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The world of flavor, food packaging and the future of food is constantly shifting in exciting ways. Trend Hunter’s food category features the best of the best in the world of edibles, from consumer packaged goods to the most cutting-edge food blogger recipes.
Top 100 Food Trends in August
Top 100 Food Trends in August
From Soaked Oat Cups to Virtual Farmers' Market Apps
The August 2020 food trends point to new and improved flavor options but also to how technology is being utilized in the space and it is quite impressive. 3D-printing has surely become a go-to... MORE
Flavored Walnut Snacks
Flavored Walnut Snacks
These Ready-to-Eat Snack Walnuts Were Inspired by Kitchen Pantry Items
Diamond of California is now introducing ready-to-eat Snack Walnuts inspired by modern kitchen pantry items. The nut snacks are made only with non-GMO ingredients that limit sugar and sodium and... MORE
Artisan Beet Pesto Sauces
Artisan Beet Pesto Sauces
Do Anything's Beet Pesto is Non-GMO and Certified Organic
Do Anything’s Beet Pesto sauce is a tasty garnish that can be used as a meal topping, as a savory spread or as a nutritious dip. “Great as a dip for crudites or crackers, a base for... MORE
Exclusive Limited-Edition Sodas
Exclusive Limited-Edition Sodas
MTN DEW SPARK is Available at Speedway Locations
The MTN DEW SPARK is new Mountain Dew soda flavor created by the brand to offer thirsty consumers with a different take on the classic refreshment. The soda is available exclusively at more than 2,... MORE
Artisan Carrot Cake Jams
Artisan Carrot Cake Jams
The Potlicker LLC's Carrot Cake Jam Boasts an Award-Winning Recipe
The Potlicker LLC’s Carrot Cake Jam is described as “cake in a jar” and boasts an award-winning recipe. The small batch jam is handcrafted in Vermont and consists of “... MORE
Low-Sugar Watermelon Candies
Low-Sugar Watermelon Candies
SmartSweets' Sourmelon Bites Have Just Three Grams of Sugar Per Bag
Inspired by classic watermelon candies, SmartSweets is introducing a new low-sugar candy called Sourmelon Bites that boasts just three grams of sugar per bag. As well as being low in sugar, the... MORE
Cookie-Infused Ice Cream Flavors
Cookie-Infused Ice Cream Flavors
Baskin-Robbins Relaunched the Iconic Mom's Makin' Cookie Flavor
Iconic ice cream store, Baskin-Robbins recently announced the relaunch of its beloved Mom’s Makin’ Cookies ice cream. The fan-favorite flavor boasts “brown sugar flavored ice cream infused... MORE
Movie-Themed Coffee Creamers
Movie-Themed Coffee Creamers
The International Delight Caramel Waffle Cookie Creamer is Tasty
The International Delight Caramel Waffle Cookie Creamer is one of the latest limited-edition offerings from the brand that will provide coffee enthusiasts with a new seasonal option to enjoy in the... MORE
Unlikely Wasabi
Wasabi is incorporated into unlikely foods and cosmetics
Trend - The adaptation of the spicy condiment wasabi in unlikely items can be observed in both cosmetic and food industries–with everything from topical shampoos to edible caviar-like pearls incorporating the popular Japanese paste.
Workshop Question - How could your brand incorporate global influences into its product/service?
