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Contact-Free Cup Lid Dispensers
Contact-Free Cup Lid Dispensers
The 'Lid Boss' Touchless Lid Dispenser Prevents Pathogen Spread
Visiting a QSR establishment or even a local eatery often means having to grab some essentials after receiving an order, so the ‘Lid Boss’ touchless lid dispenser is intended to help... MORE
Prepackaged Campfire Confections
Prepackaged Campfire Confections
The Russell Stover S’Mores Treats Come in Three Flavors
The Russell Stover S’Mores treats are arriving just in time for warm weather as a prepackaged take on the classic namesake desserts that are commonly enjoyed in the summertime around a campfire.... MORE
Pocket-Sized Touchpad Mouses
Pocket-Sized Touchpad Mouses
The 'CheerPod' Enhances Productivity and More
The ‘CheerPod’ air mouse and presentation tool is a versatile peripheral for prosumers looking to take more control over their digital experience when getting work done out of the house.... MORE
Flippable Tire-Inspired Trainers
Flippable Tire-Inspired Trainers
The Marpo Functional Tire Trainer Has a Dynamic Resistance Design
Tire workouts have surged in popularity as a way to effectively tone various muscle groups all over the body, so the Marpo Functional Tire Trainer is a piece of exercise equipment that takes the... MORE
Power-Free Camera Stabilizers
Power-Free Camera Stabilizers
The 'GravGrip' Works without the Need for Batteries
The ‘GravGrip’ battery-free camera stabilizer is a pocket-sized photography solution for adventurers who are looking for a way to capture premium content with their existing gear. The... MORE
Cordless Camper Fire Wands
Cordless Camper Fire Wands
The Looftlighter X Gets a Fire Going in 60 Seconds
The Looftlighter X is a cordless camping fire starting wand that is sure to be coveted by avid outdoor enthusiasts who are looking for an easier way to perform essential tasks while in the wilderness.... MORE
Inflatable Floating Grecian Islands
Inflatable Floating Grecian Islands
The World of Watersports Parthenon Canopy Spa Island is Large
The World of Watersports Parthenon Canopy Spa Island is an oversized floating toy for use on lakes and oceans to provide ample space for groups to relax on the water in a fun, themed way. The... MORE
Origami-Inspired Chess Sets
Origami-Inspired Chess Sets
The Degrees of Freedom Kinetic Chess Set Unfolds to Reveal Storage
The Degrees of Freedom Kinetic chess set is an origami-inspired game that has been created by technical engineer Brian Ignaut as a shapeshifting version of the namesake board game that offers a... MORE
Supportive Menopause
Health brands prioritize emotional support for women experiencing menopause
Trend - Health brands are honing in on an often under-served demographic by prioritizing the mental and emotional support of people who experience menopause. These platforms and services offer peer support and education to improve the lives of people experiencing this drastic change.
Workshop Question - How could your brand cater to under-served demographics?
