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Create the Future (New Book)
Create the Future (New Book)
Plus The Innovation Handbook - Tactics for Disruptive Thinking
I'm thrilled to announce my new double-sided book, Create the Future + The Innovation Handbook - Tactics for Disruptive Thinking. The 360 page guide is loaded with tactics, tools and frameworks to help make innovation and change happen. The basic premise of Side 1: Create the Future, is that we are experiencing history's highest rate of change, which means you have more opportunity within your grasp than ever before. However, there are 7 tr...MORE
Pickle Vinegar Drinks
Pickle Vinegar Drinks
Grillo's Cold-Pressed Beverages are Positioned as Sports Drink Alternatives
Premium pickle brand Grillo’s is changing its name from Grillo’s Pickles to Grillo’s Fresh, which better accommodates its new venture into the creation of cold-pressed pickle vinegar drinks.... MORE
Sparkling Yuzu Drinks
Sparkling Yuzu Drinks
Moshi Makes Fizzing Beverages with Fragrant & Tart Citrus Flavors
Craft soda brand Moshi created a line of fizzing beverages featuring yuzu, the aromatic Japanese citrus fruit. The range of Yuzu Sparkling Drinks is all-natural and uses only simple ingredients like... MORE
Free-From Cauliflower Gnocchi
Free-From Cauliflower Gnocchi
Green Giant's Gnocchi is Made in Italy with 40% Cauliflower
Green Giant’s frozen product portfolio includes a few options that are made with cauliflower as a key ingredient and the newest addition to this lineup is Cauliflower Gnocchi. While the brand&#... MORE
Chromatic Summer Apparel
Chromatic Summer Apparel
The Lacoste Spring/Summer 2020 Collection is Titled 'A Place in the Sun'
The Lacoste Spring/Summer 2020 collection is titled ‘A Place in the Sun’ and consists of chromatic and patterned pieces that embody an effortlessly cool air. The collection includes... MORE
Artisanal Cheese Alternatives
Artisanal Cheese Alternatives
Miyoko's Makes Plant-Based "Cheese" with Cultured Legumes & Oats
Miyoko’s Creamery is known for the plant-based cheese alternatives it makes in the form of artisan-style wheels and this spring, it is introducing “game-changing cheddar cheese”... MORE
Cereal-Flavored Protein Powders
Cereal-Flavored Protein Powders
These New Dymatize ISO100 Flavors are Nostalgic
Athletes who grew up eating sweet cereals will be pleased to hear about the new Dymatize ISO100 protein powder flavors that are set to launch March 1. The new Fruity Pebbles and Cocoa Pebbles... MORE
Reusable Bamboo Paper Towels
Reusable Bamboo Paper Towels
Groove Collaborative Boasts Natural Materials for Product Development
This bamboo paper towel by Groove Collaborative is not only effective in cleaning up messes but is also sustainable. The company chose to take advantage of the material properties of this plant, as... MORE
Sustainable Dish-Cleaning Sets
Sustainable Dish-Cleaning Sets
Grove Collaborative Boasts a Set of Sustainable Cleaning Tools
Sustainable cleaning products are important to eco-conscious consumers who wish to indulge in a guilt-free lifestyle. The Bubble Up Dish Soap Dispenser and Brush Set by Grove Collaborative is a... MORE
Seasonal Eco
Seasonal holidays and special events are adapted with eco-friendly changes
Trend - The growth in consumption that occurs around seasonal holidays and special events inevitably takes its toll on the environment, and some brands are now aiming to avoid these consequences. Themed products with eco-friendly elements ensure that consumers can purchase products that align with their personal values.
Workshop Question - How could your brand empower customers who are looking to make eco-conscious purchase decisions?
