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Top 60 Pop Culture Trends in June
Top 60 Pop Culture Trends in June
From Sci-Fi Franchise Face Masks to Food Scented Nail Polishes
This list of June 2020 pop culture trends explore many ways that brand is connecting with the media through familiar faces and concepts. There are companies that are connecting with consumers... MORE
Top 30 Interactive Trends in June
Top 30 Interactive Trends in June
From Virtual Cocktail Parties to Body Positivity Games
The June 2020 interactive trends range from virtual cocktail parties to body positivity games. In response to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and social distancing efforts, brands beyond the... MORE
Top 30 Social Media Trends in June
Top 30 Social Media Trends in June
From Interactive Wellness Challenges to Virtual Prom Events
These June 2020 social media trends range from interactive wellness challenges to virtual prom events. As a result of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and social distancing safety measures, brands are... MORE
Top 100 Food Trends in June
Top 100 Food Trends in June
From Galactic CBD Ice Creams to DIY Diner Meal Kits
Since the COVID-19 lockdown measures are making it next to impossible for us to dine at a restaurant, many of the June 2020 food trends are dedicated to providing that experience at home with DIY... MORE
25 Woodwork Design Innovations
25 Woodwork Design Innovations
From Soundwave-Inspired Wall Decor to Wood-Clad Greenhouse Cabins
These woodwork design innovations range from soundwave-inspired wall decor to wood-clad greenhouse cabins.  Some notable architecture projects include Studio Love is Enough’s design for... MORE
25 Food Waste Reduction Innovations
25 Food Waste Reduction Innovations
From Food Waste Cookies to Food-Preserving Produce Labels
These food waste reduction innovations include food waste cookies and freshness-indicating produce stickers. Standouts include Toronto’s ImPerfect Fresh Eats eatery, a business that creates... MORE
20 Eco-Friendly Initiatives
20 Eco-Friendly Initiatives
From Zero-Waste CPG Packaging to Charitable Fashion Auctions
Eco-friendly initiatives are an important constituent of today’s economy and sustainability is a pillar for many organizations and businesses. These planet-minded measures do not only extend... MORE
20 Sustainable Drinking Innovations
20 Sustainable Drinking Innovations
From Eco Wine Maker Initiatives to Plastic-Free Beer Packaging
These sustainable drinking innovations range from eco wine maker initiatives to plastic-free beer packaging. While Scottish beer brand Tennent’s Lager showed its commitment to sustainability... MORE
Boosted Addition
New formats allow people to easily integrate immunity-boosting ingredients
Trend - Immunity-boosting ingredients are being incorporated into people's food and beverage items in new formats--as powders and even condiments that help those consuming them improve their immune health.
Workshop Question - How could your brand better integrate its product/service into its customers' routines?
