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Natural Car Cleaning Wipes
Natural Car Cleaning Wipes
The Drop Wipes Remove Bird Droppings, Water Spots and More
The Drop Wipes are a car care solution for those looking for a way to clean their automobile on a small scale instead of requiring them to take it to the carwash. The wipes feature a patent-pending,... MORE
Top 30 Toy Innovations in September
Top 30 Toy Innovations in September
From Sci-Fi Barbie Dolls to Emotive Object Collectibles
The top September 2019 toy ideas are full of fun characters and forms that are being reinvented to delight new audiences. While The Hangrees from MGA is full of pop culture parodies, MojiPops... MORE
Top 70 Life Trends For September
Top 70 Life Trends For September
From Dog-Themed Festivals to CBD Candies
This list of September 2019 Life trends spans across various industries, representing all the unique ways in which businesses are altering their products and services to fit in with the day-to-day... MORE
Top 100 Food Trends in September
Top 100 Food Trends in September
From Vegetable-Rich Dairy Treats to CBD-Infused Ice Teas
Highlights from the September 2019 food round-up include a plethora of new and exciting flavor innovations, CBD-infused products and some enriching sustainable projects. The cannabis industry has... MORE
Top 100 Cosmetics Trends in September
Top 100 Cosmetics Trends in September
From Non-Toxic Teen Skincare to Compact Beauty Palettes
The list of September 2019 cosmetics is out and one of the more seasonally appropriate products is launched by Native. As fall warrants a pumpkin explosion in the marketplace, this boom also... MORE
Top 90 Home Trends in September
Top 90 Home Trends in September
From Probiotic Cleaning Products to Bespoke Wooden Wine Holders
Whether you are looking to elevate your household aesthetically or searching for innovative products that will help you maintain it better, the September 2019 home list will, without a doubt, give... MORE
Top 100 Pop Culture Trends in September
Top 100 Pop Culture Trends in September
From Date-Themed Meal Boxes to In-Store Mystery Boxes
The September 2019 pop culture trends provide an eclectic view of where fandom and consumer interest are headed. A good bet can be placed on the growing appreciation of Eastern cultural... MORE
Top 85 Life Stages Trends in September
Top 85 Life Stages Trends in September
From Artful Academic Agendas to Mood-Specific CBD Drops
The September 2019 life stages trends have something for everyone. The list boasts the AKO bicycle which adjusts to the rider’s growing. This enables parents to spend money on a children’... MORE
Quick Cosmetic
Cosmetic products are designed for quick application
Implications - With many consumers prioritizing quick morning routines, brands in the cosmetic space are reacting by offering products that speed up the process of applying makeup. Whether in multipurpose items or easily applied formats, this shift caters specifically to consumers who prioritize both convenience and quality in their daily rituals.
Workshop Question — How could your brand's product/service be made more convenient for its customers?
