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Art & Design

Spanning into a wide array of areas such as interior decor, architecture and modern installations, Trend Hunter’s art & design category offers art lovers the chance to deep dive into the most exciting and unconventional ideas in the category.
Safety-Focused Museum Toolkits
Safety-Focused Museum Toolkits
Isometric Studio Has Released Visual Guidelines for Post-COVID
Isometric Studios is aiming to help cultural institutions open up in a post-COVID-19 world with a museum toolkit. Some of the suggestions include a Floor Demarcation System, signage that will... MORE
Top 100 Drinking Trends in July
Top 100 Drinking Trends in July
From Hormone-Balancing Drink Mixes to All-Canadian Beer Packaging
As the summer season continues to thrive, the July 2020 drinking trends explore different ways that consumers can enjoy a beverage. As COVID-19 limited interaction and going to bars, this summer... MORE
16 Closet Design Innovations
16 Closet Design Innovations
From In-Closet Lighting Strips to Trouser-Organizing Accessories
These closet design innovations range from in-closet lighting strips to trouser-organizing accessories. In light of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and social distancing measures, many are tackling... MORE
Social Distancing Murals
Social Distancing Murals
Stella Artois' Social Distancing Art Helps People Keep Their Space
Now that public spaces are opening up to the public once again, parks are being spraypainted with circles and social distancing art murals are emerging in public squares to help people enjoy time... MORE
Top 100 Art & Design Trends in July
Top 100 Art & Design Trends in July
From Protest Protection to Anti-Contact Doors
This list of July 2020 Art and Design trends range from masks that can distort one’s face to protect protestors to anti-contact door openers, highlighting some of the major cultural events... MORE
Top 55 Design Trends in July
Top 55 Design Trends in July
From Playable DIY Video Games to Handcrafted Wooden Toys
The DIY aesthetic is strong in the July 2020 design category as many innovations seek to include consumers in the creative process either through giving them the tools that they need or a helpful... MORE
18 Home Organization Innovations
18 Home Organization Innovations
From Discreet Storage Boxes to Modular Garment Racks
These home organization innovations range from discreet storage boxes to modular garment racks. When looking at notable architecture, standouts include Adrià Escolano and David Steegmann’s... MORE
Minimalist Monogrammed Money Holders
Minimalist Monogrammed Money Holders
The 'MONOGRAM' Wallet from VERGEco is Personalized
Minimalist fashion products are continuing to gain popularity as more consumers shift away from trend-focused pieces towards simple, classic designs which is being responded to with products like... MORE
Reformatted Laundry
Laundry detergent is offered in strip or pad form to reduce waste
Trend - Laundry detergent, most commonly offered in liquid or even powder form, is now being reformatted by emerging brands in order to reduce the amount of plastic packaging waste these products tend to create. Detergents that come in condensed strips or pads are on the rise and are just as functional as their liquid counterparts.
Workshop Question - How could your brand incorporate easy-to-establish eco-friendly measures?
