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As people around the globe become dissatisfied with lack of change or results, individuals are taking action into their own hands by creating independent movements and expressive campaigns. From digital initiatives to performance art and social engagements, consumers are turning to all forms of expression and public involvement to spread the word about change and awareness.
Social Issue Design Projects
Social Issue Design Projects
Korean Designer Chicho Cheon Relies on Color, Function, & Form
Chicho Cheon is a contemporary Korean designer who seeks to understand the “one-dimensional difference between those with homes and those without.” The creative recently launched a project... MORE
play_circle_filled World Hunger-Combating Campaigns
World Hunger-Combating Campaigns
IFAD Starts a Global Dance Challenge to Combat Worldly Issues
IFAD, which stands for the United Nations’ International Fund for Agriculture Development works together with TikTok to launch a global dance challenge. The duo encourages the youth community... MORE
play_circle_filled Anti-Pet Neglection Ads
Anti-Pet Neglection Ads
Dogs Trust Launched the 'A Dog is For Life' Commercial
Dogs Trust—one the UK’s largest dog welfare charities—recently launched a new commercial urging people not to give dogs as gifts this holiday season. The campaign uses its iconic... MORE
play_circle_filled Elder Loneliness Christmas Campaigns
Elder Loneliness Christmas Campaigns
Prezzo's Community Christmas is Launching 700 Local Events
The holidays are a time known for getting together with family and loved ones, however, for many, it can be a lonely time of year—thankfully Prezzo Resturants launched the Community Christmas... MORE
Enhancing Patient Journeys
Enhancing Patient Journeys
An Interview with CAMH's Gifts of Light Program Director, Quinn Kirby
Gifts of Light is a 100% donation-funded program that aims to improve patient experiences at Toronto’s Center for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH), providing them with basic necessities, small... MORE
play_circle_filled Branded Gender-Inclusive Car Toys
Branded Gender-Inclusive Car Toys
Merceds-Benz Launched the Anti-Stereotyping Campaign 'No Limits'
Mercedes-Benz USA and Mattel are aiming to reduce stereotypes in children’s toys, specifically in toy cars that are generally slanted towards young boys, in the new ‘No Limits’... MORE
play_circle_filled Branded Empowering Underwear Events
Branded Empowering Underwear Events
The Store on Queen is Launching the Inclusive PantyParty 7.0
The Store On Queen (also known as TSOQ), an inclusive streetwear retailer, recently announced the launch of its PantyParty 7.0 event on November 24, 2019. The event began as a birthday celebration... MORE
Holiday Vegan Bath Products
Holiday Vegan Bath Products
Lush Announced Its Line of Christmas Products are All Vegan-Friendly
In honor of International Vegan Day, cosmetics company Lush announced that all its 2019 Christmas products will be vegan, ethically sourced, and made by hand. The brand is launching an international &... MORE
Designer Activism
Activist groups turn to high-profile designers for marketing purposes
Trend – Activist groups embrace visually engaging opportunities with designers to capture attention and engage with the public when advocating for social change and sustainability. More specifically, the latest collaborations involve high-end designers and well-known artists. Thus, the partnership guarantees a boundary-pushing product, and also takes advantage of the high-profile creator’s social status to promote the activist message to a broader audience. Hovering the line between activist agendas and artistic practices introduces a balance that is beneficial to spreading awareness.

Insight – Visually engaging assets bring about an accessible and supercharged identity to issues of social justice and climate change. As many individuals find it hard to discuss certain sensitive issues, design-friendly activist materials are not only educational but also easier to interact with. This works particularly well on Millennials and Gen Z who are drawn to aesthetics and might feel compelled to share on social media. In this way, activist groups can introduce issues in less confrontational ways and invite the public to partake in an open conversation that minimizes shared anxieties.
Workshop Question - How can your brand introduce a social issue in an eloquent way?
