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As drinking becomes more integrated into aspects of societal behavior, branding and marketing initiatives are subsequently adapting with new flavors and drinking techniques. Showcasing everything from beverage branding techniques to drinking rituals, this category offers the best of the best when it comes to what’s happening in the world of beverages.
Citrusy Boreal Gins
Citrusy Boreal Gins
AMASS Dry Gin Combines Bright Citrus and Earthy Flavor Notes
AMASS Dry Gin is a flavorful spirit that features a blend of 29 botanicals, giving it a full and rich profile that allows it to take any cocktail to the next level. The tasting notes combine... MORE
Agave-Infused Hard Seltzers
Agave-Infused Hard Seltzers
Tolago Hard Seltzer is Made with Real Fruit Juice & Organic Agave
Tolago Hard Seltzer is produced in unique flavors like Ginger Pear, Guava Mango, Cherry Rose and Agave Lime that combine real fruit juice with authentic and organic agave nectar from Mexico. Based... MORE
Kombucha Distribution Expansion
Kombucha Distribution Expansion
JuneShine is Available Across the Country for Kombucha Day
JuneShine, the popular hard kombucha brand from San Diego beloved for offering probiotics, antioxidants, and vitamins, recently launched a Nationwide Direct To Consumer Shipping through its website.... MORE
Lightly Sweetened Plant-Based Creamers
Lightly Sweetened Plant-Based Creamers
natural bliss Launched a Brown Sugar Oat Milk Flavor
Those looking for a plant-based coffee creamer that offers a touch of sweetness without masking the flavor of their brew may appreciate the new natural bliss Brown Sugar Oat Milk creamer. The... MORE
MCT-Enriched Coffee Pods
MCT-Enriched Coffee Pods
XOMA Superfoods Coffee is Fortified with MCT Oil
XOMA Superfoods is a new in-house brand from NEXE Innovations and it is making its debut with a soluble micro-ground coffee fortified with MCT oil. The product is packaged in the NEXE Pod, which is... MORE
Performance Plant-Based Beverages
Performance Plant-Based Beverages
Silk ULTRA is a Protein-Rich Plant-Based Beverage for Athletes
Silk ULTRA is a new plant-based beverage that’s geared towards athletes, as it boasts 20 grams of complete plant-based protein per serving. Silk ULTRA is not only a source of plant-based... MORE
Music-Integrated Coffee Subscriptions
Music-Integrated Coffee Subscriptions
Cratejoy's Keanjaho Box Features Fresh Beans and an Album
To appeal to the many coffee and music lovers that are in need of a relaxing experience that allows them to combine their interests, Cratejoy launched its Keanjaho Box. The coffee and music box... MORE
Glittering Tea Bombs
Glittering Tea Bombs
Maison de Dessert Makes Tea Bombs with Edible Glitter
Over the holiday season, hot chocolate bombs were among some of the most popular gifts and Maison de Dessert offers a different take on this experience with tea bombs. The tea bomb shell itself is... MORE
Boxed Cocktail
Alcohol brands are launching their products in a box format for ease of use
Trend - In order to make their products more accessible—especially for outdoor gatherings—brands are offering spirits and cocktails in box packaging. Many companies are emphasizing the convenience of this format during the government-imposed COVID-19 lockdown.
Workshop Question - Conceptualize a packaging format that prioritizes convenience.