Iceberg-Inspired Floating Diving Platform
Iceberg-Inspired Floating Diving Platform
Bulot+Collins Boast a Design-Forward Play Surface
This floating diving platform—designed by architecture firm Bulot+Collins—is intended to fulfill two purposes. For one, enthusiastic swimmers can utilize it as a play surface and a place to jump... MORE
Tiny Mountainous Modular Cabin
Tiny Mountainous Modular Cabin
Massimo Gnocchi and Paolo Danesi Debute a Small Modular Cabin
This small modular cabin—done in collaboration between Italian architects Massimo Gnocchi and Paolo Danesi—is a perfect escape. Dubbed ‘Mountain Refuge,’ the micro-home is... MORE
Canned Sparkling Tequilas
Canned Sparkling Tequilas
Onda Mixes Tequila with Sparkling Water and Real Fruit Juice
Onda is on a mission to appeal to a new generation of drinkers with its premium sparkling tequila beverages, which are conveniently packed into cans. The beverages are made with blanco tequila from... MORE
Reopening Restaurant Furniture
Reopening Restaurant Furniture
Arup Boasts Special Designs for Dining After COVID-19 Lockdown
Reopening restaurants are forced to make some changes in terms of the capacity, layout, and design of their spaces. As lockdown restrictions lift, it becomes painfully obvious that these measures... MORE
Top 25 Kitchen Ideas in July
Top 25 Kitchen Ideas in July
From Portable Pellet-Powered BBQs to Sous Vide-Style Snack Makers
From miniature BBQs to sous vide snack makers, the July 2020 kitchen trends reveal that consumers are making the most of cooking at home during the COVID-19 pandemic. Amid the ongoing COVID-19,... MORE
Modernized Aesthetics Hearing Aids
Modernized Aesthetics Hearing Aids
The Conceptual 'Amplify' Hearing Aid is Stylishly Functional
Hearing aids are an essential tool for many but have been a point of embarrassment for some users for the past several decades, so the conceptual ‘Amplify’ hearing aid is intended to... MORE
Wearable Beanbag Chair Fashion
Wearable Beanbag Chair Fashion
Dahee Kim Challenges Traditional School Uniform Designs in Korea
One of the biggest objections to school uniform designs is that they halt the right for personal self-expression through one’s unique style preferences. This is exactly what Central Saint... MORE
Comfortable Seating Collections
Comfortable Seating Collections
The Envisioned Comfort Collection is Design-Forward & High-End
Lithuanian contemporary designers Marija Puipaitė and Vytautas Gečas have released a comfortable seating collection that pushes the boundaries of modern aesthetic. The range is highly detailed and... MORE
10 Backyard Design Innovations
10 Backyard Design Innovations
From Voice-Activated Patio Umbrellas to Upcycled Outdoor Furniture
These backyard design innovations range from voice-activated patio umbrellas to upcycled outdoor furniture collections. When it comes to unique backyard tech, notable examples include Samsung’... MORE
20 DIY Home Decor Innovations
20 DIY Home Decor Innovations
From Branded Design Challenges to DIY Candle Making Kits
These DIY home decor innovations range from at-home candle making kits to branded interior design challenges. As a result of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and social distancing safety measures,... MORE
Flexible Ownership Apartments
Flexible Ownership Apartments
Rhove's Model Gives Apartment Renters a Stake in the Building
Rhove offers an alternative to buying or renting a place of residence that promises to be particularly appealing to young adults. The start-up reimagines renters as stakeholders, recognizing that... MORE
Candle-Powered Lantern Cookers
Candle-Powered Lantern Cookers
The UCO Candlelier Deluxe Candle Lantern Offers Light and More
The UCO Candlelier Deluxe Candle Lantern is a multifunctional camping accessory solution for outdoor enthusiasts that will provide them with a simple way to keep their environment well-lit and more.... MORE
Instantaneous Setup Camping Tents
Instantaneous Setup Camping Tents
The Decathlon 2-Seconds Easy Tent is Ready for Use in a Moment
The Decathlon 2-Seconds Easy Tent is an ultra-efficient piece of camping equipment that will provide adventurers with a way to easily set up their campsite no matter where they are without having to... MORE
Immersive Cooking Subscriptions
Immersive Cooking Subscriptions
SideChef Premium Shares a Fresh Home Cooking Experience
Step-by-step recipe platform SideChef is introducing an immersive cooking subscription service called SideChef Premium that promises an immersive home cooking experience. The service will equip home... MORE
Drive-Thru Medical Clinics
Drive-Thru Medical Clinics
NBBJ's Care Unit Concept Envisions Doctors Treating Patients in Cars
Access health-care services has mostly been limited to telehealth services in recent months but architecture firm NBBJ has a different vision for the future of healthcare, as seen in its care unit... MORE
20 Indoor Planter Products
20 Indoor Planter Products
From Sci-Fi Character Planters to Modular Indoor Garden Furniture
These indoor planter products range form sci-fi character planters to modular indoor garden furniture. Standouts include the terraplanter, an “all-natural planter with a porous exterior that... MORE