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Shining the spotlight on specific regional locations, this category of trends deep dives into different cultural and ethnic innovations from around the globe. Showcasing the latest developments in multicultural trends, local consumer goods and regional developments, this category showcases the kind of impact that cultural influence can have.
Striking African-Inspired Editorials
Striking African-Inspired Editorials
Imprint ZA SS20 Debuts in a Shoot in Africa is Now Magazine
Africa is Now Magazine is a contemporary online publication which focuses on the coverage and promotion of African content in the realm of creativity, fashion, and more. Platforms such as these are... MORE
Top 70 World Trends in August
Top 70 World Trends in August
From Shipping Container Micro Homes to Avocado-Shaped Accomodations
The August 2019 world trends feature many innovative travel ideas, bizarre hotel designs, and much more. The broad range of concepts that were explored this month pushed boundaries of new... MORE
Spice Garden Dining Experiences
Spice Garden Dining Experiences
Malherbe Rust Architects Design This Space in a Farmhouse Hotel
Babylonstoren is a farmhouse hotel in Cape Wineland — a region in South Africa. The hospitality establishment and wine estate recently got an update as local studio Malherbe Rust Architects was... MORE
Text-Based Digital Rebellions
Text-Based Digital Rebellions
Re:publica's Identity Contradicts the Values of Digital Cultures
Digital rebellions have permeated through many instances of everyday life. Whether that be on the individual, community or corporate levels, the movement suggests that people are beginning to be... MORE
Ukranian Furniture Designs
Ukranian Furniture Designs
Faina Builds Furniture from Clay and Flax to Pay Homage to Its Roots
Furniture from clay and flax makes for pieces that are doused with the aura of boundary-pushing materials. Kiev-based brand Faina sees the opportunity in this and launches a collection that is... MORE
Futuristic Concert Hall Designs
Futuristic Concert Hall Designs
Steven Holl's Zinc-Clad Building is a Future-Forward Addition
A stunning, futuristic zinc-clad building was conceived through the collaborative efforts of Steven Holl Architects and Prague-based Architecture Acts. Envisioned as a fully functioning concert hall,... MORE
Whimsical London Railway Bridges
Whimsical London Railway Bridges
Yinka Ilori Boasts Stunning Palettes for an Architecture Festival
For the city’s Festival of Architecture, a mundane London railway bridge was revived with bold splashes of color. Locally based designer Yinka Ilori breathed new life into the area with his... MORE
Immersive Landscape-Inspired Art
Immersive Landscape-Inspired Art
Wade Kavanaugh & Stephen B Nguyen Boast an Installation in Maine
This mesmerizing installation in Maine is made possible through the hard work of local designers Wade Kavanaugh and Stephen B Nguyen. Titled ‘Hubris Atë Nemesis,’ the immersive... MORE
Yerba Expansion
North American consumers become familiarized with yerba mate in packaged beverages
Implications - Yerba mate has traditionally been consumed as a tea in South America, but today packaged beverage brands in North America are leaning into the herb as a healthful flavor option. This speaks to the desire North American consumers have to experiment with wellness solutions from around the world.
Workshop Question — What regional trends could your brand lean into for inspiration?
