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Going beyond technological efficiency, robotic devices are evolving to become more adaptable to social and interactive engagements. Highlighting developments in drone technology, robotic integration and automated devices, Trend Hunter’s robots category offers insight into the ever-adapting world of technology.
Autonomous Disinfecting Robots
Autonomous Disinfecting Robots
LG's Disinfecting Robot Can Disinfect a Room in 30 Minutes
LG’s disinfecting robot is preparing for the current world, as well as a post-COVID world, presenting an autonomous robot that can create a germ-free room in a matter of minutes. Making its... MORE
Garbage-Collecting Aquatic Robots
Garbage-Collecting Aquatic Robots
The 'Clearbot' Can Autonomously Remove Trash From Waterways
Open Ocean Engineering, a startup company based in Hong Kong, has launched a high-tech aquatic robot that is designed to make a real and clear contribution to the hugely pressing challenge of... MORE
Autonomous Disinfecting Robots
Autonomous Disinfecting Robots
LG is Sharing a Look at the Newest CLOi Robot at Digital CES 2021
At Digital CES 2021, LG Electronics will be showing off the newest member of the CLOi robot family that’s being developed to support schools, offices, restaurants and retailers alike. The... MORE
Sign Language-Interpreting Robots
Sign Language-Interpreting Robots
The Conceptual 'Hearingbot' Has Smart Home Connectivity
Smart home solutions focus primarily on voice control and auditory signals to keep users connected which leaves deaf and hard-of-hearing users unable to make use of them, so the conceptual ‘... MORE
Strong User-Configurable Drones
Strong User-Configurable Drones
The xFold Drone Lifts Up to 1,000 Pounds
The xFold drone is a premium piece of equipment from the San Francisco-based startup ZM Interactive that is intended to provide users with everything they need to accommodate their changing needs.... MORE
Two-in-One Home Cleaning Robots
Two-in-One Home Cleaning Robots
The iHome AutoVac Eclipse Vacuums and Mops the Floors
The iHome AutoVac Eclipse robotic home cleaning solution is positioned as a multifunctional piece of hardware that will provide administrators with a way to easily keep their living space in the... MORE
All-in-One Kitchen Robots
All-in-One Kitchen Robots
The Moley Kitchen Robot Cooks and Cleans Up Afterward
The Moley Kitchen robot boasts the ability to cook up to 5,000 recipes—and clean up after itself. The robot was created by Russian mathematician and computer scientist Mark Oleynik with the aid of... MORE
Shelf-Monitoring Retail Robots
Shelf-Monitoring Retail Robots
Retail Watch Uses Computer Vision & Machine Learning In-Store
To address the problem of products being out of stock on retail shelves, Trax created the Retail Watch solution in China. The autonomous shelf-monitoring robot was created with local robotics... MORE
Robotic Nurse
Tech companies are upgrading various hospital procedures with robotic innovations
Trend - Emerging from the prototyping stages for safety and efficacy, tech companies are beginning to implement their robotic innovations more broadly in the setting of hospitals. These robots have the capacity to support doctors during a procedure or by checking in on patients, replicating duties that are typically carried out by nurses.
Workshop Question - How can robotics enhance your brand's service or operations?