Data-Saving VPN Services
Data-Saving VPN Services
HQ VPN Protects Information and Saves Data by Blocking Ads
The HQ VPN service is an effective option for those who spend extended periods of time traveling, working from coffee shops or who are simply looking to maintain their privacy form home. The virtual... MORE
Top 35 Publicity Stunts in September
Top 35 Publicity Stunts in September
From Spoof Fast Food Streetwear to Beer-Branded Lattes
A number of engaging September 2019 publicity stunts were introduced to give people the chance to get their hands on everything from uniquely designed streetwear pieces to free houses as part of... MORE
Malleable Off-Grid Solar Chargers
Malleable Off-Grid Solar Chargers
The 'LightSaver' Roll-Up Solar Charger Powers Devices Anywhere
The ‘LightSaver’ roll-up solar charger is a malleable solution for outdoor adventurers that will keep them connected and power up when spending time off the grid in the wilderness. The... MORE
Prosumer Hidden Display Camera
Prosumer Hidden Display Camera
The Fujifilm X-Pro3 Boasts a Hybrid Viewfinder and More
The Fujifilm X-Pro3 camera is a pro-grade photography solution for consumers who are looking for a device that addresses their technology needs in a camera that boasts a somewhat retro design. The... MORE
Hollow Flour-Holding Rolling Pins
Hollow Flour-Holding Rolling Pins
The Mason Cash Roller Shaker Keeps Bakers Prepared
The Mason Cash Roller Shaker is a hollow rolling pin crafted from stone that will offer bakers with a way to keep essential ingredients nearby without the need to dirty up the surrounding space. The... MORE
5G Vehicle-Inspired Smartphones
5G Vehicle-Inspired Smartphones
The Porsche Design Huawei Mate 30 RS Comes in Red of Black
The Porsche Design Huawei Mate 30 RS is a luxury smartphone created for discerning prosumers who are seeking out an opulent device that can keep up with their fast-paced lifestyle. The quad-camera... MORE
Precision Infant Bottle Heaters
Precision Infant Bottle Heaters
The Conceptual Nuvita Baby Bottle Warmer Preserves Nutrients
The conceptual Nuvita Baby bottle warmer has been designed by Marco Schembri as an appliance for parents and guardians to use when heating up milk or formula for an infant. The device seeks to... MORE
Top 25 Architecture Innovations in September
Top 25 Architecture Innovations in September
From Plant Pot Facades to Communal Living Projects
The top September 2019 architecture ideas explore designs that range from the simple and practical to the fantastical and otherworldly. To help people appreciate its striking stained glass windows... MORE
Top 80 Sports Trends in September
Top 80 Sports Trends in September
From Wall-Mounted Exercise Racks to Rechargeable Jetboards
As the summer season slowly comes to an end, the range of September 2019 sports trends highlights many ways to stay active indoors or during the colder seasons. Some brands create products that... MORE
Top 45 Customization Trends in September
Top 45 Customization Trends in September
From On-Site Custom Luxe Fashion to Customizable Doormats
The September 2019 customization trends give customers the liberty to explore their own personal design preferences and practice creativity. A number of product and service offerings gave its... MORE
Top 35 Retail Ideas in September
Top 35 Retail Ideas in September
From Alternative Supermarket Bags to Reusable Produce Bags
With the looming threat of climate change, the September 2019 retail trends reveal a renewed effort to make in-store shopping a little more eco-friendly—particularly when it comes to grocery... MORE
Top 50 Social Good Trends in September
Top 50 Social Good Trends in September
From Next-Gen Leader Think Tanks to Charitable Canned Rosés
From sustainability to ethical practices, the September 2019 social good list knows no bounds. Many of these projects are centered around promoting a more inclusive and diverse environment.... MORE
Top 40 Unique Trends in September
Top 40 Unique Trends in September
From Tennis-Themed Candles to Iceberg-Making Submarines
With the September 2019 unique trends, some outlandish concepts and combinations come to our attention. Amid the bizarre products that will certainly cause some to raise an eyebrow is Branston Pickle&... MORE
Top 100 Lifestyle Trends in September
Top 100 Lifestyle Trends in September
From Paired Pet Toys to Ballet-Inspired Fitness Classes
The September 2019 lifestyle trends spotlight products like the Dreem 2 — a rest-optimizing headset that will lull you into a deeper sleep through an integrated audio system, as well as Dr. MUSIC... MORE
Top 100 Shoes Trends in September
Top 100 Shoes Trends in September
From Fruit-Inspired Slip-On Shoes to Split-Toe Hybrid Footwear
The September 2019 shoe trends explore many different angles, highlighting functionality in different outdoor terrain, active purposes, or to meet stylistic elements. Many brands explore progressive... MORE
Top 100 Fashion Trends in September
Top 100 Fashion Trends in September
From Odorless Eco-Friendly Activewear to Retro Streetwear
The wide composition of September 2019 fashion trends highlight a strong sense of stylistic and functional elements as the seasons begin to change. Many brands are showcasing their products readily... MORE