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BETTER & FASTER is a New York Times Bestselling book on innovation, CEO Read Select Pick and the most popular innovation keynote speaker videos in history with 9,000,000 views. Available in 8 languages, it's our best book on innovation to help get you BETTER at adapting to change and FASTER at finding ideas.
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EXPLOITING CHAOS is an Axiom International Book Award Winner, one of INC Magazine's Best Books for Business Owners and a CEO Read Select Pick (#1 Most Popular). It was translated into 7 languages, downloaded 500,000 times & viewed as a keynote 1,100,000 times. It's our best book on innovation in times of change.
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FUTURE FESTIVAL is our limited edition $2,000 book on innovation. It contains Trend Hunter's data-driven predictions for 2017, innovation book frameworks & workshop methods. It is an exclusive collector's item that includes a free ticket to Future Festival, an event designed to be the world's best innovation conference.
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THE 2019 TREND REPORT on innovation is our premier publication on the latest ideas that will shape your year. Previously, it was $1,500, but today we gift it to drive awareness of our custom trend research, our innovation conference (Future Festival) and our team of top innovation keynote speakers.
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Our Top Best Publications and Best Books on Innovation

With more than 80 categories of Trend Reports, multiple innovation books and thousands of innovation interviews, Trend Hunter has a platform of award-winning business methods to help you "Find Better Ideas Faster™". If you read our content in the order below, you'll get to learn our best methods first and you'll be better equipped to find your next big idea.

  • BETTER and FASTER #1 Innovation and Ideas Book by Jeremy Gutsche 1. BETTER AND FASTER
    The Proven Path to Unstoppable Ideas
    Better and Faster makes you better by teaching you how to overcome evolutionary traps that block innovation. It makes you faster by teaching you 6 Patterns of Opportunity.
  • EXPLOITING CHAOS 150 Ways to Spark Innovation During Times of Change by Jeremy Gutsche 2. EXPLOITING CHAOS
    150 Ways to Spark Innovation During Times of Change
    Jeremy Gutsche's award-winning, bestselling, magazine-style book that teaches key lessons in strategy, culture, trends, innovation and marketing.
  • Future Festival The Best Innovation Conference 3. FUTURE FESTIVAL 2017
    Prototype Your Future
    Trend Hunter's Future Festival is specifically designed to be the world's best innovation conference — a place for the world's top innovators to prototype their future.
  • Trend Reports Crowdsourced Consumer Insight and Market Research 4. 2017 TREND REPORT
    The Top 100 Need-to-Know Opportunities
    Thousands of innovators are taking their capabilities to the next level with data-driven insight, dedicated advisors and special access to the #1 2016 Trend Report.
  • Trend Hunter Free Trend Newsletter 5. WEEKLY TREND REPORT
    Stay on the Cutting Edge
    Join 200,000 entrepreneurs, innovators and CEOs who rely on our weekly trend report to stay ahead of the crowd with our premium content and trend research.
  • Business Trend Report and Custom Business Market Research 6. BUSINESS TREND REPORT
    Social Media, Apps, Entrepreneurship
    The Business Trend Report offers an insightful look into the business trends and market trends shaping today’s marketplace.
  • Marketing Trend Report and Custom Marketing Market Research 7. MARKETING TREND REPORT
    Digital Marketing, Social Media
    Our Marketing Trend Report provides a thorough look at today's most innovative advertising and marketing strategies, from mobile marketing to viral videos.
  • Art and Design Trend Report and Custom Art and Design Market Research 8. DESIGN TREND REPORT
    Eco, Retail Design
    Trend Hunter's Art & Design Trend Report explores all realms of the art world, from interior design and word art to tattoo designs and graffiti.
  • Lifestyle Trend Report and Custom Lifestyle Market Research 9. LIFESTYLE TREND REPORT
    Health, Wellness, Technology
    The Lifestyle Trend Report comprises topics on all aspects of life, from sports to health, making your life and your consumer's much easier.
  • Tech Trend Report and Custom Tech Market Research 10. TECHNOLOGY TREND REPORT
    Wearables, Virtual Reality
    Trend Hunter’s Technology Trend Report offers crowdsourced insight into the latest and most innovative technology trends and consumer electronics.
  • BETTER and FASTER #1 Innovation and Ideas Book by Jeremy Gutsche 11. BETTER & FASTER BONUS CHAPTER
    70 Innovation Secrets from Innovation Leaders
    Get access to special homework questions and innovatin secrets from the world's top innovators like: Adidas, AirBNB, Jaguar, Sony, Coca-Cola, eBay and Virgin.

The rank order is based not on circulation for our best reports and best books on innovation with the exception of the Future Festival book, which is ranked based on views and interest (not circulation) because it is only available as an exclusive innovation book for attendees of Future Festival.

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