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First impressions are key, especially when it comes to making an impact in the retail and consumer goods market. Showcasing everything from innovative marketing techniques to unique product aesthetics, Trend Hunter’s branding category is here to shed some light on all the different methods brands are using to entice consumers.
Multi-National EV Reveals
Multi-National EV Reveals
The Porsche Taycan Will Be Simultaneously Unveiled in Three Locations
The new ‘Porsche Taycan’ will have a simultaneous world premiere on three different continents. The car will be revealed in North America, China, as well as Europe, all at the exact same... MORE
Top 100 Branding Trends in September
Top 100 Branding Trends in September
From Funky Taco Kit Rebrands to Waste-Conscious Beer Brands
The September 2019 branding list spotlights what companies are doing to stay relevant and a lot of it has to do with design-friendly sensibilities. Image is everything and businesses often harness... MORE
Tennis-Inspired Mural Campaigns
Tennis-Inspired Mural Campaigns
loyalkaspar Boasts Five Murals and an Ad Spot for the US Open
loyalkaspar — a contemporary creative branding agency, embraces artistic merits and expression in advertising through a vibrant mural campaign that adorns urban walls in New York City. The... MORE
Llama-Themed Canned Cocktails
Llama-Themed Canned Cocktails
The All Shook Up 'Llamartini' is Flavorful and Vibrantly Branded
The All Shook Up ‘Llamartini’ canned cocktail is a new ready-to-drink libation that takes the recent popularity of llamas into account for a premium themed drink. The cocktail comes as a... MORE
Low-Calorie Convenience Store Smoothies
Low-Calorie Convenience Store Smoothies
These New F’real Smoothies Contain 270 Calories or Less
These new F’real smoothies have been introduced by the frozen beverage brand to offer consumers a healthier option to pick up when craving a refreshing, satisfying drink. The smoothies will join... MORE
eSports Jersey Partnerships
eSports Jersey Partnerships
Nike Has Revealed Pro League Team Kits for 'League of Legends' Teams
Nike has recently revealed Pro League Team Kits for League of Legends players. The Pro League Team Kits are the result of a partnership between Nike and the League of Legends Pro League, or LPL. The... MORE
Vegan Malt Snack Bars
Vegan Malt Snack Bars
The Soreen Banana Loaf Bar Contains Less Sugar and Fat Than Other Snack Bars
The Soreen Banana Loaf Bar is the latest individually wrapped version of the brands snack that will offer consumers a way to stay fueled between meals without having to worry about unwanted... MORE
Vitamin-Enriched Coffee Shots
Vitamin-Enriched Coffee Shots
The VitaCup Coffee Lightning Shot Offers a Quick Energy Boost
The VitaCup Coffee Lightning Shots have been launched as a new alternative energy drink that will offer consumers a beneficial way to increase their alertness. The drinks are made with a cold brew... MORE
Merchandise Expansion
Brands release merchandise beyond just clothing and memorabilia
Implications - As branded merchandise becomes ever more popular among consumers looking to showcase their loyalty, the products themselves are evolving into more than just clothing and memorabilia pieces. Diversifying branded products into the home, holiday and even media space, brands are not only looking to create shareable moments, but rather expand their reach into categories not typically in their wheelhouse.
Workshop Question — How could your brand expand their reach through unexpected merchandise?
