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Keynote Trends

A crowdsourced platform powered by Trend Hunter with a goal of inspiring the world. Featuring the world's best keynote speakers and most-inspiring keynote videos, founded by Jeremy Gutsche, an award-winning keynote speaker.
play_circle_filled Essential Oil Inhalers
Essential Oil Inhalers
Kiff Offers the Benefits of Essential Oils to Help Quit Smoking Naturally
Kiff is a wooden essential oil inhaler created by Slovenia partners Matej and Žan. The pair worked to create a healthier alternative to many of the current systems on the market that overly relies... MORE
Innovative cannabis packaging
Innovative cannabis packaging
Child resistant, eco-friendly cannabis packaging
The latest packaging innovation from the GPA Global Cannabis team is the BN-4, an eco-friendly cannabis pack manufactured in the US. Taking inspiration from the popular BN-1 and BN-2 pack styles,... MORE
Sleep-Improving Brain Wave Technology
Sleep-Improving Brain Wave Technology
The SOLTEC-SMS System Improves Deep Delta Sleep in Real Time
SOLTEC-SMS is a closed-loop sleep system engineered to analyze, record and condition your sleep and conscious state in real-time. By 2027, wrist wearables are projected to be a $52 billion... MORE
play_circle_filled Turning Moments into Momentum
Turning Moments into Momentum
Renee Montgomery Shares How Current Events Shaped her Community Work
WNBA champion Renee Montgomery is known for her achievements on the basketball court but recently turned her attention to her community amidst recent racial tensions across the US. “Inspired... MORE
play_circle_filled The 1-Minute Secret to Forming a New Habit
The 1-Minute Secret to Forming a New Habit
Christine Carter Shares Simple Steps For Motivation
‘The 1-minute secret to forming a new habit’ is an insightful TED talk by sociologist Christine Carter who shares a simple blueprint for daily motivation. With motivation more... MORE
play_circle_filled Coping With Creative Writing
Coping With Creative Writing
Sakinah Hofler Explores Writing as a Way to Get Through Tough Times
‘How creative writing can help you through life’s hardest moments’ is a thoughtful and inspiring TED talk by writer Sakinah Hofler. Hofler “makes the case for writing as a... MORE
play_circle_filled How to Embrace Emotions at Work
How to Embrace Emotions at Work
Liz Fosslien Educates Viewers About Selective Vulnerability
‘How to Embrace Emotions at Work’ is an informative TED talk by author and illustrator Liz Fosslien. Stressing that “you can’t just flip a switch when you step into the... MORE
play_circle_filled Transforming the Hiring Process
Transforming the Hiring Process
Gil Winch Shares Ways to Unlock Potential With New Hiring Tactics
Comparing the typical job interview process as a “stressful interrogation,” psychologist and entrepreneur Gil Winch shares ways to revamp traditional hiring practices to help unlock an... MORE
Pregnancy Care
Brands address the physical aches and pains that come with pregnancy
Trend - Traditionally, pregancy care products have been more about ensuring the health of the growing infant rather than the expecting mother. Now, more brands are focusing on the wellbeing of those who are set to give birth with products that help alleviate the pain and strain that pregnancy can have on the body.
Workshop Question - How is your brand prioritizing underserved demographics?
