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Trend Reports
Discover why 1,230 brands rely on our AI-powered Trend Reports to get better, faster insights.
Join 321,893 subscribers who rely on our weekly newsletter to keep up with need-to-know trends and insights.
How to Hunt
Learn more about how to hunt megatrends, ideas, patterns and opportunity.
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Our Best Innovation
Keynote Speakers
& Futurists

Our top-rated innovation keynote speakers and futurists will bring your event to life with our most popular speeches on innovation, trends, change and futurism.

Learn why over 1,100 brands rely on us.
When Red Bull, MTV, Disney, Starbucks or Google need to inspire their teams, they choose Trend Hunter's top keynote speakers because of our 3 secret weapons.

The Best Innovation Insight

Best Innovation Keynote Speakers

1. Exciting, Data-Driven Content - With Trend Hunter, you aren't getting some random keynote speaker's creative thoughts about the future. You're getting cutting-edge insights distilled from 250,000,000 people, brought to life with one of our best innovation keynote speakers. Our disruptive innovation keynotes based on the world's most inspiring content, and we have 3 billion pageviews to prove it.

2. Actionable Takeaways - Our business is helping the world's leading innovators to create the future, so our content is deeply rooted in action. Each innovation keynote includes tactics, frameworks and next steps, based on our experience helping NASA prototype the journey to Mars and helping Google, Starbucks and Adidas outinnovate their competitors.

3. Contagious Enthusiasm - If you want to inspire the future, harness creativity and bring innovation to life, you need energy. Our innovation keynotes are designed to turn research insights into excitement so you can make innovation and change actually happen.

Our Top 10 Keynote Speakers
We’ve energized more than 750 innovation events, inspiring more than 500,000 people

Jeremy Gutsche

Innovation Keynote on Making Change Happen - 10,000,000 Views

New York Times Bestselling Author,
CEO & Top Innovation Keynote Speaker

One of the world’s top innovation keynote speakers, Jeremy Gutsche is a New York Times Bestselling author with two bestselling books on chaos, change and disruptive innovation. His specialty is helping high performance CEOs and teams to accelerate innovation and make change happen when change is hard. Jeremy is a perfect fit for large stage events requiring one of the world’s best innovation keynote speakers. He advises several hundred brands, billionaires and CEOs including: NASA, Google, Microsoft, IBM, Viacom, Coca-Cola, Universal, Victoria’s Secret and Wells Fargo.

Armida Ascano

The Future of Generations - Keynote on Demographic Evolution

Chief Content Officer
Innovation Facilitator for 100+ Top Brands

One of the most popular keynote speakers on trends, Armida leads Trend Hunter’s content and Futurist Team and is one of our best keynote speakers. She has been relied upon for trend workshops and innovation keynote speeches at more than 100 of the world’s iconic brands, including: Red Bull, Domino’s, Panasonic Starbucks, Johnson & Johnson, Bacardi, Mastercard, Viacom, Universal and Toms Shoes. Her expertise is in getting high performance teams to think differently about their customer segmentation and opportunities. Armida joined Trend Hunter in 2010 as an editor, where she oversaw the creation of 50,000 articles and one billion views of traffic. Today she coaches our best innovation keynote speakers and develops frameworks on the future of innovation, technology, marketing, lifestyle and culture.

Jonathon Brown

Business Innovation Tactics - Keynote on Innovation Methods

Chief Growth Officer
Interviewed 400+ CEOs & Innovation Leaders

As Trend Hunter’s Chief Growth Officer, Jonathon Brown is an expert in maximizing innovation potential of ambitious companies. After hundreds of interviews with global innovation leaders, Jonathon has uncovered methods for sparking creativity and systematic innovation across many industries. He shares these reusable techniques through captivating keynotes and backed by real use case examples. Jonathon started at Trend Hunter in 2012 on the editorial team, where he wrote over 1,000 articles, garnering 6 million views. Along with his keynote, Jonathon doubles as Future Festival Emcee at the world’s highest rated innovation conference. Throughout his career, he’s served as an innovation keynote speaker for clients such as Cisco and Walmart, as well as events such as The Market Research Event, Omni-Shopper, Future Trends and Back-End Innovation.

Ady Floyd

The Future of Retail Innovation - Keynote on Shopping Tech & Omnichannel

VP Client Success
Advisor to 50+ Leading Brands

Ady Floyd is a Futurist and VP of Client Success, working with over 40 brands every day to curate and customize research strategies that help them find their next big idea and stay ahead of the competitive market. She specializes in spotting data-driven opportunities arising from Trend Hunter’s big data platform in order to deliver her clients the best trends and insights. She has presented on stage at Future Festival, EMA, CMA+SIMA Conference as well for clients such as Diageo, Roots, Crayola, and Coca-Cola, specializing in the topics of food & beverage, sustainability, retail/omnichannel and entertainment.