Top 100 Robot Innovations in 2020
Top 100 Robot Innovations in 2020
From Hospital-Based Robots to Autonomous Hotel Concierges
The widespread use of robots may seem like an idea of the future, but this list of 2020 robot innovations emphasizes that robots are already being integrated into the everyday lives of the consumer.... MORE
UV Disinfecting Robots
UV Disinfecting Robots
UBTech Announced a New Line of Disinfecting Robots at CES That Use UV Light
UBTech, the China-based robotics company, announced at CES that it will launch a new line of disinfecting robots that use UV light to clean various surfaces. UBTech created different versions of... MORE
Autonomous Combat Vehicles
Autonomous Combat Vehicles
This Robotic Vehicle Has 360-Degree Vision and AI Navigation
Estonian robotic vehicle manufacturer Milirem Robotics has unveiled a high-tech combat vehicle that uses autonomous technology to provide highly reliable reconnaissance and tactical support to... MORE
Miniaturized Military Drones
Miniaturized Military Drones
The 'Bug' Drone Can Withstand Heavy Winds Despite Its Tiny Frame
UAVTEK, a British drone company owned by military veterans, has developed prototypes of an innovative military drone that is designed to be able to withstand rugged aerial conditions despite its... MORE
play_circle_filled Domestic Robotic Kitchens
Domestic Robotic Kitchens
Moley Robotics Showcased a Robotic Kitchen at CES 2021
At CES 2021, Moley Robotics showcased the most advanced domestic robotic kitchen ever as a system that’s capable of cooking from scratch and cleaning up after that. The luxurious, fully... MORE
Robotic Large Space Cleaners
Robotic Large Space Cleaners
The Ubtech Adibot UV-C Disinfecting Robot Eradicates Bacteria
Being able to quickly, efficiently and effectively sanitize a space has become imperative in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, which is seeing solutions like the Ubtech Adibot UV-C disinfecting... MORE
Stain-Scrubbing Robot Vacuums
Stain-Scrubbing Robot Vacuums
The Roborock S7 Uses Scrubbing Technology to Remove Marks
The Roborock S7 robot vacuum is a power-focused automated cleaning solution for consumers who are looking to enjoy a hands-off experience when keeping their living space in the best shape possible.... MORE
AI-Powered Robotic Cleaners
AI-Powered Robotic Cleaners
The Samsung JetBot 90 AI+ Easily Traverses Any Living Space
The Samsung JetBot 90 AI+ robot vacuum is an artificial intelligence (AI)-powered solution for the modern home that will provide inhabitants with an easier way to perform daily chores. The unit... MORE
Livestreamed Virtual Influencers
Livestreamed Virtual Influencers
LG's Virtual Influencer Appeared at a Livestreamed CES Keynote
LG’s virtual influencer is making its announcements at CES 2021. The Consumer Electronics Show is home to some of the greatest innovations and product launches of the year, making it the... MORE
Efficient Filtration Robotic Vacuums
Efficient Filtration Robotic Vacuums
The DreameTech D9 Offers 3,000 Pa of Suction Power
The DreameTech D9 robot vacuum is an efficient piece of hardware for homeowners who are looking for a way to keep their living space clean without the need to lift a finger. The vacuum features a... MORE
play_circle_filled Expressive AI Pets
Expressive AI Pets
Moflin, a Robot with Evolving Emotional Capabilities, is Coming to CES 2021
Moflin by Vanguard Industries is more than a cuddly plush pet, as it takes the form of a pet robot powered by artificial intelligence that boasts “emotional capabilities that evolve like... MORE
play_circle_filled Robot Pool Cleaners
Robot Pool Cleaners
Ariel By Solar Breeze is Debuting at CES 2021
At the all-digital CES 2021, Ariel by Solar Breeze will be making its debut as an innovative robot pool cleaner. Using solar power and smart technology, the robot boasts the ability to skim the... MORE
Omnidirectional Pet Care Robots
Omnidirectional Pet Care Robots
The 'Rocki' Robot Captures Footage and Offers Treats
The ‘Rocki’ robot is an interactive pet care solution for owners who are looking for a way to take better care of their furry friend when spending extended periods out of the house. The... MORE
Artistic Training Robots
Artistic Training Robots
The 'DrawBo' Drawing Robot Tutor Guides Youngsters Along
The ‘DrawBo’ drawing robot tutor is an advanced piece of technology for youngsters that will enable them to try their hand at a range of artistic endeavors. The unit works by guiding... MORE
Autonomous Cooking Robots
Autonomous Cooking Robots
The RoboEatz Could Improve Food Safety Amid and Beyond Covid-19
RoboEatz, a food-tech startup headquartered in Canada, debuted its new technology in CES 2021. The new food technology offers autonomous operation of end-to-end kitchen tasks from a pre-set list of... MORE
Eco-Friendly Delivery Drones
Eco-Friendly Delivery Drones
The Conceptual 'Beep' Self-Driving Delivery Drone is Multipurpose
The conceptual ‘Beep’ self-driving delivery drone is a short-distance transportation solution for a multitude of different businesses that would enable them to get product around urban... MORE