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Keynote Trends

A crowdsourced platform powered by Trend Hunter with a goal of inspiring the world. Featuring the world's best keynote speakers and most-inspiring keynote videos, founded by Jeremy Gutsche, an award-winning keynote speaker.
play_circle_filled Eliminating Microaggressions
Eliminating Microaggressions
Tiffany Alvoid Discusses The Next Level of Inclusion
‘Eliminating Microaggressions: The Next Level of Inclusion’ is an engaging and informative TED talk by Tiffany Alvoid. The speaker and attorney is a UCLA School of Law graduate with a... MORE
play_circle_filled Understanding Vaccine Development
Understanding Vaccine Development
Jerome Kim''s Talk Highlights the Timeline to a COVID-19 Vaccine
In a virtual TED Talk hosted by David Biello and featuring Jerome Kim, the Director General of the International Vaccine Institute considers the steps required for a vaccine’s development, and... MORE
play_circle_filled Supporting and Celebrating Living Artists
Supporting and Celebrating Living Artists
Swizz Beatz Talks About Helping Fellow Creatives Thrive
Legendary hip-hop producer Swizz Beatz recently hosted a virtual TED talk discussing ways he’s dedicated to helping fellow creatives thrive and succeed. Aiming to “revolutionize the way... MORE
play_circle_filled Understanding the Meaning of Anti-Racism
Understanding the Meaning of Anti-Racism
Ibram X. Kendi Explains What It Means to Be Anti-Racist
TED facilitated a conversation with Ibram X. Kendi, with the author and historian speaking to the difference between being “not racist” and anti-racist. The conversation, which spans... MORE
Empowering a Systemic Revolution
Empowering a Systemic Revolution
The Root's Michael Harriot Hosted an Insightful Panel Discussion
In a panel discussion hosted by The Root Senior Writer Michael Harriot during Collision From Home, Siyabulela Mandela, Rashad Robinson, and Rinku Sen spoke to the historic roots of systemic racism,... MORE
play_circle_filled Leveraging Tech in the Black Community
Leveraging Tech in the Black Community
Stefan Grant Discusses The Need for More Diversity in Tech
Stefan Grant is the Co-founder & CEO of Noirbnb, “an accommodations, experiences provider and concierge service created for the African diaspora and other people of color.” The... MORE
play_circle_filled Lessons From African-American Entrepreneurs
Lessons From African-American Entrepreneurs
A Look at Bloomberg's 'Building a Brand' Panel Talk
Bloomberg News and Bloomberg’s Black Professional Community hosted an immersive panel talk in New York during Black History Month of last year. Spotlighting lessons from African American... MORE
play_circle_filled Common Ground on Race
Common Ground on Race
This Logan Thomas TEDxCapeMay Talk Promotes Unity and Equality
The TEDxCapeMay Common Ground on Race talk by Logan Thomas promotes equality, unity and understanding. Whether speaking to the #BlackLivesMatter movement and its origins or recounting how Black... MORE
Outdoor Network
Routers are designed to cover extensive ground in an outdoor environment
Trend - Companies are developing widespread routers specifically for the outdoors that are able to cover more space with little to no service. Depending on the setup, the systems offer connectivity through WiFi, Ethernet, or cellular service.
Workshop Question - How can your products or services expand its accessibility?