Gil Cohen

The Future of Marketing - Keynote on Marketing Trends & Tech

SVP, Client Success
Author of more than 3,000 Trend Articles

Gil Cohen is one of Trend Hunter’s most broadly experienced keynote speakers on Innovation in Retail, with a background that spans trend writing, business innovation, client research and client success. As a writer, she studied trends in all categories of innovation, creating nearly 3,000 articles before becoming a research advisor to Coca-Cola, NASA, Sony, Kellogg, MTV, Bacardi and Nestle. As a Future Festival keynote speaker, she has inspired attendees at innovation events ranging from Innova-Con to Save the Children and AARP. At Future Festival’s World Summit, she is our top keynote speaker on marketing innovation and marketing creativity.

Jaime Neely

The Future of Work - Keynote on Innovation in the Workplace

Project Lead for the Innovation Assessment

As Trend Hunter’s President, Jaime managed Trend Hunter’s team growth while developing culture programs and innovation assessments for many of the world’s best innovation teams. Her Trend Hunter Innovation Assessment has been taken by more than 30,000 innovation leaders who use the tool to benchmark their innovation strengths and better understand their blind spots. She’s been the keynote speaker at events ranging from the 2,000 attendee main stage at Mastercard, to executive boardrooms and innovation events for Staples, Universal, Pfizer, Johnson and Johnson, Nissan, Domino’s, Universal, SC Johnson and AAA. Prior to her work on culture, Jaime joined Trend Hunter as an editor in 2011, where she oversaw more than 60,000 articles, attracting over a billion views.

Courtney Scharf

The Future of Play - Keynote on Leisure Trends

Chief Client Officer
Managed 8,000 Custom Trend Projects

Courtney is the founder of Trend Hunter’s Client Research Team, which today has completed more than 8,000 custom trend report and workshop projects for hundreds of the world’s best innovation teams. She is a futurist and top keynote speaker for brands like Best Buy, Mastercard, Viacom, T Marzetti and 7-Eleven. In addition, Courtney has been an innovation and research advisor to Samsung, Adidas, Nestle, Disney and NASA. She is one of Trend Hunter’s top keynote speakers for clients with a need for deep trend expertise and facilitation of our premium innovation workshops. Since 2015, she has been one of our best keynote speakers on trends, and the lead Future Festival keynote speaker on Innovation in Leisure and the Future of Retail.

Sean Watson

Internet of Things Preview

Director of Special Projects
Interviewed 200+ CEOs & Innovation Leaders

As Trend Hunter's Director of Special Projects, Sean Watson wears many different hats. Whether helping Fortune 500 brands refine their approach to innovation through our Patterned Thinking workshop, or outlining ways a tech startup can get ahead through his Futuristic Tech presentation, Sean approaches public speaking with the mission to inform the mind and inspire the imagination. He has honed this skill through his extensive background at companies like Rogers, Bertelsmann and American Express.

As Trend Hunter's resident tech specialist, Sean has run private keynotes and innovation sessions with brands such as Coca-Cola, Kraft-Heinz, and Google. His expertise is in getting highly knowledgeable teams to employ a new perspective of the trend content they deem relevant to them, consequently encouraging them to reset and rethink their approach to innovation.

Keynote Perks

Dedicated Advisor Services

Extend your learning with the support & expertise of a Trend Hunter Advisor

Trend Hunter’s Advisor services are a fantastic complement to our innovation keynote speeches. Our team of dedicated Advisors act as an extension of your organization, curating custom trend reports and helping you apply them to your business. Whether you’re interested in learning more about a topic addressed during your Futurist presentation or about something else entirely, our Advisors provide insight and support to help you further your education.

Frameworks, Patterns & Megatrends

Megatrends Innovation Frameworks

Turn an inspiring innovation keynote into action & understanding

A HIGH PERFORMANCE METHOD OF IDEA DISCOVERY - Our keynote speakers anchor their wisdom in our big data, trend frameworks and proven method of idea discovery. Increase your ability to find overlooked opportunity and extract better thinking from your teams.

6 PATTERNS, 36 SUBPATTERNS & 18 MEGATRENDS - Deeply understand the most impactful forces shaping our world. Our examples are discovered from our analysis of more than 3 billion views and the interests of more than 250,000,000 people. To make sense of all the noise, we map all insights to the patterns and megatrends that are statistically most likely to shape our future.

Keynotes & Innovation Assessments

Trend Hunter Innovation Assessment

If you really want to take your culture to the next level, supercharge your innovation keynote speech with an overview of your company’s culture in comparison to other top innovators. Every attendee will get their own 7-10 page innovation assessment, archetype, strengths and blind spots. Plus, you will get an overview of your entire team, which can be used to customize the innovation keynote speech and frame the basis for your innovation workshop.

Keynotes Speaker Takeaways

Innovation Keynote Takeaways

Inspire attendees with custom trend reports, workshop materials & videos

Most of the top innovation keynote speakers are inspiring but lack takeaways & next steps. Since Trend Hunter’s entire business is built upon action, we curate custom reports for attendees to keep, extending the impact of your session beyond the actual workshop. In addition, trend and innovation keynotes can be customized with company-centric workshops and facilitated ideation sessions.

Want More Information?

Innovation Keynote Downloads

Download this brochure if you'd like additional information on available keynote topics, such as Forecasting Micro-Generational Desires or Marketing in the Crisis of Authenticity, as well as details such as testimonials, timelines, and more.