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Seeking to maintain consumer interest, retail endeavors, both online and in-store, are adapting to include elements of technology, social engagement and visual enticement. Highlighting changes in shopping habits, subscription services and in-store displays, this category is helping to keep a pulse on everything retail and business related.
Machine-Learning Shoe Size Analyzers
Machine-Learning Shoe Size Analyzers
The Perfitt R Takes Exact Measurements of a Shopper's Foot
The Perfitt R analyzer is a retail solution for footwear brands that would enable shoppers to always get the right fit when in the market for a new pair of shoes. The unit works by having the foot... MORE
Experiential Retail Hubs
Experiential Retail Hubs
Intel & AREA15 are Collaborating on an Immersive, Multi-Use Venue
AREA15 is one of the first purpose-built experiential retail and entertainment complexes and poses solutions to problems faced by traditional retailers with live events, immersive experiences,... MORE
Snack-Friendly QSR Tacos
Snack-Friendly QSR Tacos
The Jack in the Box Tiny Tacos are Being Launched Nationwide
The Jack in the Box Tiny Tacos are being launched nationwide by the QSR brand after successful test marketing that took place in the summer throughout three cities in a bid to offer consumers a new... MORE
Hyper-Personalized Fashion Shops
Hyper-Personalized Fashion Shops
Ruti Sees the Future of Fashion Retail in AI & Facial Recognition
Ready-to-wear fashion brand Ruti has a vision for the future of fashion retail that involves artificial intelligence, facial recognition and hyper-personalized online and in-store experiences. Ruti... MORE
Immersive Tunnel-Like Bookstores
Immersive Tunnel-Like Bookstores
BookXcess Boasts an AR Reading Experience for Children
BookXcess — “Malaysia’s first book tunnel concept,” is looking to enhance the reading experience for children through the implementation of a mini-maze, as well as Magic Books —... MORE
Unmanned 24-Hour Bookstores
Unmanned 24-Hour Bookstores
The Xinhua Bookstore Utilizes the 5G Network & Facial Recognition Tech
In 2019, a new 24-hour bookstore opened in north China’s Xiongan New Area. The brick-and-mortar destination was peculiar as it had no staff and instead consumers required a membership to get in.... MORE
Convenient Vegan Meal Solutions
Convenient Vegan Meal Solutions
The Co-op Gro Range Includes Over 35 Meat-Free Products
The Co-op Gro range has been launched as an exclusive line of vegan-friendly meal solutions for consumers seeking a convenient yet flavorful option for breakfast, lunch or dinner. The range includes... MORE
Fast Fashion eCommerce Launches
Fast Fashion eCommerce Launches
Forever 21 Launched a Revived Online Store for Customers
In the wake of climate change and the pollution crisis, many consumers have shifted away from fast fashion for more sustainable options and this has fundamentally impacted iconic retailer Forever 21... MORE
Simplified Shopping Lists
Smart, predictive technology aids consumers with shopping list-makers
Implications - As more consumers turn to their phones to store their shopping lists, brands take this a step further with organization apps and predictive list-makers. New platforms that leverage AI, smart technology and voice-assistive tools make it easier than ever for consumers to keep track of what they need when they're shopping - and it can even help navigate physical stores. This shift in advanced retail communication allows consumers to stay on top of their to-do lists and increases seamless shopping experiences.
Workshop Question - How can you leverage smart brick-and-mortar technology to ease consumers' path to purchase?
