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As drinking becomes more integrated into aspects of societal behavior, branding and marketing initiatives are subsequently adapting with new flavors and drinking techniques. Showcasing everything from beverage branding techniques to drinking rituals, this category offers the best of the best when it comes to what’s happening in the world of beverages.
Hydrogen-Infused Water Beverages
Hydrogen-Infused Water Beverages
HyEdge's HFactor Water Helps with Athletic Performance
HFactor by HyEdge is water that’s been infused with molecular hydrogen, which has been proven to enhance athletic performance, reduce exercise-related inflammation and support the body with... MORE
Pure Hibiscus Beverages
Pure Hibiscus Beverages
Nuba Tisane's Hibiscus Tea is Based on a Traditional Egyptian Drink
Nuba Tisane crafts vibrant hibiscus beverages based on a traditional Egyptian drink. As well as taking inspiration from an ancient recipe, the brand makes its beverages authentically with high-... MORE
Ultra-Low Alcohol Ciders
Ultra-Low Alcohol Ciders
Strongbow Dark Fruit Has a 0.5% ABV and Refreshing Flavor
The Strongbow Dark Fruit cider has been unveiled by the brand as its first-ever ultra-low alcohol offering that targets the increasing number of consumers looking to lower or cut their intake of... MORE
Algae-Infused Kombuchas
Algae-Infused Kombuchas
The 'Sacred Life' Limited-Edition Kombucha is Colored with Blue Spirulina
To celebrate its 25th anniversary year, GT’s Living Foods created a limited-edition kombucha called Sacred Life that boasts an unusual bright blue color. The special anniversary offering is... MORE
Hybrid Plant-Based Half-and-Halfs
Hybrid Plant-Based Half-and-Halfs
Silk's Half & Half Alternative Combines Oatmilk & Coconutmilk
Silk’s new Dairy-Free Half & Half Alternative offers a creamy way to enhance everything from tea to coffee without dairy, sugar, gluten, cholesterol, carrageenan, artificial flavors or... MORE
Super Bowl Teaser Ads
Super Bowl Teaser Ads
MTN DEW Preemptively Captures Consumer Attention Ahead of the Super Bowl
This Super Bowl teaser ad is short and sweet.  Every year, the sporting event sends brands into a marketing frenzy as many attempts to curate entertaining commercials to air on the big day.... MORE
play_circle_filled Revamped Iconic Beer Campaigns
Revamped Iconic Beer Campaigns
Budweiser Canada and Uber Revived the Classic 'Whassup' Campaign
Budweiser Canada partnered with Uber to launch a new ad that will play during Super Bowl LIV. The ad is a continuation of the iconic ‘Whassup’ campaign, which aired 20 years ago, and it... MORE
Smoky Bacon-Flavored Spirits
Smoky Bacon-Flavored Spirits
The Heritage Distilling Co. Bacon Vodka Has a 30% ABV
The Heritage Distilling Co. Bacon Vodka is a smoky spirit created for those who simply can’t get enough of the namesake breakfast food or who are seeking out a way to enhance their cocktails... MORE
Savory Beverage
Savory cocktails grow in popularity alongside experimental beverage consumption
Implications - Savory cocktails are increasingly common among restaurant menus and pre-packaged beverages, with everything from duck fat to gravy being used as bases for new alcoholic beverages. These options come as consumers increasingly prioritize experimental and worldly flavors as part of the rise in "foodie" culture.
Workshop Question - How could your brand better focus on the preference for distinct product experiences?
