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Free Innovating Through Chaos Webinar
Free Innovating Through Chaos Webinar
Trend Hunter CEO Jeremy Gutsche on Chaos & Innovation
I'd like to invite you to a free innovation webinar / virtual innovation keynote I'm hosting on my birthday, April 7th. The webinar is about innovating through chaos, being recession-ready, and tactics for thriving in times of uncertainty, based on my new double-sided book: Create the Future. Many of you may remember that I wrote a 2008 book called Exploiting Chaos that won some awards, and a decade later I was inspired to re-write that book as ...MORE
Pearlized Light-Reflecting Serums
Pearlized Light-Reflecting Serums
Skin Inc's Serum Glow Filter is Described as "Skincare Makeup"
Skin Inc is introducing its Serum Glow Filter as “the world’s first skincare makeup,” as it creates a glowing, soft-focus finish and nourishes skin with active ingredients. The product... MORE
Satisfying Artisan Meat Snacks
Satisfying Artisan Meat Snacks
These New Trailhead Beef Jerky Snacks are High-Quality and Tasty
Two new Trailhead beef jerky snacks have been announced by the Welsh brand that aim to offer consumers a satisfying option to pick up when looking to beat hunger with high-quality ingredients. The... MORE
Tranquil Cosmetic Collections
Tranquil Cosmetic Collections
Rituals Cosmetics' New Line is Based on the Chinese Concept of Jing
Rituals Cosmetics’ new line, The Ritual of Jing, is based on the Chinese concept of Jing, which represents calmness, stillness and tranquillity. Now more than ever, people are looking for... MORE
Autonomous Rideshare Vehicle Concepts
Autonomous Rideshare Vehicle Concepts
The XiM20 Project Imagines a New Passenger Experience
Autonomous vehicles will start hitting the streets sooner than later, so the XiM20 Project is a new concept that imagines what the future of the passenger experience could look like. Designed by... MORE
Grass-Inspired Shearling Totes
Grass-Inspired Shearling Totes
The Ashley Williams Fuzzy Green Kate Bag is Miniature
The Ashley Williams Fuzzy Green Kate Bag is a bold statement accessory that draws inspiration from the great outdoors. The tote boasts a fuzzy texture thanks to its 100% shearling construction. Its... MORE
play_circle_filled Sentimental Home Ad Spots
Sentimental Home Ad Spots
Ikea's New Ad Highlights the Power of Home
We’re all getting well acquainted with our homes thanks to the rules and regulations brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic, prompting Ikea to release a heartwarming ad spot that highlights... MORE
Quarantine Care Packs
Quarantine Care Packs
Sojen's Positivity Pack Combines a CBD Tincture, a Weighted Blanket & More
Sojen bills itself as a “CBD company for the working professional” and at a time when many people are working from home, it’s offering a Positivity Pack that shares comforting... MORE
Expandable Two-Story Tiny Homes
Expandable Two-Story Tiny Homes
The Haaks 'Opperland' Camper Can be Brought Almost Anywhere
The Haaks ‘Opperland’ camper is a truck-friendly tiny home solution that aims to deliver exceptional comfort and enhanced capabilities for those looking to enjoy life off the beaten path.... MORE
Carbon Cosmetic
Hair care and cosmetic brands adopt carbon-neutrality in products and packaging
Trend - Carbon-neutral or even positive production is crucial in a world where climate change’s consequences are imminent, and brands in the hair care and cosmetic space are taking note with packaging and products that are made with carbon-neutrality in mind.
Workshop Question - How could your brand be more transparent about its production processes?