play_circle_filled Lung Cancer Awareness Ads
Lung Cancer Awareness Ads
The American Lung Association and the Ad Council Launched a New Campaign
The American Lung Association recently partnered with the Ad Council to promote early screening in honor of November’s Lung cancer Awareness Month. According to a recent study, lung cancer... MORE
Tongue-in-Cheek Reusable Totes
Tongue-in-Cheek Reusable Totes
Lauren DiCioccio & the Workshop Residence Unveil the Thank You Tote
Designer Lauren DiCioccio partnered with the Workshop Residence to launch the tongue-in-check ‘Thank You Tote.’ This eco-friendly bag was born out of a need to reduce the amount of single-... MORE
Actor Safety Initiative Guides
Actor Safety Initiative Guides
Time's Up Released Guides to Help Actors Navigate Their Rights
Time’s Up, the movement against sexual harassment for women in the film industry, recently released three guides to help actors understand their rights when auditioning, filming, or other... MORE
play_circle_filled Provocative Gender Inequality Ads
Provocative Gender Inequality Ads
Plan International Debuted the Powerful 'Girls First' Campaign
A powerful video by Plan International shows the life-threatening impacts of living in a world designed for men. This provocative video underscores the tangible ways women and girls’ lives are... MORE
play_circle_filled Message-Driven Fireplace Videos
Message-Driven Fireplace Videos
The Amazon Rainforest Conservancy Made Its Own Fireplace Channel
Those without a fireplace commonly turn on a fireplace channel or video to inspire a warm and cozy atmosphere during the holiday season and this year, agency Zulu Alpha Kilo created its own take on... MORE
play_circle_filled Media Disability Representation Initiatives
Media Disability Representation Initiatives
The 'Visibility for Disability' Video is Insightful
In honor of the International Day of Persons with Disabilities (on Tuesday, Dec 3), Calgary-based agency Wax launched the ‘Visibility for Disability’ initiative that seeks to increase... MORE
Fur-Free Beauty Pledges
Fur-Free Beauty Pledges
Cult Beauty Recently Banned the Sale of Badger Hair on Its Site
Many brands are curating vegan-friendly cosmetics such as online retailer Cult Beauty who recently banned the sale of badger hair brushes on its site. The ban on badger hair make-up brushes comes in... MORE
play_circle_filled Anti-Sexual Harassment Ads
Anti-Sexual Harassment Ads
TimeTo's Christmas Campaign Targets Bystanders of Sexual Harassment.
TimeTo recently unveiled a Christmas campaign that targets bystanders who witness sexual harassment. The commercial begins at a nightclub with a friend witnessing uncomfortable advances made by... MORE
Top 45 Social Good Trends in November
Top 45 Social Good Trends in November
From Mental Health Pop-Up Museums to Inclusive Dolls
The November 2019 social good initiatives cover many different causes and the plethora of ways that brands and individuals are supporting each cause. Some of the examples express their support... MORE
play_circle_filled Hearbreaking Lion Cruelty Ads
Hearbreaking Lion Cruelty Ads
The Born Free Foundation Recently Launched the Bitter Bond Campaign
The Bitter Bond campaign was launched by the Born Free Foundation to expose the harsh, brutal, and oftentimes short lives led by lions bred in South Africa. The campaign includes an animated... MORE
play_circle_filled Sleep-Promoting Campaigns
Sleep-Promoting Campaigns
The #OneMoreHour Campaign Shows the Importance of Sleep
BBDO Singapore recently joined forces with AIA to develop the #OneMoreHour campaign—a regional program to help Asian citizens get more sleep and ultimately live healthier and longer lives. The... MORE
play_circle_filled War-Themed Suicide Awareness Ads
War-Themed Suicide Awareness Ads
The Overwatch Project launched the 'War on Suicide' Campaign
The Overwatch Project, an organization dedicated to preventing suicides and saving lives, recently launched the ‘War on Suicide’ campaign that aims to raise awareness about the 20 active... MORE
Empowering Early Childhood Memoirs
Empowering Early Childhood Memoirs
The Book Kid Activists Boasts True Tales of Influential People
Written by Robin Stevenson and illustrated by Allison Steinfeld, ‘Kid Activists: True Tales of Childhood from Champions of Change’ was released in September of 2019. The publication... MORE
play_circle_filled Inclusive Pizza-Branded Campaigns
Inclusive Pizza-Branded Campaigns
MOD Pizza's Book 'All Pizzas Welcome' Discusses Inclusiveness
Seattle-based MOD Pizza recently partnered with the creative agency Observatory and Best Buddies International—a nonprofit that helps to fosters leadership and bring together individuals with... MORE
Supportive Greeting Cards
Supportive Greeting Cards
The Thoughtful Human x PAPYRUS Collection Tackles Difficult Subjects
In an effort to raise awareness about cancer, addiction, and mental health, renowned greeting card company PAPYRUS partnered with startup Thoughtful Human to launch a contemporary range of greeting... MORE
play_circle_filled Branded Men's Health Initiatives
Branded Men's Health Initiatives
Mr. Peanut & Queer Eye's Jonathan Van Ness Teamed Up for Movember
With November bringing along the annual men’s health movement, Movember, PLANTERS chose the occasion to promote an interesting collaboration: featuring its own Mr. Peanut, and the lovable hair... MORE