AI-Powered Retail Tools
AI-Powered Retail Tools
Microsoft Revealed Two New Tools at the National Retail Federation
Microsoft presented two new retail tools at the National Retail Federation show, which took place in New York. Following the show, Microsoft released a blog post outlining the capabilities of the... MORE
Autonomous Retail Pop-Ups
Autonomous Retail Pop-Ups
Cartable Introduces Temporary Autonomous Retail Spaces as a Service
McFadyen Digital is introducing Cartable as a pop-up autonomous retail-as-a-service (PARaaS) platform, which has the potential to be useful across many different industries, particularly retail,... MORE
Retail Analytics Acquisitions
Retail Analytics Acquisitions
Nielsen Global Connect Purchased Precima to Bolster Its Analytics
Nielsen Global Connect recently acquired Precima, which was previously owned by Alliance Data Systems, and the financial details were not made publicly available. Following the acquisition, Precima... MORE
Cannabis Facial Oils
Cannabis Facial Oils
Deewdrops Refresh and Moisturize Skin with Cannabis Sativa
Deew Drops by Dew is a cannabis facial oil that uses the benefits of cannabis sativa seed oil to calm and nourish. The product has “antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties designed to... MORE
Exclusive Pizza Delivery Partnerships
Exclusive Pizza Delivery Partnerships
Little Caesars is Now Available for DoorDash Delivery
Little Caesars is one of the very small number of pizza companies in the US not offering delivery, but that’s about to change thanks to a new DoorDash delivery partnership. Hungry patrons... MORE
Toronto Coffee Pickup Shops
Toronto Coffee Pickup Shops
The Canadian Starbucks Pickup Location Was Designed for Convenience
Starbucks previously tested a pickup only location in New York, and recently the brand announced the launch of its first Canadian Pickup store in Toronto’s Commerce Court. This concept is... MORE
Complimentary Chicken Sandwich Promotions
Complimentary Chicken Sandwich Promotions
Popeyes is Offering a Free Chicken Sandwich Combo
Popeyes has teamed up with DoorDash to offer consumers a free Chicken Sandwich Combo as an exclusive promotion that is sure to come as welcome news to fans of the QSR brand’s popular menu. The... MORE
Grocery Selection Robots
Grocery Selection Robots
Walmart is Expediting Warehouse Operations with Robots Moving Items
Walmart’s grocery selection robot, the Alphabot, has passed its testing phase and is now scheduled to be used in brick and mortar stores, including the Salem superstore. The grocery selection... MORE
Deep-Fried Cheesecake Desserts
Deep-Fried Cheesecake Desserts
The Popeyes Strawberry Cheesecake Pie is Sweet and Crispy
The Popeyes Strawberry Cheesecake Pie is a new dessert option from the QSR brand that aims to deliver the rich, creamy flavor of cheesecake in a crispy, textural manner. The dessert starts off with... MORE
Sales-Focused Display Contests
Sales-Focused Display Contests
The National Watermelon Promotion Board Held a POS Display Contest
The National Watermelon Promotion Board held a retail display contest to drive sales. The contest requested that produce managers showcase the heath and versatility of fruit through point-of-sale... MORE
Digital Menu Boards
Digital Menu Boards
7-Eleven Sweden Implemented Menu Boards to Enhance the Customer Experience
7-Eleven Sweden started to implement digital menu boards in order to engage its customers. The new digital menu boards were the result of 7-Eleven’s work with a digital signage company, name... MORE
Industry Leading Point-of-Sale Displays
Industry Leading Point-of-Sale Displays
Tag Received Three Awards for Its Work with Kroger
Tag received three awards related to point-of-sale displays at GlobalShop! 2019. The company received the awards for effective, as well as fiscally responsible, point-of-sale displays. Tag... MORE
Resolution-Focused App Promotions
Resolution-Focused App Promotions
The Mod Pizza 2020 Salad Challenge Encourages Healthy Eating
The Mod Pizza 2020 Salad Challenge is being run by the brand as an in-app promotion that will encourage consumers to practice healthier eating habits in the new year. The promotion will take place... MORE
Plant-Based Breakfast Sandwiches
Plant-Based Breakfast Sandwiches
The Burger King Impossible Croissan’wich is Indulgent
The Burger King Impossible Croissan’wich is one of the latest plant-based menu items from the QSR brand that will provide curious consumers with a meat-free option to try out for breakfast. The... MORE
Ethereal Jewelry Shop Aesthetics
Ethereal Jewelry Shop Aesthetics
Studio Shamshiri Curates a Beautiful Interior for Sonia Boyajian
Studio Shamshiri elevates the aesthetic of this jewelry shop by adding subtle “residential touches” — from an eat-in kitchen to an entertainment area. This makes for an expanded... MORE
play_circle_filled AR-Enhanced Bookstore Experiences
AR-Enhanced Bookstore Experiences
Big Motive is Exploring How AR Can Be Deployed in Bookstores
It is no secret that the brick-and-mortar bookstore experience has been heavily disrupted by the widespread adoption of digital technology. It has been reported that between 2010 and 2016 the “... MORE