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Gesture-Interpreting Kitchen Timers
Gesture-Interpreting Kitchen Timers
The Conceptual 'No-Touch Timer' Has an Intuitive Interface
Using a conventional timer or smartphone when cooking often means getting it dirty with hands covered in ingredients, so the conceptual ‘No-Touch Timer’ has been created to help offer a... MORE
Flat Fan-Style Pen Collections
Flat Fan-Style Pen Collections
The Conceptual 'Pen Fan' Keeps Eight Colors on Hand
The conceptual ‘Pen Fan’ has been designed by Arman Emami of EMAMIDESIGN as a piece of stationery equipment that will enable designers to keep essential accessories on hand in a compact... MORE
Top 35 World Trends in October
Top 35 World Trends in October
From AI-Based Restoration Methods to Portable Igloo Hotels
The list of October 2019 world trends explores global ways of innovation, whether it is implemented to a product, service, or overall experience. Some of the world trends aim for progression and... MORE
Top 45 Modern Trends in October
Top 45 Modern Trends in October
From Lunar Outdoor Galleries to Artistically Revamped Tech
These October 2019 modern ideas range from lunar outdoor galleries to artistically revamped tech accessories. When looking at art and design innovations, this month’s examples include Toronto&#... MORE
Top 100 Fashion Trends in October
Top 100 Fashion Trends in October
From Wireless Charger Fanny Packs to Horror Graphic Streetwear
As summer starts to make its way behind us and the fall season approaches, the list of October 2019 fashion trends explores transitional and functional fashion. There are a lot of layering options... MORE
Top 55 Luxury Trends in October
Top 55 Luxury Trends in October
From Snack-Inspired Diamond Chains to Luxury Proposal Services
This month, the October 2019 luxury trends explore many different ways to elevate an experience or product for consumers. Some of the approaches include using premium materials to construct several... MORE
Top 100 Beverage Ideas in 2019
Top 100 Beverage Ideas in 2019
From Non-Alcoholic Craft Beers to Beer-Like Sparkling Teas
From craft non-alcoholic beers to hops-infused sparkling teas, the October 2019 beverage trends reveal a growing demand for alcohol-free beverages that still deliver a familiar drinking experience.... MORE
Top 40 Interactive Trends in October
Top 40 Interactive Trends in October
From Gut Health Pop-Ups to Multi-Sensory Bag Activations
The October 2019 interactive trend round-up proves that engaging your customers with branded experiences can have a tremendous effect on the company’s reach, as well as consumer loyalty.... MORE
Accessorized Tech
Fashion and Tech merge to create subtly stylish and function accessories
Implications - Seeking to further align with consumer lifestyle habits, brands are adapting product designs and aesthetics to be more easily integrated into consumer rituals. Brands, often outside the technology space, are re-designing and adapting their products to be more inclusive of tech and smartphone needs. Offering features like outlets for charging or programmable elements, these examples speak to the desire to not only offer more functional product benefits, but products that better align to daily consumer needs and rituals, often through more hybrid design solutions.
Workshop Question — What do your consumers value most in their day-to-day rituals? How might you target that need more prominently in your products or services?
