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Create the Future (New Book)
Create the Future (New Book)
Plus The Innovation Handbook - Tactics for Disruptive Thinking
I'm thrilled to announce my new double-sided book, Create the Future + The Innovation Handbook - Tactics for Disruptive Thinking. The 360 page guide is loaded with tactics, tools and frameworks to help make innovation and change happen. The basic premise of Side 1: Create the Future, is that we are experiencing history's highest rate of change, which means you have more opportunity within your grasp than ever before. However, there are 7 tr...MORE
Easter-Themed Fruit Snacks
Easter-Themed Fruit Snacks
Welch’s Fruit Snacks Introduced the New Fruit Easter Egg
With Easter on the horizon, Welch Fruit Snacks unveiled a new festive offering for 2020—the Welch Mixed Fruit Easter Egg. The Easter fruit snacks are made with real fruit and are a great... MORE
Protein-Packed Light Ice Creams
Protein-Packed Light Ice Creams
Dreamland Creamery Has as Much Protein as a Glass of Milk
Dreamland Creamery is a new kind of light ice cream that boasts a better-for-you recipe with 50% less sugar than regular ice cream and eight grams of protein—which is comparable to the protein... MORE
play_circle_filled Cooking Oil-Powered Cleaning Products
Cooking Oil-Powered Cleaning Products
A Cameroon Scientist Creates Innovative Cleaning Supplies
Martial Gervais Oden-Bella—who is a scientist from Cameroon, South Africa— is pioneering a technique for the development of eco-friendly and innovative cleaning supplies. The ingredients used to... MORE
Botanical-Rich Lip Oils
Botanical-Rich Lip Oils
The Re(cover) Hydrating Coconut Lip Oil Contains Five Forms of Coconut
Marc Jacobs Beauty has an entire product line devoted to coconut—the Coconut Collection—and the brand’s newest product is the Re(cover) Hydrating Coconut Lip Oil. The nourishing lip oil... MORE
Illuminating SPF Primers
Illuminating SPF Primers
Supergoop!'s Glowscreen is Protective and Skin-Perfecting
Supergoop!‘s sun protection portfolio includes products like the invisible Unseen Sunscreen and the skin-perfecting, both of which work as SPF primers that can be worn under makeup. Now,... MORE
QSR Ordering Service Tests
QSR Ordering Service Tests
KFC Canada is Running a Test Where Customers Can Order Through Google
KFC is running a Google ordering service test, where customers can order food through Google’s search engine, apps, and smart devices. The test is being run in Canadian markets, where anyone... MORE
Ergonomically-Structured Pillows
Ergonomically-Structured Pillows
The Zoey Sleep Curved Pillow Was Designed for Side Sleepers
Zoey Sleep, a new high-quality sleep brand disrupting the market, recently unveiled the ultimate pillow for side sleepers—the Curved Pillow. As its name suggests, the Curved Pillow was crafted... MORE
Subsidized Anti-Party Rental Offerings
Subsidized Anti-Party Rental Offerings
Airbnb is Helping Hosts Prevent Unauthorized Parties
House rental platform Airbnb has always discouraged unauthorized parties, however, the brand is helping hosts discourage these events with deep discounts on 3 top-rated 3rd-party products including... MORE
Menstrual Supplement
Targeted supplements aim to reduce period symptoms
Trend - With the supplement industry growing, targeted supplements are increasingly popular. Brands in this space are now offering menstrual-specific supplements–containing ingredients that ease common menstruation symptoms like bloating or pain.
Workshop Question - How could your brand focus on more targeted forms of wellness for its customers?
