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Top 100 Branding Trends in October
Top 100 Branding Trends in October
From Branded Organic Lawncare to eSports Fast Food Campaigns
These October 2020 branding innovations range from branded organic lawncare to eSports fast food campaigns. Standouts include KFC’s gamer-themed mockumentary campaign that promotes its... MORE
Top 90 Interactive Trends in October
Top 90 Interactive Trends in October
From Televised Interactive Festivals to VR Fashion Shows
These October 2020 interactive trends range from televised interactive festivals to VR fashion show events. Standouts include the virtual V Festival event that is being reimagined as a TV show &#... MORE
Spooky Rebranded Condiments
Spooky Rebranded Condiments
Heinz Tomato Blood Ketchup is Being Given Away by the Brand
The Heinz Tomato Blood Ketchup is a limited-edition offering from the brand that is sure to entice avid fans of Halloween on the hunt for products with a spooky twist. The product is made with the... MORE
Alphabetical Data-Driven Books
Alphabetical Data-Driven Books
BIBLE, THE is a Project Combining Data, Art and Technology
It’s not often that art, religion, and data collection coincide, which is what makes BIBLE, THE - an art project by the sideline collective - so unique. Using custom software built by Ernst... MORE
Four-in-One Sock Shoes
Four-in-One Sock Shoes
The SKINNERS 2.0 Travel Sock Shoes are Ultraportable and Highly Durable
The SKINNERS 2.0 travel sock shoes are an ultraportable footwear solution for avid explorers, athletes and travelers alike that will provide them with a comfort-focused way to stay prepared when... MORE
Cracked Exterior Smart Speakers
Cracked Exterior Smart Speakers
The 'Teno' Speaker Light Offers a Sliver of Illumination and More
The ‘Teno’ speaker light is an unexpectedly stylish audio and illumination solution that has been designed to shake up the industry with an aesthetic that is as thoughtful as it is... MORE
Outdoor Explorer Communication Tools
Outdoor Explorer Communication Tools
The 'MILO' Action Communicator Helps Groups Stay Connected
The ‘MILO’ action communicator is an advanced walkie-talkie system for friends, families and adventurers alike that will enable them to stay connected when spending extended periods in... MORE
Handheld Digital Telescopes
Handheld Digital Telescopes
The 'Dwarf' Portable Digital Telescope is Impossibly Compact
The ‘Dwarf’ portable digital telescope is a robust piece of equipment for those who have an interest in the cosmos that will help them to enjoy time exploring the night sky with ease... MORE
Low-ABV Liquor
Low-alcohol liquor options are on the rise as people's drinking behaviours shift
Trend - With low-alcohol beers and cocktails on the rise, so now are low-alcohol liquor options. Everything from gin to vodka is now being offered with lower alcohol content in order to prioritize flavor.
Workshop Question - How does your brand cater to the varying needs and preferences of different generations?
