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Providing insight into the most up-to-date trends on health and wellness, healthcare innovation and nutritional foods, Trend Hunter’s health category will keep you at the forefront of how consumers are attempting to maintain physical health and well-being.
Stress-Relieving Probiotics
Stress-Relieving Probiotics
DuPont Nutrition and Biosciences are Launching HOWARU Calm
In the beginning, probiotics were celebrated for assisting in gut health, then they became a very popular functional ingredient in skincare, and now companies are pivoting to stress-relieving... MORE
Top 100 Health Trends in 2020
Top 100 Health Trends in 2020
From Social Distancing Dresses to Walk-Through Sanitizers
The 2020 health trends include an array of products that were created both before the COVID-19 pandemic, and in response to it—with everything from concept designs that would enable users to... MORE
Fashionable Reusable Face Masks
Fashionable Reusable Face Masks
Yohji Yamamoto and New Era Join Forces on a Face Mask Design
Yohji Yamamoto and New Era work in collaboration to create a new reusable face mask design to cater to the current needs in response to the global health crisis. Both brands focus on function and... MORE
Male-Centric Biotin Supplements
Male-Centric Biotin Supplements
The hims Biotin Gummy Vitamin Boosts Hair and Skin Health
The Biotin Gummy Vitamin from hims is formulated for hair and skin health and will help one achieve thicker locks, stronger nails and brighter skin. In addition to its hair and skin benefits, biotin... MORE
Three-Piece Men's Supplement Kits
Three-Piece Men's Supplement Kits
TenT's [TRILOGY-set] Includes Formulas for Hair, Skin and Sleep
TenT’s [TRILOGY-set] is a male-centric supplement kit that consists of three go-to products—formulated for hair, skin and sleep health. TenT is a health brand who aims “to provide... MORE
Natural Hair-Boosting Supplements
Natural Hair-Boosting Supplements
The Country Life Maxi Hair for Men Supplements Boost Hair Health
The Country Life Maxi Hair for Men supplement is specially formulated to improve hair health and boost hair growth for those experiencing hair loss. The vitamin is sold in a 60 softgel pack and is &#... MORE
Male-Targeted Collagen Supplements
Male-Targeted Collagen Supplements
Youtheory's Collagen for Men Arrives in a Pill Format
Youtheory’s Collagen for Men retails the popular supplement in a capsule format, making for easy intake and digestion. Collagen is a widely popular yet greatly debated supplement in the health... MORE
Informative Skin Health Apps
Informative Skin Health Apps
The Miiskin App Identifies Skin Conditions and Shares Helpful Advice
Launched at CES 2021, Miiskin is an informative skin health app that is “dermatologically endorsed by the Skin Health Alliance” and developed by a team of both tech and medical experts.... MORE
Thermal CBD
Cannabis-based topical products include temperature-changing effects
Trend - Topical CBD products are increasingly popular in North America for a variety of different purposes, and to stand out among competitors some brands in the space are prioritizing temperature-changing effects in these products. These formulations are intended to warm or cool the skin, and can be observed in both skincare products and pain-relief items.
Workshop Question - How could your brand add sensorial elements to its product/service?
