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Social Good

The need for increased action and awareness for local and worldwide social causes is on the rise. Shining the spotlight on innovative charities, community initiatives and cause-related marketing tactics, Trend Hunter’s social good category is here to offer some unique insight into different causes and methods of awareness.
Social Good Notebooks
Social Good Notebooks
Uganda-Based 'Bright Books' Donates Solar Lights to Those in Need
Bright Books is an Uganda-based journal brand dedicated to helping people who lack electricity with solar lights. For each notebook purchased, Bright Books will donate one solar light to school... MORE
One-for-One Eco Diapers
One-for-One Eco Diapers
Believe Diapers Sets Itself Apart with a Charitable Model
Believe Diapers is launching in the United States with a charitable one-to-one model to address the statistic that one in three families in the country struggles to afford diapers. As the brand... MORE
Anti-Mansplaining Purses
Anti-Mansplaining Purses
Modern Picnic Debuts the Mini with a Personalized “I’m Speaking” Message
To raise awareness for women and female founders and due to popular demand, Modern Picnic recently launched a collection of ‘The Mini’ with a personalized “I’m Speaking” message.... MORE
Unlimited Data Learning Campaigns
Unlimited Data Learning Campaigns
Saatchi & Saatchi Works on the 'A Message for Teachers' Campaign
British agency Saatchi & Saatchi has extensively worked on the ‘A Message for Teachers’ campaign which promises to bring “unlimited data to pupils who are struggling to stay... MORE
Sultry Dog Rescue Campaigns
Sultry Dog Rescue Campaigns
Crook & Marker Launch an 'OnlyCans' Campaign to Rescue Pups
With Valentine’s Day nearly upon us, Crook & Marker, the organic hard seltzer brand, is launching a steamy campaign, appropriately named ‘OnlyCans,’ that helps rescue dogs in... MORE
Restaurant Support Platforms
Restaurant Support Platforms
'On The House' Provides Pro-Bono Support for Restaurants
According to a recent survey, nearly 17% of U.S. restaurants were “closed permanently or long-term” amid the COVID-19 pandemic and ‘On The House’ is a new organization leading a... MORE
Branded Digital Poverty Gap Campaigns
Branded Digital Poverty Gap Campaigns
Reebok Partners with The Kickback to Support NYC Youth
In light of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, Reebok recently announced a new partnership with the youth-led organization The Kickback to help close the digital poverty gap for students. The campaign... MORE
Valentine's Oat Milk Chocolates
Valentine's Oat Milk Chocolates
Endangered Species Chocolate Made a Special Valentine's Day Trio
Endangered Species Chocolate created a Valentine’s Day Trio of oat milk chocolates that boast special packaging and fun, fruity flavors. The classic Oat Milk + Dark Chocolate bar is a dairy-... MORE
Black-Owned Support
Brands are making it easier to support Black-owned businesses
Trend - In response to recent social injustices profiled on social media and the news, brands are launching directories to help consumers identify and support black-owned businesses. These platforms showcase a range of businesses from restaurants and salons to banks and museums.
Workshop Question - How can your brand serve under-represented communities?
