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Create the Future (New Book)
Create the Future (New Book)
Plus The Innovation Handbook - Tactics for Disruptive Thinking
I'm thrilled to announce my new double-sided book, Create the Future + The Innovation Handbook - Tactics for Disruptive Thinking. The 360 page guide is loaded with tactics, tools and frameworks to help make innovation and change happen. The basic premise of Side 1: Create the Future, is that we are experiencing history's highest rate of change, which means you have more opportunity within your grasp than ever before. However, there are 7 tr...MORE
Top 30 Sports Trends in March
Top 30 Sports Trends in March
From Crypto Athlete Collectibles to Eco-Conscious Football Stadiums
Emerging sports trends span many different products, from exercise gear to content for fans. Overall the sports trends in March focus on immersing fans further into the sports they love while... MORE
Savory Avocado Chips
Savory Avocado Chips
BranchOut Makes Satisfying Chips from Real, Dried Avocado Slices
BranchOut is the first of its kind to introduce avocado chips made from real, dried avocado slices. Previously, the company perfected its drying process and proprietary technology with the AvoLov... MORE
High-Performance CBD Gummies
High-Performance CBD Gummies
Social CBD's Broad-Spectrum Gummies Support Active Lifestyles
The CBD Broad-Spectrum Gummies by Social CBD are available in flavors like Lemon, Peach Mango and Red Raspberry that are made with all-natural fruit juices. The convenient wellness gummies appeal to... MORE
Vegan At-Home Spa Collections
Vegan At-Home Spa Collections
Unfiltered by Raw Sugar Features 95% Naturally Derived Ingredients
Unfiltered by Raw Sugar is a new line of personal care products from Raw Sugar Living that takes inspiration from small-batch family formulas and features 95% naturally-derived ingredients plus... MORE
Unparalleled Adventurer Gloves
Unparalleled Adventurer Gloves
The Sealskinz Gloves are 100% Waterproof and Breathable
The Sealskinz gloves are a new accessory for avid outdoor explorers or adventurers that will allow them to maintain enhanced comfort when spending time in the most demanding environments. The... MORE
Eco-Friendly Food Trays
Eco-Friendly Food Trays
PaperSeal Trays Help to Increase Food Packaging Recyclability
There are tons of packaged products that seem to be fully recyclable but in reality, it can be a challenge for packaging to get properly sorted when it comes to its individual components—and... MORE
Artisanal Upcycled Crackers
Artisanal Upcycled Crackers
Pipcorn's Heirloom Snack Crackers are Made with Upcycled Corn Flour
Leftover corn flour from Pipcorn’s Heirloom Cheese Balls is used to make the newest product from the better-for-you snack brand, Heirloom Snack Crackers. The Cheddar, Sea Salt and Everything... MORE
Data-Designed Custom Furniture Lines
Data-Designed Custom Furniture Lines
Modsy Expands Its Ravine Home Capsule with 5,000 Combinations
Modsy is a digital interior design service that is making strides in the home category with its custom furniture lines. Geared toward communicating style and comfort, with a personal touch, the... MORE
Experiential Play
Children's toys and products incorporate augmented reality to enhance experience
Trend - With tech and STEM-learning functions now being a large part of the emerging children's toy space, brands are incorporating elements of augmented reality into once-standard children's toys and retail experiences. Whether manifesting in board games or playmats, these elevated products add a unique level of interactivity to children's playtime experiences.
Workshop Question - How is your brand adapting to the generational changes that have been accelerated by rapid shifts in the modern digital age?
