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Continuously adapting to maintain the attention of consumers, particularly youth, multimedia platforms are constantly being improved and updated for consumer allure. Showcasing how developments in virtual reality, interactive display and immersive entertainment are re-shaping modern media experiences, Trend Hunter’s multimedia category offers a unique glimpse into the ever-changing world of modern entertainment.
Reality-Replicating Virtual Music Shows
Reality-Replicating Virtual Music Shows
Don Diablo Streamed a Live, Futurist Show in VR
EDM artist Don Diablo virutal show is following in the footsteps of artists like Marshmello who launched the first-ever live Fortnite concert. Don Diablo’s live DJ show at the prestigious... MORE
Immersive Live Event Platforms
Immersive Live Event Platforms
French VR Company VRrOOm Launched a Multifaceted Social VR Platform
VRrOOm, a leading VR company renowned for its XR Music Video Fest in 2019, recently announced the launch of its six-degrees of freedom social VR platform, dubbed ‘6-DoF.’ Users can... MORE
Hand Recognition Payment Systems
Hand Recognition Payment Systems
Amazon Technology Enables Consumers to Pay with Their Hands
It was reported that Amazon is currently developing a hand recognition payment system. The system operates by having a customer link a credit or debit card to a biometric scan of their hand.... MORE
Independent Curated Hip-Hop Playlists
Independent Curated Hip-Hop Playlists
Apple Music Collaborated with the NBA on a Curated Playlist
Apple Music collaborated with the NBA to produce a new curated playlist, along with a startup company named UnitedMasters. United Masters provides a platform for young artists to release content on... MORE
Lifestyle-Focused Headphones
Lifestyle-Focused Headphones
The Philips Noise Cancelling Wireless Headphones are Intuitive
The Philips noise cancelling wireless headphones have been announced by the technology brand as a new solution for consumers who are looking to take more control over their digital audio experience.... MORE
AI-Informed Mobile Menu Items
AI-Informed Mobile Menu Items
Taco Bell Partnered with Certona to Improve In-App Customization
Taco Bell recently entered into a partnership with Certona, in order to bolster in-app customization. The two organizations will leverage machine learning and AI to inform what content the app... MORE
Awareness-Raising Gaming Skins
Awareness-Raising Gaming Skins
A Concept Artist Created a Firefighter Skin for Overwatch
Armando Gonzalez-Dorta, a concept artist, created firefighter skin for an ‘Overwatch’ character, named Roadhog. The firefighter skin was created to commemorate firefighters in Australia.... MORE
Boat-Mounted Action Cams
Boat-Mounted Action Cams
The 'Wave Catcher' Action Cam Automatically Focuses on the User
The ‘Wave Catcher’ action cam is an aquatic photography solution for avid boaters to use when looking for a way to capture their time spent riding the waves. Designed by Dylan Fealtman,... MORE
Painless Distraction
Dentists and doctors use entertainment tech to alleviate stress in patients
Trend - There is no way around necessary medical procedures and routine check-ups at the dentist or the doctor. Regardless of age, these visits are often met with anxiety. To alleviate stress in the waiting room, as well as during procedures, practitioners introduce entertainment technology -- from mixed-reality to video streaming, to distract and delight patients.
Workshop Question - Where could you see your brand reducing consumer anxiety?
