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Media-Streaming Soundbars
Media-Streaming Soundbars
The Roku Streambar Packs Multiple Functions into a Single Unit
The Roku Streambar is a two-in-one solution for use with your existing TV that will work to enable streaming and enhanced audio using a single unit. The soundbar is cable of being connected with a... MORE
Keychain Connectivity Accessories
Keychain Connectivity Accessories
The 'TOFUstick' Supports Data and Power Needs
The average consumer lifestyle is now seemingly mobile-focused by default as devices like the smartphone become more commonplace each day, so brands are taking note and creating new products like... MORE
Flexing Magnetic Hinge Eyewear
Flexing Magnetic Hinge Eyewear
Flexsee Glasses are Backed by a Lifetime Guarantee
Eyewear is essential for many but often features a somewhat brittle design that is quick to break during daily use, so the Flexsee Glasses are intended to provide a more durable alternative. The... MORE
Digitally Emotive Face Masks
Digitally Emotive Face Masks
The 'JabberMask' Customizable LED Face Mask Enhances Communication
Face masks have become essential but can make communication capabilities somewhat restrictive when it comes to nonverbal cues, so the ‘JabberMask’ customizable LED face mask has been... MORE
Nature-Inspired Standing Mats
Nature-Inspired Standing Mats
The monkii 'STOIC' Active Standing Mat Mimics Natural Surfaces
Standing desks have become commonplace but can leave a person feeling somewhat stagnant when used for long periods just like with sitting, so the monkii ‘STOIC’ active standing mat is... MORE
Elegant Feline Relaxation Towers
Elegant Feline Relaxation Towers
These Zulo Mx Cat Towers Have a High-End Appearance in the Home
The Zulo Mx cat towers are a premium range of furniture solutions for pet owners that will enable them to support their furry friend without losing sight of their own design preferences. The towers... MORE
Elevated Weather-Proof Boots
Elevated Weather-Proof Boots
Hush Puppies Unveiled the New Water-Resistant 'WorryFree' Collection
According to recent reports, this fall and winter season is expected to have an above-average number of storms, and to combat the upcoming weather, Hush Puppies debuted the water-resistant ‘... MORE
Menstruating Colorway Releases
Menstruating Colorway Releases
Pantone and INTIMA Partnered to Launch Period Red
The Pantone Color Institute partnered with intimate healthcare brand INTIMINA to release a new stigma-erasing color dubbed ‘Period’ red. While periods are a natural part of life, they... MORE
Bamboo Makeup
Makeup products contain bamboo powders and extracts
Trend - The use of bamboo in makeup products is on the rise, as the natural ingredient is known for its texturizing properties which benefit thin hair, as well as its soothing properties which benefit the skin. Products in this space include everything from lash primers to foundations.
Workshop Question - How is your brand ensuring multiple benefits in its products/services?