Transportation-Friendly Recycling Schemes
Transportation-Friendly Recycling Schemes
+ Ricicli + Viaggi Exchanges Plastics for Metro Rides
A new recycling scheme is in place Rome and the initative will definitely have an impact due to its lucrative offer. It is called + Ricicli + Viaggi (which translates to + Recycle, + Travel). The... MORE
Eco-Focused Digital Services
Eco-Focused Digital Services
Helsinki's Think Sustainably Service Empowers People & Businesses
The city of Helsinki launches a helpful digital platform that is called ‘Think Sustainably.’ The initative has obvious connotations and is meant to contribute to awareness, while... MORE
Top 70 World Trends in September
Top 70 World Trends in September
From Traveling Food Taster Positions to Retro 70s-Themed Motels
The list of September 2019 world trends explores different travel experiences at a global scale, offering fresh products and services that stem from many cultural angles. One of this month’s... MORE
Enriching All-Expenses-Paid Excursions
Enriching All-Expenses-Paid Excursions
This Airbnb Program Ships Individuals to Grottole, Italy
An Airbnb program will teach individuals about the riches of a small UNESCO World Heritage Site for three months. The company will cover flights and will allow volunteers up to €900 each month.... MORE
Latin Culture-Inspired Pop-Ups
Latin Culture-Inspired Pop-Ups
The Latina Bodega by bybabba Boldly Celebrates Latinx Culture
Latinx culture is being paid homeage to in its entirety through this interactive and multi-faceted pop-up store at SHOWFIELDS in New York City. The temporary activation is curated by Babba C Rivera,... MORE
Cryptocurrency-Based Cross-Border Payments
Cryptocurrency-Based Cross-Border Payments
Bantotal & Bitex Target Around 60 Latin American Banks
Core LatAm banking service provider Bantotal enters a partnership with Bitex crypto exchange to streamline cross-border payments through the Bitcoin blockchain ecosystem. The collaboration is... MORE
Alternative Mobile Payment Solutions
Alternative Mobile Payment Solutions
Allied Wallet Adds Brazil in Its Roaster of Countries
Allied Wallet is “a provider of online processing and payment solutions.” The company has entered the market in 196 countries and late last year, the news was released that it will be... MORE
Net-Covered Educational Event Spaces
Net-Covered Educational Event Spaces
Divooe Zein Architects Repurposes This Abandoned Building
Divooe Zein Architects creates an educational event space that will benefit residents and visitors of Taiwan. Located in the Shangri-La Park in Miaoli, the destination will provide ample... MORE
Multilingual Roadside Assistance Apps
Multilingual Roadside Assistance Apps
Maserati & Digital Assist Offer a Peace of Mind to Everyone
A roadside assistance app can prove to be quite useful, however, not many are mindful of non-English speakers. Noticing this gap in the service market, Maserati Australia joins forces with roadside... MORE
Immersive Multi-Experiential Equator Parks
Immersive Multi-Experiential Equator Parks
Mitad Del Mundo Park Celebrates the Equator Line
Surely, the equator line warrants celebration and the Mitad del Mundo park pays homeage to it through a series of family-friendly activities and museums that spark curiosity and excitement in... MORE
Minimal Futuristic Technical Wear
Minimal Futuristic Technical Wear
The North Face and HYKE Collaboration is Exclusive to Japan
The latest collaboration between outdoorsy adventure brand The North Face and HYKE makes its debut with this lookbook and the Fall/Winter 2019 offerings exhibit a strikingly chic collection of... MORE
Temporary Worship Space Proposals
Temporary Worship Space Proposals
Gensler Pushes for a Temporary Pavilion Alongside Notre-Dame
Gensler — an international architecture firm, recently revealed a proposal for a temporary worship space. The design is intended to occupy a site alongside Notre-Dame and to exist there while... MORE
Purple Yam-Inspired Dessert Cafes
Purple Yam-Inspired Dessert Cafes
Cafe Bora Embraces Delicious Purple Sweet Potato Dessert
The purple sweet potato dessert is a category of sweets that is gaining traction in the contemporary foodie environment of Northern America. One of the purveyors of this cuisine is Cafe Bora — an... MORE
Top 40 World Trends in July
Top 40 World Trends in July
From Rosé-Themed Glamping Experiences to Overnight Travel Experiences
The July 2019 world trends cover many ideas including traveling innovative products, services, and unique hotel experiences. The list of concepts push boundaries on how we can better explore what... MORE
Shipping Container Micro Homes
Shipping Container Micro Homes
Fraser Brown MacKenna Architects Has Permission to Build in the UK
Shipping container micro homes are a way for architects to ensure that housing is affordable and fits the requirements of the utltra-fast-paced urban environment. Recently, Fraser Brown MacKenna... MORE
15 Japanese Furniture Designs
15 Japanese Furniture Designs
From Minimalist Easy-to-Assemble Furniture to Belt-Fastened Sofas
Japanese furniture designs have been steadily increasing in abundance on the market. As Eastern cultures become more pronounced, many designers — both local and foreign, begin to bring culturally... MORE