play_circle_filled Organizing for Civil Rights and Freedom
Organizing for Civil Rights and Freedom
Bryan Stevenson Speaks with Civil Rights Leader John Lewis
As a part of its Legacy Protect, TED featured a previously recorded conversation between civil rights leader and former US congressman John Lewis and activist Bryan Stevenson, with the pair speaking... MORE
play_circle_filled The Connection Between Social Movements and Art
The Connection Between Social Movements and Art
Aja Monet and phillip agnew Discuss Art and Love
This inspiring talk by poet Aja Monet and community organizer phillip agnew explores the duo’s relationship as well as the “powerful connection between great social movements and... MORE
play_circle_filled Great Feedback in Four Steps
Great Feedback in Four Steps
Leeann Renninger Shares a Four-Step Process Great Feedback Givers Use
Our ability to form and create relationships relies heavily on communication, and one of the pillars of communication is the act of offering feedback. Whether a large confrontation at work or... MORE
play_circle_filled Navigating Your Own Path
Navigating Your Own Path
Tracy Edwards Went from Misfit Teenager to Sailing Legend
In her TedTalk titled ‘Stop Being a Bystander in Your Own Life,’ sailing icon Tracy Edwards details the moment you go so far out to sea that the land disappears from the horizon,... MORE
play_circle_filled Restorative Justice for Youth
Restorative Justice for Youth
Wesley Saint Clair Speaks on The Youth Justice System
The United States represents 5% of the world’s population, yet incarcerates 25% of the world’s incarcerated population, and after spending 40 years working in the criminal justice system,... MORE
play_circle_filled Redesigning Cities for Equity
Redesigning Cities for Equity
Vishaan Chakrabarti Considers How Cities Can Be More Inclusive
Vishaan Chakrabarti, an architect and professor who is the founder of New York-based firm Practice for Architecture and Urbanism, recently took part in a remote discussion for TED to highlight three... MORE
play_circle_filled The Power of Being Uncomfortable
The Power of Being Uncomfortable
Luvvie Ajayi on Inciting Social Change Through Discomfort
Writer, speaker, activist and self-proclaimed troublemaker, Luvvie Ajayi takes to the TedTalk stage to speak to the power of speaking up, even in uncomfortable moments. In the talk titled ‘Get... MORE
play_circle_filled Why Women Need to Be in Positions of Power
Why Women Need to Be in Positions of Power
Africa's 1st Female Head of State on Female Leadership
Ellen Johnson Sirleaf served as the President of Liberia from 2016 - 2018, making her the first female President of an African nation. In a Ted Talk titled ‘How women will lead us to freedom,... MORE
play_circle_filled Getting Serious About Diversity
Getting Serious About Diversity
Janet Stovall Discusses The Ongoing Fight for Workplace Diversity
The ‘How to get serious about diversity and inclusion in the workplace’ TED talk by Janet Stovall is a candid look at the multi-faceted topic and the many inconsistencies that can delay... MORE
play_circle_filled Diversity in the Beauty World
Diversity in the Beauty World
Ashley Rudder and Courtney Danielle Discuss Diversity in Cosmetics
At its best, the beauty world is able to inspire and empower people from all walks of life, but when it lacks representation and falls short of acknowledging its diverse consumer base, it fails... MORE
play_circle_filled Discrimination in Business
Discrimination in Business
Chris Grant's Talk Addresses America's Ongoing Redlining History
Chris Grant’s insightful ‘Redlining Black Businesses’ talk was presented at LOWkeynotes at the Stanford Graduate School of Business—providing students “the opportunity... MORE
play_circle_filled Dismantling Racial Bias
Dismantling Racial Bias
Psychologist Jennifer Eberhardt Discusses How Racial Bias Can be Disrupted
In a talk titled how Racial Bias Works and How to Disrupt It, social psychologist Jennifer L. Eberhardt deconstructs how racist narratives shape our minds from a young age, and details some of the... MORE
play_circle_filled Investing in Systemic Change
Investing in Systemic Change
Four Panelists Consider How Systems of Oppression Can Be Dismantled
In response to the mourning and outrage that has followed the recent murders of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery and many others who have experienced violence at the hands of police and... MORE
play_circle_filled Lack of Educational Equality
Lack of Educational Equality
Anidya Kundu Gave a Talk on Public Education That's Eye-Opening
Anindya Kundu, a senior fellow at the City University of New York, Graduate Center and author of the book The Power of Student Agency, recently gave a talk on public education and the existing “... MORE
play_circle_filled Deconstructing Racist 911 Calls
Deconstructing Racist 911 Calls
Baratunde Thurston Deconstructs Headlines to Illuminate Racism
In his Ted Talk titled ‘How to Deconstruct Racism, One Headline at a Time,’ Baratunde Thurston details how the circumstances surrounding unnecessary 911 calls can be used to paint a much larger... MORE
play_circle_filled Innovate Through Chaos, Crisis & Recession
Innovate Through Chaos, Crisis & Recession
Chaos Lessons from Jeremy Gutsche's Create The Future
Crisis and chaos are different stages, and what you will learn in this innovation keynote video is that chaos creates predictable opportunity.  In short, chaos shuffles the deck and switches... MORE