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Attend Our Virtual World Summit
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Before March 2019, the word pivot wasn’t part of your business strategy. Chances are it wasn’t even part of your daily vocabulary. But now, it’s almost part of every meeting. When the pandemic hit, businesses that had the energy and ability to pivot survived. Some even thrived. Many suffered. What we know is that the chaos isn’t over. Chaos may in fact be the new norm. So rather than run, businesses can use this time to find fresh oppor...MORE
Fermented Beetroot Condiments
Fermented Beetroot Condiments
Biona Organic's Ruby Sauerkraut is Naturally Sourced
Biona Organic’s Ruby Sauerkraut is made from a blend of shredded cabbage and detoxifying beetroot ingredients. A German cuisine staple, sauerkraut is a fermented vegetable preservative that... MORE
Apple Cider Vinegar Chips
Apple Cider Vinegar Chips
Kettle Brand Recently Unveiled a New Festive Offering for Fall
With autumn nearly upon us, iconic snack brand, Kettle Brand, recently announced the return of its popular fall-inspired offering — the limited edition Apple Cider Vinegar Chips. The limited batch... MORE
Fermented Juice Satchets
Fermented Juice Satchets
The BIO-E Bio Fermented Juice Squeeze Packets are Sold in a 14-Pack
The BIO-E Bio Fermented Juice Squeeze Packets are conveniently packaged and perfect for on-the-go enjoyment. Formulated to help balance bacteria in the digestive tract, the product also aids with... MORE
Carbon-Neutral Coffee Cups
Carbon-Neutral Coffee Cups
Nespresso is Working for Supply Chain & Product Carbon Neutrality
Nespresso’s business operations have been carbon neutral since 2017 and the company is taking the next steps to achieve full carbon neutrality across its supply chain and product life cycle.... MORE
Ultra-Portable Power Tools
Ultra-Portable Power Tools
MakerX Power Tools for Various Uses Attach to a Take-Anywhere Power Hub
Worx’s MakerX precision power tools are easy to take on the go, as they are highly portable, as well as easy to handle and adapt to suit different needs. The tools rely on a central 20V Power... MORE
Designer DIY Boot Collaborations
Designer DIY Boot Collaborations
Marc Jacobs' Dr. Martens Boots Have Customizable Charms
Marc Jacobs’ Dr. Martens boots have re-imagined the classic 1460 Remastered Boot, adding charms and chains to offer one of the most glam-grunge iterations to date. Perfect for the... MORE
Plant-Based Bacon Cheeseburgers
Plant-Based Bacon Cheeseburgers
The Plant-Based Bac'n Cheezeburger Shares Three Alternatives
At The University of Massachusetts Dining Program, Sweet Earth Foods is introducing a Plant-Based Bac’n Cheezeburger in celebration of National Cheeseburger Day. The Plant-Based (PB) Triple... MORE
Cell-Based Salmon Sushi
Cell-Based Salmon Sushi
Wildtype Grows Sushi-Grade Fish from Genuine Coho Salmon Cells
Using a brewery-like system, Wildtype grows cell-based salmon sushi and its latest version is of such high quality, it’s been deemed sushi-grade. Now, the cell-based salmon sushi made with... MORE
Psych Reframe
Designers are channeling difficult human emotions and the importance of acceptance
Trend - Contemporary designers are referring to problematic societal norms that are excusatory and harmful to people's perception of self. These concepts are realized through high-tech fashion or sculptural jewelry that seeks to directly or indirectly affect one's psychological state.
Workshop Question - How might your brand build safer spaces for individuals?
