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Camper Van Gear Straps
Camper Van Gear Straps
The WRAPTIE All-Purpose Tie Down Straps are Australian-Made
The WRAPTIE All-Purpose Tie Down Straps are an effective accessory for the rising number of van life enthusiasts, campers and road trippers who are looking for a way to keep their essential gear... MORE
Veteran Ride Promotions
Veteran Ride Promotions
Via's VetsRides Program Offers Free Rides to Veterans in Washington DC
Via launched its VetRides program which will provide free rides to veterans in Washington DC. In order to launch the program, Via collaborated with the DC Mayor’s Office for Veterans Affairs,... MORE
Energy-Saving Room Heaters
Energy-Saving Room Heaters
The Honeywell Turbo Force Heater Has 1,500 Watts of Power
The Honeywell Turbo Force Heater is a compact appliance for the home that will deliver exceptional heating capabilities for consumers who are looking to save money on their central heating needs.... MORE
Carbon Neutral Race Cars
Carbon Neutral Race Cars
Formula 1 Will Move Toward Carbon Neutral Racing by the Year 2030
Formula 1 announced that it will transition to carbon-neutral racing by the year 2030. The announcement was made by the IFA, which is the sports governing body. The carbon-neutral racing pledge will... MORE
Sculptural Aesthetic eBikes
Sculptural Aesthetic eBikes
The Carbogatto H7 Electric Bike is Powerful and Stylish
The Carbogatto H7 electric bike is a premium transportation solution for consumers seeking a stylish way to get around town in an emissions-free manner. Boasting a carbon fiber monocoque chassis,... MORE
Retro Gamer PC Peripherals
Retro Gamer PC Peripherals
The 8BitDo N30 Wireless Mouse is Designed by Daniel Jansson
The 8BitDo N30 Wireless Mouse is a retro technology solution for users who are seeking a way to enjoy a touch of classic gaming functionality during their everyday routine. Designed by Daniel... MORE
Uplifting Seasonal Wines
Uplifting Seasonal Wines
Life is Good & 90+ Cellars' Collab Inspires People to Slow Down & Enjoy
This fall, Life is Good and 90+ Cellars are introducing a limited-edition seasonal wine collection. With this collection, 10% of Life is Good’s net profits are set to go to the Life is Good... MORE
Freshly Baked Cookie Boxes
Freshly Baked Cookie Boxes
Great American Cookies' Custom Boxes Share a Dozen Cookies
Great American Cookies is making it easy for those with a sweet tooth to get a taste of freshly baked cookies—without having to do any of the baking themselves or even leaving the house. With a... MORE
Podcast Co-Branding
The popularity of several podcasts expands into branded products & platforms
Implications - As the popularity and engagement around podcast platforms grows, brands are starting to get involved through unique product and service partnerships. Seeking to connect with consumers who's rituals revolve around podcast content, brands are turning to collaborations and references that tie in those popular series'. These tactics not only helps to connect brands with more specific audiences, but it showcases the brand's willingness to tap into rising media and content platforms.
Workshop Question - How might you integrate emerging consumer content and media platforms into your business model?
