend Hunter’s marketing category is here to offer you the latest insights on the ever-evolving world of advertising.
Convenience Store CBD Products
Convenience Store CBD Products
The New Forth CBD Products are Full-Spectrum
The new Forth CBD line of products have been unveiled by E-Alternative Solutions as a range for consumers that is readily available and crafted with high-quality ingredients. The products will be... MORE
Spiced Lunchtime Sandwich Lines
Spiced Lunchtime Sandwich Lines
The New Fazilas Sandwiches Come in Nine Varieties
A new range of Fazilas sandwiches have been unveiled by James Hall & Co. as a lineup of lunchtime options for consumers seeking a flavorful alternative to the existing varieties on the market.... MORE
Compact Prepackaged Breads
Compact Prepackaged Breads
The Baker Street Sliced Seeded Loaf Now Comes in a Smaller Version
A new 550 gram version of the Baker Street Sliced Seeded Loaf has been unveiled by the St Pierre Groupe as a product that will offer consumers a smaller option to choose when looking to avoid... MORE
play_circle_filled Climate Awareness Pens
Climate Awareness Pens
Helsingin Sanomat's HS Climate Pen Has Ink Made of Carbon Dioxide
Finnish newspaper Helsingin Sanomat created the HS Climate Pen to challenge policymakers to take action, especially in light of the upcoming UN climate action summit. The HS Climate Pen has ink that&#... MORE
play_circle_filled Hole-Punching Bagel Makers
Hole-Punching Bagel Makers
Philadelphia's 'Bagel That' Tool Turns Anything Into a Bagel
To share its belief that anything that looks like a bagel should be slathered in cream cheese, Philadelphia created a revolutionary “bagel” maker. The Bagel That tool can be used to... MORE
Jicama Holiday Cocktail Recipes
Jicama Holiday Cocktail Recipes
With the Popularity of the Ingredient, Xicama Boasts a New Recipe
As winter months will soon be upon us, many brands launch special holiday cocktail recipes that are designed to delight consumers, introduce a festive kick, and, more importantly, showcase the... MORE
Tender Prepackaged Meat Snacks
Tender Prepackaged Meat Snacks
The New Jack Link’s Peperami Tender Jerky Comes in Two Flavors
The Jack Link’s Peperami Tender Jerky has been launched by the brand as a new meat snack option for consumers who are on the hunt for convenient food options with a high protein content. The meat... MORE
Social Impact Experiences
Social Impact Experiences
The SickKids Airbnb Experience Seeks to Raise Awareness and Donate Funds
In an effort to raise awareness and funding for the Ontario-based children’s hospital SickKids, Airbnb has partnered with the organization to launch SickKids Airbnb—a social impact... MORE
Intelligent Loyalty
Artificial Intelligence is being incorporated into loyalty programs
Implications - Brands in the retail space are using AI capabilities to enhance their loyalty programs, seen in everything from clothing to food industries. This shift allows consumers to receive the benefits of reward systems in a way that's more interactive for them, and more functional for the brands in question.
Workshop Question — Conceptualize an AI-based rewards platform for your brand's loyal customers.
