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Providing insight into the most up-to-date trends on health and wellness, healthcare innovation and nutritional foods, Trend Hunter’s health category will keep you at the forefront of how consumers are attempting to maintain physical health and well-being.
Romantic Cannabis Pre-Rolls
Romantic Cannabis Pre-Rolls
Island’s Luxury Pre-Rolls Made with 100% Natural Single Strain Flower
With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, premium cannabis brand Island debuted Island’s luxury pre-rolls made with 100 percent natural single strain flower, a thoughtful gift for the... MORE
Top 100 Health Trends in 2019
Top 100 Health Trends in 2019
From Smart Self-Cleaning Water Bottles to 3D-Printed Knee Braces
The wide range of 2019 health trends are progressive in many different ways—the list explore improvement of mental and physical health. There are ways that brands tackle cleanliness for safer... MORE
Hangover-Curing Capsules
Hangover-Curing Capsules
The Blowfish Starter Pack Includes 20 Dissolvable Tablets
The Blowfish Starter Pack is a hangover-curing supplement that includes 20 capsules. The capsules are easy to consume, simply dissolving in water. The Blowfish Starter Pack is backed by science... MORE
Design-Conscious Toothbrushes
Design-Conscious Toothbrushes
The Forest Electric Toothbrush by Second White Has a Chic Aesthetic
The Forest Electric Toothbrush by Second White is a design-conscious piece of equipment that seeks to strike a balance between function and form in the bathroom. The toothbrush is free from the... MORE
Herbal Sparkling Waters
Herbal Sparkling Waters
Dram Offers Refreshing and Tasty Beverages in Three Flavor Varieties
Dram’s range of herbal sparkling waters consists of three flavors—Cardamom & Black Tea, Citrus & Blossoms and Lavender & Lemon Balm. The company is also known for its CBD-... MORE
Bite-Sized Superfruit Snacks
Bite-Sized Superfruit Snacks
Pitaya Foods' Tropical Fruit Snacks are Packed with Nutrients
Pitaya Foods makes a variety of superfruit snacks that are conveniently prepackaged and sliced into bite-sized pieces, making it easy to enjoy jackfruit, passion fruit, dragon fruit and even... MORE
AI-Powered Posture Coaches
AI-Powered Posture Coaches
'PostureHealth' Provides Real-Time Feedback to Users
Consumers are seemingly spending an ever-increasing amount of their time seated, so ‘PostureHealth’ has been developed as a way to help them maintain better posture. Working without the... MORE
Waste-Reducing Vending Machines
Waste-Reducing Vending Machines
Fresh Bowl Serves Healthy Meals in Reusable Glass Jars
Health-conscious, environmentally aware consumers crave food that’s fresh, nourishing and convenient and Fresh Bowl is helping to reinvent the vending machine model with a solution that... MORE
Boomers' appetite for experience and story-based brands comes to the forefront
Trend - Despite stereotypes, Boomers and Millennials have a lot in common. Both generations have a large representation in North America, making them popular marketing targets. There are parallels between social media and hippie movements–preferences for activism and a focus on relationships. With this in mind, Boomers will begin gravitating toward products typically associated with Millennials.
Workshop Question - What is one tactic you've seen or used to target Millennials that would suit your ageing customer well?
