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Top 100 Mobile Trends in 2019
Top 100 Mobile Trends in 2019
From Foldable 5G Smartphones to Durable Mobile Worker Batteries
The mobile industry is continuing to undergo a number of fine-tunings and tweaks as technology brands seek to further streamline the user experience, which is evident in this collection of the top... MORE
Top 100 Toy Trends in 2019
Top 100 Toy Trends in 2019
From Eco Craft Collectibles to Customizable Gender-Neutral Dolls
The top 2019 toy trends explore themes like gender neutrality, DIY play centered on customization and skill-building, as well as tech-powered innovations that inspire even more creativity with... MORE
Top 100 Science Trends in 2019
Top 100 Science Trends in 2019
From Seizure Predicting AI Systems to Facial Recognition Bar Orders
The 2019 science trends span across different industries and could have significant impacts on the ways people live their lives. Many of the 2019 science trends utilize AI technology in various ways.... MORE
Top 100 Social Media Trends for 2020
Top 100 Social Media Trends for 2020
From Short-Form Influencer Shows to Brutally Honest Brands
The top 2020 social media trends reflect changes that have been made to major platforms over the last year to address concerns like privacy and mental health, as well as the emergence of new... MORE
Top 100 New Venture Trends in 2019
Top 100 New Venture Trends in 2019
From Futurist Cookbooks to Zero Waste Grocery Stores
At the heart of the top 2019 new venture trends is sustainability, with many brands and retailers introducing pledges, projects, product and packaging designs that support waste reduction and... MORE
Top 100 Gadgets Trends in 2019
Top 100 Gadgets Trends in 2019
From Connected Meditation Cushions to Light-Emitting Sleep Boxes
The examples in the 2019 gadgets trends round-up spotlight how various tech products are geared toward easing one or more facets of our lives. Most of these are focused on wellness, convenience,... MORE
Top 100 Business Trends for 2020
Top 100 Business Trends for 2020
From Sustainable Corporate Initiatives to Gen Z Experiences
Those looking for tomorrow’s emerging innovations should look no further than this list of 2020 Business trends, as it offers the top industry insights from this year in an effort to pave the... MORE
Walnut-Finished Pocket Multitools
Walnut-Finished Pocket Multitools
This Limited-Edition Leatherman Charge+ is Expertly Crafted
A limited-edition version of the Leatherman Charge+ multitool has been announced by the brand to offer DIYers and makers alike with a way to stay prepared for whatever small task comes their way.... MORE
Vegan Conversion
Drugstore cosmetic brands adopt vegan branding in their emerging collections
Trend - Understanding the selling power of vegan products, which are now often associated with “clean” and cruelty-free consumption, well-known brands in the cosmetic and skincare space are formulating and promoting vegan collections for consumers.
Workshop Question - How could your brand better compete with emerging competitors in its space?
Top 100 Transportation Trends in 2019
Top 100 Transportation Trends in 2019
From Accessible Driverless Shuttles to Zero Emission Planes
A number of different 2019 transportation trends emerged to provide consumers with new ways of getting around. Many of the 2019 transportation trends cater to the growing demand for sustainability... MORE
Top 100 Baby Trends in 2019
Top 100 Baby Trends in 2019
From Circulat Kidswear Start-Ups to Brain-Boosting Baby Foods
The top 2019 baby trends explore everything from artificial intelligence to innovative new food formulas for babies that are science-backed and supportive of brain development or preventing food... MORE
Top 40 Print Trends in 2019
Top 40 Print Trends in 2019
From Gen Z-Edited Magazines to Edible Kombucha Ads
The top 2019 print trends explore some of the ways that engaging advertisements, magazines, newspapers and campaigns are being created as an alternative or a complement to digital media. To engage... MORE
Top 100 Market Trends in 2019
Top 100 Market Trends in 2019
