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Create the Future (New Book)
Create the Future (New Book)
Plus The Innovation Handbook - Tactics for Disruptive Thinking
I'm thrilled to announce my new double-sided book, Create the Future + The Innovation Handbook - Tactics for Disruptive Thinking. The 360 page guide is loaded with tactics, tools and frameworks to help make innovation and change happen. The basic premise of Side 1: Create the Future, is that we are experiencing history's highest rate of change, which means you have more opportunity within your grasp than ever before. However, there are 7 tr...MORE
Bezel-Free Next-Gen Laptops
Bezel-Free Next-Gen Laptops
The Latest Huawei Matebook X Pro Uses 10th Generation Processors
The latest Huawei Matebook X Pro model has been shown off by the brand as one of its newest laptops that will provide users with unparalleled performance and power to accelerate their daily workflow.... MORE
Brand Name Wording Audiences
Brand Name Wording Audiences
Broody Lets You Test Your Startup's Wording Using a Preview Audience
Broody is a new platform that allows entrepreneurs to test out various wording formats with a preview audience before launching. Broody will help users feel more confident in their messaging, a key... MORE
Website-to-App Platforms
Website-to-App Platforms
WordPress to App Easily Converts Your Website into a Mobile App
WordPress To App, as its name suggests, is a new platform that will seamlessly convert your WordPress website into a mobile app for both Android and iOS in less than a day. All users need to provide... MORE
Organized All-in-One Wallets
Organized All-in-One Wallets
The V3 Blaze Wallet by Valmor Design Holds All Essentials
The V3 Blaze Wallet by Valmor Design is a premium accessory for professionals that will offer them a way to carry all of their daily essentials in one convenient spot. Designed by Saumiya Rachel,... MORE
Concrete Privacy-Focused Villas
Concrete Privacy-Focused Villas
This Geometric Villa Maximizes Living Space and Natural Light
Many modern living spaces have ample open-concept living space but can sometimes leave privacy by the wayside, which is something that this geometric villa combats against. Situated between the... MORE
Low-Carb Lasagna Sheets
Low-Carb Lasagna Sheets
Palmini's Pasta Substitute is Made with Hearts of Palm
Palmini makes pasta substitutes that are low in carbs, sugar-free and all-natural, thanks to sustainably harvested hearts of palm. Alongside its classic linguini-style noodles, the brand also offers... MORE
White Charcoal Toothpastes
White Charcoal Toothpastes
Dr. Ginger's Coconut Oil Toothpaste is Natural & Mess-Free
Dr. Ginger’s Coconut Oil Toothpaste with White Charcoal is a product that’s natural and fluoride-free, offering the brightening, detoxifying and cleansing benefits of white charcoal.... MORE
Sustainable Package-Free Grocery Stores
Sustainable Package-Free Grocery Stores
bare market Boasts Many Affordable & Locally Sourced Goods
With climate change anxiety on the rise, many modern consumers are reevaluating their lifestyle choices and opting in for greener solutions to daily, weekly, and monthly rituals—zero-waste grocery... MORE
Fava Snacking
Fava beans are increasingly present in the snacking industry
Trend - Fava beans are rich in nutrients and are used around the world in various dishes and cuisines. Now, North American brands are increasingly introducing the bean as an on-the-go snack item, in the same way that peanuts and other salted snack items are presented.
Workshop Question - What are some emerging alternative ingredients/products that your brand could work with?
