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Going beyond technological efficiency, robotic devices are evolving to become more adaptable to social and interactive engagements. Highlighting developments in drone technology, robotic integration and automated devices, Trend Hunter’s robots category offers insight into the ever-adapting world of technology.
Frog Cell-Based Living Robots
Frog Cell-Based Living Robots
Tufts University Scientists Pioneer the Xenobot as Tech Progress
Living robots and robots that can feel have been of interest to many. While some are surely fascinated by the prospect, others fear that it might mean the end of civilization. Regardless of these... MORE
AI-Powered Robotic Vacuums
AI-Powered Robotic Vacuums
The Trifo 'Lucy' Home Vacuum Cleaner Handles Dirt and Security
The Trifo ‘Lucy’ home vacuum cleaner has been announced by the California-based brand as a new artificial intelligence (AI)-powered robotic solution that will easily handle debris around... MORE
Aerodynamic Dual-Rotor Drones
Aerodynamic Dual-Rotor Drones
The Zero Zero V-Coptr Falcon Drone Has a Stable, Reliable Design
Many of the drones presently on the market have a quad or even hexa-copter design, but the Zero Zero V-Coptr Falcon is designed to take things in a decidedly more streamlined direction. Featuring a... MORE
Automated Pizza Servers
Automated Pizza Servers
Picnic Will Be Serving Pizza at CES 2020 with an AI-Powered Robot
People look forward to visiting the Consumer Electronics Show to experience the latest technological innovations and at CES 2020, attendees can expect to see the next-gen pizza server. To show off... MORE
Smart Home Controller Robots
Smart Home Controller Robots
Fingerbot is the World's Smallest Remote Control Robot Actuator
While there are now many appliances that can be easily incorporated into a smart home system, others still require interaction with buttons and switches—but Adaprox’s Fingerbot works as a... MORE
Robot-Powered Airport Cafes
Robot-Powered Airport Cafes
Cafe X Has Opened a Robotic Coffee Bar at the San Jose Airport
Cafe X has announced a new version of its Robotic Coffee Bar will be launched in the San Jose International Airport (SJC) to offer travelers with access to coffee at their leisure. The robotic cafe... MORE
Motivation-Understanding AI
Motivation-Understanding AI
Facebook Created an AI That Can Understand the 'Theory of Mind'
Facebook created an AI system that is able to understand the theory of the mind. Noam Brown is a researcher at Facebook AI, and he spoke about the theory of mind, “The theory of mind is the idea... MORE
Painting Drone Designs
Painting Drone Designs
KATSU and Tsuru Robotics Created a Partially Autonomous Drone for Painting
KATSU worked with Tsuru Robotics to launch the first partially autonomous painting drone. The company has a history of implementing new technologies in the painting industry, as well as drone... MORE
Technology-driven construction products aim to improve quality, safety & efficiency
Implications - As urban environments continue to grow, there is an increased demand for fast and reliable construction to happen at any time; as a result, brands are creating high-tech products to aid current human capabilities. Drones, robotics, and AI are all playing a key role in the progression of the construction industry. This new shift within infrastructure development will allow humans to work alongside technology to create cities of the future in safer environments.
Workshop Question - How can your brand adapt more technologies to increase safety and efficiency?
