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Free Innovating Through Chaos Webinar
Free Innovating Through Chaos Webinar
Trend Hunter CEO Jeremy Gutsche on Chaos & Innovation
I'd like to invite you to a free innovation webinar / virtual innovation keynote I'm hosting on my birthday, April 7th. The webinar is about innovating through chaos, being recession-ready, and tactics for thriving in times of uncertainty, based on my new double-sided book: Create the Future. Many of you may remember that I wrote a 2008 book called Exploiting Chaos that won some awards, and a decade later I was inspired to re-write that book as ...MORE
Fudge Sundae-Flavored Cookies
Fudge Sundae-Flavored Cookies
Keebler Fudge Stripes Hot Fudge Sundae Cookies are a Hybrid Treat
Whether you’re working from home or you have kids at home, the new Keebler Fudge Stripes Hot Fudge Sundae cookies are the perfect snack fix. As many people know, the original Keebler Fudge... MORE
Quarantine-Themed Wine Boxes
Quarantine-Themed Wine Boxes
Vinebox Has Released Its 12 Nights of Wine Box for Social Distancing
To help consumers ease the strain of social distancing and staying at home, Vinebox has re-released its popular 12 Nights of Wine box. Vinebox’s 12 Nights of Wine box is a created selection... MORE
Honeyed Easter Cheeses
Honeyed Easter Cheeses
Aldi is Selling a Wensleydale with Lemon and Honey Cheese for Easter
Easter is just around the corner and Aldi is helping consumers get in the spirit with a selection of Easter cheeses that includes Wensleydale with Lemon and Honey and Wensleydale with Raspberries... MORE
Top 100 Shoes Trends in April
Top 100 Shoes Trends in April
From Cartoon-Inspired Sneakers to Monochromatic Biodegradable Boots
This list of April 2020 shoe trends are predominantly designed to prepare for the recent arrival of the Spring season. There are a plethora of different silhouettes that ready for the warmer season... MORE
Top 100 Business Innovations in April
Top 100 Business Innovations in April
From Expanding Rideshare Platforms to Cashierless Stores
This month, businesses across the globe were put to the test as the COVID-19 pandemic forced shops to shut their doors,  and tasked millions with working remotely—this list of April 2020... MORE
Top 30 Retail Trends in April
Top 30 Retail Trends in April
From 5G Retail Partnerships to Female-Led Business Initiatives
These April 2020 retail trends range from 5G retail partnerships to female-led business initiatives. Standouts include a recent partnership between Walmart and Verizon that aims to incorporate 5G... MORE
Top 75 Life Stages Trends in April
Top 75 Life Stages Trends in April
From Comfort-Focused Baby Loungers to Vehicle Repair Play Sets
These life stages trends in April range from comfort-focused baby loungers to vehicle repair play sets. Notable examples for babies include the Babymoov Cosydream Smokey lounger—a back-... MORE
30 Work From Home Innovations
30 Work From Home Innovations
From Modular Standing Desks to Design-Conscious Routers
These work from home innovations range from design conscious routers to modular standing desk furnishings. With growing uncertainty among employers and employees amidst a global pandemic, people are... MORE
Alcohol Imititation
Cannabis brands initiate beverages in the alcohol industry—without the alcohol
Trend - The growth of the North American cannabis industry has resulted in a number of ventures within the food and beverage space. A more recent one is the imitation of alcoholic beverage flavors and branding—like wine and beer—that are infused with cannabis but are non-alcoholic.
Workshop Question - How is your brand enhancing its customers’ social experiences?
