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Smoky Sweet Corn Chowders
Smoky Sweet Corn Chowders
Trader Joe’s Corn Poblano Chowder Has a Spicy and Smoky Taste
If you’re looking for something warm and comforting to enjoy on a cold winter evening, look no further than Trader Joe’s new Corn Poblano Chowder. Trader Joe’s new Corn Poblano... MORE
Single-Serve Burger Sauces
Single-Serve Burger Sauces
McDonald’s UK is Selling Big Mac Special Sauce in Mini ‘Sauce Pots’
McDonald’s UK recently announced that it is selling the iconic Big Mac Sauce in single-serve Sauce Pots. Perfect for dipping, dunking, and more, these are a McDonald’s fan’s dream... MORE
Top 60 Design Trends in February
Top 60 Design Trends in February
From Whimsical Playground Additions to Gaming Design Contests
These February 2020 design innovations include whimsical playground additions and gaming design contests. When exploring the month’s architecture and interior design examples, standouts... MORE
Top 30 New Ventures Trends in February
Top 30 New Ventures Trends in February
From Toy-Themed Amusement Parks to Grocery Selection Robots
These February 2020 new ventures trends range from toy-themed amusement parks to grocery selection robots. When it comes to entertainment, Hasbro’s new partnership with The West Edmonton... MORE
Top 60 Marketing Ideas in February
Top 60 Marketing Ideas in February
From Luxe Fast Food Branding to Reality TV Alcohol Endorsements
The February 2020 marketing ideas highlight a range of innovative awareness efforts, smart packaging advancements, interactive initiatives, and so much more. With many consumers often put off by... MORE
Top 35 Retail Trends in February
Top 35 Retail Trends in February
From Experiential Retail Hubs to Grocery Selection Robots
Some examples in the February 2020 retail category exhibit how technology is utilized in brick-and-mortar environments to ensure a higher quality product, efficiency of service, or simply a more... MORE
Top 100 Business Trends in February
Top 100 Business Trends in February
From Digital Menu Boards to Regional Scooter Pilot Programs
The February 2020 business category exemplifies what new ventures brands are undertaking and how they are disrupting the market. TENGA, for example, is a sex toy company that recently released a... MORE
Top 80 Beverage Ideas in February
Top 80 Beverage Ideas in February
From Low-ABV Mango Ales to Collaborative CBD Drinks
From low-ABV beers to CBD-infused wellness drinks, the February 2020 beverage trends reveal that consumers are increasingly interested in drinks that won’t leave them with a nasty hangover.... MORE
Plant Toothpaste
Plant-based toothpaste ingredients are increasingly popular
Trend - Emerging and established brands in the dental hygiene space are offering a more natural twist on traditional toothpaste with ingredients that are plant-based. These products aim to offer a more sustainable alternative to what most consumers are accustomed to in this category.
Workshop Question - How could your brand empower its customers to make small changes for a good cause?
