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Redirection starts in the consumer expectation, then flips it on its head to provide an entirely new, unforgettable experience.
In a world abundant with ‘stuff,’ experience becomes a more important currency and life priority.
The application of game dynamics to real-world problems results in a world that’s more competitive and engaging.
Allegiant groups are more readily formed around specific interests, causes and even brands.
VR Spa
Virtual reality is used to enhance spa experiences
Trend - The many contexts in which virtual reality can be used now applies to spas as well, with some of these businesses creating services that are coupled with virtual reality headsets the enhance the relaxation experience for customers.

Insight - When it comes to the modern "wellness" industry, consumers often expect well-rounded products, services and experiences. The costly nature of investing in wellness has made it so that if consumers seek out brands that offer them an above average, unique experience so that the expenses are worth it.
Workshop Question - How can your brand guarantee distinct virtual experiences, particularly as in-person consumption has become restricted?
New School
School-related campaigns and services adjust in light of the ongoing pandemic
Trend - Back-to-school campaigning is looking a little different this year, with brands recognizing the impact that COVID-19 will have on students' ability to actually attend school in-person. Campaigns and services related to back-to-school are taking on new forms to accommodate this change.

Insight - The COVID-19 pandemic continues its impact on the world, and while restrictions have loosened in North America, people are still facing limitations in what they can and can't do--even in essential services like education. Consumers who understand the ongoing local risks are drawn to brands that are able to adapt their products and services in a way that prioritizes safety.
Workshop Question - How could your brand better adapt with safety in mind, despite loosened restrictions?
Social Recommendation
Apps are connecting consumers by allowing them to share recommendations
Trend - Brands in the technology space are launching apps that allow close-knit social circles, comprised of family and friends, to share their recommendations on movies, restaurants, and more. These platforms aim to replace the anonymous review systems many may have relied on in the past.

Insight - In favor of the element of human touch, consumers are more likely to turn to traditional word of mouth recommendations over curated, artificial intelligent suggestions, or online reviews. Consumers are craving authentic, unbiased recommendations and are no longer naive to fake reviews and other marketing ploys. As a result, these consumers are looking for ways to easily rely on the advice of their social circles and are looking at brands to provided streamlined solutions.
Workshop Question - How can your brand leverage the influence of friends and family to reach consumers?
Digital Nomad
Countries are now encouraging remote workers to live within their borders
Trend - While many entrepreneurs and freelancers have chosen to adopt a travel-centric lifestyle, the pandemic has enabled this lifestyle to be a possibility for many employees working from home. Governments in warmer climates are capitalizing on the opportunity with new working visas specifically designed for remote workers looking to leave the city. This will support local economies without taking away employment opportunities from permanent residents.

Insight - While technology has long enabled society to work remotely, the pandemic has been the unexpected push that forced many companies to allow employees to work from home on a long-term basis. This opportunity has changed the way consumers view their day-to-lives and current living situation and, for the first time, many are able to picture themselves living a different lifestyle, away from suburbia and the city. This demographic no longer sees themselves tied to a city and is looking to capitalize on the emerging work-from-home culture to experience new opportunities.
Workshop Question - How can your brand leverage the unexpected lifestyle changes of consumers in its products or services?
Fan From Home
Sports fan are preparing to enjoy the games at home with upgraded tech
Trend - Sports fans are now investing in larger screens, clearer picture quality, and upgraded audio as at-home sports viewings become the new "normal" for the foreseeable future. This enables them to host family and friends for a more immersive experience.

Insight - The entertainment patterns of society have been indefinitely disrupted in the wake of the ongoing pandemic. Not only are many consumers fearful or unable to attend events with large crowds, but many have adjusted to at-home entertainment, preferring to host rather than attend a financially-draining venue. While experience is still prioritized over material goods for many Millennial and Gen Z consumers, these demographics now understand that at-home experiences can be just as fulfilling.
Workshop Question - How can your brand accommodate changing entertainment preferences from consumers?
Virtual Crowd
Companies are creating solutions to allow fans to attend live virtual events
Trend - Companies are creating technologically-integrated solutions that allow the public to attend live events, including professional sporting events, and live concerts. This was made possible through the use of video conference technology that can place people in the crowd, as well as virtual reality technology.

Insight - With ongoing uncertainties around what the future will look like when it comes to health and safety, many people are looking for escapist activities to engage in as a coping mechanism. Escapist content can be more effective if it mimics what viewers are used to watching, and it can bring viewers a degree of normalcy into their lives.
Workshop Question - How can your company leverage escapism?
Parental Support
Brands are launching specific platforms to support parents amid COVID-19
Trend - To support families amid COVID-19, brands have launched resources to help new parents cope with the challenges of the "new normal." These range from mental health platforms to virtual parenting communities and seek to alleviate some of the burdens of raising children in the midst of a pandemic.

Insight - The COVID-19 pandemic has been especially challenging for parents attempting to work, homeschool, and finish chores while dealing with their upturned lifestyles. These consumers are lacking the traditional, in-person support system many would lean on during this phase of their life, and with social distancing regulations still in place, many are looking to connect with others and receive guidance during a time that may feel especially isolating.
Workshop Question - How can your brand support specific consumer needs during crisis?
Cultural Garment
Culture-inspired garments are adapted to suit various needs and modern aesthetics
Trend - Cultural garments, or clothing items that stem from certain communities and traditions, are being adapted to suit the needs and aesthetic preferences of people who prioritize both culture and individuality. These items include everything from hijabs designed for sportswear, to traditional Indian clothing or textiles adapted for everyday needs.

Insight - As people become more aesthetic inclined with the influence of social media, they're also prioritizing their cultural roots in the way they present themselves. These consumers are drawn to products and services that represent their personal traditions, while also being suitable for their everyday needs as they work, exercise and take part in recreational activities.
Workshop Question - How is your brand adapting to the cultural roots of its customers?
Alternative Fragrance
Fragrance packaging innovates past more classic designs or materials
Trend - The fragrance industry is being increasingly innovative in the packaging it offers, using designs and materials that forgo tradition for products that are more functional, eco-friendly or easier to travel with.

Insight - Young Millennial and Gen Z demographics are highly motivated by design and vision when it comes to the products and services they choose to purchase. Individuals in this demographics tend to ignore tradition for aesthetics that are more unique, or that appeal to the tastes they've gained with through the influence of social media. These consumers are drawn to brands that prioritize aesthetics as much as they do function.
Workshop Question - How is your brand appealing to its younger customer base?
Non-Binary Tech
Brands in the technology space are launching gender-fluid characters
Trend - Technology brands ranging from video games to smartphones are now including non-binary characters for consumers to use as representation. These include AI assistants, video game avatars, and emojis.

Insight - Consumers are demanding representation at all levels and from all businesses they frequent. This is especially prevalent in younger demographics, including Gen Z and Millennial consumers, who are less conservative and are have become more educated on inclusion and self-representation. As a result, they are unencumbered by the social restrictions of the past and are seeking the opportunity to represent themselves digitally with the same ease of their cis-gendered peers.
Workshop Question - How can your brand offer better representation?