Satisfying Convenience Store Yogurts
Satisfying Convenience Store Yogurts
These New Nomadic Dairy Yogurts Have a Thick, Creamy Recipe
The Nomadic Dairy yogurt range has been revamped by the brand to offer consumers a satisfying snack option that is ideal for on-the-go eating and crafted with high-quality ingredients. The yogurts... MORE
24 Sustainable Beer Innovations
24 Sustainable Beer Innovations
From Anti-Plastic Beer Packaging to Climate-Friendly Craft Ales
The need for environmentally conscious products has never been greater, and the alcohol industry is a leader in paving the way to a more climate-friendly future with the introduction of various... MORE
Nutritious Guilt-Free Granolas
Nutritious Guilt-Free Granolas
The New Boka Food Granola is Low in Sugar and Fat
The new Boka Food Strawberry Granola is being launched by the brand as a health-focused alternative to conventional cereal varieties on the market. The granola is being marketed as the only cereal... MORE
Aquatic Folklore Baking Sprinkles
Aquatic Folklore Baking Sprinkles
The Dr. Oetker Mermaid Treasure Sprinkles are Imaginative
The Dr. Oetker Mermaid Treasure Sprinkles are one of the latest baking decoration products from the brand that will offer consumers an on-trend way to enhance their favorite recipes. The sprinkles... MORE
Single-Serve Frozen Pizzas
Single-Serve Frozen Pizzas
The Dr. Oetker Momenti Pizzas Have a Low-Calorie profile
The Dr. Oetker Momenti range of pizzas have been unveiled by the brand in the UK to offer consumers who are looking for a delicious, single-serve option when seeking to make a meal from home. The... MORE
Alien-Inspired Drink Mixes
Alien-Inspired Drink Mixes
Kool-Aid's UFO-Yeah Intergalactic Green Drink Mix Celebrate Area 51
With the ‘storm Area 51’ event set to take place on September 20th, Kool-Aid has decided to mark the occasion with a limited-edition UFO-Yeah Intergalactic Green drink mix. The UFO-... MORE
play_circle_filled Hilarious Hesitant Runner Ads
Hilarious Hesitant Runner Ads
Nike and Ilana Glazer Partnered to Spotlight the Joyride Sneakers
Nike and Ilana Glazer have partnered for a series of hilarious and relatable ad spots, which feature the TV star hesitantly toying with the idea of picking up running as a hobby. This three-part... MORE
play_circle_filled Emotional Dog Home Ads
Emotional Dog Home Ads
Ikea's Love Story Demonstrates the Bond Between Two Dogs
Ikea’s Love Story ad uses the bond shared between two dogs to tell the story of the important role Ikea items play in a family’s home. The emotional ad spot opens with two street dogs; a... MORE
Candy Hotel Room Activations
Candy Hotel Room Activations
Howard Johnson by Wyndham Celebrates Its Design Refresh with a Pop-up
The candy hotel room is no longer a thing of one’s dreams as Howard Johnson by Wyndham realizes it as the hospitality business celebrates its “largest design-refresh in more than 25 years.... MORE
Sporty Orange-Hued Sodas
Sporty Orange-Hued Sodas
The Bright Orange 'Believeland' Pepsi Celebrates the Cleveland Browns
In honor of the Cleveland Browns enjoying their first feature on Sunday Night Football in the past 11 years, Pepsi has created a brand-new ‘Believeland’ soda. To truly honor the... MORE
play_circle_filled Creativity-Focused Watch Campaigns
Creativity-Focused Watch Campaigns
A New adidas Watch Collection Pays Homage to Creativity 247365
In launching the latest adidas watch collection, the brand puts particular emphasis on curating a campaign that wholeheartedly embraces the concept of undying creativity and highlights artists who... MORE
Organic Artisan-Style Condiments
Organic Artisan-Style Condiments
The New Tessemae’s Condiments Include Five Flavor Options
The new range of Tessemae’s condiments have been introduced by the brand to offer consumers an alternative option to enjoy outside of the mainstream varieties available on the market. The... MORE
Cupcake-Inspired Candies
Cupcake-Inspired Candies
The Jelly Belly Candy Cupcakes Come in Five Flavors
The Jelly Belly Candy Cupcakes are one of the latest creations from the Jelly Belly Candy Co. that will offer consumers with a sweet tooth with an alternative option to choose when craving a sugary... MORE
play_circle_filled Biodiversity-Supporting Billboards
Biodiversity-Supporting Billboards
McDonald's Sweden Created Outdoor Ads That Double as Bee Hotels
Bee populations around the world are being threatened due to the fact that bees simply have fewer places to live, which is why so many individuals and organizations are dedicated to building bee... MORE
Problem-Solving Workwear Stores
Problem-Solving Workwear Stores
M.M.LaFleur's M.M.To Go Concept Appeals to the Busy Working Woman
Apparel retailer M.M.LaFleur opened a new workwear store concept by the name of M.M.To Go that boasts a small format and a mission to solve consumers’ in-moment needs. The retail shop designed... MORE
Eco-Focused Rebranding Efforts
Eco-Focused Rebranding Efforts
Danish Crown Debuts New Brand Identity Linked with Sustainability
Danish Crown, a Denmark-based food processing company focusing on pork and beef formerly known as the Tulip Food Company, debuted its new brand identity that’s aligned with the company’s... MORE