Liquid Portion Storage Containers
Liquid Portion Storage Containers
The 'Souper Cubes' Food Containers Allow for Easy Portioning
The ‘Souper Cubes’ food containers are a simple yet highly effective accessory for the kitchen that will enable chefs to create an array of recipes beforehand and freeze them in equal... MORE
Tubular Suitcase Packing Accessories
Tubular Suitcase Packing Accessories
The 'ROLL 'N GO' Prevents Wrinkles and Eliminates Ironing
Packing a suitcase usually requires travelers to revolve that their garments will get wrinkled and they will need to iron their clothes upon arrival at their destination, but the ‘ROLL ‘... MORE
All-in-One Cybersecurity Apps
All-in-One Cybersecurity Apps
The 'HackenAI' App Provides Simple Yet Powerful Protection
Cybersecurity continues to be an important issue for many consumers given the increasing amount of their information that exists in the digital space, so the ‘HackenAI’ app has been... MORE
Whitening Charcoal-Infused Flosses
Whitening Charcoal-Infused Flosses
The Lucky Teeth Charcoal Floss Has a 100% Biodegradable Design
The Lucky Teeth Charcoal Floss is an eco-friendly oral care product for consumers who are looking to keep their teeth as clean as possible using natural components. The floss is crafted using... MORE
Posh Technical Activity Sneakers
Posh Technical Activity Sneakers
The Givenchy Spectre Sneaker Comes in a Shiny Nylon Color Option
The Givenchy Spectre sneaker is the latest style from the brand that will offer fashion-forward individuals with a technical footwear option that doesn’t skimp on posh prowess. The shoe is... MORE
Neon Collaboration Desert Boots
Neon Collaboration Desert Boots
The OVO x Clarks Wallabee Offer a Vibrant Pop of Color
The OVO x Clarks Wallabee desert boots are one of the latest collaboration footwear styles from the brand that will offer fans of the namesake Drake-owned fashion line with an option that’s... MORE
Individually Wrapped Easter Chicks
Individually Wrapped Easter Chicks
The PEEPS Egg Hunt Comes with 24 Candies Perfect for Easter
Many parents think fondly back to their childhood when they would search for Easter eggs, and to help make this process as streamlined as possible for parents, the PEEPS Egg Hunt includes 24... MORE
Waste-Composting Outhouses
Waste-Composting Outhouses
The 'Z-Bioloo' Creates an Inviting Bathroom Experience in the Garden
The ‘Z-Bioloo’ is an outhouse designed by the Zeltini workshop studio that aims to offer property owners with a way to enhance their bathroom experience and enhance its eco-friendliness.... MORE
Simplified Coffee-Steeping Containers
Simplified Coffee-Steeping Containers
The Cold Brew Coffee Maker & Carafe is Insulated
The Cold Brew Coffee Maker & Carafe is a simplified solution for coffee drinkers that will enable them to make premium brews from the comfort of their home, office and beyond. The simple cold... MORE
Ultra-Fresh Skincare Ampoules
Ultra-Fresh Skincare Ampoules
Beauty Pie's Superdose Features Freeze-Dried Japanese Vitamin C
These skincare ampoules from Beauty Pie feature Vitamin C, a challenging skincare ingredient that’s unstable in certain solutions and degrades when exposed to oxygen. While there are tons of... MORE
Bookstore Assistance Robots
Bookstore Assistance Robots
The 'AROUND B' Robot Carries Books for Browsing and Purchasing
The ‘AROUND B’ robot is a solution for bookstores that will work to enhance the customer experience and help readers feel relaxed as they browse for their next purchase. The robot works... MORE
QSR Baked Cheese Snacks
QSR Baked Cheese Snacks
Taco Bell's Craveable Cheddar Crisps are Made with 100% Real Cheese
After introducing hot sauce-inspired Tortilla Chips in 2018, Taco Bell is introducing a new treat for fans to enjoy away from its restaurants in the form of baked cheese snacks. The Cheddar Crisps... MORE
Complementary Cheese Snacks
Complementary Cheese Snacks
Sargento Foods' Snack Bites Feature Thoughtfully Paired Cheeses
Cheese is often thought of in terms of how well it pairs with crackers or fruit but Sargento Foods’ Snack Bites offer complementary cheese products that are designed to enhance the flavors of... MORE
Multimedia Content Experience Partnerships
Multimedia Content Experience Partnerships
Sports Illustrated Partners with the Hockey News
The Hockey News and Sports Illustrated announced last month that they will be joining forces to supercharge their content by offering “a dynamic, multimedia experience for consumers across... MORE
Aerodynamic Z-Shaped Motorcycles
Aerodynamic Z-Shaped Motorcycles
The 'Z-Motorcycle' Rethinks the Design of the Motorcycle
The conceptual ‘Z-Motorcycle’ has been designed by Joseph Robinson as a transportation solution that rethinks the aesthetic of the motorcycle. The bike features a Z-shaped design that... MORE
Transparent Multivitamin Supplements
Transparent Multivitamin Supplements
Rootd's Vitamin Drinks Support People and the Planet
Rootd is the creator of vitamin drinks that are on a mission to enhance the health of people and the planet, setting a precedent for sustainable production and consumption. The company offers fizzy... MORE