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Self-Cleaning Robotic Vacuums
Self-Cleaning Robotic Vacuums
The Shark IQ Robot Self-Empty Unloads What It Collects at a Base
The task of emptying a vacuum cleaner bag can sometimes make even more of a mess but the newly introduced Shark IQ Robot Self-Empty automates the task of emptying what it collects. As well as... MORE
Recycled Plastic Polo Shirts
Recycled Plastic Polo Shirts
MANTRA's EverywhereWear is Versatile Enough to Go Anywhere
‘EverywhereWear’ is a new category of apparel from MANTRA that’s being introduced with a versatile line of polo shirts made from recycled plastic bottles. These styles for men are... MORE
Festive Chocolate House Kits
Festive Chocolate House Kits
Cadbury's Dairy Milk Christmas Cottage Kit Replaces Gingerbread
Countless people with a sweet tooth and a knack for building things look forward to assembling a gingerbread house during the holiday season and this year, Cadbury is putting a fun twist on... MORE
Breathable Weatherproof Hiker Pants
Breathable Weatherproof Hiker Pants
The BN001 Hiking Pants are Technical yet Highly Comfortable
The BN001 Hiking Pants are a professional garment option for avid outdoor enthusiasts that will deliver exceptional comfort and versatility to keep wearers supported at all times. The pants are... MORE
Automated Indoor Urbanite Gardens
Automated Indoor Urbanite Gardens
The Modgarden 'tinyFarm' Keeps Fresh Produce on Hand
The Modgarden ‘tinyFarm’ automated indoor garden is an appliance for urban consumers who are looking for an easy, effective way to grow their own fresh produce from the comfort of home.... MORE
Multi-Material 3D-Printed Tables
Multi-Material 3D-Printed Tables
The 'Star' Coffee Table is Made with Wood, Nylon and Glass
The ‘Star’ coffee table from Imprime-moi un mouton is the design work of Line Pierron and combines several materials in order to achieve a high-end furniture piece that’s perfect... MORE
Spherical Lunar Living Units
Spherical Lunar Living Units
This Lunar Home Prototype by LUNARK Helps Researchers Thrive
This lunar home prototype has been designed by Lunark as a moon habitat that would enable explorers to thrive in harsh conditions and carry out research in a comfortable manner. The spherical design... MORE
Modular Athletic Massagers
Modular Athletic Massagers
The 'YOGGI BALL' Can be Used All Over the Body
Increasingly stressful and demanding lifestyles amongst urban consumers are seeing many seek out effective ways to relax on their own terms, which is exactly what the ‘YOGGI BALL’ is... MORE
Bold Relief
Consumers prioritize stress and anxiety relief through non-subtle solutions
Implications - As consumers grow more conscious of maintaining their physical and mental well-being, a desire for more immediate, easy to action solutions are on the rise. With that, we’re seeing less inclination toward subtle solutions, rather, consumers are opting for bolder, sometimes outlandish, options that propose a quicker, efficient solution. Such examples not only speak to the continued desire for novelty items, but the willingness to incorporate and sometimes boost products that support one’s overall health and well-being.
Workshop Question — How might you combine health and wellness solutions with a sense of novelty?
