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Electric Vehicle Stores
Electric Vehicle Stores
Polestar Announced That It Will Open North America's First EV Store
Polestar has announced that it will be opening an EV store, which will be the fist of its kind in North America. The company has announced that the store will be titled ‘Polestar Space,’... MORE
Cookie Dough Body Scrubs
Cookie Dough Body Scrubs
Lush's 2019 Christmas Collection Includes a New Cookie Dough Shower Scrub
Halloween may be the next big holiday, but that hasn’t stopped Lush from debuting its 2019 Christmas collection, complete with a crave-worthy new Cookie Dough Shower Scrub. As of this week,... MORE
Anime Character Beauty Products
Anime Character Beauty Products
The Pokémon x Shu Uemura Collection Features Pikachu Packaging
If you’re a Pokémon-loving beauty buff, you’ll want to get your hands on the new ‘Pokémon x Shu Uemura’ collection. Not only does this new collection look great on any shelf,... MORE
Transformative Makeup Brushes
Transformative Makeup Brushes
The Travel Makeup Brushes in Trinny London's T-Kit are Stackable
Trinny London’s space-saving travel makeup brushes help to free up precious room in a bag with a clever three-in-one design. The brand’s T-Kit is a travel brush set that’s portable,... MORE
Spicy State-Celebrating Burgers
Spicy State-Celebrating Burgers
Wendy's Carolina Classic Burger Celebrates the Region
Wendy’s fans in North and South Carolina will be thrilled to hear that the fan-favorite Carolina Classic Burger is back at participating locations for a limited time. The Carolina Classic... MORE
Revitalizing Ayurvedic Drinks
Revitalizing Ayurvedic Drinks
Golden Tiger's Ayurveda-Inspired Beverages are Powered by Turmeric
Golden Tiger’s wellness drinks inspired by Ayurveda are powered by anti-inflammatory turmeric and are crafted to help the body with recovery and revitalization. The vegan, plant-based and non-... MORE
Supportive Diabetes Patches
Supportive Diabetes Patches
'Not Just a Patch' Offers More Support for Active Lifestyles
Not Just a Patch’s diabetes patches were developed to support those who lead an active lifestyle and need a sensor system that can keep up with their busy life. As a Type 1 Diabetic himself,... MORE
Anti-Shedding Hair Primers
Anti-Shedding Hair Primers
The INTACT Scalp & Hair Primer Helps to Fight Seasonal Hair Loss
As the season changes and the temperature drops, the air becomes dryer and many people become irritated by dry scalps, brittle hair and even seasonal hair loss. The INTACT Scalp & Hair Primer... MORE
Psychological Backing
Apps that focus on personal and professional streamlining utilize psychology
Trend—Whether for personal well-being, physical health or professional improvements—apps that are able to use fundamental principles of psychology to analyze and offer best results are on the rise.

Insight—The adoption of psychology into algorithms for the purpose of personal and professional growth comes as consumers seek out meaningful additions to their lives that promote both productivity and wellness. As consumers balance their various responsibilities, they turn to tech to reduce the load. The use of psychology-backed apps that streamline various aspects of their lives empowers consumers with the knowledge they need to succeed in their day-to-day.
Workshop Question — How could your brand better streamline the responsibilities of its customers or employees?
