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Locker-Style Smartphone Chargers
Locker-Style Smartphone Chargers
The ChargeTech Secure Mobile Phone Charging Locker is Convenient
The ChargeTech Secure Mobile Phone Charging Locker is an advanced solution for business owners who are looking to offer intelligent power access for customers or employees. The system features... MORE
Discreet Drink-Chilling Backpacks
Discreet Drink-Chilling Backpacks
The Chill.Systems 'The Chiller's Pack' Stays Cold for 24 Hours
The Chill.Systems ‘The Chiller’s Pack’ is a stylish accessory option for consumers who are looking for a better way to carry their choice of beverage with them when heading to an... MORE
Wireless Designer Cooling Fans
Wireless Designer Cooling Fans
The LUMENA N9 Wireless Fan Boasts an Ultra-Quiet Operation
Cooling fans are often associated with having a utilitarian aesthetic, but the LUMENA N9 wireless fan is here to change this with a design that is efficient and fashion-focused. The pedestal fan... MORE
Top 55 Modern Trends in August
Top 55 Modern Trends in August
From Playful Doodle Furniture to Extended Museum Sculpture Gardens
The August 2019 modern trends exemplify the manner in which designers perceive and challenge the boundaries of modernism in the landscape of the 21st century. A lot of the available examples... MORE
Top 40 Interactive Trends in August
Top 40 Interactive Trends in August
From Clothes-Swapping Pop-Ups to AR Soccer Experiences
The August 2019 interactive category showcases how companies can utilize technology to bring about a well-curated experience for their consumers. This list pays particular attention to the retail... MORE
Top 100 Tech Trends in August
Top 100 Tech Trends in August
From Mixed-Reality Cider Bars to In-Home Medication Managers
The August 2019 tech round-up displays a vast array of products, services, and experiences that create opportunities for entrepreneurs, companies, and individuals. There seems to be no limit to... MORE
Top 100 Eco Trends in August
Top 100 Eco Trends in August
From Water-Saving Faucet Attachments to Recycled Plastic Windbreakers
The August 2019 eco trends cover a range of sustainably focused innovations that limit their impact on the environment. One noteworthy example comes from Nolla, a Helsinki restaurant that... MORE
Top 100 Marketing Trends in August
Top 100 Marketing Trends in August
From Luxe Fashion Anniversary Exhibits to Cooled Shipping Boxes
The August 2019 marketing concepts take branding and customer interaction to new heights, taking place through creative platforms. There are many publicity concepts exercised by all kinds of... MORE
Juiced Skincare
Fruit juice-infused skincare caters to those that prefer natural self-care
Implications - Brands in the skincare space are infusing juices into their topical and ingestible products, with everything from moisturizers to skin-hydrating beverages taking advantage of these natural ingredients. The use of fruit juices and their associated labeling gives the perception of concentrated health for individuals who are wellness-minded.
Workshop Question — How could your brand better prioritize natural wellness for consumers?