Limit-Setting Mobile Apps
Limit-Setting Mobile Apps
The Moment Apps Prioritizes Consumer Mental Health Through Scheduling
The Moment App might be a good mobile application to consider, given the stressful time many are finding themselves in. What many individuals have are experiencing right now is a psychological... MORE
Nourishing Men's Multivitamins
Nourishing Men's Multivitamins
1st Phorm's M-Factor Men™ Supplement is a Natural Energy Booster
1st Phorm’s M-Factor Men™ vitamin “delivers essential vitamins, minerals, and micro-nutrients to boost your immune system, stimulate muscle and hormone function.” M-Factor Men™... MORE
Male-Targeted Hair Wellness Supplements
Male-Targeted Hair Wellness Supplements
Nutrafol Men Offers Capsules to Help Stimulate Hair Growth
Nutrafol Men offers supplements in the form of capsules that support hair wellness. A strong head of hair can do a lot to support one’s self-confidence, and to keep hair healthy, some people... MORE
Top 100 Lifestyle Trends for 2021
Top 100 Lifestyle Trends for 2021
From Self-Sterilizing Face Masks to Protective Athletic Masks
The 2021 lifestyle trends range from innovative designs that elevate one’s day-to-day living in a variety of ways. One of the major changes that caused a global shift was the pandemic. As the... MORE
Accessible Mental Wellness Apps
Accessible Mental Wellness Apps
The 'Buddio' Mental Health App Makes Support Easy to Access
The ‘Buddio’ mental health app is a support solution for consumers who are looking to manage their stress, depression and/or anxiety on a daily basis using a series of science-backed... MORE
Connected Senior Monitoring Systems
Connected Senior Monitoring Systems
The CVS Health 'Symphony' Medical Alert System is Intelligent
Staying in touch with elderly loved ones just got a lot easier with the announcement of the new CVS Health ‘Symphony’ medical alert system as a way to help family and friends maintain... MORE
Immunity-Boosting CBD Product Bundles
Immunity-Boosting CBD Product Bundles
The Medterra Immune Boost Bundle Includes Two Products
Immunity is on the mind of many consumers this year more than ever due to the ongoing pandemic, which is seeing brands respond with new offerings like the Medterra Immune Boost Bundle to satisfy... MORE
Fashion-Forward Insulin Injectors
Fashion-Forward Insulin Injectors
The Conceptual 'Youtrust' Insulin Injector Isn't Intimidating
The conceptual ‘Youtrust’ insulin injector has been designed by Dorian Famin as a fashion-forward healthcare device that aims to shake up perceptions of what they have to look like. The... MORE
Collision-Avoiding Wheelchair Systems
Collision-Avoiding Wheelchair Systems
The 'LUCI' Module Uses Sensors to Prevent Falls & Crashes
Wheelchair systems have a long way to go before they can offer increased safety and comfort to their users in the modern urban environment, with a significant development coming in the form of the... MORE
play_circle_filled Adaptive Workout Programs
Adaptive Workout Programs
JRNY By Bowflex Customizes Workouts for All Capabilities
Shown at CES 2021, JRNY by Bowflex creates an experience that gives people the ability to customize their workouts. The adaptive experience unfolds with a JRNY Membership and on a smart device or... MORE
Nourishing Bath Salt Blends
Nourishing Bath Salt Blends
AMASS' Forest Bath Salts are Aromatic and Soothing
AMASS, a botanical spirit and body care company, offers Forest Bath Salts—a soothing product that nourishes the skin, relieves tension, and reinvigorates the senses. Forest Bath Salts combine... MORE
Immunity-Boosting Men's Vitamins
Immunity-Boosting Men's Vitamins
The OPTI-MEN Multi-vitamin for Active Men Supports Muscle Health
Optimum Nutrition’s OPTI-MEN® Multi-Vitamin for Active Men is formulated for overall immune support and is packed with B vitamins that help the breakdown of nutrients in one’s body. The... MORE
Immune-Targeting Skin Supplements
Immune-Targeting Skin Supplements
Goa's Skin Booster Supplements Help from the Inside Out
Goa’s Skin Booster Supplements were designed specifically for men, helping to ease one’s skin care woes from the inside out. Skin care should be an integral part of one’s daily... MORE
Prostate Health Supplements
Prostate Health Supplements
Prostastream is Formulated to Help Support a Prostate Health
Prostate health is extremely important, as the gland preforms numerous functions that are vital to the male reproductive system. With this in mind, a new supplement dubbed ProstaStream has been... MORE
Powered HEPA Face Masks
Powered HEPA Face Masks
The LG PuriCare Wearable Air Purifier Highlighted Safety at CES 2021
The LG PuriCare Wearable Air Purifier was debuted by the brand at CES 2021 as a wearable technology product for consumers to make use of in the new normal as they seek out ways to get back to their... MORE
Male-Specific Probiotics
Male-Specific Probiotics
Garden of Life Probiotics Were Designed to Support Men's Health
Garden of Life probiotics were designed to support men’s health. As consumers age, it’s important to ensure that adequate dietary changes are made in order to stay healthy, while... MORE