Vitamin-Enriched Coffees
Vitamin-Enriched Coffees
Nutrient Foods' Vitamin Coffee Shares 13 Essential Vitamins in a Serving
While some people prefer to take their daily vitamins in the form of gummies, chewing gum or other confectionery products to make the experience of boosting one’s health more enjoyable, coffee... MORE
Home-Sanitizing Purifiers
Home-Sanitizing Purifiers
The Hypoallergenic Air 'Mold Guard' Neutralizes Viruses and More
The Hypoallergenic Air ‘Mold Guard’ is a professional-grade solution for the home that will work efficiently and effectively to sanitize a living space to keep it as clean as possible.... MORE
Broth-Seasoning Sachets
Broth-Seasoning Sachets
Brodo Broth Co. Sachets Customize Broths with Spices
In the same way that it quickly customizes bone broths at its QSR locations, Brodo Broth Co. is now offering tea-like sachets that can be added to a nourishing broth base to enhance it with specific... MORE
Three-in-One Technology Cleaners
Three-in-One Technology Cleaners
The Lecone UV Cell Phone Sanitizer Charges Devices as it Cleans
The Lecone UV Cell Phone Sanitizer is a three-in-one solution for consumers who are looking for a way to keep their essential devices free of germs and bacteria on a consistent basis. The device... MORE
Fish-Based Noodles
Fish-Based Noodles
Trident Seafoods' High-Protein Noodles are Made with Wild Alaskan Pollock
With the rise of pulses, consumers have become familiar with seeing a variety of high-protein pasta products made with everything from chickpeas and lentils to black beans—and now, Trident... MORE
Roving Bacteria-Killing Robots
Roving Bacteria-Killing Robots
The 'ROCKUBOT' Eliminates Bacteria, Dust Mites and More
The ‘ROCKUBOT’ cleaning robot is a roving technology solution that will work to eliminate unwanted bacteria, dust mites and more from the home in a simplified manner. The robot... MORE
Minimal Graphic Joint Streetwear
Minimal Graphic Joint Streetwear
Streetwear imprints Off-White and UNDERCOVER join forces for a collaborative project with a capsule entitled ‘UNDEROFFWHITECOVERS,’ merging the namesakes together. The collection... MORE
Naturally Dyed Eucalyptus Sheets
Naturally Dyed Eucalyptus Sheets
Buffy's Eco Sheets are Colored with Plants, Fruits & Spices
Buffy’s direct-to-consumer eucalyptus sheets, pillowcases and comforters are made with an alternative to cotton that’s not only allergy-safe and gentler on the skin but also has a higher... MORE
Brain-Boosting Baby Foods
Brain-Boosting Baby Foods
Cerebelly's Organic Baby Meals Support Young Developing Minds
Cerebelly is a new organic baby food brand that’s focused on creating smart food for the brain and body. Its nourishing baby food meals are not just organic but non-GMO, 100% plant-derived,... MORE
CBD-Infused Foot Creams
CBD-Infused Foot Creams
The High CBD Formula Stiletto Cream Eases the Discomfort of Heels
The Lord Jones x Tamara Mellon High CBD Formula Stiletto Cream formula is a foot cream that was specifically created to help ease foot pain associated with wearing heels. The CBD-infused cream... MORE
Stuffed Coffee-Flavored Donuts
Stuffed Coffee-Flavored Donuts
Krispy Kreme Has Released the Original Filled Coffee Kreme Doughnut
Few things go together better than coffee and donuts, which is why the Krispy Kreme’s new Original Filled Coffee Kreme Doughnut is the perfect pairing of flavors. Available for just one week... MORE
Alien-Inspired Drink Mixes
Alien-Inspired Drink Mixes
Kool-Aid's UFO-Yeah Intergalactic Green Drink Mix Celebrate Area 51
With the ‘storm Area 51’ event set to take place on September 20th, Kool-Aid has decided to mark the occasion with a limited-edition UFO-Yeah Intergalactic Green drink mix. The UFO-... MORE
Haute Wicker Feline Houses
Haute Wicker Feline Houses
The D+ Garden Wicker Cat House is Durable Crafted
The D+ Garden Wicker Cat House has been created by the New York-based brand as a premium furniture piece for feline owners that offers them a high-end way to keep their furry friend comfortable. The... MORE
play_circle_filled Monochromatic Techinical Garments
Monochromatic Techinical Garments
Stone Island's Ghost Collection Remakes Its Branding Badge
Technical fashion brand Stone Island unveils its Ghost collection, made up of entirely monochromatic designs for the season. The range features designs made specifically with a remake of the iconic... MORE
Aquatic Child-Friendly Coding Robots
Aquatic Child-Friendly Coding Robots
The 'Lebot' Waterproof Coding Robot Has an Interactive Design
The ‘Lebot’ waterproof coding robot is a multifunctional toy for children that offers them an aquatic solution that can help them to learn the basics of coding in a fun manner. Boasting... MORE
Revamped Nomadic Living Trailers
Revamped Nomadic Living Trailers
This 1979 Airstream Argosy Has Been Renovated with Modern Accents
This 1979 Airstream Argosy has been completely renovated by Kyle and Olivia Brady of Drivin’ & Vibin’ into a well-appointed living space for the nomadic couple to live as they travel.... MORE