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30 Inclusive Design Products
30 Inclusive Design Products
From Intuitive Braille Writing Tablets to Accessible Sex Aid Suits
Inclusive design products have always been incredibly important. The innovations in this space are finally gaining traction and moving into the mainstream. Today, tech companies like Apple are... MORE
Top 30 Social Good Trends in April
Top 30 Social Good Trends in April
From Charitable Adult Entertainment to Period Poverty Campaigns
From free indigenous-focused lacrosse camps to bee conservation-supporting beers, the April 2020 social good showcases many examples that pertain to activism, charity, and social support. However,... MORE
20 Smart Mirror Innovations
20 Smart Mirror Innovations
From Skin-Analyzing Beauty Mirrors to Personalized Fitness Mirrors
These smart mirror innovations include skin-analyzing beauty mirrors and personalized fitness mirrors. While the HiMirror Slide aims to elevate beauty routines with in-depth skin analysis... MORE
35 At-Home Gardening Solutions
35 At-Home Gardening Solutions
From Compact Indoor Garden Pods to Luxe Garden Hose Kits
These at-home gardening solutions range from compact indoor garden pods to luxe garden hose kits. While those with an outdoor backyard are sure to fall in love with Garden Glory’s products&#... MORE
Playful DIY Easter Ideas
Playful DIY Easter Ideas
The Incredible Egg Shares Creative Ideas for Easter at Home
The COVID-19 outbreak has forced businesses to close, people to socially distance, and now—all will have to celebrate Easter at home. The Incredible Egg, which is a platform funded by the... MORE
Raw Vegan Chocolate Eggs
Raw Vegan Chocolate Eggs
Dayles Ford's Organic and Vegan-Friendly Easter Treat are Sustainable
Dayles Ford’s Organic Raw Vegan Chocolate Eggs are an artisan and sustainable holiday treat that stays true to the fine food retailer’s core values. Dayles Ford began as a family-owned... MORE
Dinosaur Egg Easter Treats
Dinosaur Egg Easter Treats
Chococo's Milk Chocolate Dinosaur Studded Easter Egg is Speckled
Chococo’s Milk Chocolate Dinosaur Studded Easter Egg is a kid-friendly and educational holiday treat. Celebrating its heritage, the UK-based confections brand references Dorset’s ‘... MORE
20 Examples of Home Office Furniture
20 Examples of Home Office Furniture
From Stylish Standing Desks to Stretch-Friendly Office Chairs
These examples of home office furniture range from style-forward standing desks to stretch-friendly office chairs. With more Millennials working remotely than ever before, at-home workspaces are... MORE
Reactionary Health
Therapeutic platforms offer coping techniques for those dealing with COVID-19
Trend - Platforms and videos that are designed to offer people coping mechanisms to deal with depression and anxiety are on the rise as brands aim to reduce some of the psychological consequences that will result from the COVID-19 pandemic.
Workshop Question - How is your brand alleviating the stress that COVID-19 has brought to your customers or employees?