Fried Chicken Craft Beers
Fried Chicken Craft Beers
The Royal Farms x Heavy Seas World Famous Pilsner is Refreshing
The Royal Farms x Heavy Seas World Famous pilsner is a new limited edition summertime beer created in collaboration between the namesake convenience store and the craft brewer. The beer is... MORE
Meaty Fries-Topped Burgers
Meaty Fries-Topped Burgers
The Checkers and Rally’s Fry Lovers Double is Here for a Limited Time
The Checkers and Rally’s Fry Lovers Double burger has been announced by the QSR brand as a new, meatier take on the original that’s sure to satisfy those seeking out an alternative menu item... MORE
Contact-Free Drink Dispenser Devices
Contact-Free Drink Dispenser Devices
The L-Guard System from Lancer Worldwide Enhances Cleanliness
An array of solutions to help curb the spread of pathogens are flooding the market due to the COVID-19 pandemic to help stop the spread and ease reopening procedures, which is seeing products like... MORE
Wine-Infused Canned Coffees
Wine-Infused Canned Coffees
The Cafe Agave Spiked Cold Brew is Made with Premium Ingredients
The Cafe Agave Spiked Cold Brew range is a new offering from the brand that will offer consumers a way to enjoy two common social beverages in one convenient yet flavorful product. The drink is a... MORE
Child-Targeted Snack Ranges
Child-Targeted Snack Ranges
The Harvest Snaps Popper Duos Have Been Relaunched by the Brand
The Harvest Snaps Popper Duos snacks have been relaunched by the brand to make them more applicable for adult consumers and children alike who are seeking out a flavorful yet healthful snack. The... MORE
Summery Citrus Sparkling Waters
Summery Citrus Sparkling Waters
NôMI Sparkling Water Has Launched Three New Flavors
NôMI Sparkling Water has unveiled a new range of three flavor options for the market just in time for summertime weather that will provide consumers with a way to quench their thirst in a crisp,... MORE
Short Game Golfing Trainers
Short Game Golfing Trainers
The 'NEXShot Pro' Allows for Impromptu Training from Anywhere
The ‘NEXShot Pro’ is a golf training solution for players who are looking to practice their game indoors or out using a detail-oriented set of equipment. The setup consists of a... MORE
Retro Gamer Coffee Tables
Retro Gamer Coffee Tables
The Love Hultén Arcade Coffee Table Allows for Nostalgic Gameplay
The Love Hultén Arcade Coffee Table is a retro furniture creation that will provide avid video game enthusiasts with a design-conscious way to make gameplay part of their home decor. The table... MORE
Precision eSports Mouses
Precision eSports Mouses
The Razer DeathAdder Elite Has a 16,000 DPI Optical Sensor and More
The Razer DeathAdder Elite eSports mouse is a high-quality peripheral for avid gamers that will enable them to enjoy blazing-fast connectivity and more when spending time playing their favorite title.... MORE
Ergonomic Single-Cord Earphones
Ergonomic Single-Cord Earphones
The Urbanears Jakan Earbuds Deliver 12 Hours of Playback
The Urbanears Jakan earbuds are a premium audio solution for consumers looking to enjoy their choice of music or content from anywhere without having to worry about the battery life like with other... MORE
Reduced Sugar Baking Sweeteners
Reduced Sugar Baking Sweeteners
The Miss Jones Baking Co. SmartSugar is Health-Focused
Reducing or eliminating sugar from ones diet is a staple of many popular diets, which is being supported by products like the Miss Jones Baking Co. SmartSugar to help consumers curb their intake... MORE
Child-Sized Excavator Toys
Child-Sized Excavator Toys
The Big Dig Sandbox Digging Excavator is Backyard or Beach-Ready
The Big Dig sandbox digging excavator is an interactive outdoor toy for youngsters that will offer them a way to make quick work of sandy situations and create any kind of project they desire. The... MORE
Toaster Pastry Crisps
Toaster Pastry Crisps
Pop-Tarts Crisps are Made with Five Grams of Whole Grains
The familiar toaster pastry form of Kellogg’s Pop-Tarts is being reinvented with products like frozen dairy dessert bars, bite-sized snacks, pastries with salted pretzel crusts and the all-new... MORE
Fruit-Flavored Collagen Powders
Fruit-Flavored Collagen Powders
LQ Collagen's Supplement Contains Hyaluronic Acid & Biotin
LQ Collagen recently added new collagen powder products to its portfolio, helping to make the anti-aging, beautifying and health-supporting benefits of collagen accessible. The products take the... MORE
Four-Season Camping Homes
Four-Season Camping Homes
The Chalets en Liberté Tiny Mobile Houses are Durably Designed
The Chalets en Liberté tiny mobile houses are an off-grid living solution from the Quebec-based company that are capable of being customized with a number of high-end finishes and functionalities.... MORE
Carb-Conscious Brownie Mixes
Carb-Conscious Brownie Mixes
Swerve's Low-Carb Brownies are Grain-Free and Keto-Friendly
Swerve is adding to its line of premium, carb-conscious cake, cookie, pancake and waffle mixes with an all-new low-carb brownie mix. The new treat is not just free from added sugar but also keto-... MORE