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Top 100 Art & Design Trends in August
Top 100 Art & Design Trends in August
From Modern Modular Dog Leashes to UV-Responsive Sneakers
The August 2019 art & design trends showcase how creatives are enhancing experiences or offering solutions to common problems. The latter is more so tied to social dynamics, sustainability and... MORE
Top 100 Branding Trends in August
Top 100 Branding Trends in August
Fro Sustainable Packaging Overhauls to Reduced Plastic Packaging
The August 2019 branding ideas are full of progressive concepts that explore re-constructed ideas of what companies represent. Many actionable changes this month were rooted in environmentally... MORE
Top 100 Life Stages Trends in August
Top 100 Life Stages Trends in August
From Escapist Insurance Ads to Affection-Exploring Objects
The August 2019 life stages list categorizes the latest innovations in products and services, with regard to the targeted age demographic. For example, as socializing can become understandably... MORE
Top 25 Photography Innovations in August
Top 25 Photography Innovations in August
From Shipping Container Cameras to AR Video Magnets
The top August 2019 photography ideas include a number of experimental projects, quality-enhancing accessories and retro designs that offer an alternative to mobile photography. While there are... MORE
Top 100 Mobile Trends in August
Top 100 Mobile Trends in August
From DIY Phone Repair Programs to Fast Processing Smartphones
As phones have become an integral device in one’s life, the August 2019 mobile trends direct users to the most cutting-edge services and enhancements in the category. The pocket-friendly... MORE
Top 45 Home Innovations in August
Top 45 Home Innovations in August
From Shipping Container Homes to Versatile Fiberglass Sheds
The top August 2019 home ideas explore low-tech ways to enhance daily life with simple objects and furniture designs. Some of the best examples of this include incense-powered bug repellants, air-... MORE
Top 30 Gaming Innovations in August
Top 30 Gaming Innovations in August
From Superhero VR Experiences to AR World-Building Games
The top August 2019 gaming ideas offer a look at innovations across mobile-first games, on-the-go consoles, eSports, augmented reality and even lifestyle products to help players perform optimally.... MORE
Cultured Cashew Snacks
Cultured Cashew Snacks
Trader Joe’s Created Two Organic Creamy Cashew Cultured Yogurt Alternatives
Trader Joe’s Organic Creamy Cashew Cultured Yogurt Alternatives are dairy-free and made with a simple ingredient list of organic cashews, filtered water, cane sugar for a hint of sweetness, rich... MORE
eSports Performance
Brands offer beverages that claim to enhance eSports-based performances
Implications - Beverage brands are targeting the eSports industry with drinks that claim to boost users' performances while gaming, whether with energy boosts or with cognitive enhancements. These items reveal how branding on relatively standard items can be transformed to suit the perceived needs of more specific–but still vast–consumer segments.
Workshop Question — Consider a branding shift that would target a new demographic for your brand.
