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Portable Sauna Blankets
Portable Sauna Blankets
The HigherDOSE Infrared Sauna Blanket Offers an On-the-Go Experience
A home sauna system is an investment that requires a generous amount of money and space, which is why many people simply stick to the shared amenities that are available at their favorite gym or... MORE
Wrap-Around 3D-Printed Footwear
Wrap-Around 3D-Printed Footwear
The 'Walk Of Mind' Shoes Have an Ergonomic Design
The ‘Walk Of Mind’ shoes are a distinct footwear style that merges high-tech capabilities with the ergonomic needs of a wearer. The shoes feature a lightweight design that is achieved... MORE
Top 65 Shoe Trends for August
Top 65 Shoe Trends for August
From Re-Released Olympic Sneakers to Soda-Branded Shoes
What we wear says a lot about us, and this list of August 2020 shoe trends presents a look into how consumers are dressing this season. Whether for fashion or practicality, shoes play an important... MORE
Condiment-Themed Virtual Islands
Condiment-Themed Virtual Islands
Hellmann's Created Its Own Animal Crossing Island
Hellmann’s Canada created a virtual island of its own within Nintendo’s Animal Crossing: New Horizons and it offers a unique experience for gamers. As well as being dazzled by the mayonnaise-... MORE
Sci-Fi-Inspired Swords
Sci-Fi-Inspired Swords
The 'STARGLOW' Saber Uses Fire to Recreate an Iconic Weapon
The Lightsaber sword from Star Wars is one of the most iconic creations from the sci-fi franchise, so the ‘STARGLOW’ saber has been designed to help recreate it and bring it into the... MORE
Artwork-Inspired Coffee Makers
Artwork-Inspired Coffee Makers
The 'GRID-Espresso' Machine Offers a Distinct User Experience
The conceptual ‘GRID-Espresso’ machine is a manual appliance for the kitchen that aims to provide coffee aficionados with a distinct way to pull espresso shots. The unit features a grid-... MORE
Grown-Up Mascot Campaigns
Grown-Up Mascot Campaigns
Planters is Introducing the Evolution of Baby Nut with Peanut Jr.
This year, Planters fans learned of the death of Planters’ 104-year-old Mr. Peanut mascot, followed by the birth of Baby Nut—and this character is growing up fast, as the newly renamed... MORE
Pretzel-Ordering Recliners
Pretzel-Ordering Recliners
Auntie Ann's Recline-to-Dine Chair Places Pretzel Orders
The one-of-a-kind Recline-to-Dine recliner chair from Auntie Ann’s was created with T3 to share a breakthrough in snacking technology. The limited-edition chair places pretzel delivery orders... MORE
Exfoliated Scalp
Brands offer scalp scrubs designed for people with curly or textured hair
Trend - Many scalp scrubs on the market are designed for people with oily hair and scalps, however people with natural, curly and/or textured hair also require scrubs to remove product buildup and deep clean. Brands are increasingly catering to individuals with these hair types by offering more hydrating and moisturizing options.
Workshop Question - How is your brand addressing the varying needs of its customers?
