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Continuously adapting to maintain the attention of consumers, particularly youth, multimedia platforms are constantly being improved and updated for consumer allure. Showcasing how developments in virtual reality, interactive display and immersive entertainment are re-shaping modern media experiences, Trend Hunter’s multimedia category offers a unique glimpse into the ever-changing world of modern entertainment.
Digital Curtain Screens
Digital Curtain Screens
Beencent Oh is Attempting to Revolutionize the Design of Curtains
Unclose is a digital curtain hybrid that is introducing a level of interactivity and modernity into the smart home. The device concept is developed by Seoul-based UX designer Beencent Oh. The... MORE
Budget-Friendly USB Interfaces
Budget-Friendly USB Interfaces
The 'M-Track Solo' Offers Seamless Music Recording For Under $50
M-Audio is a company that has long been renowned for offering a range of audio equipment to suit the needs of everyone from bedroom musicians to touring professionals, with its new USB interface... MORE
Sculpted Crescent Smart Speakers
Sculpted Crescent Smart Speakers
The Cleer Audio Crescent Smart Speaker Features Google Assistant
The Cleer Audio Crescent smart speaker is a technology solution for modern users who are in need of a way to enjoy their favorite audio from the comfort of home. The sculpted, crescent-shaped smart... MORE
Wondrous Wireless TV
Wondrous Wireless TV
This Next-Generation TV Features Cable-Free Power and Signal Reception
A Russian startup by the name Reasonance has taken advantage of the virtual CES 2021 event by unleashing a next-generation wireless TV that doesn’t merely receive signals without a cable, but... MORE
Maximized Display PC Systems
Maximized Display PC Systems
The Latest ASUS Zen AiO PC Series Has the Brand's NanoEdge Design
The ASUS Zen AiO PC series has been announced by the brand for 2021 as a new lineup of offerings that will make the most of compact workstations by integrating all components into one slim form... MORE
Eyewear-Enhancing Earbuds
Eyewear-Enhancing Earbuds
These Wireless Earbuds Can Be Clipped Onto Your Sunglasses
The JBuds Frames are compact, stylish and high-performance wireless earbuds that take their name from the fact that they are designed to be used in conjunction with your sunglasses and regular... MORE
NFC-Enabled Remotes
NFC-Enabled Remotes
The LG Magic Remote Was Unveiled at CES 2021
Those who own LG smart TVs can now benefit from the LG Magic Remote, which makes it easier than ever to share content between a smart TV and an NFC phone. The smart remote control is designed to... MORE
Automated TV Calibrators
Automated TV Calibrators
Samsung EZCal Adjusts for Cinema-Level Viewing Quality
At the all-digital CES 2021, Samsung will be debuting C-Lab Inside projects like the Samsung EZCal. This automated solution for calibrating TV picture quality helps to create cinema-level viewing... MORE
Virtual Crowd
Companies are creating solutions to allow fans to attend live virtual events
Trend - Companies are creating technologically-integrated solutions that allow the public to attend live events, including professional sporting events, and live concerts. This was made possible through the use of video conference technology that can place people in the crowd, as well as virtual reality technology.
Workshop Question - How can your company leverage escapism?
