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Conceptions of beauty are constantly changing, resulting in a constant slew of new and innovative developments in the cosmetic industry. Offering the latest in cosmetic packaging, beauty campaigns and sustainable products, this category sheds light into all the emerging trends in the cosmetic world.
Fast-Acting Tanning Serums
Fast-Acting Tanning Serums
Mádara’s Tanning Serum Develops in Four to Six Hours
Mádara’s Fake It Healthy Glow Self Tan Serum for the face offers a quick way to get a shot of color, as the all-natural self-tanner promises to turn dull, tired complexions radiant within just... MORE
Top 100 Fashion Trends in July
Top 100 Fashion Trends in July
From Face-Covering Antimicrobial Jackets to Fashion House Pivots
The wide range of July 2020 fashion trends explore the ways designers are preparing for the different seasons experienced throughout the globe. There are many creative designs being practiced and... MORE
Invisible Eyeshadow Primers
Invisible Eyeshadow Primers
KVD Vegan Beauty's Shakeable Liquid Eyeshadow Primer Goes on Clear
To help consumers of all skin tones, ages and eye types create the beauty looks of their dreams, KVD Vegan Beauty is introducing an innovative liquid eyeshadow primer that goes on clear. Thanks to... MORE
Bust Care Sticks
Bust Care Sticks
Bawdy Beauty's Nipple & Areola Stick is Hydrating & Protecting
Bawdy Beauty, the maker of Butt Masks and Bawdy Sticks, is adding a Nipple & Areola Stick to its unique product care portfolio. The balm boasts hydrating and protecting properties and Bawdy... MORE
Concentrated Pore Care Serums
Concentrated Pore Care Serums
SERUMKIND's Yellomello Drop Features Portuguese Leaf Extract
SERUMKIND is expanding its innovative skincare range with a brand-new pore care serum that’s perfect for pore-refining and clearing. Like its other formulations, the new Yellomello Drop... MORE
Wooden Automotive Air Fresheners
Wooden Automotive Air Fresheners
The Drift Wood Air Freshener Features Premium Aromas
Conventional automotive air fresheners are usually crafted from plastic or paper, but the Drift wood air fresheners aim to take a decidedly different approach with a naturalistic material. The air... MORE
Protective Probiotic Mists
Protective Probiotic Mists
Nourish's Face Mist Supports the Skin's Natural Defenses
Nourish London is debuting its new probiotic mist as “nature’s new skin protector,” as it is packed with not just anti-inflammatory turmeric but also minerals and anti-aging... MORE
Food-Grade Hair Oils
Food-Grade Hair Oils
These Addicted Beauty Hair Oils Have a Natural, Free-From Recipe
These Addicted Beauty hair oils are a premium range of haircare products for consumers who are looking for a natural way to handle their locks and enhance its health. The hair oils were created by... MORE
Bio Glitter
Consumers find balance between sustainability and play with bio glitter
Trend - While glitter and sequins are great for adding glamor to clothing, cosmetics and parties, these plastic microparticles inevitably end up in our waterways, harming the environment. Today, innovation in biodegradable glitter allows consumers to play with glitter, without threatening marine life and the environment.
Workshop Question - What tiny thing does your company do to have a negative impact on the natural environment and how can you remedy this?
