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Secluded Wilderness Cabin Rentals
Secluded Wilderness Cabin Rentals
The Barrington Eco Hut Offers an Isolated Getaway
The Barrington Eco Hut has been designed and created by Australia-based architectural firm Fresh Prince as a getaway for those seeking to escape the hustle and bustle of urban life in favor of a... MORE
Compact Prepackaged Breads
Compact Prepackaged Breads
The Baker Street Sliced Seeded Loaf Now Comes in a Smaller Version
A new 550 gram version of the Baker Street Sliced Seeded Loaf has been unveiled by the St Pierre Groupe as a product that will offer consumers a smaller option to choose when looking to avoid... MORE
Aquatic Folklore Baking Sprinkles
Aquatic Folklore Baking Sprinkles
The Dr. Oetker Mermaid Treasure Sprinkles are Imaginative
The Dr. Oetker Mermaid Treasure Sprinkles are one of the latest baking decoration products from the brand that will offer consumers an on-trend way to enhance their favorite recipes. The sprinkles... MORE
Mountainous Vase Decor
Mountainous Vase Decor
Pulpo's Mountain Series is Inspired by Hill Landscapes
Pulpo’s Mountain Series vase collection draws inspiration from natural landscapes and mimics hill clusters. Each vase consists of two to three hill shapes and doubles as a flower holder and... MORE
4G LTE Flip Phones
4G LTE Flip Phones
The Alcatel Go Flip 3 Features Google Assistant and More
The ubiquity of smartphones in the market has rendered alternative devices like flip phones obsolete, but the new Alcatel Go Flip 3 has been unveiled to identify that this might not be the case.... MORE
Tubular Business-Ready Projectors
Tubular Business-Ready Projectors
The WOWOTO P5 Android Smart Projector Weighs Just 1.3 Pounds
The WOWOTO P5 Android smart projector is a powerful multimedia solution that will offer advanced functionalities for prosumers and professionals alike to take advantage of. The projector weighs just... MORE
Protein-Packed Savory Bars
Protein-Packed Savory Bars
The Savourists Makes Protein-Rich Savory Snack Bars
As an alternative to the many sweet snack bars on the market, The Savourists offers savory snack bars in two flavors: Sundried Tomato & Herb and Black Olive & Nori Seaweed. The protein-rich... MORE
Three-in-One Technology Cleaners
Three-in-One Technology Cleaners
The Lecone UV Cell Phone Sanitizer Charges Devices as it Cleans
The Lecone UV Cell Phone Sanitizer is a three-in-one solution for consumers who are looking for a way to keep their essential devices free of germs and bacteria on a consistent basis. The device... MORE
Yerba Expansion
North American consumers become familiarized with yerba mate in packaged beverages
Implications - Yerba mate has traditionally been consumed as a tea in South America, but today packaged beverage brands in North America are leaning into the herb as a healthful flavor option. This speaks to the desire North American consumers have to experiment with wellness solutions from around the world.
Workshop Question — What regional trends could your brand lean into for inspiration?