Top 100 Tech Trends in June
Top 100 Tech Trends in June
From Inflatable eBikes to Respiratory Illness-Tracking Bandages
The June 2020 tech trends highlight the latest innovations concerning interactive live streaming, connected workout gear,  gaming, sound, and much more. To assist with the distribution of... MORE
Top 30 New Ventures Trends in June
Top 30 New Ventures Trends in June
From Assistive Parcel Delivery Services to One-Seat Restaurants
Mainly, the June 2020 new ventures list spotlights how businesses are adapting to the New Normal, which is brought upon the COVID-19 outbreak and the associated government public safety restrictions.... MORE
Top 100 Health Trends in June
Top 100 Health Trends in June
From Post-Pandemic Shopping Malls to Brush-On Hand Sanitizers
The June 2020 heath trends highlight new innovations in technology, fitness and design, many of which are focused on sanitization, safe distancing, and overall wellness. The Hope C+ UV LED... MORE
Top 30 World Trends in June
Top 30 World Trends in June
From Safe Travel Kits to Separating Airplane Seats
The June 2020 world trends explore a new way of living and adapting to the new normal to live through the threat of COVID-19 and what is to follow after. Many brands are catering to an altered way... MORE
Top 50 Autos Trends in June
Top 50 Autos Trends in June
From All-Season Camper Vehicles to Bioactive Air-Powered Vehicles
This collection of June 2020 autos trends identifies a number of patterns, but is very much centered on off-road transportation solutions and camping vehicles as the arrival of warm weather has many... MORE
Top 60 Shoes Trends in June
Top 60 Shoes Trends in June
From Exaggerated Rubber Sole Sneakers to Swiss Cheese-Resembling Shoes
This compilation of June 2020 shoe trends explore many different functions and style purposes for different seasons. The wide range of designs include footwear for athletic, fashion, artistic,... MORE
Top 55 Life Stages Trends in June
Top 55 Life Stages Trends in June
From Children's Mood Ring Jewelry to Menopause-Themed Podcasts
These June 2020 life stages range from children’s mood ring jewelry to menopause-themed podcasts. When it comes to the month’s Gen-Z innovations, standouts include Moxie, “a... MORE
Top 30 Modern Trends in June
Top 30 Modern Trends in June
From Virtual Art Exhibitions to Modern Porcelain Churches
The June 2020 modern trends range from virtual art exhibitions to modern porcelain churches. When it comes to the month’s most notable architecture, standouts include architect Espen... MORE
Top 70 Life Trends in June
Top 70 Life Trends in June
From Ambient City Albums to Safe Distance Park Designs
These June 2020 life trends range from ambient city albums to safe distance park designs. While Toronto-based examples include Trinity Bellwoods Park’s social distancing park circles—... MORE
10 Mineral Sunscreens
10 Mineral Sunscreens
From Hydrating Reef-Safe Sunscreens to Frangrance-Free Tinted Lotions
There are many benefits of mineral sunscreens versus synthetic ones. For example, the former kind carries almost no risk of skin irritation. As this is a major benefit in terms of sun protection... MORE
Top 100 Art & Design Trends in June
Top 100 Art & Design Trends in June
From Interactive Feline Board Games to Open-Air Rooftop Homes
Much of the innovations in the June 2020 art & design category are dedicated to providing actionable solutions for during and, potentially, after COVID-19. Some of these examples, like &Walsh&... MORE
Top 100 Marketing Trends in June
Top 100 Marketing Trends in June
From In-Game Designer Fashion to Branded Interior Design Hacks
The June 2020 marketing trends are developed with the social necessities of COVID-19 in mind. Many brands have been turning to Animal Crossing as a launchpad for marketing concepts since the... MORE
15 Isolated Dining Experiences
15 Isolated Dining Experiences
From One-Seat Restaurants to Mirrored Valentine's Restaurants
In the interest of public health and safety, restaurants in countries around the world temporarily closed their dine-in sections and made the switch to offering only takeout and delivery—now, as... MORE
30 Refreshing Summer Drinks
30 Refreshing Summer Drinks
From Zesty Citrus-Infused Gins to Premium Alcohol-Free Drinks
This list of refreshing summer drinks will surely get you excited for the upcoming warm weather, even if we have to enjoy it at a distance. From non-alcoholic hop water to tea-based beer alternatives,... MORE
Top 100 Gadgets Trends in June
Top 100 Gadgets Trends in June
From Balloon-Powered 4G Internet to Eco-Friendly Air Purifiers
The June 2020 gadgets list showcases innovations and concepts that are designed with the pandemic in mind or for general use. In terms of COVID-19, tech companies are still leveraging their... MORE
Savory Freeze-Dried Pea Snacks
Savory Freeze-Dried Pea Snacks
The Harvester Farms Freeze-Dried Sugar Snap Peas are Savory
The Harvester Farms Freeze-Dried Sugar Snap Peas snack is a new offering from Brothers All Natural that will offer consumers a savory snack to choose when looking for a healthier alternative to... MORE