Canine Dental Care Supplements
Canine Dental Care Supplements
TEEF! Daily Dog Dental Care Contains Just Four Ingredients
The TEEF! Daily Dog Dental Care is formulated for canine owners to integrate into their furry friends routine to keep their oral health as optimized as possible. The product works by being added to... MORE
Subtly Simplistic Cartoon Fashions
Subtly Simplistic Cartoon Fashions
The UNIQLO UT Mickey Mouse Collection Includes Many Styles
The UNIQLO UT Mickey Mouse Collection has been unveiled by the fashion brand as a new collaboration with New York-based artist Yoon Hyup to offer fashion-forward consumers with a subtle way to show... MORE
Bandwidth-Monetizing Platforms
Bandwidth-Monetizing Platforms
'Honeygain' Lets Users Make Money in a Passive, Noninvasive Manner
‘Honeygain’ is a platform that will enable users to make extra income by selling their extra bandwidth to data scientists in a no-hassle, noninvasive way. The app works by being... MORE
Cost-Free Coding Education Platforms
Cost-Free Coding Education Platforms
The 'Flawwwless' Platform Offers High-Quality Courses
The ‘Flawwwless’ platform is a coding education resource that aims to offer professionals and scholars alike with an intuitive way to learn an essential digital skill. The platform is... MORE
Facial Recognition Security Doorbells
Facial Recognition Security Doorbells
The NETVUE Doorbell Camera Works with Amazon Alexa
The NETVUE Doorbell Camera is a WiFi-enabled security solution for homeowners who are looking to take more control over their living space an integrating advanced technology at entryways. The... MORE
Ultra-Thin Qi-Enabled Chargers
Ultra-Thin Qi-Enabled Chargers
The totallee Wireless Charger Works with an Array of Devices
The totallee Wireless Charger is an ultra-thin solution for the desktop that will offer smartphone users with a dedicated spot to charge their device as well as other compatible technology.... MORE
Top 75 Transportation Innovations in August
Top 75 Transportation Innovations in August
From AI Dashboards to Urban Scooter Reservations
As technology progresses, consumers demand convenience, and this list of August 209 transportation trends shows how the vehicle industry is responding to this. New technology is being integrated... MORE
Top 40 Architecture Innovations in August
Top 40 Architecture Innovations in August
From Sustainable Cork Houses to Futuristic Concert Halls
The top August 2019 architecture designs offer an exploration of repurposed spaces, temporary structures and even future-proof building concepts. To make the most of abundant and sustainable... MORE
Top 100 New Ventures Trends in August
Top 100 New Ventures Trends in August
From Hybrid Blending Sponges to Personalized Smoothie Shots
The August 2019 new ventures category points to the fact that brands are ever-evolving as their business model seeks to match consumer preferences. From sustainability to social change, these... MORE
Top 75 Autos Trends in August
Top 75 Autos Trends in August
From DNA-Determined Car Colors to Commemorative Motorcycle Designs
The August 2019 auto round-up boasts a selection of car accessories, an interesting branded rental by Airbnb, as well as a number of examples of how manufacturers are navigating the electric car and... MORE
Top 40 Furniture Innovations in August
Top 40 Furniture Innovations in August
From Coffin-Like Chair Designs to Snore-Detecting Bed Bases
As seen in the top August 2019 furniture designs, consumers are investing in designs for the home that are not just whimsical but also practical for optimizing their lifestyle, bringing more... MORE
Top 60 Retail Innovations in August
Top 60 Retail Innovations in August
From Pizza Pickup Cubicles to 5G Retail Robots
The top August 2019 retail ideas explore show an increased reliance on technology to offer streamlined customer experiences. While some popular pizza shops are now adopting grab-and-go models and... MORE
Top 70 Luxury Ideas in August
Top 70 Luxury Ideas in August
From Wireless Diamond Headphones to Elegant Hotel Bars
The August 2019 luxury trends feature opulent ideas that appeal to consumers looking for the best of the best—with picturesque pop-up events, designer apparel, overtly embellished home goods,... MORE
Bespoke Apple Leather Sneakers
Bespoke Apple Leather Sneakers
Po-Zu Launched A Collection of Apple Skin Sneakers in Two Styles
Ethical and sustainable footwear brand Po-Zu recently relaunched two of its classic shoes—the BUTTERFLY and the SNEAK— in its new leather alternative material, Apple Skin. This... MORE
Top 100 Gadgets Trends in August
Top 100 Gadgets Trends in August
From Electricity Use-Curbing Power Strips to IoT Smart Remotes
The August 2019 gadgets assist in all aspects of life. While some products are universal, others are geared toward helping through or managing certain transitions. Pampers and Verily, for example,... MORE
Top 25 Social Media Innovations in August
Top 25 Social Media Innovations in August
From Short-Form Influencer Shows to Exclusive VR Games
Many of the most popular August 2019 social media ideas offer celebrations of the less-than-shiny parts of life and using the Internet. Craving depth and authentic experiences, social media users... MORE