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Millennial Franchising Opportunities
Millennial Franchising Opportunities
Del Taco Wants Millennials to Enter Its Franchise System
Del Taco, “the nation’s second-leading Mexican quick-serve restaurant,” is marketing its franchising opportunities to Millennials as it attempts to draw a new crowd. This might... MORE
All-Organic Canned Cocktails
All-Organic Canned Cocktails
Square One Organic Spirits Makes Pure & Uniquely Flavored Cocktails
Square One Organic Spirits is introducing a range of handcrafted and certified organic ready-to-drink cocktails that appeal to ingredient-conscious consumers. The conveniently canned cocktails are... MORE
Protective Bus Shields
Protective Bus Shields
The Metro Manila Council Debuted Anti-Virus Dividers for Buses
Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, many businesses are wondering what the future of safe transportation may look like and the Philippines-based Metro Manila Council has answered this question with its new,... MORE
Nitrogen Ice Cream Shops
Nitrogen Ice Cream Shops
Chill-N Nitrogen Ice Cream is Launching a National Franchise Program
Launched by Millennial entrepreneur Daniel Golik, Chill-N Nitrogen Ice Cream was the first shop of its kind in the nation. In the later part of 2019, the company announced its national franchise... MORE
Mineral-Rich Facial Mists
Mineral-Rich Facial Mists
Alder New York's Cooling Facial Mist Was Inspired by Natural Springs
A spritz of a cooling facial mist can provide much-needed relief from the heat of summer and Alder New York is introducing a new Cooling Mineral Hydro Mist with comforting properties and skincare... MORE
Tea-Infused Liquid Bronzers
Tea-Infused Liquid Bronzers
The Tea to Tan Face & Body Bronzer Offers Matte & Shimmer Finishes
By Terry’s Tea to Tan Face & Body Instant Bronzer Spray is a tea-infused liquid bronzer that offers different ways for the products to be applied. The skincare-infused, water-based formula... MORE
CBD Drink-Branded Therapy Donations
CBD Drink-Branded Therapy Donations
Bimble is Offering $200 in Therapy to Lucky Fans
Bimble Beverages, a provider of CBD-infused drinks, recently announced a new initiative following the May Mental Health Awareness Month — the soda brand will be dolling out $200 to pay for therapy... MORE
Top 65 Cosmetics Trends in May
Top 65 Cosmetics Trends in May
From Free-From Cleansing Balms to AI-Matched Makeup Shades
The May 2020 cosmetics trends feature new releases in makeup, skincare, grooming, and more, with examples spanning from nourishing body peels, to innovative tech that claims to turn back the clock.... MORE
Virtual Retreats
Brands are launching virtual wellness experiences to reach consumers at home
Trend - Brands in the travel industry and wellness space are launching virtual experiences that replicate wellness retreats at home. These retreats typically include both mental clarity sessions and physical strength training and cater to consumers looking for self-improvement.
Workshop Question - How can your brand reposition itself to reach consumers at home?
