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Utilized within marketing strategies, campaigns and event spaces, interactive experiences are reigning supreme when it comes to methods of engaging and attracting consumers. Incorporating techniques such as digital marketing, live-action advertisements and augmented retail displays, brands are using participatory techniques as a means to heighten experiences with greater depth and consumer involvement.
play_circle_filled Lo-Fi Restaurant Video Games
Lo-Fi Restaurant Video Games
Chipotle is Launching Rewards Exchange with a Tesla Model 3 Giveaway
To mark the biggest update to the Chipotle Rewards program since its 2019 debut, Chipotle is introducing new video game called Chipotle Race to Rewards Exchange. The interactive racing game was... MORE
Backyard Glamping Experiences
Backyard Glamping Experiences
Glamp Boursin Will Transform a Fan's Backyard into a Foodie Escape
2020 and 2021 have been years of stay-home experiences and Boursin Cheese wants to treat foodies to a sense of escape with backyard glamping. Glamp Boursin is a 24-hour experience that will give one... MORE
Health-Focused Product Labels
Health-Focused Product Labels
The Nutri-Score Labeling System Helps Consumers Make Healthy Choices
Mega Image, a Romanian supermarket subsidiary of Ahold Delhaize, launched the Nutri-Score labeling system for its private label products. The graphical system helps consumers make healthy choices by... MORE
Branded Virtual Outfits
Branded Virtual Outfits
Pacsun's Fashion Initiative Shares Styles on the Roblox Avatar Marketplace
Pacsun’s latest collection is full of genderless fashion designs and the retailer is continuing to appeal to Gen Z with a new fashion initiative in partnership with Roblox. Now, players can... MORE
Fashion-Focused Restaurant Pop-Ups
Fashion-Focused Restaurant Pop-Ups
The Dior at Alto Pop-Up Adds Fashion Flair to Selfridges' Store
With travel restrictions still lingering due to the pandemic, French fashion brand Dior decided to keep vacation local with its Dior at Alto restaurant pop-up. The fashion-focused pop-up, which is... MORE
Next-Gen Fashion Pop-Ups
Next-Gen Fashion Pop-Ups
The LDC X Westfield London Pop-Up Retail Experience is Interactive
Knowing that people are craving in-person experiences, Lone Design Club and Westfield London are launching a pop-up retail experience. The aim of the LDC X Westfield London pop-up is to put “... MORE
LGBTQ-Supporting QR Codes
LGBTQ-Supporting QR Codes
Skittles QueeR Codes Link to Content & Stories from LGBTQ+ Creators
This Pride Month, Skittles is teaming up with critically acclaimed historian, author, educator and influencer Blair Imani to celebrate and support the LGBTQ+ community with Skittles QueeR Codes and... MORE
play_circle_filled Father's Day Guidance Contests
Father's Day Guidance Contests
Progressive Insurance is Giving Away Cameos from Dr. Rick
This Father’s Day, Progressive Insurance is revisiting its 2020 advertising campaign featuring Dr. Rick, a fictional professional that specializes in preventing kids from becoming their parents.... MORE
Blockchain Transparency
Alcohol brands are introducing blockchain technology to packaging designs
Trend - In a bid to verify the authenticity of a product, as well as to increase transparency between the brand and its consumers, alcohol companies are incorporating blockchain technology into the experience. Through scanning a code on a bottle, closure, or label, consumers can access a ledger with information about the product, its quality, how it was manufactured, and so on.
Workshop Question - How might you strengthen the transparency between your brand and consumers?
