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Top 100 Lifestyle Trends in September
Top 100 Lifestyle Trends in September
From Paired Pet Toys to Ballet-Inspired Fitness Classes
The September 2019 lifestyle trends spotlight products like the Dreem 2 — a rest-optimizing headset that will lull you into a deeper sleep through an integrated audio system, as well as Dr. MUSIC... MORE
Top 90 Home Trends in September
Top 90 Home Trends in September
From Probiotic Cleaning Products to Bespoke Wooden Wine Holders
Whether you are looking to elevate your household aesthetically or searching for innovative products that will help you maintain it better, the September 2019 home list will, without a doubt, give... MORE
Top 100 Eco Trends in September
Top 100 Eco Trends in September
From Zero Waste Pizza Packaging to Reusable Mascara Tubes
The September 2019 eco round-up showcases how designers are pushing the boundaries of material use and implementing new fabrication techniques. While Danielle Coffey is pioneering a new soap-making... MORE
Candy Bar-Studded Cakes
Candy Bar-Studded Cakes
Toblerone Lava Cakes are the Ultimate Holiday Dessert
Nothing screams the holidays quite like Toblerone, which is why the new Toblerone Lava Cakes have the Internet in full Christmas mode, despite the fact that its only midway through September. The... MORE
Plastic-Free Athletic Wear
Plastic-Free Athletic Wear
The 'Runamics' Sports Gear is Made from Merino Wool and Tencel
Clothing made from synthetic material is quickly becoming of concern because of the microplastic waste that it creates when laundered, so the ‘Runamics’ sports gear is designed as an... MORE
Protein-Packed Superfood Toasts
Protein-Packed Superfood Toasts
Jamba Juice is Serving Up a New PB Banana Toast with Chia Seeds
If you’re looking for a quick breakfast snack to pair with your favorite smoothie, you’ll want to try Jamba Juice’s new PB Banana Toast. While the dish may sound simple, it’s... MORE
Savory Jam-Covered Wings
Savory Jam-Covered Wings
Bj's New Bacon Jam Wings are a Messy, Yet Tasty Take on Chicken Wings
If you’re looking for tailgate snack that will really shake up your taste buds, you’ll want to try the new Bacon Jam Wings from BJ’s. While the idea of putting jam on wings may... MORE
Adventure-Recording Eyewear
Adventure-Recording Eyewear
The 'ORBI Marine' Eyewear Performs 360-Degree Recording and More
The ‘ORBI Marine’ eyewear is an adventure-ready accessory option for sports enthusiasts and travelers alike that will enable them to capture POV footage on their own terms. The glasses... MORE
Fruit Water Infusion
Cosmetic brands incorporate fruit-infused waters into their products
Implications - Cosmetic brands are using fruit-infused waters as the base for products that range from serums to lip balms. These products come as consumers seek out natural forms of skincare that they feel are more trustworthy–all while offering effective ingredients that align with consumers' routines.
Workshop Question — How could your brand adapt to the consumer preference for natural purchases?