Narrative Restaurant Campaigns
Narrative Restaurant Campaigns
The Chase's 'Origin Story' Series Details How Menus Come to Life
‘Origin Story: Ontario Grapes’ is the third installment in The Chase’s Origin Story campaign series. The video aims to educate the restaurant’s patrons about the inspiration... MORE
Spiced Lunchtime Sandwich Lines
Spiced Lunchtime Sandwich Lines
The New Fazilas Sandwiches Come in Nine Varieties
A new range of Fazilas sandwiches have been unveiled by James Hall & Co. as a lineup of lunchtime options for consumers seeking a flavorful alternative to the existing varieties on the market.... MORE
Convenience Store CBD Products
Convenience Store CBD Products
The New Forth CBD Products are Full-Spectrum
The new Forth CBD line of products have been unveiled by E-Alternative Solutions as a range for consumers that is readily available and crafted with high-quality ingredients. The products will be... MORE
Satisfying Convenience Store Yogurts
Satisfying Convenience Store Yogurts
These New Nomadic Dairy Yogurts Have a Thick, Creamy Recipe
The Nomadic Dairy yogurt range has been revamped by the brand to offer consumers a satisfying snack option that is ideal for on-the-go eating and crafted with high-quality ingredients. The yogurts... MORE
Nutritious Guilt-Free Granolas
Nutritious Guilt-Free Granolas
The New Boka Food Granola is Low in Sugar and Fat
The new Boka Food Strawberry Granola is being launched by the brand as a health-focused alternative to conventional cereal varieties on the market. The granola is being marketed as the only cereal... MORE
Pear-Powered Hangover Drinks
Pear-Powered Hangover Drinks
The 'RePear' Hangover Prevention Drink Helps Protect the Liver
The ‘RePear’ hangover prevention drink has been developed by the craft beer microbrewery Serda Brewing as a two-stage solution for consumers who are looking to avoid the unwanted effects... MORE
Single-Serve Frozen Pizzas
Single-Serve Frozen Pizzas
The Dr. Oetker Momenti Pizzas Have a Low-Calorie profile
The Dr. Oetker Momenti range of pizzas have been unveiled by the brand in the UK to offer consumers who are looking for a delicious, single-serve option when seeking to make a meal from home. The... MORE
Exfoliating Apple Toners
Exfoliating Apple Toners
Leaf Sead Berry's Organic Apple Toner Helps to Clear Blemishes
Leaf Seed Berry’s organic apple toner works to eliminate blemishes and irritation while exfoliating dull skin. The Etsy store is famous for its natural skincare range that draws inspiration... MORE
Real-Time LED Feedback Microphones
Real-Time LED Feedback Microphones
The Blue Yeti X Keeps Users Informed of Audio Quality
The Blue Yeti X microphone is the latest audio solution from the brand that targets podcasters, gamers and content producers alike with an array of functionalities that keep them in control of the... MORE
Vintage-Inspired Military Timepieces
Vintage-Inspired Military Timepieces
The Beaufort Watches 'Aerotimer' Has a WWII-Era Design
The Beaufort Watches ‘Aerotimer’ is a vintage-inspired timepiece that draws design cues from the 1930s to offer wearers a distinctly minimal accessory that doesn’t skimp on retro... MORE
Antimicrobial Smartphone Protectors
Antimicrobial Smartphone Protectors
The Tech21 Evo Check Keeps the Latest iPhone Free from Germs
The Tech21 Evo Check iPhone 11 case is a protector for the latest-generation Apple device that aims to offer shielding from damage, while also keeping unwanted germs and bacteria at bay. The case... MORE
Broth-Seasoning Sachets
Broth-Seasoning Sachets
Brodo Broth Co. Sachets Customize Broths with Spices
In the same way that it quickly customizes bone broths at its QSR locations, Brodo Broth Co. is now offering tea-like sachets that can be added to a nourishing broth base to enhance it with specific... MORE
Fish-Based Noodles
Fish-Based Noodles
Trident Seafoods' High-Protein Noodles are Made with Wild Alaskan Pollock
With the rise of pulses, consumers have become familiar with seeing a variety of high-protein pasta products made with everything from chickpeas and lentils to black beans—and now, Trident... MORE
Roving Bacteria-Killing Robots
Roving Bacteria-Killing Robots
The 'ROCKUBOT' Eliminates Bacteria, Dust Mites and More
The ‘ROCKUBOT’ cleaning robot is a roving technology solution that will work to eliminate unwanted bacteria, dust mites and more from the home in a simplified manner. The robot... MORE
Picture-Syncing Light Controllers
Picture-Syncing Light Controllers
The Phillips Hue Play HDMI Sync Box Immerses Users in Content
The Phillips Hue Play HDMI Sync Box has been developed as a new solution for the home entertainment market that seeks to sync up media with smart lights to further immerse users into their choice of... MORE
Eco-Friendly Probiotic Supplements
Eco-Friendly Probiotic Supplements
The Daily Synbiotic Comes with a Refillable Jar & Travel Vial
The Daily Synbiotic by Seed is an innovative two-in-one probiotic and prebiotic that promises to offer “systemic benefits beyond digestive health—including heart, skin, metabolic, and gut... MORE