Hand Tremor-Alleviating Wearables
Hand Tremor-Alleviating Wearables
The 'Cala Trio' Uses Noninvasive Technology to Regain Control
The ‘Cala Trio’ wearable is a noninvasive piece of technology for those who experience essential tremors to help them regain control and allow them to perform an array of tasks they... MORE
Top 100 Lifestyle Trends for 2020
Top 100 Lifestyle Trends for 2020
From Luxury Off-Road Campers to Mobile Robotic Bars
The 2020 lifestyle trends explore a plethora of ways that brands are creating experiences, products, and services that add towards a day to day activity. One of the most notable examples is the OPUS... MORE
Effective Hangover Prevention Supplements
Effective Hangover Prevention Supplements
Over EZ Boasts a Three-Phase Formula & It's Highly Rated
If you work hard and play hard, then a hangover prevention supplement is definitely worth considering. In Canada, one such highly rated product is Over EZ. With more than 300,000 happy customers,... MORE
Free-From Plant-Based Deodorants
Free-From Plant-Based Deodorants
Hint's Deodorant Has No Aluminum, Baking Soda or Coconut Oil
Hint, which makes refreshing ready-to-drink beverages and protective sunscreen products, is now introducing a plant-based deodorant that’s free from parabens, baking soda, coconut oil and... MORE
Lymphatic Massage Studios
Lymphatic Massage Studios
Body Roll Studio Reduces Muscular Tension with Roller Massage Machines
NYC’s newly opened Body Roll Studio combines the effectiveness of a lymphatic massage with rollers that are commonly used after a workout to relieve muscle tension. The lymphatic massage... MORE
Algae-Infused Kombuchas
Algae-Infused Kombuchas
The 'Sacred Life' Limited-Edition Kombucha is Colored with Blue Spirulina
To celebrate its 25th anniversary year, GT’s Living Foods created a limited-edition kombucha called Sacred Life that boasts an unusual bright blue color. The special anniversary offering is... MORE
Plant-Based Toothpaste Launches
Plant-Based Toothpaste Launches
Green Goo Created a 'Fresh Peppermint' Toothpaste Made Form Plants
Green Goo is a company based out of the United States that specializes in plant-based natural medical and hygiene products. The company launched a ‘Fresh Peppermint’ plant-based... MORE
play_circle_filled Shape-Shifting Car Seats
Shape-Shifting Car Seats
Jaguar Land Rover's "Seat of the Future" Mimics Walking Motions
Sitting for long periods of time can be detrimental to the health of the body but Jaguar Land Rover is developing a “seat of the future” with a shape-shifting design that’s meant... MORE
Eclectic Pregnancy Apps
Eclectic Pregnancy Apps
The Mum & Baby App is Information-driven & is Being Adopted Across the NHS
In the digital age, pregnancy apps have become commonplace for young parents to gain support and advice. As the medium is being perfected, it is also becoming better integrated in the health... MORE
Charitable Puppy Pop-Ups
Charitable Puppy Pop-Ups
Cadillac Fairview Launched Pop-Up Dog Parks While Supporting CAMH
January 20th is known as ‘Blue Monday’ (aka the gloomiest day of the year) so to lift the mood of Toronto shoppers, Cadillac Fairview launched charitable puppy pop-ups across various CF... MORE
Organ Transplant Machines
Organ Transplant Machines
Researchers Created a Perfusion Machine That Keep Livers Alive Longer
Researchers from University Hospital Zurich, ETH Zurich, and the University of Zurich released a paper that outlines the creation of a perfusion machine. The perfusion machine can be used to keep a... MORE
Quitters Day Food Promotions
Quitters Day Food Promotions
Chipotle Mexican Grill Launched a Twitter Fitness Promotion
Chipotle Mexican Grill is now offering consumers free food items, in order to help consumers maintain their New Year’s resolutions, and avoid what is known as Quitters Day. Quitters Day takes... MORE
Clinically Tested Collagen Supplements
Clinically Tested Collagen Supplements
Collagen Lift is Proven to Reduce Wrinkles in Four Weeks
Collagen Lift is the latest product by research-backed supplement brand Advanced Orthomolecular Research (or AOR, for short). The newest addition to the company’s portfolio seeks to alleviate... MORE
Plant-Based Gluten-Free Wraps
Plant-Based Gluten-Free Wraps
Cool Beans Makes Nutritious Wraps with Legumes
At the Winter Fancy Food Show, Cool Beans is introducing three new plant-based, gluten-free wraps in Moroccan Gold, Spicy Chipotle and Tikka Masala flavors. These wraps are prepared with some of the... MORE
Deep Insight Health Wearables
Deep Insight Health Wearables
The YHE BP Doctor Blood Pressure Smartwatch Captures Impressive Data
The YHE BP Doctor blood pressure smartwatch is a health-focused wearable that will provide users with a way to capture more data than ever before related to their daily health and wellness. The... MORE
CBN-Infused Edibles
CBN-Infused Edibles
Kiva Confections' Cannabis-Infused Edibles Feature a Different Cannabinoid
Consumers are now being introduced to a range of cannabis-infused edibles, most of which are made with well-known cannabinoids like THC and CBD, major constituents of the plant. Kiva Confections... MORE