From Driverless Grocery Deliveries to Crop-Dusting Autonomous Drones
Many of the 2019 market trends are pushing industries forward, and in some cases in new directions. Various business are finding new ways to meet consumer demands in both emerging and pre-existing... MORE
Top 45 Boomer Trends in 2019
Top 45 Boomer Trends in 2019
From Post-Menopause Multivitamins to Nostalgic Festival Boxes
The top 2019 Boomer trends in 2019 reveal the unique ways this demographic is investing in their health, enjoying their leisure time, finding fulfilment in their retirement and making the most of... MORE
Top 100 Luxury Fashion Trends in 2019
Top 100 Luxury Fashion Trends in 2019
From Spray-Painted Luxe Sneakers to Programmable Tech Purses
The expansive list of 2019 luxury fashion trends dive into the many different ways where designers are expressing themselves in a creative manner throughout the seasons. This ranges from streetwear,... MORE
Top 100 Marketing Trends for 2020
Top 100 Marketing Trends for 2020
From Paperboard Soda Packaging to Fragranced Festive Pop-Ups
This round-up of 2020 marketing trends cover many different ways that the vast variety of existing industries are connecting with their respective consumers. There are many approaches on an endless... MORE
Top 100 Interactive Trends in 2019
Top 100 Interactive Trends in 2019
From Gin-Sharing Laundromats to Luxury Pop-Up Hotels
The 2019 interactive trends showcase how companies are communicating and connecting with consumers to build substantial and loyal relationships. It is certain that if a branding campaign has some... MORE
Top 100 Tech Trends for 2020
Top 100 Tech Trends for 2020
From Obscuring Facial Jewelry to Reactive Autonomous Dresses
The 2020 tech trends list showcases some of the most cutting-edge products in this category. The round-up spotlights various innovations — from blackout curtains that can be programmed to sex aids... MORE
Almond Flour Baking Mixes
Almond Flour Baking Mixes
This Almond Flour Chocolate Chip Cookie Baking Mix is Gluten-Free
In an effort to make baking mixes more inclusive for people who adhere to a gluten-free diet, Trader Joe’s has debuted a new Almond Flour Chocolate Chip Cookie Baking Mix. When it comes to... MORE
Mozzarella Stick Chicken Sandwiches
Mozzarella Stick Chicken Sandwiches
The McDonald's South Korea McChicken Mozzarella is Satisfying
The McDonald’s South Korea McChicken Mozzarella has been unveiled as a new menu item from the brand in South Korea that will provide patrons with a distinctly cheesy way to satisfy their hunger.... MORE
Prime Rib Breakfast Sandwiches
Prime Rib Breakfast Sandwiches
The Hardee's Prime Rib And Fried Egg Biscuit is Flavorful
The Hardee’s Prime Rib And Fried Egg Biscuit is a high-quality breakfast option for consumers who are looking for an elevated alternative to their usual morning meal. The sandwich starts off... MORE
Deep-Fried Cream Cheese Sandwiches
Deep-Fried Cream Cheese Sandwiches
The KFC South Korea Fall in Cream Cheese Zinger Burger is Tasty
The KFC South Korea Fall in Cream Cheese Zinger Burger is a new sandwich option from the QSR brand that will offer patrons with a tasty, textural way to satisfy their hunger. The sandwich starts off... MORE
Biodegradable Eco Foam Snowshoes
Biodegradable Eco Foam Snowshoes
These Crescent Moon Snowshoes are Sustainably Crafted
Outdoor adventure gear is often built to last a lifetime, but these new Crescent Moon snowshoes take things in a decidedly more eco-friendly direction for explorers to admire. The products have been... MORE
Top 100 Eco Trends for 2020
Top 100 Eco Trends for 2020
From Award-Winning Bio Materials to Eco-Friendly Plane Meals
As climate change has invasive and lasting consequences, it is important to keep up-to-date with innovations that will help us reduce our consumer carbon footprint and the 2020 eco trends are a good... MORE
Top 100 Robot Trends in 2019
Top 100 Robot Trends in 2019
From Intelligent AI-Powered Robotic Dogs to Pizza Delivery Bots
The advancement of technology enables an innovator’s imagination to roam free and the 2019 robot trends are a category that shows some of the fruits of this inspiration. From robotic dresses... MORE