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Top 60 World Trends in December
Top 60 World Trends in December
From Artsy Camp Music Festivals to Chocolate Spread-Themed Hotels
The round-up of December 2019 world trends take into account of global innovative factors, especially those that surround unique ideas and travel concepts. There are many ways that brands all around... MORE
Top 100 Fashion Trends in December
Top 100 Fashion Trends in December
From Archival Bold Retro Outerwear to Cactus-Based Leather
There are many concepts explored in this list of December 2019 fashion trends as the colder season thrives across some countries. The Fall/Winter 2019 designs hit the markets and invite new ways of... MORE
Top 95 Pop Culture Trends in December
Top 95 Pop Culture Trends in December
From Cartoon-Themed Loungewear to Witty Millennial Life Kits
Ranging from dynamic actress-branded eyewear to meme-inspired holiday apparel, the December 2019 pop culture trends provide a broad view of where consumer interests are headed. In anticipation of... MORE
Top 80 Health Trends in December
Top 80 Health Trends in December
From Intimate Care Balms to Wellness-Focused Advent Calendars
The December 2019 health trends range from intimate care balms to wellness-focused advent calendars. One innovation that’s perfect for the festive season is Saje’s 12 Nights of... MORE
Top 100 Beverage Trends in December
Top 100 Beverage Trends in December
From Hot Gin Cocktail Mixes to Spiced Mexican Hot Cocoas
From hot gin cocktail mixes to spiced Mexican hot cocoas, the December 2019 beverage trends reveal the demand for warm, festive drinks that deliver an interesting twist on traditional drinking... MORE
Top 50 Interactive Trends in December
Top 50 Interactive Trends in December
From Festive Soda Truck Tours to Immersive Tea Marketing
These December 2019 interactive trends span from festive soda truck tours to immersive tea marketing. In anticipation of the holiday season, many brands are working to create immersive retail... MORE
20 Apocalypse Survival Gifts
20 Apocalypse Survival Gifts
From Fully Collapsible Survival Tools to Pocket-Sized Emergency Kits
This list of apocalypse survival gift ideas is perfect for those of you with friends preparing for the end of the world, or if you’re preparing and want to protect your loved ones with some... MORE
70 Gifts for Cooking-Enthusiasts
70 Gifts for Cooking-Enthusiasts
From 11-in-1 Multicookers to Counter Space-Saving Cookers
With the holiday season around the corner, you can now consult this curated list of gifts for cooking-enthusiasts to find the perfect holiday present for all the cooks in your life. Some standouts... MORE
Temporary Tattoo 2.0
Updates to the positioning and formulations of temporary tattoos
Trend - As tattoos have become more accepted and more common over the years, brands selling temporary tattoos have made considerable strides in making their offerings more similar to permanent tattoos. This includes not only the experience, by way of having them done by a professional in a studio setting, but also in terms of their longevity and realism as well.
Workshop Question - What's a product or service your core customer loves? How could you reinvent that product by focusing on solving its main drawback?
