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The New Normal Webinar
The New Normal Webinar
Trend Hunter's Director of Sales Sean Watson is Hosting an Innovation Panel
On August 11th, join Trend Hunter’s Director of Sales Operations and Special Projects Sean Watson for a free innovation panel webinar. In this session, The New Normal, Sean will be speaking with top industry innovators about how they have navigated the new normal of today’s world, providing insight into the ways various industries continue to adapt and innovate. In this panel discussion you will hear from Geroge Nukuto, Principal Scientist ...MORE
Top 100 Art & Design Trends for August
Top 100 Art & Design Trends for August
From Well-Designed Face Shields to At-Home Improvements
Whether for aesthetics or entertainment, one of the many takeaways from the pandemic is society’s reliance on artists, and this list of August 2020 art and design innovations ranges from fine... MORE
Top 100 Food Trends in August
Top 100 Food Trends in August
From Soaked Oat Cups to Virtual Farmers' Market Apps
The August 2020 food trends point to new and improved flavor options but also to how technology is being utilized in the space and it is quite impressive. 3D-printing has surely become a go-to... MORE
Top 100 Lifestyle Trends in August
Top 100 Lifestyle Trends in August
From Social Distancing Murals to Drive-Thru Medical Clinics
The August 2020 lifestyle trends show how the consumer experience is revamped to include sustainability, convenience, and wellness. From the Hamama Microgreens Kit that helps individuals start their... MORE
Top 100 Health Trends in August
Top 100 Health Trends in August
From Stick-On Face Masks to 24-Hour Live Fitness Portals
From stick-on face masks to 24-hour live fitness portals, the August 2020 health trends show how society is prioritizing different health needs amid the “new normal.” As preventive... MORE
Top 65 Shoe Trends for August
Top 65 Shoe Trends for August
From Re-Released Olympic Sneakers to Soda-Branded Shoes
What we wear says a lot about us, and this list of August 2020 shoe trends presents a look into how consumers are dressing this season. Whether for fashion or practicality, shoes play an important... MORE
Top 100 Tech Trends in August
Top 100 Tech Trends in August
From Zen Stone-Inspired IoT Devices to Smart Shopping Carts
The August 2020 tech trends can be split into a few categories, most voluminous of which would be new gadgets that inform sanitation practices, social distancing, and health protection, as well as... MORE
Top 90 Beverage Ideas in August
Top 90 Beverage Ideas in August
From Canned Gin Cocktails to Enhanced Sparkling Waters
From canned cocktails to adaptogens-infused seltzers, the August 2020 beverage trends reveal that consumers are reaching for a wide range of beer and wine alternatives this summer. With the growing... MORE
Health-Conscious Tortillas
Health-Conscious Tortillas
The La Tortilla Factory Low Carb Tortillas Come in Two Options
Low-carb diets have become more popular with a larger number of consumers, which is seeing new product varieties like the La Tortilla Factory Low Carb Tortillas be introduced to help make mealtime... MORE
Parental Support
Brands are launching specific platforms to support parents amid COVID-19
Trend - To support families amid COVID-19, brands have launched resources to help new parents cope with the challenges of the "new normal." These range from mental health platforms to virtual parenting communities and seek to alleviate some of the burdens of raising children in the midst of a pandemic.
Workshop Question - How can your brand support specific consumer needs during crisis?
