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Whether it’s providing efficiency or mere entertainment, modern gadgets are constantly adapting to satiate consumer needs. Showcasing how new technologies, creative thinking and unexpected materials can instantly revitalize traditional devices, Trend Hunter’s gadgets category will help shed some insight into the wonderfully eye-opening world of new innovations.
Tubular Business-Ready Projectors
Tubular Business-Ready Projectors
The WOWOTO P5 Android Smart Projector Weighs Just 1.3 Pounds
The WOWOTO P5 Android smart projector is a powerful multimedia solution that will offer advanced functionalities for prosumers and professionals alike to take advantage of. The projector weighs just... MORE
Home-Sanitizing Purifiers
Home-Sanitizing Purifiers
The Hypoallergenic Air 'Mold Guard' Neutralizes Viruses and More
The Hypoallergenic Air ‘Mold Guard’ is a professional-grade solution for the home that will work efficiently and effectively to sanitize a living space to keep it as clean as possible.... MORE
High-End Smart Home Solutions
High-End Smart Home Solutions
Arçelik Homewhiz Connects Household Appliances for Ease & Efficiency
With all the newly introduced technologies, companies begin looking for smart home solutions to facilitate a more streamlined experience for consumers. Arçelik — the parent company of European... MORE
Record-Inspired Air Purifiers
Record-Inspired Air Purifiers
The 'FERRIS 360' Air Purifier Has a High-End Spherical Design
The ‘FERRIS 360’ air purifier is an advanced air cleaning appliance that will work effectively to remove contaminants from a space in a design-conscious manner. The air purifier has a... MORE
Utensil-Sterilizing Knife Blocks
Utensil-Sterilizing Knife Blocks
The Kitchenflux 'Magicblock' Cleans and Sterilizes Tools
The Kitchenflux ‘Magicblock’ is a kitchen utensil sterilizer that brings industrial-grade sterilization technology into the home in a compact, discreet way. The appliance works by being... MORE
Wireless Charger Fanny Packs
Wireless Charger Fanny Packs
The Ampere Side Pocket Powers Up Devices in a Discreet Way
The Ampere Side Pocket is a stylish fashion accessory that offers wearers a dedicated spot to keep their daily essentials, while also offering connectivity capabilities for avid smartphone users to... MORE
Cable-Free Anti-Frizz Hair Dryers
Cable-Free Anti-Frizz Hair Dryers
The Advanced Rechargeable Cordless Hair Dryer is Feature-Rich
The Advanced Rechargeable Cordless Hair Dryer is a specialized accessory for those who are looking to fine-tune their daily grooming procedures and increase their overall efficiency. The device... MORE
Military-Grade Smartphone Cases
Military-Grade Smartphone Cases
CASETiFY's Ultra Impact Case Was Created for the New iPhone Models
CASETiFY has created a new version of its Impact Case, which is set to be released alongside the new Apple iPhone 11, 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max. The Ultra Impact Case will have a price range from $54-65... MORE
Safe Vape
Vaporizers integrate features that give the user more control over dosing
Implications - Despite the fact that vaporizer companies often position vaping as a safer alternative to smoking, some consumers remain wary of the long-term effects of vaping. In an effort to respond to their needs, a number of vape brands are integrating features that claim to make for a more controlled vaping experience. This serves as a reflection of the consumer perception that control can lead to a greater sense of safety.
Workshop Question — How dos the relationship between control and safety play into your product or brand experience?
