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50 Gifts for Musicians
50 Gifts for Musicians
From Hybrid Instruments to Musician-Honoring Hot Sauces
This list of gift ideas for musicians offers over 50 presents for the musically inclined, boasting items that range from musician paraphernalia to hybrid instruments and amps. One’s music... MORE
20 Gifts for Cat People
20 Gifts for Cat People
From Holiday-Themed Cat Houses to Easy-Clean Pet Beds
Those looking for inspiration on what to give their cat-loving friends and family can find some useful examples in this list of gifts for cat people. The list ranges from holiday-themed cat houses... MORE
70 Gifts for Camping-Lovers
70 Gifts for Camping-Lovers
From Utility-Focused Outerwear Clogs to Tree-Free Camping Hammocks
From utility-focused outerwear clogs to tree-free camping hammocks, this gift guide has everything a campaigning enthusiast might need on their next trip. One standout from the list of gifts for... MORE
30 Gift Ideas for College Students
30 Gift Ideas for College Students
From At-Home Student Chair to Transforming Desktop Tablet Mount
This year, college students’ needs might be different than usual with remote learning favored by many and this list of gift ideas for college students will help those navigating holidays in... MORE
80 Gift Ideas for Runners
80 Gift Ideas for Runners
From Holographic Runner Headsets to Fitness-Tracking Smart Socks
This list of gift ideas for runners will bring joy and practicality to those who enjoy the activity. This holiday season, these concepts are sure to impress as many brands explored new innovations... MORE
30 Dad-Approved Gift Ideas
30 Dad-Approved Gift Ideas
From Bacteria-Repelling Travel Bags to Heavy-Duty Protection Gloves
Those seeking some inspiration to buy gifts for their dad can find inspiration in this curated list of dad-approved gift ideas. Ranging from bacteria-repelling travel bags to heavy-duty protection... MORE
45 Celebrity Product Gifts
45 Celebrity Product Gifts
From Statement Loungewear Lines to Singer-Created Skincare Lines
These celebrity product gifts range from statement loungewear lines to singer-created skincare lines. For those shopping for celebrity superfans this holiday season, these products are sure to... MORE
30 Meditation-Themed Gifts
30 Meditation-Themed Gifts
From Meditative Fragranced Candles to Mindfulness-Themed Tees
These meditation-themed gifts range from meditative fragranced candles to mindfulness-themed graphic tees. With more and more consumers prioritizing mindfulness and their mental well-being, brands... MORE
Luxe Comfort
Designer brands offer products that better fit into consumers' current lifestyles
Trend - Designer brands are now in the business of comfort and at-home or outdoor activities, a direct response to the changed lifestyles that people have seen around the world. These items include everything from indoor shoes to luxury yoga mats, and are targeted to higher income consumers.
Workshop Question - How will your brand adapt to changed lifestyles in the long term?