AI-Augmented Laser TVs
AI-Augmented Laser TVs
These TVs Promise Enhanced Brightness and Expanded Interactivity
Chinese state-owned electronics manufacturer Hisense is set to launch a range of laser TVs that will offer truly unprecedented performance and display capabilities. The latest and greatest... MORE
Fabric-Sheathed Portable Projectors
Fabric-Sheathed Portable Projectors
The 'ZenBeam Latte' Offers Convenient Cinematic Experiences
Taiwanese computing giant Asus has unveiled an innovative and highly compact portable projector, dubbed the ZenBeam Latte, that is designed to be easy to transport and use in a wide variety of... MORE
Wireless Noise-Cancelling Earbuds
Wireless Noise-Cancelling Earbuds
These Earbuds Easily Drown Out Distracting Audio Signals
Hong Kong-based company Padmate is offering a set of noise-cancelling earbuds that will appeal to anyone who’s in the market for a wireless audio solution that drowns out unwanted interference... MORE
Voice-Controlled Lightweight Speakers
Voice-Controlled Lightweight Speakers
These Speakers Offer Top-Notch Audio In a Compact Package
When it comes to lightweight speakers that may be low on payload but heavy on features and performance, the Motorola Sonic Sub 530 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker is difficult to beat, given its... MORE
Location Data Startup Acquisitions
Location Data Startup Acquisitions
Snap Acquired a New York City-Cased Company Named StreetCred
Snap recently acquired a location data startup named StreetCred, which is based out of New York City and created a new platform for location data. With the new acquisition, Snap announced that... MORE
Branded Soccer Podcasts
Branded Soccer Podcasts
FIFA Launched a New Podcast with Athletes and Musicians Named FIFA PlayOn
FIFA launched a new podcast group named FIFA Sound, which partnered with Universal Music Group for Brands to create a new podcast named FIFA PlayOn that brings soccer athletes together with musicians.... MORE
Paraphonic Portable Synthesizers
Paraphonic Portable Synthesizers
The 'Uno Synth Pro' Can Generate An Array Of Sounds & Textures
Italian music technology firm IK Multimedia has developed an innovative portable synthesizer, dubbed the Uno Synth Pro, that is a veritable upgrade on the successful and much more compact Uno Synth.... MORE
Powerfully Compact Guitar Amplifiers
Powerfully Compact Guitar Amplifiers
This Tiny Amplifier Offers a Wide Range of Tones and Effects
Few companies have quite the reputation in the guitar technology world as Fender, and the Arizona-based brand is showing exactly why that is the case with the release of the brand new Mustang Micro... MORE
Revolutionary Ringlit Laptops
Revolutionary Ringlit Laptops
This High-Tech Laptop Targets YouTubers & Livestreaming Enthusiasts
Laptops have long evolved to service specialty markers such as gamers, graphic designers and professionals, but the explosion of livestreaming and social media culture over the past decade has led... MORE
Budget-Friendly 4K Projectors
Budget-Friendly 4K Projectors
This Projector Offers Affordable Cinematic Experiences At Home
The PX701-4K is a compact and high-performance 4K projector, offered up by California-based ViewSonic, that is capable of offering crystal-clear 4K images from ranges all the way from 300 to 300... MORE
Cognitive Intelligence Processor TVs
Cognitive Intelligence Processor TVs
The Sony BRAVIA XR X90J 4K LED TV is Truly Advanced
The Sony BRAVIA XR X90J 4K LED TV is an upcoming technology solution for the modern living room that will help to further enhance the user experience as they spend extended periods enjoying their... MORE
Smart In-Car Information Systems
Smart In-Car Information Systems
Mercedes Announced Its New MBUX Hyperscreen Launching in 2022
Three years after Mercedes originally launched its MBUX in-car information system, it revealed the next-gen version of that system named the MBUX Hyperscreen that can learn from the driver. The... MORE
Streaming Service Content Purchases
Streaming Service Content Purchases
Roku Acquired Exclusive Rights to Quibi's Content from a Deal
Roku entered into a deal to acquire exclusive rights to Quibi’s content after the two companies were in talks, however no financial details of the deal were publicly released.  Roku... MORE
In-Car Concert Platforms
In-Car Concert Platforms
Harman's L.I.V.E Platform Improves the In-Car Concert Experience
Harman launched its new Live Interactive Virtual Expicne, or L.I.V.E platform, which was designed specifically for in-car concerts which have become a popular way to attend events safely. During... MORE
Precision OLED PC Monitors
Precision OLED PC Monitors
The LG UltraFine OLED Pro 4K Monitor is Ideal for Editing and More
The LG UltraFine OLED Pro 4K monitor is an upcoming piece of hardware from the brand that is focused on providing users with high-quality imagery and color representation unlike anything before. The... MORE
eSports-Ready OLED TVs
eSports-Ready OLED TVs
The Panasonic JZ2000 Helps Reduce Latency for Immersive Gaming
The Panasonic JZ2000 OLED TV is an upcoming living room entertainment solution for consumers who are looking for an immersive way to enjoy their favorite content or gaming from the comfort of home.... MORE