Baked Vegan Cheeses
Baked Vegan Cheeses
Waitrose's Breaded Vegan Baking Melts Have a Melting Coconut-Based Filling
Waitrose is already planning for the Christmas season and this year, plant-based consumers will be treated to new items like baked vegan cheese. The Breaded Vegan Baking Melts with Redcurrent Relish... MORE
Chocolate-Inspired Cream Cheeses
Chocolate-Inspired Cream Cheeses
Philadelphia and Cadbury Partnered for a New Cream Cheese Flavor
New and enhanced cream cheese flavors are spotlighted on the market all the time as consumers look for something new to experience. One of the more interesting and unexpected options in this... MORE
Potent Berry Supplements
Potent Berry Supplements
The Z Natural Foods Organic Freeze-Dried Super 8 Berry Blend is Tasty
The Z Natural Foods Organic Freeze-Dried Super 8 Berry Blend is a new offering from the brand that is intended to offer consumers with an easier way to reap the benefits of several different berry... MORE
Health-Conscious Tortillas
Health-Conscious Tortillas
The La Tortilla Factory Low Carb Tortillas Come in Two Options
Low-carb diets have become more popular with a larger number of consumers, which is seeing new product varieties like the La Tortilla Factory Low Carb Tortillas be introduced to help make mealtime... MORE
Limited-Edition DIY Burger Kits
Limited-Edition DIY Burger Kits
The Shake Shack SmokeShack Kits are Ready-to-Prepare
The Shake Shack SmokeShack Kits have been announced by the brand as a new ready-to-prepare meal option for consumers who want to enjoy a delicious meal from the comfort of home. The kit includes... MORE
Hemp-Powered Wellness Bundles
Hemp-Powered Wellness Bundles
The Half Day CBD Bundle Provides Products for Anytime of Day
CBD has quickly become essential for many stressed-out consumers seeking out a way to balance the various demands of their life, so the Half Day CBD Bundle is positioned as the perfect option for... MORE
Crunchy Fudge Protein Bars
Crunchy Fudge Protein Bars
Barebells' Crunchy Fudge Flavor is High-Protein & Free from Added Sugar
Barebells Functional Foods’ created a new Crunchy Fudge protein bar that’s rich in texture and protein and free from added sugar. The seemingly indulgent protein bar boasts 20 grams of... MORE
Nacho-Flavored Tortilla Chips
Nacho-Flavored Tortilla Chips
Trader Joe's New Tortilla Chips are an "Edible Ode to Nacho Cheese"
Trader Joe’s new nacho-flavored tortilla chips offer a different way to appreciate the cheesy taste of nachos in the form of an easy-to-enjoy chip made with a blend of stone-ground organic... MORE
Artisan Vegetable Seasoning Kits
Artisan Vegetable Seasoning Kits
Ross & Ross Gifts' Veggie Roast Dinner Kit Boasts Bold Flavors
Ross & Ross Gifts’ Veggie Roast Dinner Box elevates vegetable-based dishes and is geared toward consumers on a plant-based diet and those looking to reduce their carbon footprint with a... MORE
Ghee-Infused Oil Sprays
Ghee-Infused Oil Sprays
Organic Ghee & Sunflower Oil Spray is Ideal for Frying & Sautéing
The Organic Ghee & Sunflower Oil Spray offers a simple way to support panfrying and sautéing at home, especially at a time when paleo, keto and low-carb lifestyles has revived the popularity of... MORE
Vegan Breakfast Sandwiches
Vegan Breakfast Sandwiches
Gregorys Coffee's Vegan Deluxe Breakfast Sandwich is All Plant-Based
Over the last few years, consumers have been introduced to a range of breakfast sandwiches that integrate select plant-based ingredients but the new vegan breakfast sandwich from Gregorys Coffee... MORE
Caffeinated Crispy Pastry Snacks
Caffeinated Crispy Pastry Snacks
The Special K Caramel Latte Pastry Crisps are Functional
The Special K Caramel Latte Pastry Crisps are a new offering from the brand that aims to combine two essential breakfast foods in order to accommodate the needs of time-poor consumers. The snacks... MORE
Musician-Honoring Cooking Sauces
Musician-Honoring Cooking Sauces
The Tessemae’s Cosmic Jerry Sauce Pays Homage to Jerry Garcia
The Tessemae’s Cosmic Jerry sauce is a new product for chefs that will offer them a way to spice up their favorite dishes with a touch of flavor in a simple yet high-quality manner. The sauce is... MORE
Fresh-Baked Convenience Store Pastries
Fresh-Baked Convenience Store Pastries
7-Eleven Unveiled a New Fresh-Baked Goods Menu
The new 7-Eleven fresh-baked goods menu has been announced by the brand as a range of pastry options for patrons who are seeking out a convenient yet flavorful way to satisfy their cravings for... MORE
Keto-Friendly Beet Crisps
Keto-Friendly Beet Crisps
Okanagan Rawesome's Beet Crisps in Onion-Herb are Grain-Free
Okanagan Rawesome’s Beet Crisps in Onion-Herb are a grain-free, vegan, keto-friendly and gluten-free snack that is made from organic, non-GMO ingredients. The low carb snack features sprouted... MORE
Collagen-Based Coffee Creamers
Collagen-Based Coffee Creamers
The Z Natural Foods Collagen MCT Creamer Comes in Two Options
The Z Natural Foods Collagen MCT Creamer is a new offering from the brand for the US market that is formulated to help enhance the nutritional profile of coffee and tea-based drinks. The creamer... MORE