Cricket-Powered Protein Bars
Cricket-Powered Protein Bars
Bug Out Bar Chocolate Brownie Bar is Made with Cricket Protein
Bug Out Bar is introducing its flagship protein bar in the form of a decadent chocolate brownie bar that’s fueled by crickets as a sustainable protein source. The bar made with edible insects... MORE
Craft Convenience Stores
Craft Convenience Stores
7-Eleven's Evolution Stores Serve Handmade Tacos & Made-to-Order Drinks
With its Evolution Store concepts, 7-Eleven is reinventing the traditional convenience store model to increase its appeal to a wider range of people. After the first Evolution Store of its kind was... MORE
play_circle_filled Alcohol-Free Beer Fridges
Alcohol-Free Beer Fridges
Heineken's Public Beer Fridge Gives Drivers Non-Alcoholic Heineken 0.0
To promote its non-alcoholic beverage, Heineken 0.0, Heineken created a public beer fridge specifically so that drivers can indulge in the taste of beer without any of the alcohol. The Driver’... MORE
Cafe-Style Cold Brew Cans
Cafe-Style Cold Brew Cans
Starbucks' Nitro Cold Brew Cans are Conveniently Ready to Drink
Starbucks is introducing a trio of premium coffee drink flavors that make it easy for nitro cold brew lovers to enjoy cafe-quality beverages on the go. The canned, ready-to-drink cold brew beverages... MORE
Rugged Walkie-Talkie Smartphone
Rugged Walkie-Talkie Smartphone
The 'Atom XL' Has a 48MP Camera and More
The ‘Atom XL’ smartphone is a different kind of device for consumers that will allow them to maintain enhanced communication, while also keeping a range of handy features within reach.... MORE
Tire Technology Sneakers
Tire Technology Sneakers
Sketchers' Styles are Incorporating Rubber Technology from Goodyear
To enhance the features of Sketchers styles, Goodyear collaborated with the footwear brand to introduce rubber technology outsoles for better grip, stability and durability. The Sketchers sneakers... MORE
One-of-a-Kind Caribbean Rums
One-of-a-Kind Caribbean Rums
The Crowned Monkey Rum is Priced at $29,000 Per Bottle
The Crowned Monkey rum is a new celebratory spirit that marks the 29th anniversary of the Four Seasons Nevis in the West Indies to help connoisseurs enjoy a libation unlike any other. The band was... MORE
Monochrome Cartoon Timepieces
Monochrome Cartoon Timepieces
The Timex Marlin Automatic x Peanuts Charlie Brown Watch is Playful
The Timex Marlin Automatic x Peanuts Charlie Brown watch is a playful accessory that will offer wearers a way to profess their prowess for the iconic cartoon character in a subtle everyday way. The... MORE
Regenerative Baby Foods
Regenerative Baby Foods
Happy Baby Organics' Baby Food Supports Regenerative Agriculture
The newest Happy Baby Organics baby food line shares nourishment for babies six months and up with ingredients grown using regenerative farming practices. The Happy Baby Organics Regenerative &... MORE
Secret Agent-Approved Sneakers
Secret Agent-Approved Sneakers
The Adidas x James Bond Ultraboost 20 Sneakers are Stylish
The Adidas x James Bond Ultraboost 20 sneakers are an upcoming style created with the namesake secret agent in mind to provide wearers with a chic yet comfortable footwear option. The sneakers are... MORE
Triple-Layer Graphene Jackets
Triple-Layer Graphene Jackets
The 'GRAPHITY' Jacket Has a Windproof and Waterproof Design
The ‘GRAPHITY’ jacket is a lightweight outerwear garment that promises to deliver exceptional comfort and versatility for wearers that won’t add too much additional heft to the... MORE
Sublingual CBD Micropearls
Sublingual CBD Micropearls
Evielab's CBD/CBG Solid Sublingual Pearls are Compact & Efficient
While there are some CBD products that take the form of dissolvable powders that can be added to beverages and others that are strip-like and can be taken directly under the tongue, Evielab is... MORE
Car Racing Diversity Programs
Car Racing Diversity Programs
Rev Racing is Launched to Empower Racial Diversity in NASCAR
Max and Jennifer Siegel drive racial diversity to NASCAR with Rev Racing, which is “an auto racing team that competes at the regional level of NASCAR.” The goal is to push for a stronger... MORE
Starfish-Based Ice Melters
Starfish-Based Ice Melters
The STAR's TECH 'ECO-ST' Product is Made from an Invasive Species
Conventional road salt is essential for use in wintertime to prevent slick outdoor surfaces but is notorious for causing negative effects on the environment, so the STAR’s TECH ‘ECO-ST&#... MORE
Top 60 Automotive Trends in March
Top 60 Automotive Trends in March
From Pre-Owned Certifications to Autonomous Navigation Projects
The automotive industry is continuously streamlining the future of transportation, and many of the March automotive trends focus on bringing emerging technologies to consumers. One of the major... MORE
Wilderness Adventurer Electric Bikes
Wilderness Adventurer Electric Bikes
The Mountains To Sea All Terrain R750 Has a 750W Motor
Electric bikes have surged in popularity in urban areas, so the Mountains To Sea All Terrain R750 has been created as a model that’s ideal for wilderness explorers who are looking to get... MORE