Top 100 Gadgets Trends in April
Top 100 Gadgets Trends in April
From Foldable Rolling Tablet Designs to Sleep Breathing Monitors
Many consumers have been leaning hard on their favorite technology products to get them through the past year, which continues to be one of the main themes within this collection of April 2021... MORE
play_circle_filled Preparing for a Sustainable Future
Preparing for a Sustainable Future
Achim Steiner Considers the Human Role in Protecting the Planet
In an inspiring talk on sustainability for TED, environmentalist, economist, and UNDP Administrator Achim Steiner considers how great of an impact humans can have on the planet. He begins his talk... MORE
play_circle_filled Giant Steel Monster Sculpture
Giant Steel Monster Sculpture
The Kraken Sculpture by Oskar Zięta Resembles a Giant Squid
Oskar Zięta, a Polish artist and designer creates inflatable steel sculptures and design pieces. This year he gave life to a zoomorphic structure resembling a giant squid. Public sculpture... MORE
Charitable Handmade Embroidery Shops
Charitable Handmade Embroidery Shops
RulalaCreations Offers Designs for a Humanitarian Cause
RulalaCreations, a non-profit Palestinian-owned retail and fashion company, is based in Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates. Rula Qamar is the proud owner and founder of the company, and orchestrates... MORE
play_circle_filled The Secret to Being a Successful Freelancer
The Secret to Being a Successful Freelancer
Paco de Leon Speaks About Fusing Creativity and Work
‘The Secret to Being a Successful Freelancer’ is an engaging TED talk by financial expert Paco de Leon. “Too often, freelancers are told they have to choose between being creative... MORE
play_circle_filled The Power of Vulnerability
The Power of Vulnerability
Tracy Young Highlights the Positive Impact of Being a Vulnerable Leader
Tracy Young, the founder and CEO of a successful startup, gave a talk for TED in which she highlights the impact vulnerability has had on her career. Young begins her talk by looking back on the... MORE
play_circle_filled Personalizing Online Retail
Personalizing Online Retail
Nimisha Jain Shows How Businesses Can Improve Their Online Shopping
Although COVID-19 has greatly increased the pressure on businesses across all industries to provide improved digital shopping options, consumer expert Nimisha Jain shows that the process doesn’... MORE
play_circle_filled Making Faster Decisions
Making Faster Decisions
Patrick McGinnis Speaks About the Impact of 'FOBO'
In his TED Talk titled ‘How to make faster decisions’ investor and writer Patrick McGinnis speaks about what he calls FOBO, which stands for the fear of better options. This talk is... MORE
play_circle_filled Facilitating Professional Conversations
Facilitating Professional Conversations
Betsy Kauffman Shows How Teams Can Have Candid Talks
In her talk for TED, leadership and organization coach Betsy Kauffman considers how employees can have more honest and direct conversations with their colleagues and managers, without over stepping... MORE
play_circle_filled Making Better Financial Choices
Making Better Financial Choices
Wendy De La Rosa Disproves the G.I Joe Fallacy
Every year, consumers globally are plagued by poor financial decisions, and according to behavioral scientist Wendy De La Rosa, most of these bad choices or actions can be avoided. In a Ted Talk... MORE
play_circle_filled How Drinks Impact Sleep
How Drinks Impact Sleep
This Sleeping with Science Talk Explores Caffeine and Alcohol
A TED Talk series titled ‘Sleeping with Science’ explores sleep through a scientific lens, breaking down complicated matters into bite-sized videos that help one better understand the... MORE
play_circle_filled The Implications of Surveillance Tech
The Implications of Surveillance Tech
Sharon Weinberger Considers the Dangers of Unregulated Tech
Sharon Weinberger, an American journalist and writer who largely covers defense and security issues, as well as how ethics relate to them, delivered a talk on the implications of surveillance tech... MORE
play_circle_filled Sharing Unique Stories
Sharing Unique Stories
Aimée Eubanks Davis Shares How Your Unique Story Can Get You Hired
‘How your unique story can get you hired’ is an engaging and motivational TED talk by Aimée Eubanks Davis, founder and CEO of Braven. Braven is a platform offering “a scalable... MORE
play_circle_filled Burnout's Impact on Creativity
Burnout's Impact on Creativity
Rahaf Harfoush Shows How Constant Productivity Decreases Creativity
As many are expected to keep working remotely into the new year, the pressure to always be productive is always on, especially at a time when remote workers aren’t able to divide their... MORE
play_circle_filled How Sleep Affects Your Emotions
How Sleep Affects Your Emotions
Matt Walker's Video is Part of TED's Sleeping with Science Series
‘How Sleep Affects Your Emotions’ is an informative video by Matt Walker, an award-winning sleep scientist, professor and author whose “research examines the impact of sleep on... MORE
play_circle_filled Supporting Kids with Special Needs
Supporting Kids with Special Needs
Billy Samuel Mwape Considers the Value of Project Management
In talk delivered for TED, Billy Samuel Mwape, a project management expert, business strategist, and computer scientist, shares how he was able to translate his professional skillset into his... MORE