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30 Gifts for the Photographer
30 Gifts for the Photographer
From Premium Smartphone Lighting to Exclusive National Park Cameras
These gifts for the photographer range from premium smartphone lighting kits to exclusive national park cameras. When it comes to notable cameras to invest in this holiday season, standouts... MORE
30 Meditation-Themed Gifts
30 Meditation-Themed Gifts
From Meditative Fragranced Candles to Mindfulness-Themed Tees
These meditation-themed gifts range from meditative fragranced candles to mindfulness-themed graphic tees. With more and more consumers prioritizing mindfulness and their mental well-being, brands... MORE
Top 100 Marketing Trends in November
Top 100 Marketing Trends in November
From Whiskey-Scented Candles to Alternative Dental Campaigns
These November 2020 marketing trends range from premium whiskey-scented candles to alternative dental care campaigns. A notable example is the D.S. & Durga x Johnnie Walker Blue Label Candle,... MORE
Top 90 Pop Culture Trends in November
Top 90 Pop Culture Trends in November
From Election Night Survival Kits to Cartoon Cat Cooler Bags
Ranging from election night survival kits to cartoon cat cooler bags, the November 2020 pop culture trends showcase how brands are leveraging inclusive elements to connect with consumers. Notably,... MORE
Top 100 Health Trends in November
Top 100 Health Trends in November
From Fast Food-Scented Face Masks to Fall-Detecting Bike Helmets
The November 2020 health trends feature sanitizing devices to reduce the spread of COVID-19 and other viruses, creative face mask and shield designs, supplements to reduce vitamin deficiencies,... MORE
Top 75 Mobile Trends in November
Top 75 Mobile Trends in November
From Paranormal Communication Apps to Group Ordering Features
The November 2020 mobile trends highlight the latest in smartphones, apps, games, connected advertising, and much more. To make online perfume shopping easier for consumers, and more profitable for... MORE
Top  60 Youth Trends in November
Top 60 Youth Trends in November
From Playful Australian Kidswear to One-On-One Virtual Tutors
Ranging from playful Australian kidswear to one-on-one virtual tutors, the November 2020 youth trend list underscores how brands are connecting with the next generation. Notably, we see a surge in... MORE
Top 100 Food Trends in November
Top 100 Food Trends in November
From Chunky Pasta Sauces to Elaborate Restaurant Meal Kits
The seasons have officially changed from summer to fall with winter well on its way, which is being reflected with this collection of the top November 2020 food trends that highlight the ways that... MORE
Robotic Delivery
Robot delivery services are more common amidst the ongoing pandemic
Trend - With limited-contact retail interactions now being prioritized to maintain customer and employee safety, brands are finding unique ways to deliver to customers. Automated robots that are able to deliver over short distance are increasingly being used by businesses aiming to stay safe.
Workshop Question - In what areas could your brand better prioritize customer safety?