Top 100 Tech Trends in August
Top 100 Tech Trends in August
From Zen Stone-Inspired IoT Devices to Smart Shopping Carts
The August 2020 tech trends can be split into a few categories, most voluminous of which would be new gadgets that inform sanitation practices, social distancing, and health protection, as well as... MORE
Virtual Improv Shows
Virtual Improv Shows
Noodles & Company is Hosting Livestreamed, Interactive Improv Shows
Noodles & Company is teaming up with People’s Improv Theater in New York City and the iO Theater in Chicago to deliver laughs via virtual improv shows at a time when people need them most.... MORE
Cannabis-Inspired Gelato
Cannabis-Inspired Gelato
This Gelato and Sorbet Takes Cues from Popular Cannabis Strains
Cannabis brand SHERBINSKIS teamed up with Gelato Festival founder Gabriele Poli to create THC-free vegan gelato and sorbet pints and cones inspired by popular strains. Sunset Sherbert and the oat... MORE
Short-Distance Transport Pods
Short-Distance Transport Pods
The Conceptual 'OTO' Autonomous Shared Vehicle is Easily Accessed
The face of urban transportation is undergoing a series of changes that will continue for several years to come as citizens shift away from conventional automobiles in favor of alternatives like the... MORE
Customized CBD Coffees
Customized CBD Coffees
Serda's Coffee Co. Infuses Coffee with a Customer's CBD Level of Choice
When it comes to CBD coffee, there are plenty of coffee brands that offer pre-packaged CBD-infused products but Serda’s Coffee Co. is doing things differently. Serda’s CBD Coffee gives... MORE
Ethical Activewear Brands
Ethical Activewear Brands
Fox & Robin Offers Premium Workout Gear That's Responsibly Made
The Fox & Robin activewear is a high-quality range of garments for athletes and those who favor casual clothing styles to choose when looking for an option that doesn’t come at the expense... MORE
Virtual Student Dating Events
Virtual Student Dating Events
Tinder is Hosting Digital Swipe Night with a Virtual Tinder Truck
A group of universities in the UK are reimagining their in-person back-to-school welcome events as interactive digital gatherings with The Digital Welcome. Since many students are opting for remote... MORE
Virtual Campus Events
Virtual Campus Events
Pot Noodle is Virtually Connecting with Students via The Digital Welcome
The Digital Welcome was created to connect students with a virtual replica of a university’s campus and key landmarks. Where possible, many students are opting to take their classes online... MORE
Modern Lifestyle Tapestries
Modern Lifestyle Tapestries
Three’s Modern Tapestry Depicts Scenes from Life in Lockdown
Telecommunications and Internet service provider Three created a modern tapestry that captures top moments experienced by people during the COVID-19 lockdown. The tapestry named How We Scrolled:... MORE
Paper Serum Packaging
Paper Serum Packaging
The Innisfree Intensive Hydrating Serum Paper Edition is Eco-Friendly
The Innisfree Intensive Hydrating Serum is a beloved, ultra-soothing serum that now comes in a larger format that boasts 52% less plastic. The paper packaging innovation, dubbed the Innisfree... MORE
User-Friendly Content Players
User-Friendly Content Players
The Conceptual 'DVDISC' Helps Seniors Enjoy Their Favorite Content
Content streaming has become the norm for many users but isn’t as accessible by older generations, so the conceptual ‘DVDISC’ has been designed in order to help them enjoy their... MORE
Premium Oat Milk Chocolates
Premium Oat Milk Chocolates
Lindt is Introducing Plant-Based Chocolate Made with Oat Milk
Lindt is known for its high-quality chocolates and this notable premium chocolate brand developed plant-based oat milk chocolates. The decadent plant-based chocolate range introduces bars in flavors... MORE
Beer-Flavored Gelato Desserts
Beer-Flavored Gelato Desserts
Peroni Collaborated on a Uniquely Flavored Gelato for Beer Day
For International Beer Day, Italian beer brand Peroni joined forces with Il Laboratorio del Gelato to create a free beer-flavored gelato. At two Manhattan Il Laboratorio locations, the uniquely... MORE
Luxe In-Game Makeup
Luxe In-Game Makeup
Givenchy Beauty Created Virtual Makeup Looks for Animal Crossing: New Horizons
Givenchy is the first luxury makeup brand to collaborate with Animal Crossing, and those who play Animal Crossing: New Horizons will find that they can now enhance their in-game avatar with... MORE
Top 100 Cosmetic Trends in August
Top 100 Cosmetic Trends in August
From Faux Freckle Makeup Pens to Black-Owned Beauty Marketplaces
The cosmetics industry is always striving to create the best products for consumers, and the August 2020 cosmetics lineup of trends underscores how the industry is staying abreast of current... MORE
Intuitive Cosmetic Refill Stations
Intuitive Cosmetic Refill Stations
This NIVEA Shower Gel Refill Station Reduces Plastic Waste
This NIVEA shower gel refill station has been developed by Beiersdorf as a prototype solution for the retail environment that would enable shoppers to curb their consumption of plastic packaging.... MORE