Top 100 Cosmetics Trends in September
Top 100 Cosmetics Trends in September
From Non-Toxic Teen Skincare to Compact Beauty Palettes
The list of September 2019 cosmetics is out and one of the more seasonally appropriate products is launched by Native. As fall warrants a pumpkin explosion in the marketplace, this boom also... MORE
Top 100 Branding Trends in September
Top 100 Branding Trends in September
From Funky Taco Kit Rebrands to Waste-Conscious Beer Brands
The September 2019 branding list spotlights what companies are doing to stay relevant and a lot of it has to do with design-friendly sensibilities. Image is everything and businesses often harness... MORE
Top 100 Pop Culture Trends in September
Top 100 Pop Culture Trends in September
From Date-Themed Meal Boxes to In-Store Mystery Boxes
The September 2019 pop culture trends provide an eclectic view of where fandom and consumer interest are headed. A good bet can be placed on the growing appreciation of Eastern cultural... MORE
Top 85 Life Stages Trends in September
Top 85 Life Stages Trends in September
From Artful Academic Agendas to Mood-Specific CBD Drops
The September 2019 life stages trends have something for everyone. The list boasts the AKO bicycle which adjusts to the rider’s growing. This enables parents to spend money on a children’... MORE
Premium Steak Burrito Options
Premium Steak Burrito Options
The New Chipotle Carne Asada is Only Around for a Limited Time
The new Chipotle Carne Asada meat option has been unveiled by the brand as a premium option for patrons who are looking for a way to enhance their favorite menu items. The steak consists of... MORE
Cardboard Drink Packaging Initiatives
Cardboard Drink Packaging Initiatives
Coca-Cola is Eliminating Shrink-Wrap from All Products
The Coca-Cola European Partners has announced that cardboard drink packaging will be used in place of plastic shrink-wrap in Great Britain in a bid to offer consumers a more eco-friendly alternative.... MORE
Sports Recovery Energy Drinks
Sports Recovery Energy Drinks
The Rockstar XD Power Drinks will Launch in October
The new Rockstar XD Power energy drinks have been announced by Barr Soft Drinks as refreshment options for athletes and busy professionals alike to help them refuel after busy periods. The drinks... MORE
Plastic-Free Paper Food Packaging
Plastic-Free Paper Food Packaging
The MetsäBoard Prime FBB EB is Highly Recyclable
Many paper food packaging designs have a thin plastic film that acts as a barrier to maintain freshness, so the MetsäBoard Prime FBB EB has been developed as an alternative that is eco-friendly and... MORE
Molded Algae-Made Illuminators
Molded Algae-Made Illuminators
The 'Algae Lamps' Have a Rustic, Naturalistic Look
The ‘Algae Lamps’ have been created by the New York-based architecture and design firm NEA Studio as a naturalistic illuminator that utilizes an unlikely material for a high-end finish.... MORE
Nutrient-Rich Cauliflower Noodles
Nutrient-Rich Cauliflower Noodles
Noodles & Company Has Added Caulifloodles to Its Permanent Menu
Move over zucchini noodles, because Noodles & Company just added Caulifloodles to its permanent menu. Though the name may be a little silly, these nutrient-rich, cauliflower-infused noodles are... MORE
Minimal Smartphone Protectors
Minimal Smartphone Protectors
The OtterBox Defender Series Screenless Edition Case is Durable
The OtterBox Defender Series Screenless Edition Case is a new protector for the iPhone 11 Pro that targets adventurers looking to protect their device in a minimalist manner. Coming in four color... MORE
Social Network-Branded Video Devices
Social Network-Branded Video Devices
The Facebook Portal TV Boasts Amazon Alexa and More
The Facebook Portal TV is a smart video call device from the social networking brand that will offer consumers a way to keep in touch with friends and family from the comfort of their living room.... MORE
Virtual Reality Entertainment Spaces
Virtual Reality Entertainment Spaces
Red Deer Boasts an Immersive Experience, Dubbed 'Otherworld'
Architectural practice Red Deer realizes a neon-lit concept for a virtual reality entertainment space in east London. The activation fused the power of technology and its role in modern... MORE
Mental Wellness Retail Spaces
Mental Wellness Retail Spaces
Lost + Found is Motivated by the Pains of Hardship & Overcoming Them
Lost + Found is a new, gift-friendly mental wellness retail space and social hub in Toronto. It is launched to give visitors peace of mind, help them deal with loss or simply practice a holistic... MORE
Convenient Vegan Pastry Products
Convenient Vegan Pastry Products
The Wall’s Pastry Plant-Based Pastries Range is Tasty
The Wall’s Pastry plant-based pastries have been launched in the UK as a line of vegan products that will offer consumers an alternate to conventional meat-infused alternatives. The range includes... MORE
Smartphone-Inspired Cameras
Smartphone-Inspired Cameras
The Conceptual 'C4' Camera is Modeled After Flagship Devices
Most flagship smartphones like the iPhone 11 Pro are being introduced with a multi-lens design that enables better photography than ever, which is something that the conceptual ‘C4’... MORE