Avocado-Based Cheesy Chips
Avocado-Based Cheesy Chips
The Temole Avocado Chips are Offered in a Nachos Cheese Flavor
The Temole Avocado Chips in a Nachos Cheese flavor are a new offering by the food brand that will appeal to health-conscious consumers looking for a delicious yet robust snack. Made from slicked... MORE
Freeze-Dried Skincare Supplements
Freeze-Dried Skincare Supplements
Vmores' Freeze-Dry Technology Preserves Sensitive Ingredients
Vmores sets itself apart as Australia’s first and only freeze-dried skincare supplement brand that applies freeze-dry technology traditionally used for aerospace applications to beauty. It... MORE
Personal Grooming Creams
Personal Grooming Creams
Fur's Shave Cream Minimizes Bumps, Irritation & Ingrown Hair
There are now many brands devoted to intimate care but Fur was one of the first brands to debut a personal grooming oil specifically for the pubic region. Now, Fur is expanding its product range... MORE
CBD-Powered Chewing Gums
CBD-Powered Chewing Gums
Favour's Functional Chewing Gum Offers a Consistent Dose of CBD
A variety of functional chewing gums have been created within the last few years, some of which are packed with vitamins, while others can be purposefully consumed to elevate focus and energy.... MORE
Adjustable Drive Mode Cars
Adjustable Drive Mode Cars
The 2021 Mercedes-AMG GLA 4 Features Six Different Driving Modes
Mercedes Benz revealed its ‘2021 Mercedes-AMG GLA 4’ crossover ahead of the Geneva Motor Show, which was where the company was scheduled to unveil the vehicle. The car will be released... MORE
Free Delivery Food Subscriptions
Free Delivery Food Subscriptions
GurbHub Launched GrubHub+ with 100,000 Participating Restaurants
GrubHub created a new subscription service named GrubHub+, and it will offer free delivery as well as 10% cash back for purchases. Free delivery will be applied to the company indicated that around... MORE
Sustainable Surplus Material Sneakers
Sustainable Surplus Material Sneakers
The New Balance Test Run PRJ 3.0 Has a Playful Design
The New Balance Test Run PRJ 3.0 sneakers have been created at the New Balance Global Design Studio by Sam Maxwell as a sustainable sneaker style that makes use of an unlikely material. The sneaker... MORE
Unlimited Coffee Subscriptions
Unlimited Coffee Subscriptions
MyPanera+Coffee Appeals to Those Who Drink Coffee Every Day
Millions of adults order and drink coffee every day but many people are painfully aware of how much this habit is costing them. Panera is introducing an unlimited subscription program called MyPanera+... MORE
Gut-Boosting Probiotic Shots
Gut-Boosting Probiotic Shots
Gut Shots Support the Digestive System with Fermented Kraut Juice
After producing a 16-ounce Multiserve Gut Shot for years, Farmhouse Culture is now introducing a convenient way for people to support their digestive system on the go with an all-new two-ounce... MORE
Fermented Cabbage Chips
Fermented Cabbage Chips
Kraut Krisps Have Three Ounces of Sauerkraut Baked into Every Bag
Farmhouse Culture’s Kraut Krisps are being reintroduced with a focus on sauerkraut, which is the first ingredient in the recipe before it gets cooked down. In fact, according to the brand, the... MORE
Two-Toned Luxury Sportscars
Two-Toned Luxury Sportscars
Aston Martin Revealed the DB11 V8 Shadow Edition Limited to 300 Makes
Aston Martin recently revealed its new limited edition car, titled the ‘2021 Aston Martin DB11 V8 Shadow Edition,’ which will be available in both a Coupe and Volante version. Both... MORE
Toning Cleansing Lotions
Toning Cleansing Lotions
Phytomer's Rosée Visage is Made with Freeze-Dried Seawater Extract
Like many cleansing lotions, Phytomer’s Rosée Visage acts as an all-in-one makeup remover and toner that cleans and balances skin. The gentle rose-colored product is easy to use and supports... MORE
play_circle_filled Allergen-Reducing Cat Foods
Allergen-Reducing Cat Foods
Purina's Innovative Cat Food Diet Reduces Cat Allergies in Humans
With Pro Plan LiveClear, Purina is introducing a breakthrough cat food diet that’s been shown to reduce allergens in cat hair and dander in a matter of weeks. As a result, people in cat-owning... MORE
Curated Luxury Car Apps
Curated Luxury Car Apps
Rolls-Royce Revealed a High-End App for Luxury Goods and Experiences
Rolls-Royce launched a high-end app, which will sell luxury goods, as well as function like a social media platform for novice car owners. The exclusive app is titled Whispers, and was created for... MORE
Waste-Free Texture Bars
Waste-Free Texture Bars
Lush Cosmetics Debuted the 'BIG' Texture Bar for Full, Beachy Hair
Lush Cosmetics recently expanded its hair collection with the introduction of the BIG texture bar that will give your hair body and texture. The bar is formulated with fine sea salt to soften hair,... MORE
Minimalist Clean Deodorants
Minimalist Clean Deodorants
The Deodorant by Nécessaire is Simple, Effective & Fuss-Free
Nécessaire is known for its pared-back approach to personal care that’s centered on clean, effective and transparent products. Up until this point, its product portfolio has consisted of a... MORE