100 Jewelry Gift Ideas
100 Jewelry Gift Ideas
From Ultra-Exclusive Jewelry Collaborations to Chunky Luxe Plated Rings
This expansive list of jewelry gift ideas are sure to impress—jewelry is a staple option to turn to in any occasion as a heartfelt gift for loved ones. One of the standout options this holiday... MORE
70 Avant-Garde Gift Concepts
70 Avant-Garde Gift Concepts
From Asymmetrical Avant-Garde Boots to Avant-Garde Sporty Designs
This roundup of avant-garde gift concepts will bring a sense of artful creativity for the holiday season. The unconventional designs push boundaries and make the perfect gift for those who... MORE
Candy Cane Cookie Mixes
Candy Cane Cookie Mixes
Trader Joe’s Peppermint Chocolate Chunk Cookie Mix is Quick & Easy to Make
If you’re looking for a shortcut to perfect holiday cookies, Trader Joe’s new Peppermint Chocolate Chunk Cookie Mix is the answer. Trader Joe’s new Peppermint Chocolate Chunk... MORE
15 Funny Gift Ideas
15 Funny Gift Ideas
From Tree-Shaped Butter Sculptures to True Crime Christmas Ornaments
Ranging from tree-shaped butter sculptures to true crime Christmas ornaments, this list of funny gift ideas is sure to get a laugh from family and friends this holiday season. Some hilarious stand... MORE
20 Gifts for Empowering Feminists
20 Gifts for Empowering Feminists
From Provokingly Empowering Candles to Digital Affirmation Kits
Ranging from provokingly empowering candles to digital affirmation kits, this list of gifts for empowering feminists has a range of thoughtful and provocative gifts that any budding or advanced... MORE
70 Vegan-Approved Gifting Options
70 Vegan-Approved Gifting Options
From Festive Vegan Holiday Treats to Serum-Infused Mascaras
From festive vegan holiday treats to serum-infused mascaras, this list of vegan-approved gifting options will appeal to the plant-based friend in your life. One standout out from the list of vegan-... MORE
15 Male Grooming Gift Ideas
15 Male Grooming Gift Ideas
From Intimate Male Grooming Brushes to Ingrown Hair Serums
Those looking for a thought male grooming gift idea for a loved one this holiday season can use this list as a guide of popular products that the receiver will adore. The list covers a range of... MORE
100 Gift Ideas for Streetwear Lovers
100 Gift Ideas for Streetwear Lovers
From Garment Dyed Fall Streetwear to Turmoil-Themed Apparel
This holiday season, many consumers are shifting their mindsets to celebrate in safe ways, gifting loved ones clothing, lifestyle goods, and more—here are some gift ideas for streetwear lovers... MORE
30 Cannabis Gifts
30 Cannabis Gifts
From Dose-Controlled CBD Formulas to Premium Cannabis Vapes
From dose-controlled CBD formulas to premium cannabis vapes, this list of cannabis gifts is the perfect inspiration for both avid and occasional cannabis users. These marijuana gifts are the perfect... MORE
10 Harry Potter Gifts
10 Harry Potter Gifts
From Wizard World LEGO Sets to Wizardly Figurine Advent Calendars
Harry Potter is an iconic figure for most, having taken the world by storm with the best selling books and movie franchise.  For consumers looking to purchase Harry Potter gifts for family and... MORE
100 Gifts for the New Mom
100 Gifts for the New Mom
From Relaxing CBD Skincare to Postpartum Sportswear
This list of gift ideas for new moms offers over 100 innovations that are sure to help the parent in your life relax and unwind. Raising a newborn has always been a stressful ordeal, and giving... MORE
40 Gift Ideas for Teachers
40 Gift Ideas for Teachers
From Coffee Subscriptions to Dynamic Classroom Seating
While every profession was impacted by 2020, few were hit as hard as educators, and this list of gift ideas for teachers is sure to help one discover the perfect way to show appreciation for the... MORE
30 Gifts for the Photographer
30 Gifts for the Photographer
From Premium Smartphone Lighting to Exclusive National Park Cameras
These gifts for the photographer range from premium smartphone lighting kits to exclusive national park cameras. When it comes to notable cameras to invest in this holiday season, standouts... MORE
15 Gift Ideas for Marvel Fans
15 Gift Ideas for Marvel Fans
From Next-Gen Superhero Games to Hybrid Antihero Collectibles
When it comes to the world of superheroes, there is the iconic debate between Marvel and DC—however, this list of gift ideas for the Marvel fans cater to those who have a bias towards the... MORE
100 Skincare Gift Ideas
100 Skincare Gift Ideas
From Affordable Anti-Aging Skincare to Intense Hydration Skincare Kits
This roundup of skincare gift ideas will bring a sense of relaxation and self-care to the holiday season for family and loved ones. The wide selection of skincare products cater to skins of all... MORE
30 Gifts for the Wine Lover
30 Gifts for the Wine Lover
From Wine-Themed Makeup Sets to Artisan Wine Pairing Subscriptions
These gifts for the wine lover range from wine-themed makeup sets to artisan wine pairing subscriptions. When it comes to unique wine blends, standouts include The Beefsteak Club Asado Edition... MORE