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Culture of Innovation Webinar
Culture of Innovation Webinar
Jeremy Gutsche Helps Businesses Chaos-Proof Their Culture On June 2
In our current period of chaos and uncertainty, adaptability and innovation are more important than ever. As seemingly every industry is impacted by the pandemic, businesses have had to completely rethink the way they operate. Implementing new ideas and modes of work can be an uphill battle without the right tools, which is why Trend Hunter's own CEO Jeremy Gutsche will be hosting a free webinar on Culture of Innovation and Adaptability on June ...MORE
Top 40 Furniture Ideas in May
Top 40 Furniture Ideas in May
From Recycled Furniture to Work- From-Home Solutions
It’s safe to say that with social distancing guidelines in place, most consumers are spending more time inside their homes than usual, prompting individuals to really take a good look at whats... MORE
Top 70 Social Media Trends in May
Top 70 Social Media Trends in May
From Avatar Video Chat Apps to Social Home Video Challenges
The rise of social media has never been more prevalent than during these social distancing times, and the May 2020 social media trends showcase how brands are pivoting their models to accommodate... MORE
Top 100 Art & Design Trends in May
Top 100 Art & Design Trends in May
From Japanese Philosophy Floors to Upcycled Umbrella Bags
These May 2020 art and design trends explore and push the boundaries of creativity by investigating new perspectives and cultural art from all around the world. One of the standout concepts that has... MORE
Top 85 Pop Culture Trends in May
Top 85 Pop Culture Trends in May
From Cartoon-Themed Graphic Tees to Charitable Cloth Face Masks
The May 2020 pop culture trends are vast and explore creative ways of incorporating recognizable concepts to products and services. Many of the latest trends take a timely approach with the... MORE
Top 80 Design Trends in May
Top 80 Design Trends in May
From Modular WFH Systems to Transformative Cardboard Packaging
While some of the May 2020 design trends are intended as solutions for obstacles brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic and its associated restrictions that have been imposed by the government, others... MORE
Top 25 Kitchen Ideas in May
Top 25 Kitchen Ideas in May
From Smart Recipe Apps to Modular Sheet Pan Dividers
With many consumers forced to cook at home due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the May 2020 kitchen trends reveal that there’s a strong demand for products that help to simplify the preparation of... MORE
Top 40 Media Trends in May
Top 40 Media Trends in May
From In-Game Music Concerts to Interactive True Crime Podcasts
These May 2020 media trends range from in-game music concerts to interactive true crime podcasts. Earlier this month, Fortnite Astronomical hosted an interactive concert experience for players... MORE
10 Teleconferencing Apps
10 Teleconferencing Apps
From High-Impact Video Call Tools to Interoperability Video Chat Apps
To accommodate the changing landscape the world faces in the wake of COVID-19, many professionals have had to shift working from home, which consequently means setting up remote meetings. This list... MORE
Enhanced Riceberry
Riceberry rice is gaining international popularity as a nutritional ingredient
Trend - Riceberry rice is a highly nutritious grain from Thailand that is rich in antioxidants. The food lowers cholesterol levels, stunts the growth of cancerous cells, and lowers the chances of other diseases like diabetes. Popular in Thailand, the grain is quickly gaining popularity in Western markets.
Workshop Question - How might your brand incorporate an international presence in its product/service?