Top 100 Business Trends in August
Top 100 Business Trends in August
From 24-Hour In-App Loans to E-Commerce Grocery Stores
From 24-hour in-app loans to e-commerce grocery stores, the August 2020 business trends showcase how brands are continuing to adjusting to the “new normal.” Consumers have begun opening... MORE
Top 100 Branding Trends in August
Top 100 Branding Trends in August
From Merged Flavor Snack Bars to User-Generated Snack Ads
The August 2020 branding round-up boasts various exciting initiatives that capture the attention of contemporary consumers through engaging content and striking visual aesthetics. Doritos, for one,... MORE
Top 65 Social Media Trends for August
Top 65 Social Media Trends for August
From Branded Jingle Contests to Heatwave Promotions
From branded jingle contests to heatwave promotions, this list of August 2020 social media trends highlight some of the most innovative ways companies and brands have utilized their social media... MORE
Top 95 Mobile Trends in August
Top 95 Mobile Trends in August
From Mini 4G-Enabled Smartphones to Minimalist Anti-Bias News Apps
This collection of August 2020 mobile trends identify some of the latest and greatest ideas coming to the market as companies continue to connect with consumers more directly via their smartphones.... MORE
Top 100 Fashion Trends in August
Top 100 Fashion Trends in August
From Lightweight Baby Carriers to Energy-Saving Sneakers
One of the most interesting and revolutionary examples in the August 2020 fashion category is Klarna’s high-tech Smoooth Raffle. The event lures in sneaker fans with the promise of ultra-... MORE
Top 45 Design Trends in August
Top 45 Design Trends in August
From Crushed Bedding Sets to Reopening Restaurant Furniture
Since many countries are currently in the process of reopening some amenities and businesses for public use after the fierce COVID-19 lockdown procedures that were imposed by governments, the August... MORE
Top 100 Cosmetic Trends in August
Top 100 Cosmetic Trends in August
From Faux Freckle Makeup Pens to Black-Owned Beauty Marketplaces
The cosmetics industry is always striving to create the best products for consumers, and the August 2020 cosmetics lineup of trends underscores how the industry is staying abreast of current... MORE
Top 45 Pop Culture Trends in August
Top 45 Pop Culture Trends in August
From Model-Backed Inclusive Skincare to Musical Hologram Gigs
One of the most resounding themes within the August 2020 Pop Culture trends is the continued expansion of celebrities and public figures into the makeup space as the market continues it meteoric... MORE
Top 35 Youth Trends in August
Top 35 Youth Trends in August
From On-Demand Virtual Camps to Meditative Friendship Apps
Aside from toys, back-to-school specials, and Gen Z-targeted products in the makeup space, the August 2020 youth trends are indicative of what resources are being used when helping younger... MORE
Top 45 Sports Trends in August
Top 45 Sports Trends in August
From Diversity-Focused Sports Leagues to Home Boxing Trainers
The August 2020 sports trends cover a wide range of concepts that elevate the experience for athletes, sports fans, or those who enjoy physical activity. As the world slowly adjusts to the new... MORE
Top 50 Autos Trends In August
Top 50 Autos Trends In August
From Contactless Car Displays to E-Commerce Auto Insurance
A number of prominent developments occurred in the August 2020 autos industry. As a whole, the industry is incorporating new technological solutions that enhance the capabilities of vehicles, and... MORE
Top 100 Marketing Trends in August
Top 100 Marketing Trends in August
From Senior-Focused QSR Meals to Furniture Brand Apparel Lines
The trials and tribulations of adjusting to the “new normal” have created a unique opportunity for marketers to tap into the global psyche of consumers and the August 2020 marketing... MORE
Potent Berry Supplements
Potent Berry Supplements
The Z Natural Foods Organic Freeze-Dried Super 8 Berry Blend is Tasty
The Z Natural Foods Organic Freeze-Dried Super 8 Berry Blend is a new offering from the brand that is intended to offer consumers with an easier way to reap the benefits of several different berry... MORE
Authentic Tobacco-Inspired Vape Pods
Authentic Tobacco-Inspired Vape Pods
The Rich Tobacco JUULpods are Being Launched in the UK
The Rich Tobacco JUULpods are a new offering from the brand in the UK that is intended to make the product more applicable for adult smokers seeking out an alternative to conventional cigarettes.... MORE
Top 100 Gadgets Trends in August
Top 100 Gadgets Trends in August
From Connected Power Drills to Screen-Free Story Time Speakers
These August 2020 gadgets trends pinpoint some of the best and brightest ideas being brought to the market in a bid to help make the everyday life of consumers a little easier. A number of... MORE
Top 25 Kitchen Ideas in August
Top 25 Kitchen Ideas in August
From Food-Ordering Appliances to WiFi-Connected Toaster Ovens
From countertop cookers with an integrated meal planning ecosystem to Internet-connected ovens, the August 2020 kitchen trends reveal that the kitchen is starting to go digital. One of the biggest... MORE