Hands-On STEAM Toys
Hands-On STEAM Toys
Matatalab Debuts Its New Coding Robot for Ages Three and Up at CES 2020
STEM toys are now giving way to STEAM toys, which is essentially the same idea but with ‘the Arts’ included. Matatalab debuts one such product during its time in Las Vegas at CES 2020.... MORE
VR Exercise Exoskeletons
VR Exercise Exoskeletons
Samsung's GEMS Provides an Immersive Workout Experience
Samsung’s GEMS (Gait Enhancing & Motivating System) technology not only has the potential to help improve people’s mobility but also offer an immersive workout experience, as... MORE
Personal Head Massagers
Personal Head Massagers
The LEROU Robot Simulates a Finger Massage on the Temples
There are tons of personal massagers on the market that are designed for alleviating tension from specific points in the body but the LEROU Robot sets itself apart as the first-of-its-kind personal... MORE
Top 100 Robot Trends in 2019
Top 100 Robot Trends in 2019
From Intelligent AI-Powered Robotic Dogs to Pizza Delivery Bots
The advancement of technology enables an innovator’s imagination to roam free and the 2019 robot trends are a category that shows some of the fruits of this inspiration. From robotic dresses... MORE
Grocery Selection Robots
Grocery Selection Robots
Walmart is Expediting Warehouse Operations with Robots Moving Items
Walmart’s grocery selection robot, the Alphabot, has passed its testing phase and is now scheduled to be used in brick and mortar stores, including the Salem superstore. The grocery selection... MORE
Autonomous Drone Demonstration Flights
Autonomous Drone Demonstration Flights
The EHang 216 Drone Flew for the First Time in the US
EHang, the autonomous passenger drone startup, recently held a demonstration flight where its ‘EHang 216’ drone flew for the first time in the United States. The flight occurred in... MORE
Revenue Optimizing AI Systems
Revenue Optimizing AI Systems
Warner Bros. Has an AI System to Help with Release Decisions
Warner Bros. now has an AI system that will help the organization make release decisions. However, there is some indication that the system will initially undergo a trial period for the company’... MORE
Cheese-Slicing Robots
Cheese-Slicing Robots
At CES 2020, AI Researchers Debuted a "Scraper Robot" That Handles Raclette
At this year’s Consumer Electronics Show, artificial intelligence researchers showed off their design for a “scraper robot” that mimics the motions of an expert raclette cheese... MORE
play_circle_filled Cat-Like Delivery Robots
Cat-Like Delivery Robots
PuduTech Debuted the BellaBot at CES 2020
PuduTech, the creator of the PuduBot, unveiled its newest delivery robot at CES 2020 in the form of BellaBot. Like its predecessor, BellaBot is a robot waiter but sets itself with an expressive... MORE
Toilet Paper-Providing Robots
Toilet Paper-Providing Robots
The Charmin 'RollBot' Optimizes the Bathroom Experience at CES 2020
The Charmin ‘RollBot’ is a new robotic solution from the toilet paper brand that has been shown off at CES 2020 to help optimize the bathroom experience. The robot works by being... MORE
Home Robot Assistants
Home Robot Assistants
Samsung Revealed Ballie Which Uses AI to Predict the Owners Needs
Samsung revealed a new home robot at CES, named ‘Ballie,’ which is designed to meet the user’s specific needs. The home robot is able to use an AI system to predict an individual&#... MORE
Realistic AI Avatars
Realistic AI Avatars
The AI Foundation Created an AI Version of Deepak Chopra
Deepak Chopra partnered with the AI Foundation to create an AI avatar called Digital Deepak. Although there are limitations on the amount of meaningful one-on-one conversations that Deepak Chopra... MORE
Expressive Humanoid Robots
Expressive Humanoid Robots
Circulus' piBo is an Intuitive Robot Companion for the Home
piBo is a household robot that’s designed to carry out simple conversations and offer information on the news, weather and more. As the bot takes the form of a humanoid, piBo is expressive and... MORE
play_circle_filled Car-Charging Robots
Car-Charging Robots
Volkswagen's Robots Autonomously Charge Electric Vehicles
Volkswagen is looking to support electric car drivers of the future with a new concept to charge electric vehicles that involves an autonomous robot. The system is essentially a charging station on... MORE
4K Streaming Racer Drones
4K Streaming Racer Drones
The iFlight Cinebee Hybrid 4K Racing Drone Offers Speedy Runs
The iFlight Cinebee Hybrid 4K racing drone is a professional-grade flying robot that will offer avid racers and photography enthusiasts alike with a way to enjoy impressive capabilities in the sky.... MORE
20 Gift-Ready Coding Toys
20 Gift-Ready Coding Toys
From Crocodile Coding Robots to Aquatic Child-Friendly Coding Robots
The abundance of coding toys on the market suggests that no age is too early for one to learn the skill. As the digital age progresses, Millennial parents are making sure their kids are ahead of the... MORE