play_circle_filled Cheerful Back-to-School COVID-19 Ads
Cheerful Back-to-School COVID-19 Ads
UN Agencies Launch 'Learning is Back' Song for Back-to-School
UN Agencies recently unveiled the ‘Rej’et El Sineh’ song for back to school season, which translates to ‘Learning is Back.’ The new song comes as part of the UN Agencies... MORE
Archive-Based Downloadable Teaching Resources
Archive-Based Downloadable Teaching Resources
Retailer Marks & Spencer Supports Learning from Home
Many retailers have wondered how to support individuals during the hardships of the COVID-19 pandemic and companies like Marks & Spencer are anticipating the needs of consumers in unique ways... MORE
Social Good Laptop Donations
Social Good Laptop Donations
Asda Provides Dell Laptops to Tackle Digital Exclusion
Asda, the UK-based supermarket, recently joined forces with Dell in order to provide laptops to schools in an effort to reduce digital exclusion – especially in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic... MORE
COVID-Safe Back-to-School Campaigns
COVID-Safe Back-to-School Campaigns
The Unicef 'Act Now' Campaign Prioritizes Safe Behavior
The Unicef ‘Act Now’ back-to-school campaign aims to reinforce proven safe behaviors around COVID-19 in order to provide a flourishing environment for children in Cambodia. Funded by the... MORE
play_circle_filled Social Good Backpacks
Social Good Backpacks
The Soular Backpack Provides Solar Bags to Children in Need in East Africa
The Soular Backpack is an organization dedicated to improving the lives of children in Kenya, Uganda, and Tanzania. Salima Visram designed the Soular Backpack to help tackle one of the “... MORE
play_circle_filled Black History-Honoring Digital Art
Black History-Honoring Digital Art
The Boca Raton Museum of Art Commemorates Black History Month
In honor of Black History Month, the Boca Raton Museum of Art is commemorating the occasion with powerful digital art that’s available for online viewing as well as an educational webinar... MORE
Date-Free Digital Learning Platforms
Date-Free Digital Learning Platforms
Mobile Networks are Making Oak National Academy Data-Free
Oak National Academy is a digital learning resource that “offers nearly 10,000 free lessons and resources,” covering a vast number of topics. The site was funded by the UK government and... MORE
play_circle_filled Refugee Translation Services
Refugee Translation Services
NaTakallam Language School Employs Refugees to Help Others
NaTakallam (“we speak,” in Arab) Language School offers language, translation and cultural exchange services provided by people who have been forced to leave their homes, giving them access to a... MORE
Expansive Marble Run Construction Kits
Expansive Marble Run Construction Kits
The GraviTrax Pro Starter Set is an Endlessly Engaging Toy
Ravensburger offers the GraviTrax Pro Starter Set, a vertical marble run construction kit and STEM toy that helps kids understand the power of gravity. The toy allows kids to act as engineers,... MORE
Inclusive Entrepreneurial Digital Opportunities
Inclusive Entrepreneurial Digital Opportunities
'We Are Womxn' Empowers Underserved Entrepreneurs
We Are Womxn is a new platform dedicated to empowering early-stage Black, Indigenous, LGBTQ2S+, and Womxn of Colour entrepreneurs in the food and beverage industry in Canada. The initiative will... MORE
Branded Hockey Arena Donations
Branded Hockey Arena Donations
Kraft Hockeyville Celebrates 15 Years of Supporting Communities
Kraft Heinz Canada, in partnership with the National Hockey League (NHL) and the National Hockey League Players’ Association (NHLPA), recently opened nominations for Kraft Hockeyville 2021. This... MORE
Community-Supporting Valentine's Campaigns
Community-Supporting Valentine's Campaigns
Valenkind’s Day Was Launched to Help LA Communities
Ahead of Valentine’s Day, American restaurant chain El Pollo Loco announced that it would be launching its own campaign in light of the occasion, dubbed Valenkind’s Day. Through the... MORE
Canadian Takeout Platforms
Canadian Takeout Platforms
OpenTable Launches Takeout Feature Just in Time for Valentine’s Day
OpenTable, the leading online restaurant reservation app, recently announced the launch of a takeout feature in time for Valentine’s Day. The new feature was designed to support Canadian... MORE
play_circle_filled Intersectionality Employment Campaigns
Intersectionality Employment Campaigns
LinkedIn Launched the Conversations for Change Campaign
LinkedIn recently launched an integrated brand campaign that highlights career-defining moments of Black professionals, dubbed ‘Conversations for Change.’ The series discusses important... MORE
Solar-Powered Homeless Sleep Pods
Solar-Powered Homeless Sleep Pods
The 'Ulmer Nest' Protects Those Experiencing Homelessness
Experiencing homelessness can be particularly dangerous during the winter months due to the risk of hypothermia, so the ‘Ulmer Nest’ sleeping pod is positioned as a way to help combat... MORE
Dual-Purpose Desalination Systems
Dual-Purpose Desalination Systems
The 'Solar Desalination Skylight' by Henry Glogau is Impressive
The ‘Solar Desalination Skylight’ has been designed by Henry Glogau as a solution for coastal communities that struggle with access to drinking water and would provide them with a... MORE