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Infectious Messaging Webinar
Infectious Messaging Webinar
Jeremy Gutsche Shares Tactics to Help Your Marketing Stand Out
On July 14th, 2020, Trend Hunter CEO Jeremy Gutsche will be hosting a free Infectious Messaging webinar to help you develop a marketing strategy that cuts through the noise. As technology and social media become more and more pervasive in our daily lives, today's consumers face an ever-growing surge of branded messaging everywhere they go. Brands have more opportunities than ever to communicate with their target audience, but it's never been so...MORE
Tech-Branded Online Banking Platforms
Tech-Branded Online Banking Platforms
Apple Card Account Holders Can Now Use an Online Portal
Getting to the bank—if they are open—has become a challenge for many during the COVID-19 pandemic, and to help facilitate its online banking features, Apple recently debuted an online portal for... MORE
24-Hour In-App Loans
24-Hour In-App Loans
Lydia Partnered with Younited Credit to Offer Longer Repayment Plans
Lydia, the French peer-to-peer payment app startup, recently announced a new strategic partnership with Younited Credit to allow customers to borrow between €500 and €3,000 and with repayment... MORE
Top 100 Fashion Trends in July
Top 100 Fashion Trends in July
From Face-Covering Antimicrobial Jackets to Fashion House Pivots
The wide range of July 2020 fashion trends explore the ways designers are preparing for the different seasons experienced throughout the globe. There are many creative designs being practiced and... MORE
Top 100 Branding Trends in July
Top 100 Branding Trends in July
From QSR Gaming Consoles to CPG Self-Service Ad platforms
A number of July 2020 branding strategies emerged that can help consumers connect with companies in new and different ways. One of the major July 2020 branding strategies comes from KFC, which... MORE
Top 30 Games Trends in July
Top 30 Games Trends in July
From Curvaceous Next-Gen Gaming Consoles to eSports-Ready PC Desks
As the gaming industry continues to progress, several July 2020 games releases could provide a better experience for consumers. One of the major July 2020 games releases comes from Sony, which... MORE
Top 50 Auto Innovations in July
Top 50 Auto Innovations in July
From VIP Drive-In Screenings to Supercar SUV Concepts
The top July 2020 auto trends cover everything from last-mile delivery solutions and an increase in drive-in events to innovations in autonomous vehicle technology. As the way people travel, receive... MORE
Top 100 Health Trends in July
Top 100 Health Trends in July
From Virus-Safe Fitness Centers to Sustainable Hand Sanitizers
The July 2020 health category is full of innovative examples of how consumers are fairing during the COVID-19 pandemic. In addition, many of the examples on this list hint at the possible future of... MORE
16 Closet Design Innovations
16 Closet Design Innovations
From In-Closet Lighting Strips to Trouser-Organizing Accessories
These closet design innovations range from in-closet lighting strips to trouser-organizing accessories. In light of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and social distancing measures, many are tackling... MORE
AR Fitness
Augmented reality apps encourage exploration and fitness simultaneously
Trend - Apps that manipulate and gamify users' surroundings are increasingly focusing on adventure merged with fitness. These augmented reality workout apps give consumers the opportunity to explore surroundings in a way that's both playful and that prioritizes health.
Workshop Question - How is your brand offering experiences that keep consumers committed to their goals?