Top 90 Life Stages Trends in October
Top 90 Life Stages Trends in October
From Classroom Safety Partitions to Circular Kid Clothes
These October 2020 life stages trends range from classroom safety partitions to circular kid-friendly clothing. Standouts include the Bluemap Design x ClearSpace Safety Barriers, designed to ensure... MORE
Top 100 Art & Design Trends in October
Top 100 Art & Design Trends in October
From Digital Notepad Keyboards to Spent Grain Beer Package
The October 2020 art & design trends focus on a plethora of themes—from helping consumers physically and environmentally to serving a purely aesthetic purpose. Many of these artful... MORE
Holiday Intimacy Collections
Holiday Intimacy Collections
Foria Debuted a Limited-Edition Gift Set in Time for the Holidays
With the holiday season nearly upon us, Foria – the plant-based sexual wellness brand – recently unveiled a new Holiday Intimacy Collection that makes the perfect gift for your partner. The... MORE
Top 35 Toys Trends in October
Top 35 Toys Trends in October
From Animatronic Alien Collectibles to Mask-Wearing Plush Toys
These October 2020 toys range from animatronic alien collectibles to mask-wearing plush dolls. Standouts include the Star Wars Collection’s ‘The Child Animatronic Edition,’ ... MORE
Top 30 Modern Trends in October
Top 30 Modern Trends in October
From Modern Flat-Pack Tables to Artful Rug Designs
These October 2020 modern trends range from contemporary flat-pack tables to artful limited edition rugs. Standouts include Dutch artist and sculptor Parra’s latest design project with Case... MORE
Top 45 Luxury Trends in October
Top 45 Luxury Trends in October
From Luxe Protective Visors to Luxury Camping Apparel
The October 2020 luxury trends elevate a lifestyle experience through numerous products and services by brands. With the fall season upon us, luxury companies are helping consumers experience cozy... MORE
Top 35 Kitchen Ideas in October
Top 35 Kitchen Ideas in October
From Bulbous Kitchen Blenders to DIY Fermentation Kits
As the October 2020 kitchen trends reveal, consumers have continued to experiment with cooking at home as the COVID-19 pandemic persists. For many consumers, more time at home has meant more time... MORE
Citrusy Easter Chocolates
Citrusy Easter Chocolates
The Maltesers Bunny Orange Adds a Refreshing Kick to the Product
The Maltesers Bunny Orange has been unveiled by Mars Wrigley UK as part of its Easter range for 2021 that will offer consumers a way to switch up their traditions a bit and enjoy a refreshingly... MORE
Butterfly Display Case Murals
Butterfly Display Case Murals
Mantra's Insect Display Case Murals Warn of Global Warming
The French street artist ‘mantra’ is transforming the face’s of buildings with art, showcasing artistically intricate and scientifically accurate murals of butterflies that are... MORE
Tree-Based Art Installations
Tree-Based Art Installations
TREE-ROOM Can be Experienced at an Open-Air Gallery in Italy
The natural world is often the subject of artistic expression, but few pieces take the sentiments as literally as Stefano Boeri’s TREE-ROOM. The installation can be experienced in Northern... MORE
Harmonious Gin Branding
Harmonious Gin Branding
The Harmonist Rhubarb & Ginger Gin Features an Eye-Catching Label
The Harmonist Rhubarb & Ginger gin has been launched by Spar in the UK in tandem with its latest rebranding effort that will help to keep the spirits relevant for modern shoppers. The eye-... MORE
Fan-Favorite Food Menus
Fan-Favorite Food Menus
The Cheesecake Factory Timeless Classics Menu is Packed with Favorites
The Cheesecake Factory Timeless Classics menu has been launched by the restaurant brand to offer patrons a way to enjoy some of their favorite dishes with a modern twist. The menu includes a range... MORE
Family-Owned T-Shirt Films
Family-Owned T-Shirt Films
Hamilton Shirts Released a 4-Minute Short Film During the Pandemic
Hamilton Shirts is America’s oldest custom T-shirt company, having withstood two World Wars, the Great Depression, and the last pandemic, the Spanish flu. After facing so much adversity, the... MORE
Versatile Fashion-Forward Cross Trainers
Versatile Fashion-Forward Cross Trainers
The 'Nano X' is Made to Transition Between Workouts
Reebok introduced the ‘Nano X’ to enable athletes to seamlessly transition between different workouts—whether they’re running sprints, lifting weights, or taking part in a... MORE
Refillable Shampoo Packaging
Refillable Shampoo Packaging
Procter & Gamble Revealed Refillable Packaging for Haircare Products
Procter & Gamble (P&G) has announced new refillable packaging that could help to drastically reduce plastic waste, while helping to push forward on its commitment to curbing avoidable waste.... MORE
Ergonomic Mechanical Keyboards
Ergonomic Mechanical Keyboards
The SIKAKEYB AB Red Hat Keyboard Puts Hands in the Optimal Position
The SIKAKEYB AB Red Hat mechanical keyboard is a compact peripheral for users who seeking out a new option for enhancing their ergonomics, productivity and comfort. The keyboard features a compact... MORE