Alfredo-Crusted Sirloin Steaks
Alfredo-Crusted Sirloin Steaks
Olive Garden Now Offers a Parmesan Alfredo Crusted Sirloin Steak
With Olive Garden’s new Parmesan Alfredo Crusted Sirloin, you’ll never have to choose between steak and pasta again. This season, Olive Garden is offering two mouth-watering new dishes:... MORE
Five-Cheese Potato Chips
Five-Cheese Potato Chips
Trader Joe's Scalloped Potato Chips with Five Cheeses are a Savory Snack
With its new Scalloped Potato Chips with Five Cheeses, Trader Joe’s has turned a beloved side dish into a savory snack food. Trader Joe’s new Scalloped Potato Chips with Five Cheeses... MORE
Plant-Based Patty Melts
Plant-Based Patty Melts
Wayback Burgers Created a Plant-Based Impossible Melt for Lent
Just in time for Lent, Wayback Burgers has debuted a new Impossible Melt. Around Lent, many consumers vow to eliminate meat from their diet. To accommodate those consumers, as well as the growing... MORE
Seasonal Short Rib Tacos
Seasonal Short Rib Tacos
Tacodeli is Serving Up Red-Hued Short Rib Tacos This February
February is the season of love and Tacodeli has been celebrating with its new red-hued Short Rib Tacos. Tacodeli is a “farm to taco” concept that offers a rotating menu of healthy,... MORE
Savory Heart-Shaped Waffles
Savory Heart-Shaped Waffles
Slim Chickens Created a Valentine’s Day Champagne and Waffles Package
To celebrate Valentine’s Day, Slim Chickens created a special Champagne and Waffles Package. In recent years, many restaurants have begun pairing fried chicken and champagne. Slim Chickens... MORE
White Chocolate Bundt Cakes
White Chocolate Bundt Cakes
Trader Joe's Raspberry & White Chocolate Bundt Cake is Here for Spring
Spring is not all that far away and Trader Joe’s wants to help you get in the spirit with its new Raspberry & White Chocolate Bundt Cake. Though Valentine’s Day may be over, Trader... MORE
French Fry-Stuffed Sandwiches
French Fry-Stuffed Sandwiches
Burger King New Zealand is Serving Up a New French Fry Sandwich
Nothing goes together like burgers and fries, which is why Burger King New Zealand’s new French Fry Sandwich is the ultimate fast food hybrid. Just as the name suggests, the new French Fry... MORE
Top 65 Market Trends in February
Top 65 Market Trends in February
From Labor-on-Demand Grocery Employees to In-Gym Vitamin Retailer
From labor-on-demand grocery employees to in-gym vitamin retailers, the February 2020 market trends highlight how businesses are leveraging the changing market. One notable example is Meijer, the... MORE
Top 30 Computer Trends in February
Top 30 Computer Trends in February
From Folding OLED Tablet PCs to Trackable 5G-Enabled Laptops
The February 2020 computers trends cover the latest innovations when it comes to personal computing, the evolution oft the mobile office and more. With CES 2020 finished, an array of new products... MORE
Top 75 Multimedia Trends in February
Top 75 Multimedia Trends in February
From Deepfake Online Regulations to Intuitive AI Cameras
These February 2020 multimedia trends range from intuitive AI cameras to customizable cable plans. When it comes to at-home entertainment, Verizon’s Mix and Match cable service is one of the... MORE
Top 40 World Trends in February
Top 40 World Trends in February
From Novelty-Themed Hotels to Theme Park Music Videos
These February 2020 world trends range from novelty-themed hotels to theme park music videos. Millennial consumers are known for investing in experiences over material goods and the month’s... MORE
Top 60 Life Stages Trends in February
Top 60 Life Stages Trends in February
From Competitive Drone Toys to Hormone-Balancing Supplements
These February 2020 life stages trends range from competitive drone games to hormone-balancing supplements. When looking at the month’s immersive toys, standouts include Interplay UK’s... MORE
Top 30 Publicity Stunts Trends in February
Top 30 Publicity Stunts Trends in February
From 1,087-Pound Bean Dips to Hot Sauce Tub Giveaways
The February 2020 Publicity Stunt trends explore ideas like 1,087-pound bean dips, sports-themed chair giveaways, branded football-themed snack holders, and hot sauce tub giveaways in preparation... MORE
Top 100 Branding Trends in February
Top 100 Branding Trends in February
From Ultra-Low Alcohol Ciders to Gaming Design Contests
The February 2020 branding trends are focused on contemporary sensibilities, as well as robust industries that are rapidly growing — like eSports. Gaming has grown to be a very lucrative category... MORE
Top 100 Tech Trends in February
Top 100 Tech Trends in February
From Visual Impairment Navigation Devices to Next-Gen Car Shopping
The January 2020 tech trends cover the latest in connected devices, educational tools, innovative transportation, and much more. With connected devices and even fully stacked smart homes becoming... MORE
Top 65 Auto Trends in February
Top 65 Auto Trends in February
From Mobile Ride Verification to Next-Gen Vehicle Shopping
These February 2020 auto trends range from mobile ride verification systems to next-gen vehicle shopping experiences. Standouts include a new partnership between ZeroLight, Cadillac and Amazon&#... MORE