Top 30 Architecture Trends in May
Top 30 Architecture Trends in May
From Floating Cabins to Open Concept Rooftops
This list of May 2020 architecture trends is a breath of fresh air, offering a break from the chaotic world to showcase some of the most high-end, eco-friendly, and tech-fueled advances in the... MORE
Top 60 Fashion Trends in May
Top 60 Fashion Trends in May
From Quarantine Photoshoots to Artist-Designed Face Masks
The May 2020 fashion trends include an array of seasonal apparel, celebrity-focused editorial shoots, and pandemic-ready solutions that can help consumers to keep themselves safe. One feature... MORE
Premium Retro Golf Shoes
Premium Retro Golf Shoes
ECCO GOLF Recently Unveiled the Celebratory STREET 10 Design
In celebration of ECCO’s 10th anniversary of GOLF STREET, the premium shoe brand recently launched the Celebratory STREET 10 Design. The revamped shoes pay homage to the 10-year anniversary of the... MORE
40 DIY Charcuterie Innovations
40 DIY Charcuterie Innovations
From Antipesto Snack Packs to Artisan Alcohol-Infused Cheeses
These DIY charcuterie innovations range from antipesto snack packs to artisan, alcohol-infused cheeses. With social distancing in full effect as a result of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, consumers... MORE
25 Woodwork Design Innovations
25 Woodwork Design Innovations
From Soundwave-Inspired Wall Decor to Wood-Clad Greenhouse Cabins
These woodwork design innovations range from soundwave-inspired wall decor to wood-clad greenhouse cabins.  Some notable architecture projects include Studio Love is Enough’s design for... MORE
Top 65 Cosmetics Trends in May
Top 65 Cosmetics Trends in May
From Free-From Cleansing Balms to AI-Matched Makeup Shades
The May 2020 cosmetics trends feature new releases in makeup, skincare, grooming, and more, with examples spanning from nourishing body peels, to innovative tech that claims to turn back the clock.... MORE
Top 100 Shoes Trends in May
Top 100 Shoes Trends in May
From Recycled Factory Waste Sandals to Toggle System Comfy Sandals
The list of May 2020 shoe trends prepare for many different circumstances, including practicality, comfort, athletics, ergonomics, and much more. Notably, the silhouettes designed prepare for the... MORE
30 Refreshing Summer Drinks
30 Refreshing Summer Drinks
From Zesty Citrus-Infused Gins to Premium Alcohol-Free Drinks
This list of refreshing summer drinks will surely get you excited for the upcoming warm weather, even if we have to enjoy it at a distance. From non-alcoholic hop water to tea-based beer alternatives,... MORE
Top 30 Luxury Trends in May
Top 30 Luxury Trends in May
From Fashion Brand Workout Weights to Charitable Luxe Sunglasses
The broad range of May 2020 luxury trends elevate the lifestyle products and services in one’s routine in a variety of ways. This month, many high-end brands are catering to the timely... MORE
Top 40 Home Trends in May
Top 40 Home Trends in May
From Minimalist Flat-Pack Chair Designs to Open-Air Rooftop Homes
The May 2020 home trends are buzzing as many individuals are confined at home due to the outbreak of COVID-19. While some are looking for ways to better organize their home to meet demand—the AD-... MORE
Top 30 Modern Trends in May
Top 30 Modern Trends in May
From Recycled Bottle Pavilions to Kid-Friendly Architecture Challenges
These May 2020 modern trends range from recycled bottle pavilions to kid-friendly architecture challenges. Standouts include the Concrete Melt Chair by Bower Studios, a unique furniture piece that... MORE
10 Sustainable Restaurant Innovations
10 Sustainable Restaurant Innovations
From Imperfect Produce Meals to Plastic-Free Ice Cream Shops
These sustainable restaurant innovations range from imperfect produce meals to plastic-free ice cream shops. Standouts include McDonald’s Canada’s two green concept restaurants that... MORE
Experimentally Spiced Gins
Experimentally Spiced Gins
The Sipsmith Chilli & Lime Gin is Ideal for Cocktails or Sipping
The Sipsmith Chilli & Lime Gin has been unveiled as the first in an ongoing range of experimental gins from the brand that is inspired by the brand’s Sipping Society members club to... MORE
Creamy Authentic Cooking Sauces
Creamy Authentic Cooking Sauces
The New HERDEZ Salsa Cremosa Sauces Come in Three Flavors
These new HERDEZ Salsa Cremosa sauces are a premium range of options for chefs and foodies alike that will enable them to enhance their favorite recipes with an authentic recipe. The range includes... MORE
Top 95 Eco Trends in May
Top 95 Eco Trends in May
From Recycled Waste-Made Footwear to Waste-Reducing Apple Snacks
The May 2020 eco exhibit some ground-breaking innovations, as well as some Earth Day-specific launches. Plasticity presents an interesting example in this category. The company repurposes old... MORE
Top 30 Toy Ideas in May
Top 30 Toy Ideas in May
From Cake-Making Coding Games to AI Edutainment Systems
With COVID-19 forcing many families to turn to online learning and distance education, the May 2020 toy trends reveal a boom in educational toys for kids. Though coding-oriented games have been... MORE