Touchscreen-Enabling Devices
Touchscreen-Enabling Devices
The 'Glamos' Virtual Touchscreen Interface is Omni-Compatible
The ‘Glamos’ virtual touchscreen interface is an aftermarket technology solution for consumers who are seeking to upgrade their existing home entertainment setup or workstation. The... MORE
Live Photo Competition Apps
Live Photo Competition Apps
HQ Trivia Launched the HQX Live Platform Focused on Visual Creativity
HQ Trivia, the live app-based mobile game show that lets users win money by correctly answering a series of questions, recently expanded its portfolio with the launch of HQX Live. In a similar... MORE
Live VR Music Tours
Live VR Music Tours
Jauz Debuted an Immersive 'Dangerous Waters Tour' Live Using VR
American DJ and electronic dance music producer Jauz partnered with technology company Wave to launch a special live virtual music performance on January 8th—ahead of his scheduled eight-stop... MORE
play_circle_filled Handcrafted Analog Synths
Handcrafted Analog Synths
Analogue Solutions Launched the Vostok2020 Semi-Modular Synth
UK-based company Analogue Solutions released the handcrafted Vostok2020 semi-modular pin matrix synthesizer. Sold since 2002, the unit is now the fourth production version available, which merges... MORE
play_circle_filled Analog Bassline Desktop Synthesizers
Analog Bassline Desktop Synthesizers
Erica Synths Announced the Release of the DB-01 Synth
Modular instrument maker Erica Synths has unveiled the new DB-01 desktop bassline synthesizer, which was recently debuted at the National Association of Music Merchants (NAMM2020) trade show in... MORE
Analog Digital Studio Hardware
Analog Digital Studio Hardware
Access Analog Provides a Remote Access Option for Studio Gear
Analog Matrix’s plugin by Colorado-based company Access Analog provides real-time remote accessibility to real audio hardware. By modernizing traditional studio signal chains, its product... MORE
play_circle_filled Personal Studio Audio Interfaces
Personal Studio Audio Interfaces
Solid State Logic Debuted Its First Line of Audio Interfaces
Acclaimed manufacturer of analogue and digital audio consoles, Solid State Logic (SSL), announced the release of its first dedicated studio audio interfaces, the SSL 2 and SSL 2+. The company is... MORE
Podcast Advertising Tools
Podcast Advertising Tools
Puma Bolstered Ad Recall Using Spotify's Streaming Ad Insertion Tools
Puma recently leveraged the Streaming Ad Insertion technology on the Spotify platform, in an effort to bolster the brand’s ad recall. Spotify’s Streaming Ad Insertion technology is able... MORE
play_circle_filled Game-Themed ASMR Videos
Game-Themed ASMR Videos
The Pokémon Company Launched Official ASMR Content with Popular Characters
The Pokémon Company recently released a number of official ASMR videos, which were created for the enjoyment of Pokémon fans. The company states that official ASMR videos could also provide... MORE
Shoppable Mobile Soup Ads
Shoppable Mobile Soup Ads
Campbell Soup is New Testing Shoppable Ads Through Group Nine Media
Campbell Soup is currently testing new shoppable ads, using a digital publisher named Group Nine Media. The ads will be presented to consumers on O&O, a women-focused lifestyle website. The ads... MORE
Optimized AI-Powered Calendars
Optimized AI-Powered Calendars
The Clockwise AI Assistant can be integrated with Google Calendar
Clockwise is a startup company that is supported by Accel, and the company recently created an AI assistant that can be integrated into Google Calendar. The AI assistant was developed in or to... MORE
Community-Focused Video Platform Features
Community-Focused Video Platform Features
YouTube's Profile Cards Feature Displays Comment History
YouTube created a new profile cards feature that will display a specific user’s previous comments. The company stated that the new feature was created to provide content creators with the... MORE
Modular Interchangeable Headphones
Modular Interchangeable Headphones
The 'DE-MO' Headphones Can be Changed According to Needs
The conceptual ‘DE-MO’ headphones are a modular audio solution for users who are seeking to streamline their everyday technology experience and enjoy enhanced efficiency when at home or... MORE
play_circle_filled Exploratory Modular Synth Systems
Exploratory Modular Synth Systems
Erica Synths is Shifting from DIY Modules to Educational Kits
Erica Synths is a modular synthesizer company shifting its traditional DIY Series Modules over to affordable entry-level Educational Kits to help teach the fundamentals of electronics. The kits are... MORE
Oversized Connected Photo Frames
Oversized Connected Photo Frames
The Lenovo Smart Frame Showed Off a Crisp Display at CES 2020
The Lenovo Smart Frame was shown off at CES 2020 as an artwork solution for the home that will offer users the ability to keep their favorite images, artwork and more on display in a seamless manner.... MORE
Informative Multimedia Rewards Apps
Informative Multimedia Rewards Apps
Mastercard Created an AR App to Inform Customers About Rewards
Mastercard created an AR app that will inform customers of the potential rewards they can access. The app will show these awards in an interactive AR experience, where 3D portals will showcase... MORE