Opulent Feather Wristlets
Opulent Feather Wristlets
Cult Gaia's Dory Feather Wristlet is a Special Ocassion Statement Piece
Cult Gaia’s Dory Feather Wristlet is a delicate and feminine handbag that embodies opulence. The bag features a shell that is made from 100% acrylic materials, a rayon lining and ostrich... MORE
Remixed Vintage Hair Accessories
Remixed Vintage Hair Accessories
Cult Gaia's Ines Coiled Barrette Set is Understated and Elegant
Cult Gaia’s Ines Coiled Barrette Set consists of small and large hair accessories in a gold metal tone. The pair of barrettes can be worn individually or as an elegant set, drawing inspiration... MORE
Fuzzy Cowboy Hat Accessories
Fuzzy Cowboy Hat Accessories
Shrimps' Celestia Hat is Available in Two Chic Color Schemes
Shrimps’ Celestia Hat is a fuzzy cowboy hat available in two bold styles. In addition to the fashion brand’s all-black version, the faux fur accessory is also available in an eye-... MORE
Delicious Citrus-Favored Magnesium Supplements
Delicious Citrus-Favored Magnesium Supplements
Organika's 'Soothe' is Packed with Ionic Magnesium
Canadian health brand Organika offers a variety of easily dissolved supplements that help consumers to maintain their health and increase their vitamin intake—with the ‘Soothe’ powder... MORE
Re-Imagined Vintage Travel Posters
Re-Imagined Vintage Travel Posters
Jennifer Baer Designed Posters in Light of Social Distancing
Traveling the world may seem like a distant dream due to the COVID-19 pandemic, which is why designer Jennifer Baer has re-imagined vintage travel posters to help bring the vacation to consumers&#... MORE
Fermented Fruit Libations
Fermented Fruit Libations
The New LQD Malt Beverages are Under 200 Calories Per Serving
The new LQD malt beverages have been created by the Brewers Collective from Anheuser-Busch as a range of libations that target consumers seeking out an alternative to traditional beers and cocktails.... MORE
Vegan Hair-Strengthening Shampoos
Vegan Hair-Strengthening Shampoos
The Carol’s Daughter Goddess Strength Collection is High-Quality
The Carol’s Daughter Goddess Strength collection is a new range of hair care products from the brand that targets hair that’s weak and prone to breakage to help enhance its strength. The... MORE
Unapologetically Alcohol-Free Beverages
Unapologetically Alcohol-Free Beverages
Solo's Non-Alcoholic Beer Boasts a Refreshingly Fun Look
West Berkshire Brewery’s Solo brand makes alcohol-free beverages that sets itself apart from other kinds of non-alcoholic beers that are only positioned as healthier alternatives. Soli offers... MORE
Fragrance-Free Hair Bars
Fragrance-Free Hair Bars
Ethique's Unscented Shampoo & Conditioner Bars Suit Sensitive Skin
Ethique offers a range of eco-friendly hair products in the form of waste-reducing solid bars that are offered in a variety of pleasing scents but its newest product pair introduces an unscented... MORE
Lightweight Urbanite eBikes
Lightweight Urbanite eBikes
The Mokumono 'Delta S' Boasts a Laser-Welded Frame
The Mokumono ‘Delta S’ electric bike is the latest creation from the Amsterdam-based company that aims to deliver exceptional versatility for urbanites seeking out an eco-friendly way to... MORE
Remote Office Snack Boxes
Remote Office Snack Boxes
The Remote Office Snack from Home Program Supports At-Home Employees
NatureBox created the Remote Office Snack from Home Program to support people who suddenly find themselves working from home for the foreseeable future. NatureBox is a resource for corporate offices... MORE
Smartphone-Powered Cannabis Tests
Smartphone-Powered Cannabis Tests
This Roadside Cannabis Testing Device is Simple to Use
This roadside cannabis testing device is being researched by a team of scientists at the University of Texas at Dallas as a way to help police perform checks out in the field in a simple,... MORE
Better-for-You Snack Mixes
Better-for-You Snack Mixes
Wildway's Fruit & Nut Snack Mixes are Made with Minimal Ingredients
Wildway is expanding its Fruit & Nut Snack Mix product line with two new flavors, Lemon Blueberry and Mint Chocolate Chip, that help to offer consumers something different than usual. According... MORE
Textured Stone-Finished Cookware
Textured Stone-Finished Cookware
The Le Creuset Stone Signature Braiser is Durable and Stylish
The Le Creuset Stone Signature Braiser is a textured piece of cookware that will provide avid chefs alike with a way to prepare their favorite recipes in a durable, style-conscious manner. The... MORE
Cheesy Deep-Fried Macaroni Snacks
Cheesy Deep-Fried Macaroni Snacks
The Jack in the Box Mac n Cheese Bites are Being Test Marketed
The Jack in the Box Mac n Cheese Bites are one of the latest menu items from the brand that will deliver exceptional taste and texture for patrons looking to enjoy a new take on the classic macaroni... MORE
Mobile Lifestyle Audio Accessories
Mobile Lifestyle Audio Accessories
This New Range of Sony Headphones Includes Two Options
A new range of Sony headphones have been unveiled by the technology brand to help deliver exceptional versatility for users who are looking to ditch cables and enjoy the latest features. The range... MORE