Top 100 Art & Design Trends in December
Top 100 Art & Design Trends in December
From Contemporary Vanity Tables to Peaceful Smart Homes
From contemporary furniture to breathtaking art experiences, the December 2019 art & design list proves to be very interesting to explore. The category spotlights a plethora of strikingly chic... MORE
Top 100 Eco Trends in December
Top 100 Eco Trends in December
From Sustainable After-Death Centers to Backyard Gardening Kits
As climate change threatens our planet, it is important to pay attention to what is out there in terms of sustainable initiatives and product launches — the December 2019 eco gives one a good... MORE
Top 100 Branding Trends in December
Top 100 Branding Trends in December
From Excess Carbon Libations to Premium Boxed Wine Ranges
A company’s identity is very important as that is what captures the attention of consumers and what will drive traffic to one’s endeavor — this round-up of December 2019 branding... MORE
Top 30 Pet Innovations in December
Top 30 Pet Innovations in December
From Chic Orthopedic Dog Beds to Hanging Macrame Cat Beds
Ranging from chic orthopedic dog beds to handmade hanging macrame cat beds, the December 2019 pet innovations explore many different products of convenience with contemporary aesthetics for pets and... MORE
Top 100 Business Trends in December
Top 100 Business Trends in December
From Zero Waste Grocery Stores to Automated Salad Servers
The vast list of December 2019 business trends explores new and progressive ways that brands are practicing their overall business model. The new concepts explore conscious approaches to areas such... MORE
Top 25 Eco Transportation Ideas in December
Top 25 Eco Transportation Ideas in December
From Electric Camper Vans to Net-Zero Airline Flights
The top December 2019 eco transportation ideas explore a range of sustainable ways people are getting around using vehicles of all sizes. When it comes to personal transportation, consumers are... MORE
Top 100 Lifestyle Trends in December
Top 100 Lifestyle Trends in December
From Medical Alert Pendants to Neck-Stretching Solutions
The December 2019 lifestyle trends are dynamic and progressive, featuring a plethora of new ideas that cater to day-to-day living in extravagant and casual manners. One of the standout lifestyle... MORE
35 Gift Ideas for Marvel Fans
35 Gift Ideas for Marvel Fans
From Superhero-Themed Lifestyle Products to Gaunlet Collectibles
This list of gift ideas for Marvel fans appeals to a vast amount of varying age groups, diving into the playful childhood of the youth and comic book nostalgia for other generations. The round-up... MORE
Top 30 Home Trends in December
Top 30 Home Trends in December
From High-Quality Material Shops to Stylish Ball Pit Design
While some trends in the December 2019 home category prove that one can have a stylish rendition of any product — Catchu’s chic ball pit design definitely attracts attention here, other... MORE
40 Cannabis Wellness Gifts
40 Cannabis Wellness Gifts
From Wellness-Focused CBD Skincare to CBD Discovery Kits
The category of cannabis wellness has expanded and almost no stone is left unturned in its wake. From skincare that boosts the calming properties of CBD to pet treats that have hemp and other... MORE
65 Gifts for eSports Enthusiasts
65 Gifts for eSports Enthusiasts
From Edgy eSports Gaming Mice to eSports-Inspired Gaming Apparel
From performance-driven gaming peripherals to bespoke fashion lines, there really is no shortage of gifts for eSports enthusiasts as the category has exponentially grown into a multi-billion dollar... MORE
25 Gifts for Star Wars Fans
25 Gifts for Star Wars Fans
From Sci-Fi Sheet Masks to Intergalactic Film Crew Parkas
You can turn virtually anything into a franchise-inspired product as can be observed through this list of gifts for Star Wars fans. As the highly anticipated ‘Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker&#... MORE
30 Unique Smartwatch Gifts
30 Unique Smartwatch Gifts
From Advanced AI Smartwatches to Golf Game-Enhancing Watches
Smartwatch gifts are becoming more popular as the market for wearable tech increases. There are many different smartwatches on the market, and each one provides the owner with unique abilities. Due... MORE
50 Gift Ideas for Coffee Lovers
50 Gift Ideas for Coffee Lovers
From Coffee Pot-Styled Mugs to Space-Saving Cold Brew Makers
These gift ideas for coffee lovers will make you a holiday hero this festive season and go beyond the conventional gift card to a coffee chain. We’ve seen the market explode with cold brew... MORE
40 Avant-Garde Gift Ideas
40 Avant-Garde Gift Ideas
From Hair-Trimmed Luxury Bags to Slouchy Cropped Turtlnecks
An avant-garde gift needs to defy tradition in some shape, way, or form. Products in this category are often associated with a certain edgy quality as many exhibit an angular aesthetic and... MORE
Top 100 Gadgets Trends in December
Top 100 Gadgets Trends in December
From Old-Fashioned Smart Bulbs to Aviation-Inspired Flashlights
A pattern that can be identified in the December 2019 gadgets list is the concept of portability, which is inherently tied to the idea of convenience. Many tech-forward products seek to alleviate... MORE