Fermented Asparagus Snacks
Fermented Asparagus Snacks
Tilten Farms' Spicy Pickled Asparagus is a Non-GMO Product
Tilten Farms’ Spicy Pickled Asparagus is a fermented snack that is free from artificial preservatives. The non-GMO product is also allergen-free and available in a Mild option for those who... MORE
Single-Player Pirate RPGs
Single-Player Pirate RPGs
'King of Seas' is Full of Battles, Island Discoveries, and Lost Treasure
‘King of Seas’ is a new action role playing game, which is developed and published by 3DClouds, an indie game studio that’s based out of Italy. The game takes place in a deadly... MORE
Essential Oil Home Kits
Essential Oil Home Kits
Vitruvi's Home Scents Accompany Its Oil Diffusers
Days spent inside the home just got easier thanks to the launch of Vitruvi’s home scents that were designed for essential oil diffusers. No matter one’s style or pace, the essential... MORE
In-Car Air Purifiers
In-Car Air Purifiers
LUFTQI's Filter-Free Air Purifier Tackles Mold, Airborne Bacteria & More
The LUFT Duo filter-free air purifier by LUFTQI recently launched on Indiegogo and it shares a compact air purification solution for neutralizing pollutants and pathogens within a vehicle cabin. The... MORE
Florally Artistic Face Masks
Florally Artistic Face Masks
These Takashi Murakami Face Masks Have an Iconic Design
The Takashi Murakami face masks are a reusable range of face coverings created by the Japanese artist to help infuse a touch of playful artistry into a now-essential fashion accessory. The face... MORE
play_circle_filled Fresh Homebrewing Kits
Fresh Homebrewing Kits
The Pinter Helps Drinkers Enjoy Fresh Beer at Home with Less Waste
The Greater Good Fresh Brewing Co. is introducing The Pinter to help people make fresh beer at home and help to cut down on packaging waste. The Pinter pairs with a Pinter Pack, which contains Fresh... MORE
App-Based Fantasy Adventures
App-Based Fantasy Adventures
'Marble Knights' is Available Through the Apple Arcade
‘Marble Knights,’ a fantasy adventure game from American indie game developer WayForward Technologies, Inc., is now exclusively available to iOS users on Apple Arcade, the brand’s... MORE
Candy Cane-Flavored Mints
Candy Cane-Flavored Mints
Mentos Debuts a New Candy Cane Variant Ahead of Christmas
Mentos, the iconic confectionery brand, recently launched the new Candy Cane flaor ahead of Christmas. The vanilla and min flavor are available in a £1 multi-pack of three rolls containing 14... MORE
Collaborative Vegan-Friendly Wines
Collaborative Vegan-Friendly Wines
Hello! Wines are Made to Be Enjoyed by All
The reason that all wines aren’t vegan or even vegetarian-friendly has to do with the methods used for fining wines but Hello! is a range of vegan-friendly wines that was intentionally created... MORE
Better-for-You Canned Cocktails
Better-for-You Canned Cocktails
VIDE Canned Cocktails are Made with Three Simple Ingredients
VIDE is a new brand of better-for-you canned cocktails founded by college best friends Ryan Laverty and Sal Campisi. The cocktails are designed with health in mind and are made with only three... MORE
No-Sugar-Added Keto Bars
No-Sugar-Added Keto Bars
GOOD GOOD's Krunchy Keto Bars Have Only 2g Net Carbs Per Bar
Icelandic brand GOOD GOOD, known for its no-sugar-added jams, chocolate hazelnut spread, syrup and stevia drops, is now introducing GOOD GOOD Krunchy Keto Bars that are sweetened with stevia and... MORE
Coffee Day-Inspired Promotions
Coffee Day-Inspired Promotions
Wandering Bear Coffee Now Has a Discount for National Coffee Day
With National Coffee Day almost upon us, Wandering Bear Coffee is giving back to its fans with a new caffeine-themed promotion. Fans can get 32% off the 32oz. Extra-Strong Cold Brew carton by using... MORE
Dual-Purpose Cleansing Balms
Dual-Purpose Cleansing Balms
Ode to Self's Bask Cleansing Balm Doubles as a Mask
The Bask Cleansing Balm by Ode to Self takes the form of a gentle, oil-based cleansing balm that can also be used as a face mask treatment. The balm promises to be especially beneficial for those... MORE
Re-Imagined Thanksgiving Parades
Re-Imagined Thanksgiving Parades
Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade is Reimagined in Light of COVID
Any event that draws large crowds has been cancelled this year, so Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade had to get creative in order to keep the iconic American tradition alive. COVID-19 altered... MORE
Mask Sanitation Appliances
Mask Sanitation Appliances
The Conceptual '0° Clean' Face Mask Sanitizer Keeps Coverings Fresh
The conceptual ‘0° Clean’ face mask sanitizer is an appliance designed for the new normal that will provide users with a way to keep their face coverings clean and free from pathogens.... MORE
Frizz-Free Hairstyling Collections
Frizz-Free Hairstyling Collections
Conair's New Hair Range Boasts a Pro Dryer, Flat Iron, and More
With colder weather just around the corner, your may experience more hair frizz due to plunging temperatures and dry, artificial heat. The new Frizz Free Collection by Conair combats this issues... MORE