Freshness-Focused Spring Rolls
Freshness-Focused Spring Rolls
Lucky Spring Rolls are Plant-Based and Certified Vegan
Lucky Foods rolled out new branding and packaging for products like its Lucky Spring Rolls, which were the first product launched by the company. The plant-based and certified vegan rolls are... MORE
Effervescent Wellness Waters
Effervescent Wellness Waters
The Swig Wellness CBD Sparkling Water are 100% Natural
The Swig Wellness CBD Sparkling Water range is a new product that promises to deliver premium flavor, hydration and wellness in every sip. The drinks are made with 100% natural ingredients and... MORE
Ultra-Stretchy Office-Friendly Pants
Ultra-Stretchy Office-Friendly Pants
The Sleek Smart Stretch Pants from DUER Offer Versatility
Premium performance apparel brand, DUER, recently launched the new Smart Stretch Pants made from DUER’s signature Limitless Stretch fabric “engineered to be deceptively comfortable but... MORE
Soothing Charcoal Face Masks
Soothing Charcoal Face Masks
Frank Body's Anti-Drama Face Mask Fights Acne and Cleanses the Skin
Frank Body’s Anti-Drama Face Mask is a soothing at-home treatment that features charcoal, chamomile, lavender, and honey as key ingredients. These ingredients work together to reduce acne,... MORE
Plant-Based Jamaican Patties
Plant-Based Jamaican Patties
Golden Krust's Jamaican-Style Patties are Stuffed with Beyond Meat
Jamaican plant-based patties are not new to vegetarians, who have adapted to eating either pre-made or made-from-scratch versions of the product that are filled with vegetables rather than beef.... MORE
play_circle_filled Electrically-Powered Small Urban Vehicles
Electrically-Powered Small Urban Vehicles
Citroën Created an Enclosed Scooter with Two Seats
Citroën launched a new enclosed scooter EV, which can function in the same ways as a very small car. The enclosed scooter it’s titled ‘Ami,’ and it has only two seats making it... MORE
R&D Rocket Factories
R&D Rocket Factories
SpaceX Received Approval to Build Its Los Angeles Starship Factory
SpaceX recently received permission to build a Starship factory in the Port of Los Angeles. The company was awarded the permit in a 12-0 vote, and it can now work toward creating Starship rockets... MORE
play_circle_filled Camera-Enhanced Concept Devices
Camera-Enhanced Concept Devices
Vivo's New Concept Phone Features 7.5w Zoom Capabilities and More
Vivo created a new concept phone line, named ‘APEX,’ which the company users to preview new technologies that will be included in its flagship devices. The APEX 2020 features 5G... MORE
EV Prototype Heat Tests
EV Prototype Heat Tests
BMW is Stress Testing Its iNext Prototype in a South African Desert
BMW held a test for its iNext prototype to see how the EV would be able o perform in hot weather conditions. The automotive company released some images of the car being tested in the Kalahari Desert,... MORE
Citrusy Mediterranean-Inspired Gins
Citrusy Mediterranean-Inspired Gins
The Gordon’s Sicilian Lemon Distilled Gin is Aromatic
The Gordon’s Sicilian Lemon Distilled Gin is a new product announced by Diageo to offer consumers a distinctly Mediterranean-inspired spirit to enjoy in their favorite cocktail. The spirit... MORE
Superfruit-Infused Hard Seltzers
Superfruit-Infused Hard Seltzers
The Vizzy Hard Seltzer will Come in Four Flavor Options
Flavor and function are colliding with the announcement of the new Vizzy Hard Seltzer drinks from Molson Coors that will offer consumers a premium product that’s tasty yet beneficial. The... MORE
Sustainable Hemp-Infused Seed Butters
Sustainable Hemp-Infused Seed Butters
The Once Again Nut Butter Sunflower Hemp Butter is Versatile
The Once Again Nut Butter Sunflower Hemp Butter is one of the latest offerings from the brand that aims to deliver exceptional taste and nutrition for consumers to enjoy. The product is made with a... MORE
Child-Friendly Antioxidant Lemonades
Child-Friendly Antioxidant Lemonades
Poppilu Bold & Tangy Lemonade will be Available at Walmart
The Poppilu Bold & Tangy Lemonade is a tart, refreshing and antioxidant-rich drink that’s formulated with kids in mind to let them enjoy a flavorful option that’s also good for them.... MORE
Premium Overnight Face Creams
Premium Overnight Face Creams
The Triumph & Disaster Dark Moon Hydrating Cream Nourishes Skin
The Triumph & Disaster Dark Moon Hydrating Cream is a premium moisturizer that will work wonders when it comes to supporting and nourishing the skin as you sleep. The face cream is... MORE
Recycled Recyclable Drink Packaging
Recycled Recyclable Drink Packaging
The REBBL Green Packaging Initiative is Eco-Focused
The REBBL Green Packaging Initiative has been announced by the drink brand to help increase its sustainability and put a focus on a greener experience for consumer to appreciate. The new initiative... MORE
Toxin-Free Cleaning Concentrates
Toxin-Free Cleaning Concentrates
Groove Collaborative Infuses This Product with Natural Fragrances
Groove Collaborative is rethinking the formulas of cleaning concentrates. Sometimes, it is the case that one needs to handle some pretty intense messes and that is when products such as these come... MORE