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Whether it’s providing efficiency or mere entertainment, modern gadgets are constantly adapting to satiate consumer needs. Showcasing how new technologies, creative thinking and unexpected materials can instantly revitalize traditional devices, Trend Hunter’s gadgets category will help shed some insight into the wonderfully eye-opening world of new innovations.
Smartphone-Sanitizing Appliances
Smartphone-Sanitizing Appliances
The Samsung ITFIT UV Sterilizer Eliminates 99% of Bacteria
Consumer demand for simple yet effective ways to clean and disinfect the common items they use continuously is supporting products like the Samsung ITFIT UV Sterilizer that work without water or... MORE
HEPA Filter-Equipped Sterilizers
HEPA Filter-Equipped Sterilizers
The Coral UV Sterilizer Cleans and Dries Essentials
The Coral UV Sterilizer is a countertop cleaning appliance that will make quick work of daily sanitization efforts by allowing users to do so without having to do any of the work themselves. The... MORE
Solar-Powered Pedicure Devices
Solar-Powered Pedicure Devices
The 'PediCurve Solar' Allows for Speedy At-Home Pedicures
The ‘PediCurve Solar’ is a premium foot therapy solution for those who are looking to perform personal pampering from home without the need for costly alternatives or trips to the salon.... MORE
Zen Stone-Inspired IoT Devices
Zen Stone-Inspired IoT Devices
The Conceptual 'Wepoom' Cameras Look Like Relaxing Pebbles
Smart home solutions are continuing to gain popularity amongst consumers but often feature a somewhat static design, which is something the conceptual ‘Wepoom’ cameras are designed to... MORE
Bot-Proof Raffles
Bot-Proof Raffles
Klarna's High Tech Smoooth Raffle Proves to Be a One-of-a-Kind Experience
The Smoooth Raffle, hosted by Klarna, is a revolution in the experience. The event features an extra-special entry system that uses BPM technology to measure the heartbeat of entrants. As a result,... MORE
Smart Detection Hair Dryers
Smart Detection Hair Dryers
MODA ONE Adjusts Heat in Response Hair Moisture Levels
Tineco’s MODA ONE is a next-generation hair dryer that does much more than just blast heat. The smart heated styling tool is packed with sensors that actually detect the moisture levels in... MORE
Six-Port Charging Stations
Six-Port Charging Stations
The Zendure Passport II Pro Delivers 61W of Charging Power
The Zendure Passport II Pro charger is an unbelievably powerful charging solution that will work to quickly power up all of the technology products in a user’s ownership using one singular... MORE
Raspberry Pi-Powered Tablets
Raspberry Pi-Powered Tablets
The 'CutiePi' Tablet Boasts 100% Open-Source, Hackable Design
The ‘CutiePi’ tablet is a Raspberry Pi-powered portable technology solution that will work effectively for users seeking out a product that can handle their computing needs when out of... MORE
Brands launch office supplies that are convenience-focused and adaptable
Trend - Omni-compatible devices are entering the office space as brands seek to assist individuals in day-to-day tasks. These products are multi-functional and adaptable, often facilitating a bridge between the physical and the digital.
Workshop Question - In what ways can your product become omni-compatible?