Multi-Part Eco Cosmetics Packaging
Multi-Part Eco Cosmetics Packaging
Mktg Industry's S2R Reduces Plastic in Cosmetics Recycling
Cosmetics recycling is notoriously difficult since there are some materials that are easy to recycle, some that are accepted in some places and not others and non-recyclable plastics. Since not all... MORE
Priming Clear Sunscreens
Priming Clear Sunscreens
Kylie Skin's Invisible Sunscreen is Protective & Moisturizing
Since the debut of Kylie Cosmetics, fans have been eagerly awaiting the release of a sunscreen and Kylie Ski is finally delivering with a clear sunscreen. The invisible Broad Spectrum SPF 40 Face... MORE
Oil-Free Moisturizing Jellies
Oil-Free Moisturizing Jellies
This Uniquely Textured Hydrating Jelly Moisturizer Locks in Moisture
As an alternative to conventional skincare moisturizers, Mádara developed an innovative oil-free hydrating jelly that’s formulated to revive dry skin and reduce transepidermal water loss. Hydra... MORE
25 Lash-Enhancing Beauty Products
25 Lash-Enhancing Beauty Products
From Cannabis-Infused Lash Serums to AI-Designed Mascaras
These lash-enhancing beauty products range from cannabis-infused lash serums to AI-designed mascaras. While products like Milk Makeup’s Kush Growhouse Lash + Brow Serum work to “nourish,... MORE
Gentle Mineral Sunscreens
Gentle Mineral Sunscreens
Everyday Humans' Sunscreen Supports Sensitive, Oily & Acne-Prone Skin
Everyday Humans’ new Rosé S’il Vous Plait SPF30 Gentle Mineral Sunscreen was recently launched to support those with sensitive, oily and acne-prone skin. While sunscreen used to be heavy,... MORE
play_circle_filled AHA Serum Deodorants
AHA Serum Deodorants
Kosas' Chemistry Deodorant is Clean, Soothing, Brightening & Non-Staining
Kosas’ new Chemistry Deodorant is a uniquely formulated AHA serum deodorant that’s packaged like a lotion but includes a roll-on applicator. Skincare aficionados who are familiar with... MORE
Redesigned Automated Air Fresheners
Redesigned Automated Air Fresheners
The Air Wick Freshmatic was Unveiled by RB with a New Design
The Air Wick Freshmatic air freshener has been redesigned by Reckitt Benckiser (RB) as a new option for consumers who are looking for an automated way to keep their home smelling fresh. The air... MORE
Balancing Gel-Cream Moisturizers
Balancing Gel-Cream Moisturizers
Glossier's Priming Moisturizer Balance Suits Oily Skin
Glossier, a brand that’s beloved for its skincare-first approach to beauty, is known for its Priming Moisturizer and Priming Moisturizer Rich and it is now introducing an all-new Priming... MORE
Machine-Washable Makeup Sponges
Machine-Washable Makeup Sponges
The Sponge by MakeUp Eraser is Long-Lasting & Easy to Clean
Makeup sponges are great for picking up product but their ultra-absorbent forms also mean they need to be regularly cleaned and The Sponge sets itself apart as a first-of-its-kind machine-washable... MORE
Refillable Toiletry Concepts
Refillable Toiletry Concepts Makes Solid Zero-Waste Products & Refillable Containers
Toiletries are often packaged in travel-friendly bottles that are convenient yet wasteful and is a start-up that’s offering a vision for a future with less waste by creating... MORE
Cooling Gel Masks
Cooling Gel Masks
Darphin’s Hydraskin Cooling Hydrating Gel Mask Provides Sensorial Comfort
Darphin’s Hydraskin Cooling Hydrating Gel Mask is a refreshing face summer mask that is formulated to provide instant cooling to skin and immensely boost hydration. Packed with 88% ingredients of... MORE
Clean Mascara Subscriptions
Clean Mascara Subscriptions
My Little Mascara Club's Mascara Subscription is the First of Its Kind
My Little Mascara Club’s clean mascara subscription launched on Kickstarter, aiming to introduce women to a better alternative packed with natural ingredients. As Christie Kerner, founder of... MORE
Fruit-Forward Toothpastes
Fruit-Forward Toothpastes
These New Aquafresh Toothpastes Highlight Premium Flavors
These new Aquafresh toothpastes have been unveiled by GSK in the UK to offer consumers with a flavorful way to take care of their teeth each day. The new products include the Aquafresh Senses... MORE
Small-Batch Summertime Colognes
Small-Batch Summertime Colognes
The Hawthorne Green And Airy Cologne Has a Refreshing Profile
The Hawthorne Green And Airy Cologne is positioned as the perfect summertime scent option for those who want to enhance their daily grooming efforts with a touch of summery aromatics. The cologne... MORE
Top 50 Cosmetics Trends in June
Top 50 Cosmetics Trends in June
From Pride-Celebrating Makeup Lines to Blendable Bronzer Stamps
The June 2020 cosmetics highlight new releases in skincare, grooming, makeup, and more—including a number of virtual try-on services that enhance and streamline the online shopping experience... MORE
Space-Inspired Perfumes
Space-Inspired Perfumes
Eau de Space is a NASA-Developed Scent Capturing the Smell of Space
Eau de Space is a unique fragrance that is designed to capture the unique scent expeirence of outer space. Although the average person likely hasn’t given much thought to what space smells like,... MORE