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Top 100 Art & Design Trends in July
Top 100 Art & Design Trends in July
From Protest Protection to Anti-Contact Doors
This list of July 2020 Art and Design trends range from masks that can distort one’s face to protect protestors to anti-contact door openers, highlighting some of the major cultural events... MORE
Top 100 Drinking Trends in July
Top 100 Drinking Trends in July
From Hormone-Balancing Drink Mixes to All-Canadian Beer Packaging
As the summer season continues to thrive, the July 2020 drinking trends explore different ways that consumers can enjoy a beverage. As COVID-19 limited interaction and going to bars, this summer... MORE
Top 100 Lifestyle Trends in July
Top 100 Lifestyle Trends in July
From Anti-Contact Door Openers to Portable Mask Sanitizers
The July 2020 lifestyle round-up showcases the dramatic changes that consumers are facing since the onset of the global COVID-19 pandemic and what new protocols are being implemented for safety.... MORE
Top 65 Multimedia Trends in July
Top 65 Multimedia Trends in July
From AR Car-Displaying Apps to AI-Powered Painting Systems
The July 2020 multimedia trends showcase innovations that are intended to awe audiences either through promises of convenience or opportunities of entertainment. Much of the examples in this list... MORE
Top 25 Kitchen Ideas in July
Top 25 Kitchen Ideas in July
From Portable Pellet-Powered BBQs to Sous Vide-Style Snack Makers
From miniature BBQs to sous vide snack makers, the July 2020 kitchen trends reveal that consumers are making the most of cooking at home during the COVID-19 pandemic. Amid the ongoing COVID-19,... MORE
Top 50 Retail Ideas in July
Top 50 Retail Ideas in July
From Virtual Eyewear Try-Ons to Contactless Retail Consultations
From contactless checkout systems to virtual fittings, the July 2020 retail trends reveal that stores are quickly adapting to the new normal brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic. One of the biggest... MORE
Top 100 Mobile Trends in July
Top 100 Mobile Trends in July
From Pocket-Sized Microscope Cameras to Eco Lifestyle-Tracking Apps
This collection of July 2020 mobile trends identifies the ways in which consumers are leaning on portable technology solutions more each day to enhance their routine, wellness and more. This is... MORE
Top 35 Activism Trends in July
Top 35 Activism Trends in July
From Philanthropic Gen Z Brands to Virtual Protest Events
The top July 2020 activism trends reflect changing times and momentum created by a new generation of activists. In recent weeks, heightened activism focused on the Black Lives Matter movement has... MORE
No-Charge Wearable
Brands are launching health-focused wearables with self-charging capabilities
Trend - Companies in the healthcare and fitness space are launching updated wearable technology that does not require charging. Powered by the surrounding environment or the user's body, these devices contribute to the seamless monitoring of health and wellness.
Workshop Question - How might your brand build a more seamless experience of a product/service?