Limited Edition SAXEM Watches
Limited Edition SAXEM Watches
Hublot Has Created a SAXEM Watch Named the Big Bang MP-11
Hublot has recently launched its new ‘Big Bang MP-11’ watch. The Big Bang MP-11will be an extremely limited edition watch with only 20 units being produced, each of which will have a $127,... MORE
Contactless Public Transit Payments
Contactless Public Transit Payments
Google Pay Will Now Work With Different Public Transit Cards
Google Pay will now be compatible with a number of different public transit cards, allowing Google Pay users to complete transit purchases using their phones. The new compatibility with public... MORE
Lightweight Space Gear
Lightweight Space Gear
Under Armour Designed Space Clothing for Virgin Galactic Passengers
Under Armour recently revealed space clothing which was designed to be worn under the spacesuits of passengers on Virgin Galactic flights. In order to create the space clothing Under Armour made... MORE
Professional Development Ride Promotions
Professional Development Ride Promotions
Lyft Offers Free or Discounted Rides for Job Interviews
Lyft has announced that it will offer free or discounted rides to users who are traveling to or from a job interview or a professional training program. The program will launch in over 35 different... MORE
19 Luxury Watch Designs
19 Luxury Watch Designs
From Hyper Minimalist Luxury Watches to Vibrating Alarm Luxury Watches
Luxury watch designs continue to appeal to the select consumers who are able to meet their price point. The market for luxury watches relies on a small number of consumers making big purchases, and... MORE
Luxury Linen Bedding Pop-Ups
Luxury Linen Bedding Pop-Ups
Flax Sleep is Demonstrating Its Bedding at the Ossington House
The Ossington House, a high-end BnB concept by Alison Goodwin, is no stranger to creative marketing and its latest endeavor demonstrates its partnership with the luxury Vancouver-based linen bedding... MORE
Pre-Chopped Medjool Dates
Pre-Chopped Medjool Dates
Trader Joe's New Chopped Medjool Dates are Ready to Use in Any Recipe
To save consumers from a sticky situation, Trader Joe’s has just debuted Chopped Medjool Dates. Unlike ordinary dates, these sweet little nuggets have been pre-chopped so they’re ready... MORE
Autumnal Maple Baking Mixes
Autumnal Maple Baking Mixes
Trader Joe’s New Maple Pecan Cookie & Baking Mix is Here for Fall
‘Tis the season for maple-flavored goods and Trader Joe’s has you covered with its new Maple Pecan Cookie & Baking Mix. Not only does this new baking mix allow you to whip up moist... MORE
Luxe Cutting-Edge Skincare
Luxe Cutting-Edge Skincare
La Crème's Formula is Continually Updated Based on Emerging Research
La Crème by Clé de Peau Beauté has been recrafted eight times since its launch in 1982, each version updated to reflect the most cutting-edge research. The new and improved formula is set to... MORE
play_circle_filled Underwater Watch Stores
Underwater Watch Stores
The Huawei 'Dive-Thru' is Only Accessible to Swimmers
To make a splash with the launch of the new Huawei Watch GT 2, the telecommunications company created a partially submerged watch store and “the world’s first Dive-Thru kiosk.” For one... MORE
Coffee-Infused Chocolate Bark
Coffee-Infused Chocolate Bark
Williams Sonoma and Peet's Coffee Collaborated on a Sweet Treat
Just in time for the holiday season where people will be looking for novel gifts to give, Williams Sonoma and Peet’s Coffee released a collaborative coffee-infused chocolate bark. The decadent... MORE
Caffeine-Enriched Canned Beverages
Caffeine-Enriched Canned Beverages
Energized by Ugly Drinks Shares Flavored Sparkling Water
Ugly Drinks recently added to its range of zero-calorie flavored sparkling waters with a sub-line of caffeine-infused products for energy. The Energized products are available in simple fruit... MORE
Cookie Dough Body Scrubs
Cookie Dough Body Scrubs
The Aroma & Texture of Lush Cosmetics' Shower Scrub Reminds of a Treat
Lush Cosmetics recently added a new shower scrub to its body care range and it will remind cookie lovers of the scent and even the texture of cookie dough. The Cookie Dough Shower Scrub gently... MORE
Regionally Inspired BBQ Pizzas
Regionally Inspired BBQ Pizzas
Casey's New Midwestern Pizza is Made with BBQ Sauce and Pulled Pork
Though New York often claims to be the home of America’s best pizza, Casey’s General Stores thinks that the Midwest should have their own pizza claim-to-fame in the form of The... MORE
Steak-Centric Restaurant Menus
Steak-Centric Restaurant Menus
Bob Evans New Steak All-day Menu Offers Many Ways to Enjoy Steak
While many brands are expanding their range of plant-based dishes, Bob Evans is going a different route with its new Steak All-Day menu. Bob Evan’s new Steak All-Day menu is a selection of... MORE
Smart Prayer Bracelets
Smart Prayer Bracelets
The Click to Pray eRosary Supports an App-Connected Experience
Click To Pray is the official app of the Pope’s Worldwide Prayer Network and it recently launched the app-connected eRosary as a prayer-tracking wearable device. The design of the bracelet... MORE