Top 100 Art & Design Trends in April
Top 100 Art & Design Trends in April
From 3D-Printed Lamps to Empowering Temporary Tattoos
This list of April 2020 art and design trends offers the perfect opportunity to distract oneself during uncertain times brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic. With consumers practicing social... MORE
Top 30 Eco Transportation Trends in April
Top 30 Eco Transportation Trends in April
From Zero-Emission Megatrucks to Tech Brand Vehicles
These April 2020 eco transportation innovations include zero-emission shipping megatrucks and tech-branded concept vehicles. While Toyota and Hino Motors are teaming up to launch a new heavy-duty,... MORE
Top 100 Mobile Trends in April
Top 100 Mobile Trends in April
From Streamlined Mobile Messaging to Branded Automotive Podcasts
These April 2020 mobile trends range from streamlined mobile messaging to branded automotive podcasts. While Facebook’s reworked Messenger app update aims to streamline its WhatsApp,... MORE
15 CBD-Infused Snacks
15 CBD-Infused Snacks
From Hemp-Infused Snack Cakes to Relaxing Snack Bites
These CBD-infused snacks include everything from popcorn to protein bars, offering a variety of ways for people to experience the therapeutic, non-psychoactive benefits of CBD throughout the day in... MORE
15 Microbiome Skincare Products
15 Microbiome Skincare Products
From Probiotic-Infused Primers to Defense-Boosting Skincare Creams
Many microbiome skincare lines are highly effective and clinically proven to deliver results. The formulas are engineered to support the skin microbiome which is the home of billions of good bacteria,... MORE
11 Holographic Design Innovations
11 Holographic Design Innovations
From Iridescent Interior Designs to Holographic Soccer Balls
These holographic design innovations include iridescent interior architecture and holographic soccer balls. Standouts include the HoloGear Holographic soccer ball that is made with durable... MORE
Palm Oil-Free Vegan Chocolates
Palm Oil-Free Vegan Chocolates
The LoveRaw M:lk Choc Bars Come in Three Flavor Options
The LoveRaw M:lk Choc Bars have been unveiled by the brand as a new range of vegan chocolate options that help to address the increasing demand for dairy-free confection options. The bars come in... MORE
Easter Egg Tea Tins
Easter Egg Tea Tins
David's Tea's Mini Easter Egg Tea Sets are Available in 3 Signature Flavors
David’s Tea’s Mini Easter Egg tea tins are available in three signature flavors—S’mores Chai, Strawberry Rhubarb Parfait and Chocolate Macaroon. A perfect gift for adults... MORE
Sea Salt Easter Eggs
Sea Salt Easter Eggs
Love Cocoa's Vegan-Friendly Easter Egg Features 70% Colombian Chocolate
Love Cocoa’s Sea Salt Easter Egg is a vegan-friendly holiday treat that is made from the finest, natural ingredients. Targeting adult consumers, this childhood-inspired treat cuts down on... MORE
Diary-Free Hazelnut Easter Eggs
Diary-Free Hazelnut Easter Eggs
Rococo Chocolates' Vegan Milk Chocolate Egg is Diet-Friendly
Rococo Chocolates Vegan Milk Chocolate Easter Egg with Vegan Milk Chocolate Hazelnuts is an artisan holiday treat that is diet-friendly. Whether adhering to a vegan diet for animal welfare reasons,... MORE
Design-Friendly Easter Treats
Design-Friendly Easter Treats
These COCO Golden Hen Eggs in Milk Chocolate Boast Emer Tumilty Art
These COCO Golden Hen Eggs in Milk Chocolate are a design-friendly Easter gift for those with a sweet tooth. The artisan confections brand’s vast Easter offering includes everything from... MORE
Gull Egg-Inspired Easter Treats
Gull Egg-Inspired Easter Treats
Fortnum & Mason's Gulls' Eggs Feature Caramel, Lemon and Fondant
Fortnum & Mason’s Muscovado Caramel & Lemon Fondant Gulls Eggs are an artisan treat inspired by the unique delicacy. The four-piece tasting set consists of realistic black-headed gulls... MORE
Artful Easter Egg Sets
Artful Easter Egg Sets
Fortnum & Mason's Decorated Easter Eggs Boast Intricate Floral Details
Fortnum & Mason’s Decorated Easter Eggs set is elegantly decorated and delicious, doubling as an artisan gift this holiday season. The fine foods brand is known for a variety of edible... MORE
10 Isolation-Friendly Streaming Services
10 Isolation-Friendly Streaming Services
From Live-Streamed Shark Tanks to Virtual Whiskey Events
To help consumers practice social distances, brands around the globe are offering deeply discounted isolation-friendly streaming services. One standout example is adult entertainment platform,... MORE
Artisan Easter Tea Blends
Artisan Easter Tea Blends
Fortnum & Mason's Easter Tea Boasts a Botanical Flavor Profile
Fortnum & Mason’s Easter Tea blend consists of loose leaf black Ceylon tea leaves and marigold and cornflower blossoms. The holiday-themed blend is also infused with elderflower and orange... MORE
25 Easter Snack Innovations
25 Easter Snack Innovations
These Easter 2020 Products Include Artisan Eggs and CPG Snacks
These Easter 2020 products range from artisan honey-infused chocolate eggs to limited edition CPG snacks. When looking at the month’s Easter egg treats, notable examples include the Bettys... MORE