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The world of flavor, food packaging and the future of food is constantly shifting in exciting ways. Trend Hunter’s food category features the best of the best in the world of edibles, from consumer packaged goods to the most cutting-edge food blogger recipes.
play_circle_filled Healthy Eating-Centric Campaigns
Healthy Eating-Centric Campaigns
Beko's Eat Like a Pro Draws Inspiration from Athletes and eSports
‘Eat Like a Pro’ is a campaign that centers around the importance of mindful eating. The initative is launched by Beko — a European kitchen appliance company, and it holds it as its... MORE
Sustainability Through Distilling
Sustainability Through Distilling
A Talk with Cam Formica, Co-Founder of Willibald Farm Distillery
Willibald Farm functions as a distillery, a restaurant, with plans to soon be a brewery as well. The brand focuses on a grain-to-glass spirit production at its distillery located on its farm in Ayr,... MORE
AI-Powered Rice Packages
AI-Powered Rice Packages
Uncle Ben's is the First Food Brand to Make the Most of Google Lens
Google Lens, Google’s AI-powered visual search tool, is making it easier for consumers to dive deeper into the Uncle Ben’s brand and discover recipes, nutrition advice, instructional cooking... MORE
Insect Powder Chocolates
Insect Powder Chocolates
Protein-Rich 'Future Chocolate' Contains 10% Edible Insect Powder
With the climate crisis in mind, designers are transforming the way a number of familiar products are formulated for a more sustainable approach—including Future Chocolate by Jisun Kim. Future... MORE
Multipurpose Superfood Seasonings
Multipurpose Superfood Seasonings
The Gut Lab's Superfood Shakers Can be on Salads, Meat and More
The Gut Lab’s Superfood Shakers are healthy seasonings that can be used to flavor meats, salads and snacks like popcorn. The seasonings come in four flavors—‘super Q,’ ‘... MORE
Noodle-Filled Watermelon Bowls
Noodle-Filled Watermelon Bowls
Mokbar's Matcha Melon Bowl is Made with a Hollowed Out Watermelon
While New York City’s Mokbar is known for its hotcakes, perhaps the true star of the menu is the Matcha Melon bowl. The Matcha Melon Bowl is an over-the-top dish that starts with a hollowed-... MORE
Cookie Dough Dessert Trucks
Cookie Dough Dessert Trucks
The Cookie Dough and Everything Sweet Truck Serves Up Unreal Desserts
As if there weren’t enough tasty treats to sample at Disney Springs at Walt Disney World, the new ‘Cookie Dough and Everything Sweet’ food truck is serving up some of the most... MORE
Pizza Crust Pasta Bowls
Pizza Crust Pasta Bowls
Pizza and Pasta Collide with Olive Garden's New Chicken Alfredo Pizza Bowl
Olive Garden is bringing together pizza and pasta together in an unexpected way with its new Alfredo Pizza Bowl. Just as the name suggests, the new dish combines two of the most beloved Italian... MORE
Epicurean Syrup
Maple syrup is elevated for the refined palate with upscale infusions
Implications - Gourmet maple syrups transformed with upscale flavor infusions are elevating the nostalgic breakfast staple into a grownup experience ripe for culinary experimentation. This shift suggests that in a time when consumers are embracing an influx of gourmandized condiments, there is still room to reimagine the basics in favor of the heightened everyday dining experience.
Workshop Question — How can you reimagine a staple product in order to infuse it with a sense of indulgence?