Alcohol-Removed Canned Wines
Alcohol-Removed Canned Wines
FRE's Sparkling Rosé is a First Single-Serve Alcohol-Removed Wine
With the intention of capturing the interests of sober-curious consumers and those who are abstaining from alcohol, FRE is introducing its Sparkling Rosé and Sparkling Brut as the first single-... MORE
Japanese Style Sandwich Shops
Japanese Style Sandwich Shops
Konbi is a Echo Park Restaurant that Spotlights Different Cultures
Konbi is a ‘daytime restaurant’ that is located in Echo Park, serving up delicious Japanese style sandwiches paired with a fine selection of coffee and teas. In addition to the sandwiches,... MORE
Functional Baobab Juices
Functional Baobab Juices
Teranga Baobab Juices Feature an Antioxidant- and Prebiotic-Rich Fruit
Some of the functional Teranga Baobab juices that are available include the Happiness Blend, Pura Vida, Love Potion and Teranga Strong, all of which feature baobab as a fruit that’s naturally... MORE
Fizzy Drink Bombs
Fizzy Drink Bombs
The Maud Borup Fizzy Drink Bombs Enhance Water & Carbonated Beverages
The Cherry & Blue Raspberry Fizzy Drink Bombs by Maud Borup are fun and simple ways to transform plain water or carbonated beverages into fizzing drinks infused with edible glitter. A single... MORE
Playful Coffee-Inspired Logos
Playful Coffee-Inspired Logos
McDonald's Germany Updates Its McCafé Branding with a Series of Ads
McDonald’s Germany taps independent design agency Leo’s Thjnk Tank for a series of marketing assets that uplift the aesthetic of the McCafé. The campaign looks to capture the attention... MORE
Ready-to-Drink Flash-Brewed Teas
Ready-to-Drink Flash-Brewed Teas
Nestea's New Range is Flash-Brewed to Retain Nutrients & Flavor
Nestea is introducing a range of flash-brewed teas in a ready-to-drink format that’s free from preservatives or artificial colors and flavors. Thanks to the unique brewing process, the teas... MORE
Reality Show Alcohol Endorsments
Reality Show Alcohol Endorsments
Smirnoff Seltzer is the Official Drink of the 'The Bachelor'
Vodka brand Smirnoff Recently partnered with the iconic reality television show ‘The Bachelor’ to be the official hard seltzer of the love-finding franchise. To kick-off the new... MORE
Mood-Boosting Coffee Alternatives
Mood-Boosting Coffee Alternatives
MUD\WTR is an Alternative to Coffee Made with Chai & Mushrooms
MUD\WTR is an alternative to coffee that’s made with simple, organic ingredients like black tea powder, ginger, cardamom, nutmeg, black pepper, cinnamon and cloves—classic Masala chai... MORE
Wine-Based Hard Seltzers
Wine-Based Hard Seltzers
Barefoot Hard Seltzer is a Light Alternative to Wine and Beer
Barefoot is entering the popular hard seltzer category with Barefoot Hard Seltzer, differentiating itself with a first-of-its-kind nationally distributed hard seltzer with real wine. While many hard... MORE
Deeply Flavored Fruit Coolers
Deeply Flavored Fruit Coolers
The WKD Dark Fruit Has a Rich, Refreshing Flavor Profile
The WKD Dark Fruit has been announced by SHS Drinks as a new product that is sure to accommodate growing consumer interest in richly flavored, prepackaged libations. The cooler features a 4% ABV and... MORE
Low-Sugar Drinking Chocolates
Low-Sugar Drinking Chocolates
Numi's Paleo-Friendly Drinking Chocolate is Rich in Antioxidants
At the Winter Fancy Food Show, Numi Organic Tea introduced low-sugar Drinking Chocolate that will help to satisfy the demand for functional wellness products. The paleo-friendly, gluten-free line of... MORE
Exclusive High-ABV Beers
Exclusive High-ABV Beers
Heavy Seas Brewery's Dry January is a 10% ABV Hazy IPA
While some brands are creating alcohol-free products and experiences to support consumers during Dry January, Baltimore’s Heavy Seas Brewery took a different approach with its high-ABV hazy... MORE
Sparkling Mead Beverages
Sparkling Mead Beverages
Lyme Bay Winery Introduced Two New Jack Ratt Meads
Lyme Bay Winery’s two new Jack Ratt meads, Cyser and Sparkling Mead, offer a refreshingly modern take on mead, especially as both products are available in ready-to-drink canned formats. While... MORE
play_circle_filled Juicer-Blender Hybrids
Juicer-Blender Hybrids
Breville's 3X Bluicer Pro Blends, Juices and Can Combine Both
Instead of having to choose whether to invest in a blender or a juicer, consumers now have the option of purchasing Breville’s newest innovation, the 3X Bluicer Pro. This hybrid appliance can... MORE
Marshmallow-Inspired Coffee Creamers
Marshmallow-Inspired Coffee Creamers
International Delight Relaunched the Peeps Coffee Creamer
With Easter just around the corner, International Delight relaunched its beloved Peeps Flavored Coffee Creamer for the second year in a row to help you start your day on a sweet note. The PEEPS... MORE
Sparkling Hemp-Infused Drinks
Sparkling Hemp-Infused Drinks
Kalo's Naturally Flavored Sparkling Water is Enhanced with CBD
Consumers are being introduced to a variety of hemp-infused drinks, ranging from ready-to-drink teas to energy drinks and sparkling water like Kalo makes. Kalo’s line of flavored sparkling... MORE