Sustainable Recycled Earphones
Sustainable Recycled Earphones
Happy Ears are the The World’s First Sustainable Earplugs
The earplug category is oft-forgotten but very large—one billion traditional earplugs are purchased, used and thrown away every year—with the goal in mind to change an entire industry... MORE
play_circle_filled Millennial-Targeted Franchising Programs
Millennial-Targeted Franchising Programs
NextGen Supports a New Generation in Franchising
NextGen is dedicated to build and support the next generation in franchising and as a result, the company boasts a special program that is targeted at the Millennial demographic. As Millennials... MORE
Artisan Mushroom Biscuits
Artisan Mushroom Biscuits
Loria Stern's Savory Pressed Mushroom Biscuits Boasts Adaptogenic Dough
Loria Stern’s savory mushroom biscuits are a new offering from the baker that is best known for her edible flower treats and garnishes. Always pushing the flavor envelope, the baker recently... MORE
Masterful Modular Headphones
Masterful Modular Headphones
These Wireless Headphones Blend Sound Quality, Sustainability & Style
For far too long now, wireless headphones have come to represent a range of products that offer the convenience of cable-free listening while requiring you to compromise on audiophile-level sound... MORE
Wondrous Water Weapons
Wondrous Water Weapons
These Water Guns Will Leave Your Backyard Opponents Drenched and Defeated
Spring is the time of year when the most innovative toy companies unleash their latest offerings designed for summertime play and fun, but the new normal created by the COVID-19 pandemic has... MORE
Video Chat Crashing Donkeys
Video Chat Crashing Donkeys
Peace N Peas Farm Will Rent a Donkey to Crash Boring Zoom Meetings
The mundane video-chat conferencing calls many are forced to hold in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic can now be upgraded thanks to a special donkey at Peace N Peas Farm. The 8-year-old miniature... MORE
Cultured Plant-Based Spreads
Cultured Plant-Based Spreads
Califia Farms' Plant Butter is Made with Plant-Based Oils & Nuts
Califia Farms is known for its alternative milk beverages and the plant-based brand is venturing into a new category with the creation of Plant Butter. The new cultured plant-based butter spreads... MORE
Cult Sci-Fi VR Games
Cult Sci-Fi VR Games
ILMxLab Boasts the Upcoming Release of a New Star Wars VR Game
Virtual reality has definitely been a pivoting point for developers and the use of such technology is going strong in 2020 as ILMxLab announced that a new Star Wars VR game is in the works. The... MORE
Protein-Enriched Peanut Butters
Protein-Enriched Peanut Butters
Skippy Created Peanut Butter Blended with Plant-Based Protein
Nut butter is known as a great source of natural protein but Skippy is adding even more value to its peanut butter products with its new enriched peanut butter product. The creamy and chunky Peanut... MORE
Portable Peanut Butter Packs
Portable Peanut Butter Packs
Skippy's Peanut Butter Comes in a Squeezable Six-Ounce Pouch
Skippy’s beloved peanut butter is being introduced in conveniently packaged Squeeze Peanut Butter pouches that were specifically designed for portability. The Squeeze Peanut Butter varieties... MORE
Savory Crustless Snacks
Savory Crustless Snacks
Uncrustables' Savory Pockets Share Bite-Sized BBQ & Taco Flavors
Uncrustables were introduced as crust-free grab-and-go peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and they are now being shared in the form of savory pockets. While there are crust-free sandwiches that can... MORE
Allergy-Friendly Cake Cups
Allergy-Friendly Cake Cups
Namaste Foods' Gluten-Free Cake Cups Take Seconds to Prepare
As an alternative to the many conventional single-serve mug cake mixes on the market, Namaste Foods offers organic, gluten-free cake cups that can be prepared with just as much ease. The allergy-... MORE
Smoothie-Inspired Hair Masks
Smoothie-Inspired Hair Masks
Briogeo's Hydrating Hair Mask Features Avocado, Kiwi & Spinach
Clean hair care brand Briogeo is adding a hydrating hair mask to its product portfolio that’s packed with nourishing superfoods like kiwi and avocado. The nourishing, protein-free hair mask is... MORE
Top 30 Architecture Trends in May
Top 30 Architecture Trends in May
From Floating Cabins to Open Concept Rooftops
This list of May 2020 architecture trends is a breath of fresh air, offering a break from the chaotic world to showcase some of the most high-end, eco-friendly, and tech-fueled advances in the... MORE
Slow-Cooked Blue Agave Tequila
Slow-Cooked Blue Agave Tequila
Cutwater Spirits Recently Debuted the New Rayador Tequila Reposado
Cutwater Spirits recently expanded its collection of premium beverages with the introduction of the new Rayador Tequila Reposado. Brewed with 100% blue agave harvested from Jalisco, the ingredient... MORE
Top 40 Furniture Ideas in May
Top 40 Furniture Ideas in May
From Recycled Furniture to Work- From-Home Solutions
It’s safe to say that with social distancing guidelines in place, most consumers are spending more time inside their homes than usual, prompting individuals to really take a good look at whats... MORE