Shoppable Digital Wardrobes
Shoppable Digital Wardrobes
FaceCake's Infinite Virtual Closet is Driven by AR and AI
The Infinite Virtual Closet by FaceCake relies on augmented reality and artificial intelligence to deliver personalized styling experiences and seamless shopping experiences. Thanks to FaceCake’... MORE
Immersive Hair Experiences
Immersive Hair Experiences
The 185 GHD House Lets Guests Explore a Virtual 3D Environment
The 185 GHD House by British hair tool brand GHD is a fully immersive 360-degree environment that invites guests to explore and interact with exclusive content from the brand in a dynamic way. The... MORE
Mystery Sour Candies
Mystery Sour Candies
Sour Patch Kids is Sharing a Mystery Flavor with Exclusive 7-Eleven Packs
Sour Patch Kids is introducing a brand-new flavor this summer but it’s not clear what it is, since the brand is choosing to leave the mystery flavor undisclosed for a time. Fans are invited to... MORE
Virtual Cosmetic Laboratory Tours
Virtual Cosmetic Laboratory Tours
Zurko Research Revamped its Website to Offer Virtual Tours
Zurko Research recently revamped its website by adding new content and functionalities for visitors to browse. One of these features includes a virtual tour of Zurko’s new in vivo clinical... MORE
Top 25 Interactive Marketing Trends in June
Top 25 Interactive Marketing Trends in June
From Life-Size Board Games to Food Waste AR Apps
The top June 2021 interactive ideas encompass everything from branded sleep spas to global museum events that inspire people to get a taste of art and culture, virtually. To engage consumers,... MORE
Brewery-Created Mobile Games
Brewery-Created Mobile Games
The Climb is the First Video Game from the Great Notion Brewery
The Great Notion app is being updated with new interactive features, including gifting options, enhanced functionality, expanded delivery and shipping options and the brewery’s very first... MORE
Virtual Friend Games
Virtual Friend Games
Jackbox Games' Practice Friends Help People Brush Up on Social Skills
Now that lockdown restrictions are easing in many places, Jackbox Games wants to help people rebuild their social skills with Practice Friends. Jackbox is giving people the chance to hire a free... MORE
Virtual Assistant Whiskey Tastings
Virtual Assistant Whiskey Tastings
Wild Turkey's Experience Uses Amazon Alexa & Google Assistant
For National Bourbon Day, Wild Turkey created a unique virtual whiskey tasting experience that lets Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant be the guide. The experience shares the voice of the Russels... MORE
QR Code Art Galleries
QR Code Art Galleries
Campart & Affordable Art Fair Turned Ad Space into Outdoor Galleries
Campart worked with Affordable Art Fair to create outdoor galleries in spaces that are usually devoted to advertisements. In all, 500 pieces of artwork were showcased in place of ads, helping to... MORE
play_circle_filled Theatrical Heist Experiences
Theatrical Heist Experiences
Money Heist: The Experience Invites Fans to Join the Gang
Scenes from Money Heist Season 5 are just now being teased by Netflix and fans can get in on the action by joining Money Heist: The Experience. Netflix is hosting a theatrical experience inspired by... MORE
Celebratory Sampling Trucks
Celebratory Sampling Trucks
GODIVA's Chocolate Truck Recalls an Original Pink Design
To celebrate its 95th anniversary in a sweet way, GODIVA will be touring New York City with a sampling truck and sharing premium chocolate samples. This month, people in the city have the chance to... MORE
play_circle_filled Mythical AR Attractions
Mythical AR Attractions
Legoland Windsor Resort Shares AR Activation Points
For a new area of its park, Legoland Windsor Resort created a new augmented reality experience that brings four mythical creatures to life. Lego Mythica: World of Mythical Creatures invites kids to... MORE
Creative Burger Artist Contests
Creative Burger Artist Contests
The HEINZ Art of the Burger Contest Has a Creative Component
HEINZ launched the Art of the Burger contest to seek out a Head Burger Artist who will win a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to sample the best burgers in America. Contestants can enter their HEINZ-... MORE
play_circle_filled Globally Inspired Falafel Campaigns
Globally Inspired Falafel Campaigns
Falafel Quest Celebrates Exclusive New Flavors for the Summer
People who are eager to travel are satisfying some of their wanderlust through globally inspired flavors that offer a sense of novelty and escape, and Garbanzo Mediterranean Fresh’s Falafel... MORE
Drag Culture-Celebrating Dishes
Drag Culture-Celebrating Dishes
Chipotle's June 2021 Lineup Includes a Trixie Mattel Price Burrito
This Pride Month, Chipotle is celebrating the LGBTQIA+ community and specifically drag queen culture with special events, and even special dishes like the Trixie Mattel Price Burrito and the Kim Chi... MORE
Pride Runway Games
Pride Runway Games
Kenneth Cole & Zynga Created the High Heels Game for Pride Month
American designer Kenneth Cole teamed up with game creator Zynga to create the High Heels game for Pride Month 2021. The game is centered around characters that can be dressed and walked down a... MORE