Recycling Awareness Beverage Ads
Recycling Awareness Beverage Ads
Coca-Cola's New Ads Asks Consumers to "Help Us Recycle"
With more pollution entering landfills every year, one global food and beverage company has taken a stand to ask consumers to “help us recycle” or not to buy its product at all. Coca-... MORE
Top 100 Marketing Trends in September
Top 100 Marketing Trends in September
From Swapped Logos to High-Energy Alcohol Activations
Many different brands across the wide scope of industries explore new and exciting ideas this month, making up the list of September 2019 marketing trends. The expansive list highlights the... MORE
Eco-Friendly Parcel Delivery Campaigns
Eco-Friendly Parcel Delivery Campaigns
Sendle Released Limited-Edition Climate Awareness Stickers
In the wake of the current climate crisis, an Australian carbon neutral delivery service, Sendle, released climate awareness stickers to encourage the Australia Post to commit to carbon neutrality.... MORE
Top 50 Interactive Trends in September
Top 50 Interactive Trends in September
From AR Cocktail Recipes to Hot Air Balloon Activations
Sometimes the best way to connect with your consumer base is through immersive, hands-on experiences and the September 2019 interactive trend round-up highlights what companies have been doing to... MORE
Box Store Anniversary Collections
Box Store Anniversary Collections
Target Just Just Unveiled Its 20th Anniversary Collection
To celebrate 20 years since its first partnership with a designer, Target has launched a 20th Anniversary Collection. With more than 300 items in the new line, you’ll want to get your wallet... MORE
On-the-Go Bone Broths
On-the-Go Bone Broths
The LonoLife Keto Chicken Bone Broth is Nutritionally Dense
The LonoLife Keto Chicken Bone Broth is an on-the-go product for consumers who are looking for an easier way to stay fueled while partaking in outdoor activities or sports. The product comes in... MORE
Meat-Free Meatball Toppings
Meat-Free Meatball Toppings
Just Salad is Making Beyond Beef Meatballs a Permanent Menu Addition
As part of its mission to be a sustainability leader in the restaurant space, Just Salad has announced that it will be making Beyond Beef Meatballs a permanent menu addition at all of its US... MORE
Music App-Themed Burritos
Music App-Themed Burritos
Chipotle's New TikTok Burrito Draws Inspiration from Social Media
In what is likely an effort to appeal to Gen Z consumers, Chipotle has unveiled its new TikTok Burrito. For those unfamiliar, TikTok is a massively popular social media app that allows users to... MORE
Remastered Classic Movie Releases
Remastered Classic Movie Releases
The Original Halloween Has Been Remastered to Promote Sequels
The original Halloween film from 1978 will return to theaters in the fall, in a remastered version. Cinelife Entertainment is the company that is spearheading the re-release of the classic horror... MORE
Indian Street Food-Inspired Snacks
Indian Street Food-Inspired Snacks
The Cofresh Chips ‘n’ Dip Snacks Come in Three Varieties
The Cofresh Chips ‘n’ Dip snacks have been announced by the brand as an extension to its Indian Street Food range that will offer consumers a tasty, convenient way to enjoy exotic flavors. The... MORE
Tasty Clean Meat Snacks
Tasty Clean Meat Snacks
The Country Archer Mini Beef Stick Line Includes Two New Options
The Country Archer Mini Beef Stick line has been unveiled by the brand as two new on-the-go meat snacks that are perfect for consumers craving a clean meat treat to enjoy out of the house. The... MORE
Pain-Alleviating CBD Creams
Pain-Alleviating CBD Creams
The CBD Essentials Extra Strength Pain Relief Cream is Natural
The CBD Essentials Extra Strength Pain Relief Cream is a premium product from Cannaisseur Brands that is formulated with the needs of modern consumers in mind. The pain relief product is formulated... MORE
Succulent Soy-Based Sausages
Succulent Soy-Based Sausages
The Richmond Meat-Free Sausages are Just 57.5 Calories Each
The Richmond Meat-Free Sausages are the latest vegetarian meat product from the Kerry Foods-owned brand that will offer consumers in the UK with a tasty way to switch up their favorite recipes.... MORE
Latte-Themed Chocolate Bars
Latte-Themed Chocolate Bars
The Cadbury Dairy Milk Choca-Latte is Infused with Digestive Biscuits
The Cadbury Dairy Milk Choca-Latte has been unveiled as a new permanent addition to the Dairy Milk range that was created by Callum Clogher as part of the Cadbury Inventor competition. The bar is a... MORE
Festive Family-Friendly Biscuits
Festive Family-Friendly Biscuits
The Limited-Edition Christmas Jammie Dodgers are Holiday-Ready
The limited-edition Christmas Jammie Dodgers have been unveiled by the Burton’s Biscuit Company as a new range of treats for children and adult alike that will offer families a festive way to... MORE
Vitamin-Rich Convenience Store Snacks
Vitamin-Rich Convenience Store Snacks
The Mott's Fruit Flavored Snacks Come in Two Varieties
The Mott’s Fruit Flavored Snacks have been unveiled as a new variety from General Mills Convenience for convenience stores that will offer consumers a tasty option to choose in favor of other... MORE