Handheld Blender Appliances
Handheld Blender Appliances
This Mini Portable Blender Prepares Drinks with Fresh Ingredients
This mini portable blender has been designed by Sun Jin as a mobile solution for those looking to prepare fresh drinks from anywhere without the need for conventional appliances or solutions. The... MORE
12 Innovative Phone Cases
12 Innovative Phone Cases
From Heat-Reducing Cases to Privacy Protecting Phone Cases
Many people have used smartphone cases for years to protect their device from drops, however, innovative phone cases are often able to provide more functions than simply protecting a device. One of... MORE
Real-Time LED Feedback Microphones
Real-Time LED Feedback Microphones
The Blue Yeti X Keeps Users Informed of Audio Quality
The Blue Yeti X microphone is the latest audio solution from the brand that targets podcasters, gamers and content producers alike with an array of functionalities that keep them in control of the... MORE
Picture-Syncing Light Controllers
Picture-Syncing Light Controllers
The Phillips Hue Play HDMI Sync Box Immerses Users in Content
The Phillips Hue Play HDMI Sync Box has been developed as a new solution for the home entertainment market that seeks to sync up media with smart lights to further immerse users into their choice of... MORE
Three-in-One Technology Cleaners
Three-in-One Technology Cleaners
The Lecone UV Cell Phone Sanitizer Charges Devices as it Cleans
The Lecone UV Cell Phone Sanitizer is a three-in-one solution for consumers who are looking for a way to keep their essential devices free of germs and bacteria on a consistent basis. The device... MORE
Modular Athletic Massagers
Modular Athletic Massagers
The 'YOGGI BALL' Can be Used All Over the Body
Increasingly stressful and demanding lifestyles amongst urban consumers are seeing many seek out effective ways to relax on their own terms, which is exactly what the ‘YOGGI BALL’ is... MORE
Ergonomic Mobile Console Controllers
Ergonomic Mobile Console Controllers
The HORI Split Pad Pro Controller Has a Full-Size Design
The HORI Split Pad Pro Controller is a pro-grade peripheral for Nintendo Switch users that will enable them to swap out the OEM controllers for a more ergonomic alternative. Fitting neatly onto the... MORE
Voice Assistant-Optimized TVs
Voice Assistant-Optimized TVs
The Grundig Fire TV Edition is Compatible with Amazon Alexa
The Grundig Fire TV Edition brings hands-free technology to the smart home. Boasting increased ease of operation, the innovation is compatible with streaming platforms such as Netflix, Prime Video,... MORE
Old-Fashioned Smartphone Docks
Old-Fashioned Smartphone Docks
The Retroduck Q Wireless Smartphone Dock Comes in Three Colors
The Retroduck Q wireless smartphone dock is a vintage-inspired technology accessory that incorporates the latest functionalities for users to access in a retro way. The dock features an old-... MORE
Health-Tracking Plant Sensors
Health-Tracking Plant Sensors
The 'greensens' Smart Houseplant Sensor Relays Pertinent Data
The ‘greensens’ smart houseplant sensor is a connected solution for those seeking to optimize the health of the greenery in their home using compact yet advanced technology. The sensor... MORE
Ergonomic Athletic Audio Accessories
Ergonomic Athletic Audio Accessories
The Vodo Vibe Earbuds Offer Up to 24 Hours of Playback
The Vodo Vibe earbuds are an ergonomic audio accessory that will offer athletes and audiophiles alike with a way to enjoy their favorite music or podcasts while going about their daily routine.... MORE
Hardwired Next-Gen Outlets
Hardwired Next-Gen Outlets
The Leviton Dual Type-C Wall Outlet Works with the Latest Devices
USB-C is quickly becoming the new standard for device syncing and charging, so the Leviton Dual Type-C Wall Outlet is one of the latest creations from the brand that will enable consumers to... MORE
Secondary Vehicle Battery Maintainers
Secondary Vehicle Battery Maintainers
The Noco Genius G750 Keeps Lightly Used Batteries Healthy
The Noco Genius G750 battery charger and maintainer is an intelligent accessory for use with secondary vehicles, boats or RVs to keep them in tiptop shape between uses. The device works by being... MORE
Solar-Powered Smart Blinds
Solar-Powered Smart Blinds
The Teptron 'MOVE 2' Motorized Blinds Work with Any Kind of Shade
The Teptron ‘MOVE 2’ smart motorized blinds are a next-generation solution from the brand that aims to deliver exceptional versatility for those seeking to enhance their existing smart... MORE
HD Portable Touchscreen Displays
HD Portable Touchscreen Displays
The 'MageDok' Portable Monitor Works for Games, Work and More
The ‘MageDok’ portable monitor is a robust multimedia solution for consumers who are looking for a way to maintain optimal productivity out of the house. The screen comes in three size... MORE
Connected Heated Sleeping Bags
Connected Heated Sleeping Bags
The 'BUNDL' Electric Heated Sleeping Bag Offers Instant Warmth
The ‘BUNDL’ electric heated sleeping bag is a connected piece of gear for campers that will offer them a way to stay comfortable when spending extended periods of time outdoors in cooler... MORE