Brewery-Created Hard Seltzers
Brewery-Created Hard Seltzers
BrewDog is Now Creating Its Own Clean & Press Hard Seltzers
People are looking forward to sipping hard seltzers this summer and breweries are responding by creating spiked seltzers of their own—including BrewDog, which recently introduced the Clean &... MORE
Biomimetic Flying Bird Robots
Biomimetic Flying Bird Robots
Festo Created Biomimetic Robots with a Bird-Like Feather Design
Fest created new biomimetic robots that resemble birds with feathers, named the BionicSwift. The new biomimetic robot features an articulating lamella that allows the wings to function similar to... MORE
Pork Rind Bean Dips
Pork Rind Bean Dips
Southern Recipe Small Batch's Pork and Bean Dips Contain Crunchy Pork Rinds
Known for its pork rind snacks, Southern Recipe Small Batch is introducing pork and bean dips that contain chopped vegetables and the brand’s pork rings. The dips in nine-ounce jars are available... MORE
Point-Giving Banking Cards
Point-Giving Banking Cards
Point Debuts New Challenger Bank with Rewards on Debit Card Purchases
Point, a new American banking app that gives consumers points for using their debit cards, recently announced a new version of its service. The new concept aims to mimic the experience of a credit... MORE
Zero-Waste Dog Food Tins
Zero-Waste Dog Food Tins
Open Farm Pet Food Offers Eco Pet Product Packaging Via Loop
Open Farm Pet Food is making select freeze-dried raw dog food products available in reusable, eco-friendly pet product packaging, helping to cut down plastic waste. The brand is working with Loop,... MORE
Infant-Friendly Elderberry Drops
Infant-Friendly Elderberry Drops
Sambucol's Elderberry Drops Support Kids Under Age Two
To ward off colds and flus, adults often turn to pure and potent elderberry syrup as a solution and Sambucol is introducing Black Elderberry Infant Drops that were specially designed for kids under... MORE
Indonesian Financial Tech Startups
Indonesian Financial Tech Startups
Payfazz Gives Rural Customers Access to Banking
Payfazz is an Indonesian tech startup that helps rural customers access banking services. Since many traditional branches are not open in rural areas, it “leaves a huge unfulfilled and... MORE
Fast-Acting Tanning Serums
Fast-Acting Tanning Serums
Mádara’s Tanning Serum Develops in Four to Six Hours
Mádara’s Fake It Healthy Glow Self Tan Serum for the face offers a quick way to get a shot of color, as the all-natural self-tanner promises to turn dull, tired complexions radiant within just... MORE
Business-Supporting Credits
Business-Supporting Credits
Amex is Giving Cardholders Money Back for Spending at Small Businesses
Recent research unveiled that consumer spending has drastically decreased as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, resulting in a lack of spending at small businesses and financial strain on the... MORE
Oil-Free Moisturizing Jellies
Oil-Free Moisturizing Jellies
This Uniquely Textured Hydrating Jelly Moisturizer Locks in Moisture
As an alternative to conventional skincare moisturizers, Mádara developed an innovative oil-free hydrating jelly that’s formulated to revive dry skin and reduce transepidermal water loss. Hydra... MORE
Multi-Part Eco Cosmetics Packaging
Multi-Part Eco Cosmetics Packaging
Mktg Industry's S2R Reduces Plastic in Cosmetics Recycling
Cosmetics recycling is notoriously difficult since there are some materials that are easy to recycle, some that are accepted in some places and not others and non-recyclable plastics. Since not all... MORE
Exclusive All-White Sneakers
Exclusive All-White Sneakers
Roger Federer and On Release a 1,000 Pairs of the Roger
Through a collaboration with contemporary brand On, famous tennis player Roger Federer is releasing his very own footwear silhouette—an all-white sneaker, with limited availability. On one hand,... MORE
Pre-Made Pressure Cooker Meals
Pre-Made Pressure Cooker Meals
Tiller & Hatch Supply Co.'s Meals Cut Down on Time in the Kitchen
Tiller & Hatch is introducing four new frozen meals that are specifically designed as pressure cooker meals. While a pressure cooker on its own can help to significantly cut down on cooking times,... MORE
Top 100 Drinking Trends in July
Top 100 Drinking Trends in July
From Hormone-Balancing Drink Mixes to All-Canadian Beer Packaging
As the summer season continues to thrive, the July 2020 drinking trends explore different ways that consumers can enjoy a beverage. As COVID-19 limited interaction and going to bars, this summer... MORE
Top 100 Lifestyle Trends in July
Top 100 Lifestyle Trends in July
From Anti-Contact Door Openers to Portable Mask Sanitizers
The July 2020 lifestyle round-up showcases the dramatic changes that consumers are facing since the onset of the global COVID-19 pandemic and what new protocols are being implemented for safety.... MORE
Top 25 Kitchen Ideas in July
Top 25 Kitchen Ideas in July
From Portable Pellet-Powered BBQs to Sous Vide-Style Snack Makers
From miniature BBQs to sous vide snack makers, the July 2020 kitchen trends reveal that consumers are making the most of cooking at home during the COVID-19 pandemic. Amid the ongoing COVID-19,... MORE