Adventurer Smartphone Holders
Adventurer Smartphone Holders
The HANGTIME 'KOALA' Phone Harness Prevents Device Drops
The HANGTIME ‘KOALA’ phone harness is a specialized accessory for adventurers and avid smartphone users alike that will offer them a better way to keep the essential device nearby... MORE
Top 100 Lifestyle Trends in October
Top 100 Lifestyle Trends in October
From Eco-Catered Plane Meals to Modern Cat-Friendly Apartments
These October 2019 lifestyle trends explore many different ways of living and catering to each and every single unique experience. Many brands highlight sustainable elements when it comes to... MORE
Multitool-Equipped Belts
Multitool-Equipped Belts
The Westwell Tool Belts Hide Essential Accessories on an Outfit
The market for everyday carry (EDC) products has increased exponentially as more consumers seek to stay prepared for any kind of daily activity, so the Westwell Tool Belts have been created with... MORE
Florally Inspired Coffee Makers
Florally Inspired Coffee Makers
The 'Bouquet' Coffee Dripper Has an Ornate, Artistic Design
The ‘Bouquet’ coffee dripper is an artistic kitchen accessory for those who are looking for a design-conscious way to brew their favorite blend of java. Designed by Jeong Kim and Weekend-... MORE
Top 35 Menswear Trends in October
Top 35 Menswear Trends in October
From Recycled Plastic Polo Shirts to AI-Tailored Dress Shirts
The series of October 2019 fashion for men trends explore multi-functionality and transitional elements as the weather begins to get cooler. To welcome the fall season this month, many brands... MORE
Top 100 Art & Design Trends in October
Top 100 Art & Design Trends in October
From Eco-Friendly Plane Meals to Synthetic Silk Parkas
There are some interesting examples in the October 2019 art & design list, highlighting either aesthetic purveyance, functional enhancement or an amalgamation of the two. Studio Michael... MORE
Top 75 Life Trends in October
Top 75 Life Trends in October
From Kid-Friendly Office Spaces to CBD-Infused Activewear
These October 2019 life trends range from kid-friendly office spaces to CBD-infused activewear lines. When it comes to innovations in the health and wellness space, standouts include The World... MORE
Top 90 Life Stages Trends in October
Top 90 Life Stages Trends in October
From Electric Assist Strollers to Artful Academic Agendas
Whether one is an adult, a boomer, a toddler, youth or other, the October 2019 life stages list spotlights a few things for everybody. Expecting mothers, for example, can enjoy Reebok’s... MORE
Top 100 Tech Trends in October
Top 100 Tech Trends in October
From Chic Mixed Reality Glasses to Reduced Food Alert Apps
The October 2019 tech round-up embraces the category of eyewear as the list features a few high-performance examples. The MAD Gaze ‘GLOW’ Smart Glasses are a pair of mixed reality... MORE
Period Drama Advent Calendars
Period Drama Advent Calendars
World Market is Selling a Downton Abbey Chocolate Advent Calendar
If the release of the recent ‘Downton Abbey’ movie has taken your obsession to new heights, then you’ll probably want to get your hands on the new Downton Abbey Chocolate Advent... MORE
Villainous Holiday Coffee Cups
Villainous Holiday Coffee Cups
The Grinch Christmas Starbucks Cups Have Your Coffee Needs Covered
If you’re looking for a way to shake things up this Christmas, you may want to pick up a few of the Grinch Christmas Starbucks Cups from Etsy seller RachelNicoleCo. The Grinch Christmas... MORE
Boy Band Beer Labels
Boy Band Beer Labels
The Jonas Brothers are Features on a New Coors Light Label
Though Coors Light is not usually associated with boy band-loving consumers, it looks like the brand may have started singing a different tune because it recently teamed up with the Jonas Brothers... MORE
Mystery Shape Peanut Butter Cups
Mystery Shape Peanut Butter Cups
Reese’s Mystery Shapes Peanut Butter Cups are Coming This Winter
This winter, Reese’s plans to keep consumers guessing with its new Reese’s Holiday ‘Mystery Shapes’ Peanut Butter Cups. In years past, Reese’s shaped peanut butter cups have... MORE
Mermaid-Themed Ice Creams
Mermaid-Themed Ice Creams
Target's New Mermaid Ice Cream Features Turquoise and Purple Swirls
It seems that the mermaid trend is alive and well, as evidenced by Target’s colorful new Mermaid Ice Cream. The new flavor follows up the success of last year’s Unicorn Magic Ice Cream,... MORE
Top 30 Retail Ideas in October
Top 30 Retail Ideas in October
From Cashierless Mini Supermarkets to Pick Up-Only Coffee Shops
As online shopping continues to disrupt the traditional retail model, the October 2019 retail trends reveal that many brands are finding new ways to make their brick-and-mortar stores work.... MORE
Top 100 Business Trends In October
Top 100 Business Trends In October
From QR Code Bookstores to Plastic-Free Fast Food Concepts
The October 2019 business trends exhibit implementations of creative, convenience-focused and future-facing concepts. From a cafe that harnesses its breathtaking location in the Styrian mountainside... MORE