Melatonin-Enriched Herbal Teas
Melatonin-Enriched Herbal Teas
TeaWell Sleep Tea is a Relaxing Herbal Tea with Enhanced Benefits
Sipping a calming cup of chamomile tea is a soothing way to start unwinding for the evening and now, Celestial Seasonings is introducing a relaxing herbal tea that’s enhanced with the benefits... MORE
Caffeinated Probiotic Teas
Caffeinated Probiotic Teas
Celestial Seasonings' Teas are Boosted with Active Ingredients
Green and black teas have plenty of benefits on their own and Celestial Seasonings is giving people even more reasons to drink tea with its new Probiotic Teas. The probiotic teas are enhanced with... MORE
Ultra-Energizing Teas
Ultra-Energizing Teas
This Celestial Seasonings Tea Has as much Caffeine as a Cup of Coffee
Tea lovers know that they can choose a calming chamomile tea when they want to unwind or enjoy a black Celestial Seasonings tea for a boost of caffeine but now the brand is introducing products with... MORE
Non-Alcoholic Juniper Spirits
Non-Alcoholic Juniper Spirits
AMASS' Riverine Boasts a Versatile Gin-Like Flavor
When it comes to mocktails, it can sometimes be difficult to find proper substitutes for popular spirits, but the Riverine Non-Alcoholic Spirit from AMASS successfully translates the juniper notes... MORE
Creamy Infused Cold Brews
Creamy Infused Cold Brews
Chobani Coffee Feature the Brand's Oat Milks and Dairy Creamers
Chobani is expanding into new categories with the launch of ready-to-drink Chobani Coffee, which features varieties that are enhanced with the brand’s own oat milks and dairy creamers. Made... MORE
Architectural Mezcal Bottles
Architectural Mezcal Bottles
OAX's Packaging References Traditional Mexican Architecture
Mezcal bottles come in all different shapes and sizes and this one from OAX taps into the bright colors and strong architectural lines of Mexican buildings. The limited-edition OAX Original sets... MORE
Gut-Friendly Canned Beverages
Gut-Friendly Canned Beverages
Happy Inside's Drinks are Bubble-Free and Gut-Friendly
Happy Inside uses natural ingredients to create gut-friendly beverages that are free from added sugar and contain less than 90 calories per can. The beverages are available in unique flavors like... MORE
Focus-Boosting Coffee Blends
Focus-Boosting Coffee Blends
Laird Superfood's Focus Coffee Has Botanicals & Mushroom Extract
Laird Superfood’s Focus Coffee is a new functional product that combines beneficial botanical ingredients with a functional mushroom extract to support a state of enhanced focus. At its base,... MORE
Handcrafted Intricate Tea Sets
Handcrafted Intricate Tea Sets
Rokkaku Ayako and AllRightReserved Work Together on a Tea Set
Rokkaku Ayako works in collaboration with AllRightReserved on the Japanese artist’s first teapot set. The homeware is done in a dark brown palette. It features a teapot, four teacups designed... MORE
Winter-Ready Drink Additions
Winter-Ready Drink Additions
Starbucks' Winter Drink Additions Offer Three New Beverages
Starbucks’ winter drink additions are giving consumers something to look forward to this season, offering an array of sugary classics that are sure to satisfy any caffeine craving one might be... MORE
Soothing Flavorful Herbal Teas
Soothing Flavorful Herbal Teas
TAZO Recently Unveiled a New Ready to Drink Tea Flavor, CALM
TAZO recently expanded its line of best-selling flavorful, ready-to-drink iced teas with the new tea flavor, CALM. The new addition is a soothing tea infused with a unique blend of chamomile,... MORE
play_circle_filled Star-Studded Sports Drink Commercials
Star-Studded Sports Drink Commercials
Carrie Underwood Stars in the New Bodyarmor Lyte Ad
Hopping on the common new years resolution of living a more healthy lifestyle that so many consumers strive for, a new Bodyarmor Lyte ad was launched, which features beloved country singer Carrie... MORE
Sporty Connected Cans
Sporty Connected Cans
Special Pepsi Cans Link Fans Directly to Super Bowl Halftime Content
Although the Pepsi Super Bowl Halftime Show is still a few weeks away, Pepsi is giving fans the chance to get excited early with special connected cans. Specially marked cans include QR codes that... MORE
Revived Red Velvet Milkshakes
Revived Red Velvet Milkshakes
Steak 'n Shake is Adding Two Red Velvet Shakes to Its Menu
Steak ‘n Shake, an American casual restaurant chain that’s based out Texas, has announced that it will bring back two of its fan-favorite Red Velvet Milkshakes to its menu for a limited... MORE
Alcohol-Free Beer Innovations
Alcohol-Free Beer Innovations
Desperados Virgin 0.0% Boasts the Tagline "Live Today, Love Tomorrow
Desperados Virgin 0.0%, a new non-alcoholic beverage from the popular Heineken-owned brand, is helping consumers kickstart their wellness resolutions. Boasting the tagline “Live Today, Love... MORE
Cherry Blossom-Inspired Whiskey
Cherry Blossom-Inspired Whiskey
Suntory Hibiki Whiskey Arrives in the 'Blossom Harmony' Flavor
Cherry Blossom season is approaching, prompting Suntory’s Hibiki whisky to receive a floral makeover. To mark the symbolic celebration, the brand opted to soak its signature blend in barrels... MORE