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Create the Future (New Book)
Create the Future (New Book)
Plus The Innovation Handbook - Tactics for Disruptive Thinking
I'm thrilled to announce my new double-sided book, Create the Future + The Innovation Handbook - Tactics for Disruptive Thinking. The 360 page guide is loaded with tactics, tools and frameworks to help make innovation and change happen. The basic premise of Side 1: Create the Future, is that we are experiencing history's highest rate of change, which means you have more opportunity within your grasp than ever before. However, there are 7 tr...MORE
play_circle_filled Health-Focused Hockey Programs
Health-Focused Hockey Programs
Hockey Fans in Training's Hockey FIT Program is for Gen X & Boomers
Hockey FIT is a lifestyle program that is geared to keep men between the ages of 35 and 65 healthy and active. The initative is launched thanks to Hockey Fans in Training (FIT) and the Red Deer... MORE
Scandinavian-Inspired Lobster Burritos
Scandinavian-Inspired Lobster Burritos
Rubio's New Norway Lobster Burrito is a Premium Dish
Rubio’s is bringing two different cuisines together with the debut of its new Norway Lobster Burrito. The new dish is meant to serve as a tasty alternative for those avoiding red meat and... MORE
Crypto Athlete Collectibles
Crypto Athlete Collectibles
The UFC Partnered with Dapper Labs to Create Crypto Fighters
The UFC partnered with a company named Dapper Labs, in order to provide consumers with crypto versions of famous MMA fighters. The crypto versions of fighters function like digital sports trading... MORE
Natural Fiber Cat Litters
Natural Fiber Cat Litters
ökocat Makes Eco-Friendly Cat Litter with Rescued Natural Fibers
ökocat is introducing the next generation of cat litter with its eco-friendly cat litter products, which are made in the US with sustainably sourced reclaimed wood natural fiber that’s... MORE
Sparkling Malt Beverages
Sparkling Malt Beverages
Malibu Splash is a Refreshing, Easy-to-Enjoy Summer Drink
Malibu is introducing a new kind of sparkling malt beverage called Malibu Splash that was created as a simple and refreshing option for the summer. The drinks are packaged in slim, portable 12-ounce... MORE
Collagen-Generating Supplements
Collagen-Generating Supplements
BioSil's Capsules Activate Natural Collagen-Producing Enzymes
Natural Factors’ easy-to-swallow BioSil Liquid Capsules are designed to boost the body’s natural collagen-generating enzymes, which play a part in reducing wrinkles, fine lines,... MORE
Vegan-Friendly Keto Wines
Vegan-Friendly Keto Wines
Smartvine Wine Appeals to Health and Fitness Enthusiasts
Across the alcohol industry, products are being developed and branded specifically for health-conscious consumers and Smartvine Wine sets itself apart as a vegan-friendly keto wine. The certified... MORE
Customizable Beer Systems
Customizable Beer Systems
'Alcohol By Choice' Serves the Same Kind of Beer at Different ABVs
Everybody is looking for something different from the products they consume and Alcohol By Choice is a beer system that caters to a wider range of people by serving the same kind of beer with... MORE
Data-Based Awareness
Artists & brands are sharing important climate change data in unexpected ways
Trend - Brands and artists advocate for environmental awareness with engaging and interactive initiatives. These creative endeavors entail the use of relevant and real-time climate change data in various installations and campaigns that have the potential to serve as an educational tool for the public.
Workshop Question - How could your brand open up the conversation about climate change in an accessible way?