Three-in-One Computer Mouses
Three-in-One Computer Mouses
The 'Snowl' Mouse Can be Used in Gesture Mode and More
The ‘Snowl’ mouse is a three-in-one peripheral that will work to greatly enhance the capabilities of a user and help them enjoy intuitive productivity when on their computer or mobile... MORE
Retrofitted Smart Radiator Controllers
Retrofitted Smart Radiator Controllers
The tado° Smart Radiator Thermostat Maximizes Heating
The tado° Smart Radiator Thermostat is a connected solution for use with existing heating equipment that will go to work providing users with an aftermarket way to maintain control from afar. The... MORE
Accessible Fan-Favorite Seafood Meals
Accessible Fan-Favorite Seafood Meals
The Red Lobster Daily Deals Menu is Consumer-Driven
The Red Lobster Daily Deals menu is one of the latest offerings from the restaurant chain that is focused on providing diners with a way to enjoy their favorite meals at a more competitive price... MORE
Detachable Magnetic Tablet Cases
Detachable Magnetic Tablet Cases
The 'TIKTAALIK' Tablet Case Offers 286 Hours of Battery Life
The ‘TIKTAALIK’ magnetic tablet case is a protective accessory for the iPad Pro that will provide users with a way to enhance their productivity and more. The case works by being... MORE
Triple-Function Flying Drones
Triple-Function Flying Drones
The 'Fanfry' Flying Camera Fan Offers 12 Hours of Use Per Charge
The ‘Fanfry’ flying camera fan is a three-in-one piece of equipment for avid hobbyists and technology users alike that will work well to help them enjoy increased efficiency. The unit... MORE
Rope Climber Exercise Machines
Rope Climber Exercise Machines
The Ropeflex APEX RX4400 Tread Climbing Rope Machine is Intense
The Ropeflex APEX RX4400 tread climbing rope machine is a different kind of exercise solution that will provide provide athletes with a way to enjoy a traditionally analog activity in a more... MORE
Inflating Gamer Seating Solutions
Inflating Gamer Seating Solutions
The 'SEATZAC' Self-Inflatable Chair is Ready to Use in a Minute
The ‘SEATZAC’ self-inflatable chair is an ergonomic seating solution for avid gamers who are looking for a better way to maintain comfort when spending extended periods seated. An... MORE
Fast Food Star Requests
Fast Food Star Requests
Burger King's Michelin Star Open Letter is a Clever Marketing Campaign
Burger King’s Michelin Star open letter has made a case for why a fast food joint deserves to be awarded the highly coveted restaurant award. Since 1962, Michelin has been handing out stars... MORE
Advanced Audiophile Equipment
Advanced Audiophile Equipment
The Marantz 30 Series Audio System Comes in White and Black Options
The Marantz 30 Series Audio System is an advanced solution for audiophiles who are looking for a way to enjoy high-quality music or content from the comfort of home. The system consists of the Model... MORE
AR Wine Bottle Performances
AR Wine Bottle Performances
The Black Eyed Peas and Barefoot Wine partnered for 'Band Together'
The Black Eyed Peas and Barefoot Wine partnered to release ‘Band Together’—an AR wine experience that’s giving back to two non-profits. To participate in this unique... MORE
Social Networking Safety Features
Social Networking Safety Features
Linkedin's Safety Features Have Been Increased
Linkedin’s safety features have been increased as the social networking platform reminds users to stay professional. No matter the setting, inappropriateness, differing opinions and... MORE
Guilt-Free Shopping Initiatives
Guilt-Free Shopping Initiatives
Rethink Breast Cancer is Partnering with Beauty and Fashion Brands
For Breast Cancer Awareness Month (October 2020), Rethink Breast Cancer is betting on the guilt-free shopping initiative by partnering up with over 20 local and global brands to deliver a strong... MORE
Halloween Cosmetic Sets
Halloween Cosmetic Sets
Folly Fire a Range of Five Makeup Kits to Enhance Your Halloween Getup
In anticipation of the spookiest holiday of the year, consumers are looking for Halloween cosmetic sets that will take their costumes to the next level. Nowadays, many shoppers opt-in for higher... MORE
Minimalist Bitten Billboards
Minimalist Bitten Billboards
McDonald's Latest Logo-Free Advertisements Have Giant Bites
McDonald’s latest logo-free advertisements have giant bites taken out of them, proving a a highly creative and minimal campaign. The goal of all advertisers is to achieve an aesthetic that&#... MORE
ASMR Dog Food Ads
ASMR Dog Food Ads
The Farmer's Dog Compiled Audio of Hungry Pups for this Adorable Ad
The Farmer’s Dog released an adorable ASMR-style ad which crowdsourced audio of hungry pups to show viewers just how much dogs enjoy the brand’s food. The clever ad took footage which... MORE
Functional European Balcony Furniture
Functional European Balcony Furniture
The DonaFlor Mobília Varanda Project is Stylish and Modern
Consumers are looking more closely at their private outdoor spaces these days as they spend more time at home, so brands are creating product ranges with this in mind like the DonaFlor Mobília... MORE