Eco-Friendly Plane Meals
Eco-Friendly Plane Meals
PriestmanGoode Thinks of the Planet When Revolutionizing Cabin Service
It is hard to get on an aircraft, receive a plane meal, and not think of all the single-use plastic that went into curating and catering the experience. PriestmanGoode seeks a guilt-free solution to... MORE
Savory Oat Milk Butters
Savory Oat Milk Butters
Oat Milk Butter by Miyoko’s Creamery is a Vegan Substitute for Butter
For a few years now, people have been relying on the butter alternatives from Miyoko’s Creamery as a plant-based substitute for butter when cooking or baking. Previously, the brand has made its... MORE
play_circle_filled Nutrient-Preserving Vacuum Blenders
Nutrient-Preserving Vacuum Blenders
Beko's Vacuum Blender Assures That There is No Air Contact
Beko is a European kitchen appliance company, whose product lines are concerned with facilitating the grounds and providing the resources for a healthy diet and this Vacuum Blender from the brand&#... MORE
Pretzel Catering Packages
Pretzel Catering Packages
Auntie Anne's Prost Package Helps to Share Oktoberfest Celebrations
To help pretzel lovers celebrate Oktoberfest in a fun fashion, Auntie Anne’s created the Prost Package catering bundle, which will be offered for a limited time. The catering bundle is full of... MORE
Snack Cashback Programs
Snack Cashback Programs
PepsiCo's PepCoin Program Shares Rewards to PayPal & Venmo
With a PepCoin account, people who purchase snacks and drinks from PepsiCo will be able to validate their purchases and get credits towards their PayPal or Venmo account. This loyalty program lets... MORE
play_circle_filled Pizza-Branded Parent Stations
Pizza-Branded Parent Stations
Red Baron Launched the 'Parent Win' Campaign Online and In-Person
According to a recent study, the hashtag #ParentFail peaks during the back-to-school season, and in an effort to appreciate parents across the United States, frozen pizza brand Red Baron has... MORE
Festive Family-Friendly Biscuits
Festive Family-Friendly Biscuits
The Limited-Edition Christmas Jammie Dodgers are Holiday-Ready
The limited-edition Christmas Jammie Dodgers have been unveiled by the Burton’s Biscuit Company as a new range of treats for children and adult alike that will offer families a festive way to... MORE
On-the-Go Bone Broths
On-the-Go Bone Broths
The LonoLife Keto Chicken Bone Broth is Nutritionally Dense
The LonoLife Keto Chicken Bone Broth is an on-the-go product for consumers who are looking for an easier way to stay fueled while partaking in outdoor activities or sports. The product comes in... MORE
Mini Triple Chocolate Brownies
Mini Triple Chocolate Brownies
Hostess is Set to Debut Triple Chocolate Brownies in December
While many snack brands are experimenting with over-the-top seasonal flavors, Hostess is keeping things simple with its new Triple Chocolate Brownies and Cream Cheese Coffee Cakes. The only catch is... MORE
Birthday Cake Pancake Mixes
Birthday Cake Pancake Mixes
Pillsbury's Funfetti Pancake Mix Will Make Everyday Extra Special
With Pillsbury’s new Funfetti Pancake Mix, you can make sure every day feels just as special as your birthday. Pillsbury’s new Funfetti Pancake Mix was recently spotted by the eagle-... MORE
Ghoulish Halloween Popcorn Snacks
Ghoulish Halloween Popcorn Snacks
Universal Studios is Serving Ghostbusters Halloween Trap Popcorn
Like it or not, spooky season is here and Universal Studios is celebrating with a whole host of terrifying new snacks like the Ghostbusters Halloween Trap Popcorn. Universal Studios’... MORE
Sky-High Donut Towers
Sky-High Donut Towers
Vivoli Il Gelato’s Leaning Tower of Doughnuts is Photo-Worthy
Disney Springs is known for churning out some eye-popping treats, but the new Leaning Tower of Doughnuts truly takes the cake. The Leaning Tower of Doughnuts is a supersized dessert that’s... MORE
Meat-Free Meatball Toppings
Meat-Free Meatball Toppings
Just Salad is Making Beyond Beef Meatballs a Permanent Menu Addition
As part of its mission to be a sustainability leader in the restaurant space, Just Salad has announced that it will be making Beyond Beef Meatballs a permanent menu addition at all of its US... MORE
Encased Plant-Based Bites
Encased Plant-Based Bites
perfectlyfree's Fruit & Vegetable Bites are Better-for-You Snacks
Alongside its dedicated line of Fruit Bites, perfectlyfree is introducing a range of Vegetable Bites that introduce yet another option for a colorful, better-for-you snack. Each one of the Vegetable... MORE
Vitamin-Rich Convenience Store Snacks
Vitamin-Rich Convenience Store Snacks
The Mott's Fruit Flavored Snacks Come in Two Varieties
The Mott’s Fruit Flavored Snacks have been unveiled as a new variety from General Mills Convenience for convenience stores that will offer consumers a tasty option to choose in favor of other... MORE
Top 100 Food Trends in September
Top 100 Food Trends in September
From Vegetable-Rich Dairy Treats to CBD-Infused Ice Teas
Highlights from the September 2019 food round-up include a plethora of new and exciting flavor innovations, CBD-infused products and some enriching sustainable projects. The cannabis industry has... MORE