Top 30 Customization Trends in August
Top 30 Customization Trends in August
From AR Video Magnets to Made-to-Order Wedding Rings
The August 2019 customization examples speak to a culture in consumer preferences that favors personalization. While some of the product experiences are intended as one-time marketing tactics, other... MORE
Top 100 Pop Culture Trends in August
Top 100 Pop Culture Trends in August
From Disney-Inspired Bags to Alien-Inspired Beer Campaigns
The August 2019 pop culture concepts pay close attention to all the rage that happens throughout the media and social platforms to implement through different products and services for marketing... MORE
Bespoke Apple Leather Sneakers
Bespoke Apple Leather Sneakers
Po-Zu Launched A Collection of Apple Skin Sneakers in Two Styles
Ethical and sustainable footwear brand Po-Zu recently relaunched two of its classic shoes—the BUTTERFLY and the SNEAK— in its new leather alternative material, Apple Skin. This... MORE
Top 100 Design Trends for August
Top 100 Design Trends for August
From Convenient Festival Toilets to Sustainability Exhibitions
How one curates their life says a lot about them, and this list of August 2019 design trends is sure to serve as a source of inspiration. Whether it’s house and home, DIY,  artistic... MORE
Top 40 Youth Trends in August
Top 40 Youth Trends in August
From Goo-Filled Collectible Toys to Vivid Cartoon Backpacks
From toys and accessories to tech devices and games, the August 2019 youth round-up features a stunning array of products that are designed to entice children or give parents peace of mind. On the... MORE
Top 60 Computer Innovations in August
Top 60 Computer Innovations in August
From Scissor-Switch Keyboards to Dual-Monitored Screens
Computers are a deeply integrated technology, and this list of August 2019 computer innovations demonstrates all the ways in which these devices are seamlessly adding convenience to the lives of... MORE
Top 30 Toy Innovations in August
Top 30 Toy Innovations in August
From Android Fashion Dolls to AI-Powered Murder Mystery Games
From figurines to commemorate the anniversary of the moon landing to plush animals that kick off the release of the live-action Lion King movie, the top August 2019 toys share plenty of collectibles... MORE
Top 25 Kitchen Ideas in August
Top 25 Kitchen Ideas in August
From All-in-One Meal Prep Stations to Durable One-Person Coolers
From campfire cooker to travel-friendly coolers, the August 2019 kitchen trends reveal a great deal of innovation when it comes to outdoor cooking tools. While cooking outdoors used to mean... MORE
Al Fresco Consumption Crackers
Al Fresco Consumption Crackers
These Olina’s Bakehouse Crackers are Perfect for Outdoor Eating
These new Olina’s Bakehouse crackers have been unveiled by the brand in the UK as two savory snack options that are crafted with an artisan profile to offer a flavorful alternative to other... MORE
Pre-Cold Confectionery Products
Pre-Cold Confectionery Products
The Halls Proactive Candies are Infused with Vitamin C
Existing Halls confectionery products on the market are intended to provide relief from symptoms associated with a cough and/or cold, but the new Halls Proactive is positioned as a product that... MORE
Snack-Sized Artisan Ice Creams
Snack-Sized Artisan Ice Creams
These New New Forest Ice Creams Have Rich, Decadent Flavor
These new New Forest Ice Creams have been unveiled by the brand in the UK as an artisanal series of flavors that will offer consumers an alternative way to indulge their sweet tooth. Coming in 120ml... MORE
Reduced Material Snack Packaging
Reduced Material Snack Packaging
The New Walkers Packaging Contains 30% Less Material
New Walkers packaging has been unveiled by the brand as a part of its effort to revamp its image on the shelf and also reduce the amount of materials used in the manufacturing process. The... MORE
Drink-Delivering Theme Park Robots
Drink-Delivering Theme Park Robots
This Coca-Cola Beverage Robot is Being Trialed at Alton Towers
A beverage robot is being trialed by the Coca-Cola European Partners (CCEP) in the UK to see how the technology and experience fair in high-traffic locations. CCEP has partnered with TeleRetail for... MORE
Smart Home TV Mounts
Smart Home TV Mounts
The MantelMount MM860 TV Mount Allows for Customized Programming
The MantelMount MM860 TV mount is a smart home solution for the living room that seeks to bring intuitive control functionality to the act of watching movies or shows. The mount can be used with TVs... MORE
Top 100 Business Trends in August
Top 100 Business Trends in August
From Naturally Sweetened Sweets to Collectiable-Sharing Pop-Ups
The August 2019 business trends are full of innovative ideas that transcend the overall customer experience. The list of products and services are progressive in numerous ways, one of which is... MORE
Informative Vaping Retail Displays
Informative Vaping Retail Displays
These Vapouriz Retail Display Units are Feature-Rich
These new Vapouriz retail display units have been unveiled by Vapouriz Retail Solutions as a set of options for retailers to use when stocking the brands products for a more intuitive shopper... MORE