Handheld Wellness-Supporting Devices
Handheld Wellness-Supporting Devices
The 'Melo' Breathing Device Guides Users Through Stress
Struggling with stress and/or anxiety has become quite common amongst consumers who lead fast-paced lifestyles or who simply feel overwhelmed at times, so the ‘Melo’ breathing device is... MORE
Connected Voice Assistant Eyewear
Connected Voice Assistant Eyewear
The 'Lucyd' Bluetooth Smart Glasses Support Modern Lifestyles
Smart eyewear is expected to continue gaining popularity amongst consumers as they seek out a more efficient way to stay connected, so the ‘Lucyd’ Bluetooth smart glasses are positioned... MORE
Top 30 Games Trends in July
Top 30 Games Trends in July
From Curvaceous Next-Gen Gaming Consoles to eSports-Ready PC Desks
As the gaming industry continues to progress, several July 2020 games releases could provide a better experience for consumers. One of the major July 2020 games releases comes from Sony, which... MORE
Redesigned Automated Air Fresheners
Redesigned Automated Air Fresheners
The Air Wick Freshmatic was Unveiled by RB with a New Design
The Air Wick Freshmatic air freshener has been redesigned by Reckitt Benckiser (RB) as a new option for consumers who are looking for an automated way to keep their home smelling fresh. The air... MORE
VPN-Integrated WiFi Routers
VPN-Integrated WiFi Routers
The Cudy WR1300 AC1200 WiFi Router Boasts a Dual-Core Processor
The Cudy WR1300 AC1200 WiFi Router is a premium networking solution for households that want to enhance their connectivity capabilities and security at the same time. The router is powered by a dual-... MORE
Health-Enhancing Pet Water Dispensers
Health-Enhancing Pet Water Dispensers
The 'Alvinoo' Smart Pet Water Fountain is Dynamic
The ‘Alvinoo’ smart pet water fountain is a premium accessory for cat or dog owners that will provide them with a way to support the health of their furry friend in a simple manner. The... MORE
Security Camera Smart Locks
Security Camera Smart Locks
The Lockly Vision Doorbell Camera Smart Lock is Dual-Purpose
The Lockly Vision doorbell camera smart lock is a multifunctional, all-in-one security solution for homeowners that will enable them to rest assured their home is protected, while also optimizing... MORE
Style-Conscious Device Adapters
Style-Conscious Device Adapters
The 'Edge' Universal Power Adapter Features GaN Technology
The ‘Edge’ universal power adapter is a style-conscious charging solution for users who are seeking out an easier way to power up their essential devices without the need for multiple... MORE
Solar Off-Grid Power Supplies
Solar Off-Grid Power Supplies
The Bluetti AC200 Portable Solar Power Station Charges 17 Devices
The Bluetti AC200 Portable Solar Power Station is an eco-friendly power solution for travelers and adventurers alike that will enable them to enjoy electricity access from virtually anywhere. The... MORE
Vintage-Inspired Portable Speakers
Vintage-Inspired Portable Speakers
The Marshall 'Emberton' Speaker Has an IPX7-Certified Design
The Marshall ‘Emberton’ speaker is a premium audio solution from the brand that will provide users with a stylish way to enjoy their choice of music from anywhere. The unit features a... MORE
Large OLED TV Releases
Large OLED TV Releases
Xiaomi Revealed a New 65-inch 'Masters Series' OLED TV for Chinese Markets
Xiaomi recently created a new OLED TV line of products named the ‘Master Series.’ The first OLED TV in the line is a 65-inch model that is currently on sale in Chinese markets for a price of $1,... MORE
Eco-Friendly Wireless Chargers
Eco-Friendly Wireless Chargers
Solgaard's Wireless Charging Ecosystem Uses Ocean Plastic Materials
Solgaard recently launched its eco-friendly wireless charging ecosystem on Kickstarter to much success—the HomeBase, Solar Boombox and Solar Juicepack raised 300% of the funding goal in just 12... MORE
Simple-to-Use Desktop Engravers
Simple-to-Use Desktop Engravers
The Wainlux K6 Portable Desktop Laser Engraver is Compact
Engraving equipment is traditionally quite large and requires a dedicated section for it to be stored, but the Wainlux K6 portable desktop laser engraver aims to change this with a decidedly more... MORE
Component-Revealing Battery Packs
Component-Revealing Battery Packs
The Tegic BLOCK 30 Packs 10,000mAh of Power within
The Tegic BLOCK 30 power bank is a premium portable power solution for users who are seeking out a way to maintain enhanced connectivity when going about their daily routine. The battery is capable... MORE
Top 100 Gadget Innovations in July
Top 100 Gadget Innovations in July
From Wearable Wellness Patches to Portable Mask Sanitizers
The top July 2020 gadget trends are a sign of the times, reflecting increased consumer interest in everything from air purification and on-the-go sterilization to touchless designs that support... MORE
Speedy Performance PC SSDs
Speedy Performance PC SSDs
The Samsung 860 QVO SSD Has a Read Speed of 560MB/s
The Samsung 860 QVO SSD is a powerful, robust solution for PC users that will enable them to enjoy fast data access and perform an array of digital tasks without feeling limited. The hard drive... MORE