Top 100 Fashion Trends in July
Top 100 Fashion Trends in July
From Face-Covering Antimicrobial Jackets to Fashion House Pivots
The wide range of July 2020 fashion trends explore the ways designers are preparing for the different seasons experienced throughout the globe. There are many creative designs being practiced and... MORE
Top 100 Tech Trends in July
Top 100 Tech Trends in July
From Hybrid Dual-Hinge Laptops to Multipurpose Face Cover Sterilizers
The July 2020 tech category boasts a number of innovations that will help consumers save on time and effort. However, the list spotlights a few products that will also contribute to their health.... MORE
Top 70 Life-Stages Trends
Top 70 Life-Stages Trends
From Retiree-Specific Radio DJs to Anime Battle Board Games
The July 2020 life-stages roundup showcases how brands are responding to the needs of various demographics during the COVID-19 pandemic. Notably, a radio station dubbed ‘Radio Recliner’... MORE
play_circle_filled Empowering Diving Films
Empowering Diving Films
Patagonia's 'Lessons From Jeju' Film Stars Freediver Kimi Werner
Patagonia’s ‘Lessons from Jeju’ campaign is an inspiring short film starring freediver Kimi Werner who was seven months pregnant at the time it was made. Directed by Nicole Gormley,... MORE
Top 100 Branding Trends in July
Top 100 Branding Trends in July
From QSR Gaming Consoles to CPG Self-Service Ad platforms
A number of July 2020 branding strategies emerged that can help consumers connect with companies in new and different ways. One of the major July 2020 branding strategies comes from KFC, which... MORE
Top 30 Youth Trends in July
Top 30 Youth Trends in July
From Virtual Yearbook Pages to Kid-Friendly Face Masks
From face masks for kids to immunity-boosting chocolates, the top July 2020 youth trends tap into the future of health, education and virtual experiences. At a time when parents are looking for... MORE
Top 45 Social Good Trends in July
Top 45 Social Good Trends in July
From Charitable Streetwear Apparel to Donation-Splitting Apps
The July 2020 social good category is extra diverse this month as the work of not-for-profits is much in demand and conscious consumers are requiring businesses to take a stance and help different... MORE
Top 70 Eco Trends in July
Top 70 Eco Trends in July
From Pride-Celebrating Soda Kits to Recycled Plastic Whiskey Bottles
It is always exciting to see what sort of sustainable innovations designers and brands come up with next and the July 2020 eco list gives us a keen glimpse into some of the latest examples. In the... MORE
Simplified Millennial-Friendly Insurance
Simplified Millennial-Friendly Insurance
Elma Offers Personalized, Simple and Digital Support
Elma is a healthcare benefits provider that takes the hassle out of finding the right insurance provider and simplifies an often daunting process. Addressing the insurance industry’s need for... MORE
High-Performance Motorcycle Jackets
High-Performance Motorcycle Jackets
Alpinestars is Releasing Durable Motorcycle Jackets for Women
The market for motorcycle jackets for women is admittedly niche but Alpinestar is attempting to meet demand with high-performing and durable products. The Stella Bogota V2 DRYSTAR® Jacket—a... MORE
Versatile Stylish Cycling Kits
Versatile Stylish Cycling Kits
Machines for Freedom Feature Women's Cycling Kits for All Occasions
Machines For Freedom’s stylish cycling kits for women are customizable, versatile, and affordable. Defined as “the best cycling kit you’ve ever worn,” the capsule allows bike... MORE
VR-Enhanced Virtual Events
VR-Enhanced Virtual Events
Igloo Vision Works with Its Clients to Provide a Memorable Experience
In a post lockdown world, virtual conferences are expected to remain in place as a more sustainable and accessible way of connecting audiences, building lasting connections, and sharing information.... MORE
Specialist Wellness Insurance Apps
Specialist Wellness Insurance Apps
Peppy Offers Expert Healthcare and Wellbeing Support
Peppy is an employer health insurance platform offering “specialist healthcare and wellbeing support” that is conveniently accessed via one’s smartphone. Connecting employees with... MORE
Behavioral Health Insurance Benefits
Behavioral Health Insurance Benefits
Ginger Makes Mental Health Care More Flexible and Accessible
Ginger is a behavioral health platform that works with employers to fill gaps in their companies’ insurance and benefits plans. Connecting individuals and employers to affordable and 24-hour... MORE
Affordable Activewear Collections
Affordable Activewear Collections
Target's All in Motion Line is Catered to Men, Women, & Children
Recently, Target launched the All in Motion capsule which brings together affordability and high-performance construction. For women, activewear begins at $12 USD and it includes essentials like... MORE
Plant-Based Minimalist Athletic Wear
Plant-Based Minimalist Athletic Wear
This is a Day Boasts a Rich Line of Chic & Versatile Clothing
This is a Day captures consumer attention with its versatile and stylish minimalist athletic wear, which is ideal for life at the office or when fitting in a yoga session on a busy day. One of the... MORE