Top 100 Lifestyle Trends in April
Top 100 Lifestyle Trends in April
From Drinkable Potato Chip Packaging to Wearable Air Purifiers
The April 2020 lifestyle trends look into many ways that day-to-day routines can be elevated or made more convenient. The wide range of brands stem from industries all over the world and feature... MORE
25 Pandemic-Related Business Initiatives
25 Pandemic-Related Business Initiatives
From Free Return Flights to Luxury Mask Productions
Ranging from free return flights to luxury surgical mask productions, these pandemic-related business initiatives showcase how brands in various industries are stepping up amid the COVID-19 crisis... MORE
Jumbo Easter Egg Cakes
Jumbo Easter Egg Cakes
Costco's New Chocolate Dream Easter Egg Layer Cake is Here for Easter
Just in time for Easter, Costco has debuted a supersized Chocolate Dream Easter Egg Layer Cake. Though COVID-19 will prevent many families from getting together, the new cake is the perfect choice... MORE
Elderflower-Infused Vodkas
Elderflower-Infused Vodkas
Absolut Juice Pear & Elderflower is a Springtime Vodka Option
This spring, you can give your home bar a seasonal makeover by adding Absolut Juice Pear & Elderflower. Absolut is no stranger to flavored offerings and the new Absolut Juice Pear &... MORE
Multi-Shape Fruit Candies
Multi-Shape Fruit Candies
Starburst Minis & Beans Features Fun Two Varieties Together in One Pack
With Easter just around the corner, Starburst Minis & Beans are beginning to hit store shelves. Starburst Minis & Beans is a new variety pack that brings together colorful Starburst Minis... MORE
Ready-To-Cook Steaks
Ready-To-Cook Steaks
Texas Roadhouse is Selling Ready-To-Cook Steaks for Home Cooking
In an effort to help consumers continue enjoying restaurant-quality meals during the COVID-19 crisis, Texas Roadhouse has begun selling Ready-To-Cook Steaks. With restaurant dining rooms closed and... MORE
Fresh-Made Breakfast Sandwiches
Fresh-Made Breakfast Sandwiches
Krystal's Fresh-Cracked Egg Biscuits a New Breakfast Option
Krystal is giving the fast food breakfast sandwich a makeover with its new Fresh-Cracked Egg Biscuits. Instead of the rubbery egg patties you usually find, now you can enjoy a freshly cracked egg... MORE
20 Smart Mirror Innovations
20 Smart Mirror Innovations
From Skin-Analyzing Beauty Mirrors to Personalized Fitness Mirrors
These smart mirror innovations include skin-analyzing beauty mirrors and personalized fitness mirrors. While the HiMirror Slide aims to elevate beauty routines with in-depth skin analysis... MORE
25 Kid-Friendly DIY Kits
25 Kid-Friendly DIY Kits
From Mess-Free Tie Dye Kits to Creative Eraser Design Sets
These kid-friendly DIY kits include mess-free tie dye kits and eraser design craft sets. When it comes to craft projects that are mess-free, easy and fun for the whole family, standouts include... MORE
20 Chilled Protein Snacks
20 Chilled Protein Snacks
From Savory Egg Pops to Refrigerated Protein Bars
Chilled protein snacks are simultaneously satisfying the consumers’ desire to eat fresh foods and eat more protein on the go. Many of these snacks feature simple, natural protein sources like... MORE
15 Productivity-Increasing Apps
15 Productivity-Increasing Apps
From Swiping Interface Task Apps to Rewarding Daily To-Do Apps
Ranging from swiping interface task apps to rewarding daily to-do apps, these 15 productivity-increasing apps will help all those working from home be as efficient and effective as possible. One... MORE
10 Quarantine-Friendly Workouts
10 Quarantine-Friendly Workouts
From Self-Isolation Dance Parties to Home Fitness Streaming
The daily lives of many have dramatically shifted in the wake of COVID-19, with citizens being urged to stay at home and practice social distancing. As a result, brands have shifted their fitness... MORE
Premium Low-Cost Snack Ranges
Premium Low-Cost Snack Ranges
These New Graze £1Snacks are Healthy and Accessible
These new Graze £1 snacks have been announced by the brand to offer shoppers a convenient way to maintain a healthy lifestyle in a low-cost manner. The snacks are, as mentioned, priced at just £1... MORE
International Cuisine Cheese Dips
International Cuisine Cheese Dips
The Boursin Inspiration Cheese Dips Come in Two Options
The Boursin Inspiration cheese dips have been unveiled by the brand as a range of products that are focused on high-quality ingredients with an attention to premium international flavors. The... MORE
15 Conference Call Innovations
15 Conference Call Innovations
From Collaborative Whiteboards to Intelligent Conference Speakers
These conference call innovations range from collaborative whiteboards to intelligent conference call speakers. While conference calling has been around for decades, technology’s rapid... MORE
Convenient Pre-Packed Food Kits
Convenient Pre-Packed Food Kits
Pinkie Farm Has Launched Essential Food Kits for £25 Each
The COVID-19 pandemic has seen consumers scrambling to keep their pantries and refrigerators well-stocked, which is seeing new initiatives being launched like these food kits from Pinkie Farm. The... MORE