Gourmet Salted Caramel Spreads
Gourmet Salted Caramel Spreads
Lidl's New Salted Caramel Spread Comes in Three Tasty Varieties
Winter is the season for slated caramel and Lidl is making sure that consumers have easy access to the flavor with a Salted Caramel Spread in three tasty varieties. Lidl’s new Salted Caramel... MORE
Bluetooth-Enabled Glucose Monitors
Bluetooth-Enabled Glucose Monitors
The AgaMatrix Jazz Wireless 2 Provides Readings in Five Seconds
The AgaMatrix Jazz Wireless 2 blood glucose monitor is a Bluetooth-enabled solution to help those with diabetes achieve better daily management of the condition. Capable of providing 99% accurate... MORE
Cartoon Kitty Wine Glasses
Cartoon Kitty Wine Glasses
World Market and Sanrio Have Launched Hello Kitty Wine Glasses
This year, World Market has teamed up with Sanrio to celebrate Hello Kitty’s 45th anniversary and has debuted an adorable pair of Hello Kitty wine glasses as part of the collaboration. The Hello... MORE
Two-Factor Authentication Hard Drives
Two-Factor Authentication Hard Drives
The DiskCrypt M10 Encrypted SSD is Ultra-Secure
Growing concerns regarding data security are increasing consumer demand for products that are engineered with built-in protection, which is what the DiskCrypt M10 encrypted SSD is here to deliver.... MORE
Live-Streamed Product Releases
Live-Streamed Product Releases
Betabrand Created an Interactive Feed for People to View Releases
Betabrand has created an interactive feed where consumers can view a live stream of shopping events. Consumers will also have the ability to leave comments and reactions on the interactive feed.... MORE
Vintage Bandana-Made Jackets
Vintage Bandana-Made Jackets
READYMADE Creates a Militaristic Jacket Using a Patterning Cloth
READYMADE introduces a new winter jacket that is constructed from military tents and patterned vintage bandanas. The Japanese fashion label recycles the cloths by repurposing it to a new down-filled... MORE
Heat-Retaining Wetsuits
Heat-Retaining Wetsuits
The Xcel Infiniti LTD Radiant Rebound Wetsuit is Cold Water-Ready
The Xcel Infiniti LTD Radiant Rebound has been designed by the brand as a premium garment option for surfers that will help to keep them supported at all times when spending extended periods in the... MORE
Adjustable Educational Seesaws
Adjustable Educational Seesaws
The Conceptual 'Adjustable Pivot Seesaw' Teaches Children a Lesson
The conceptual ‘Adjustable Pivot Seesaw’ is a customization-focused fixture for the playground that will work to let children of all sizes enjoy a lively experience, while also learning... MORE
Paper-Made Heritage Fashion Lines
Paper-Made Heritage Fashion Lines
South Korean Designer Sun Lee Boasts Clothes Made from Paper
Sun Lee—who is a graduate from the Design Academy Eindhoven, is taking the concept of clothes made from paper to the next level. She recently released a six-piece collection, dubbed ‘... MORE
Plant-Based Savory Pies
Plant-Based Savory Pies
Morrisons' “No Pork” Pie Has a Meatless Filling & a Flaky Outer Layer
Over the years, people have been enjoying meat-filled pies over the holidays and now, Morrisons is giving consumers the chance to indulge in plant-based savory pies. The all-new vegan “No Pork”... MORE
Delhi-Based Futuristic Research Labs
Delhi-Based Futuristic Research Labs
Space10 Opens a Second Site for Its Research, Workshops, Etc.
Engaging in futuristic research and troubleshooting new technology, modes of operation, and so on is a grueling task. Copenhagen-based Space10 is an IKEA-backed company that does just that and in... MORE
Festive Beetroot Wraps
Festive Beetroot Wraps
Starbucks' New Very Merry Vegan Wrap with Butternut is Fully Plant-Based
Starbucks Uk just announced the launch of its 2019 holiday menu and consumers are already buzzing about the debut of a new plant-based option called the ‘Very Merry Vegan Wrap with Butternut.&#... MORE
Gold-Dusted Shortbread Bites
Gold-Dusted Shortbread Bites
Greggs' 2019 Holiday Lineup Includes Gold Christmas Shortbread Bites
Greggs has just debuted its 2019 holiday offerings, which includes sweet options like the Christmas Shortbread Bites and savory pastries like the Festive Bake. Greggs’ 2019 holiday offerings... MORE
Playfully Formal Spring Apparel
Playfully Formal Spring Apparel
ULLAC Highlights Untapped Memories as Its SS20 Inspiration
UK fashion label ULLAC introduces its new collection designed for the Spring/Summer 2020 season, capturing intricate energy. The main design inspiration behind the seasonal capsule are memories—... MORE
Fragranced Festive Pop-Ups
Fragranced Festive Pop-Ups
Tiffany's Holiday Ice Rink is Paired with a Scented Display
Near the end of November, people in London will be treated to a festive pop-up from Tiffany & Co with a Central Park-inspired bridge, a holiday ice rink and a scented display. The pop-up’s... MORE
Powdered Almond Creamers
Powdered Almond Creamers
Almond Pro Almond Coffee Creamer is Made with Finely Ground Nuts
Almond Pro’s Almond Coffee Creamer is a new kind of non-dairy creamer that’s made with finely ground almonds. The innovative powdered almond coffee creamer is not only free from dairy... MORE