Street Food-Style Tacos
Street Food-Style Tacos
Rusty Taco's New Acapulco Fish Taco is Inspired by Acapulco Street Food
With it’s new Acapulco Fish Taco, Rusty Taco wants to take your taste buds on a trip to Mexico. Rusty Taco founder Rusty Fenton has a love for travel and food. During one trip to Acapulco,... MORE
Hushpuppy-Battered Fish Sandwiches
Hushpuppy-Battered Fish Sandwiches
The New 'Krystal Catch' is Part of Krystal's Crave ‘N Save Menu
Just in time for Lent, Krystal has debuted a new Krystal Catch fish slider. During lent, many Christians swap meat for fish. To accommodate this dietary shift, many brands amp up their seafood... MORE
Hockey-Themed Taverns
Hockey-Themed Taverns
The D Las Vegas' Newest Addition, BarCanada, is Culturally Influential
The D Las Vegas is introducing a new kind of tavern to its operations and the new establishment will carry a special cultural twist from the North—it is called BarCanada. As the name might suggest,... MORE
Eccentric Audio Recording Devices
Eccentric Audio Recording Devices
The BrandNewNoise 'Loopy Lou' Looks Straight Out of the Past
The BrandNewNoise ‘Loopy Lou’ voice recorder is an eccentrically designed device that brings back the experience of recording short audio messages for sharing or simply for play. The... MORE
Mental Health Awareness Games
Mental Health Awareness Games
The Kelowna Rockets & CMHA Promote the Importance of Mental Health
On February 8th, 2020, the Kelowna Rockets took on the Portland Winterhawks at Prospera Place in what was pegged as a mental health awareness game. In partnership with the Canadian Mental Health... MORE
Meatless Breakfast Sandwiches
Meatless Breakfast Sandwiches
Starbucks Canada Introduced the Beyond Meat Breakfast Sandwich
Starbucks Canada recently launched the new Beyond Meat, Cheddar and Egg Breakfast Sandwich to its core menu. The option includes a plant-based patty topped with egg and cheddar cheese on a delicious... MORE
Social Media Sports Templates
Social Media Sports Templates
NFL Teams Increased Digital Presence Through Slate's Templates
During the 2019/2020 NFL football season, a number of different teams worked with Slate in order to increase digital presence. Slate is a company that provides real-time social media tools, which... MORE
Beer Battered Cod Sandwiches
Beer Battered Cod Sandwiches
Smashburger's New Beer Battered Pacific Cod Sandwich is a First
Just in time for the Lenten season, Smashburger has debuted a new Beer Battered Pacific Cod Sandwich. Not only is the new dish a tasty take on a classic fish sandwich, but it’s also the chain&#... MORE
play_circle_filled Gen Z-Targeted Sports Networks
Gen Z-Targeted Sports Networks
Overtime, a Digital Sports Network, is Part of adidas' Accelarator
adidas invests in 13 start-ups as part of its new sports accelerator in Paris and one of the participants is Overtime—a new digital sports network that is geared toward drawing the attention of... MORE
Fan-Favorite Chicken Bowls
Fan-Favorite Chicken Bowls
Trader Joe’s Mandarin Style Orange Chicken Bowl Uses a Hit Ingredient
Trader Joe’s recently announced the debut of a new Mandarin Style Orange Chicken Bowl inspired by one of its most popular dishes. Trader Joe’s Mandarin Orange Chicken is one of the grocery... MORE
Seasonal Strawberry Dipped Donuts
Seasonal Strawberry Dipped Donuts
Time Hortons' New Strawberry Dip Donut is Perfect for Spring
Tim Hortons is ushering in spring with the debut of a new Strawberry Dip Donut and two other strawberry-flavored treats. The newest bakery creations from Tim Hortons include a sweet Strawberry Dip... MORE
Plant-Based Fudge Treats
Plant-Based Fudge Treats
Ancient Fudge is Made with Organic Cacao That's Sweetened with Fruit
Ancient Fudge by Made In Nature is a first-of-its-kind plant-based fudge that’s made with organic cacao and naturally sweetened with fruit. The natural fudge snack is free from added sugars... MORE
Bottled Olive Leaf Teas
Bottled Olive Leaf Teas
Special Leaf Shares the Unique Flavor of Natural Olive Leaf
Special Leaf’s artisanal olive leaf teas are offered in flavors like Sweet Side and When Life Gives You Lemons, which are not only uniquely flavorful but offer a convenient way to experience... MORE
Mindful Indulgence Nut Snacks
Mindful Indulgence Nut Snacks
These New MacFarms Macadamia Nut Snacks Come in Four Flavors
These MacFarms Macadamia nut snacks are a new line of products for consumers who are looking for a flavorful yet satisfying option to choose when snacking between meals. Positioned as a range of &#... MORE
Focus-Boosting Chewing Gums
Focus-Boosting Chewing Gums
Neuro Gum & Neuro Mints Share a Simple Way to Boost Energy & Attention
Neuro Gum and Neuro Mints are now available in freshly redesigned packaging that helps to simplify its message. As Kent Yoshimura, Neuro CEO and co-founder, says: “We’re selling a... MORE
Chocolatey Chickpea Snacks
Chocolatey Chickpea Snacks
The Good Bean Chocolate Covered Chickpeas Come in Three Flavors
The Good Bean Chocolate Covered Chickpeas are a new product for the confectionery aisle that will offer consumers a tasty yet satisfying option to pick up when in the mood for a crunchy treat. The... MORE