100 Skincare Gift Ideas
100 Skincare Gift Ideas
From Affordable Anti-Aging Skincare to Intense Hydration Skincare Kits
This roundup of skincare gift ideas will bring a sense of relaxation and self-care to the holiday season for family and loved ones. The wide selection of skincare products cater to skins of all... MORE
20 Gifts for the Meat Lover
20 Gifts for the Meat Lover
From Keto Chicken Snacks to Elevated Indoor BBQ Grills
These gifts for the meat lover range from keto chicken snacks to elevated indoor BBQ grills. Those with an appreciation for seasonal grilling can enjoy the hobby year-round with products like the... MORE
100 Gifts for the New Mom
100 Gifts for the New Mom
From Relaxing CBD Skincare to Postpartum Sportswear
This list of gift ideas for new moms offers over 100 innovations that are sure to help the parent in your life relax and unwind. Raising a newborn has always been a stressful ordeal, and giving... MORE
40 Gift Ideas for Teachers
40 Gift Ideas for Teachers
From Coffee Subscriptions to Dynamic Classroom Seating
While every profession was impacted by 2020, few were hit as hard as educators, and this list of gift ideas for teachers is sure to help one discover the perfect way to show appreciation for the... MORE
45 Celebrity Product Gifts
45 Celebrity Product Gifts
From Statement Loungewear Lines to Singer-Created Skincare Lines
These celebrity product gifts range from statement loungewear lines to singer-created skincare lines. For those shopping for celebrity superfans this holiday season, these products are sure to... MORE
15 Gift Ideas for Marvel Fans
15 Gift Ideas for Marvel Fans
From Next-Gen Superhero Games to Hybrid Antihero Collectibles
When it comes to the world of superheroes, there is the iconic debate between Marvel and DC—however, this list of gift ideas for the Marvel fans cater to those who have a bias towards the... MORE
30 Gifts for the Wine Lover
30 Gifts for the Wine Lover
From Wine-Themed Makeup Sets to Artisan Wine Pairing Subscriptions
These gifts for the wine lover range from wine-themed makeup sets to artisan wine pairing subscriptions. When it comes to unique wine blends, standouts include The Beefsteak Club Asado Edition... MORE
20 DIY Toy Gifts
20 DIY Toy Gifts
From Imaginative DIY Robot Toys to DIY Glitter Domes
These DIY toy gifts range from imaginative DIY robot toys to DIY glitter domes. Encouraging creativity and hands-on play, these toy kits address parents’ growing concerns surrounding too much... MORE
25 Gifts for the Gardener
25 Gifts for the Gardener
From Customizable Crop Subscriptions to Self Care Gardening Kits
These gifts for the gardener range from customizable crop subscriptions to self care gardening kits. Whether seeking gifts for a seasoned botanist or an amateur at-home gardener, consumers are sure... MORE
70 Self-Care Gift Ideas
70 Self-Care Gift Ideas
From Exclusive Festive Gift Kits to DIY Self-Care Kits
This expansive list of self-care gift ideas will allow loved ones to bring focus back to themselves and elevate their mental and physical health. During the stressful times that the holiday season... MORE
40 Gift Ideas for Hip-Hop Fans
40 Gift Ideas for Hip-Hop Fans
From Exclusive Fast Food Figurines to Hip Hop-Themed Streetwear
This roundup of gift ideas for hip-hop fans honor the heritage of the music culture and those that play a strong role to bring the genre to where it is today. As the holiday season approaches, these... MORE
Top 45 Sports Trends in November
Top 45 Sports Trends in November
From Cactus Leather Boxing Gloves to Squeezable Dumbbells
The November 2020 sport trends explore many ways that consumer can elevate their physicality and athleticism from home. With the global pandemic, sports have met a halt and companies have found ways... MORE
Top 100 Shoes Trends in November
Top 100 Shoes Trends in November
From Four-in-One Sock Shoes to Luxe Leather Sandals
This expansive list of November 2020 shoe trends are guaranteed to deliver for any occasion and any season. Some brands prepared for the terrains that come with Fall/Winter 2020 and others elevated... MORE
Top 40 Social Media Trends in November
Top 40 Social Media Trends in November
From Cereal Dance Challenges to One Trip Grocery Challenges
These November 2020 social media trends speak to audiences on the digital platform for many purposes. Some brands aim to garner engagement, create conversation, promote new projects, collaborations,... MORE
Top 100 Fashion Trends in November
Top 100 Fashion Trends in November
From Virtual Fashion Worlds to Auto-Branded Streetwear Capsules
These November 2020 fashion trends are full of innovative designs, construction, global inspirations, collaborations, and much more. Many of these shed light in a charitable way, others engage... MORE
40 Furniture Ideas in November
40 Furniture Ideas in November
From Wall-Mounted Chairs to Modern Cat Houses
This list of November 2020 furniture ideas highlights the ways that consumers are making their house a home, showcasing everything from ergonomic office chairs to space-saving interior design ideas.... MORE