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Social Media

Online platforms and digital communities has forever changed the way individuals communicate and share ideas. From creative social apps to innovations surrounding digital platforms and online engagement, this category will keep you updated on all the latest developments surrounding social media trends.
Fitness-Focused Delivery Campaigns
Fitness-Focused Delivery Campaigns
El Pollo Loco Launched 'Workout While You Wait' on Tik Tok
To give consumers a little extra motivation to meet their New Year’s health goals, El Pollo Loco launched its very first campaign on Tik Tok, called ‘Workout While You Wait.’... MORE
95 Gift Ideas for the Basketball Fan
95 Gift Ideas for the Basketball Fan
From Modern Sporty Apparel to Athlete Heritage-Honoring Shoes
These gift ideas for the basketball fan will bring a sense of excitement and enthusiasm to loved ones. This year, the sports industry was compromised due to the global pandemic and fans searched to... MORE
Virtual Santa Messaging
Virtual Santa Messaging
Kids Can Chat With Santa on Facebook Messenger
While typically children used to send handwritten letters to the North Pole, Facebook Messenger Kids is now letting users chat with Santa virtually. Parents can now add Santa as an approved contact... MORE
Local Restaurant-Supporting Social Media Takeovers
Local Restaurant-Supporting Social Media Takeovers
Burger King UK Lends Out Its Instagram Account
In an effort to support local restaurants across the UK, Burger King UK is lending out its Instagram account to help independent UK restaurants expand their reach and grow their business. The... MORE
Social Media TV Apps
Social Media TV Apps
The TikTok App is Arriving on Samsung Smart TVs in the UK
The TikTok app is being launched on Samsung Smart TVs in the UK in a bid to make viewing content from the platform easier for consumers to access. The app is optimized for a home viewing experience... MORE
Rival Hard Seltzer Unfollow Campaigns
Rival Hard Seltzer Unfollow Campaigns
Vizzy Wants You to Dump Other Hard Seltzers for Free Drinks
Ahead of the holidays, Vizzy Hard Seltzer is offering free beverages for fans that unfollow its rival on social media. “Social trends show that mid-December kicks off what is known as break... MORE
Social Media Influencer Houses
Social Media Influencer Houses
The Hype House Houses Some of TikTok's Most Talked-About Stars
The popularity of social media influencer houses is surely growing and TikTok’s Hype House is certainly one of the most well-known examples of this. The Spanish-style mansion is perched on top... MORE
Branded 2020 Pop Culture Reviews
Branded 2020 Pop Culture Reviews
Facebook Released Its Annual Year in Review for 2020
Ahead of the end of the year, Facebook released its annual ‘Year in Review’ that shows the top 10 pop culture moments of the year. These include Michael Jordan’s “The Last Dance”... MORE
Dance Marketing
Companies are leveraging social media dance popularity for marketing campaigns
Trend - Many companies are increasing their presence on video-based social media apps with popular viral dances. These companies are frequently using these platforms to launch marketing campaigns with dancing elements. Often times these campaigns will reward consumers for their participation with discounts.
Workshop Question - How can your organization foster engagement with users of social video apps?
play_circle_filled Joyful Travel Websites
Joyful Travel Websites
Inspired by Iceland Created a Site for the Opposite of "Doomscrolling"
Doomscrolling is a new term that describes the act of consuming a large quantity of negative online news at once and it can be harmful to mental health. During a time of uncertainty, loneliness and... MORE
Personalized Pet Beer Cans
Personalized Pet Beer Cans
Budweiser is Customizing Cans with @WeRateDogs
At the end of a year when people feel like they need a little more holiday cheer than usual, Budweiser is teaming up with @WeRateDogs on Twitter to create personalized pet beer cans. The #Pupweiser... MORE
Hilarious Smoothie Swag Promotions
Hilarious Smoothie Swag Promotions
Bolthouse Farms Ensures Fans Don't Get "Caught Naked" in 2021
Bolthouse Farms is offering free, nationwide delivery of smoothies and swag to help ensures its fans don’t get “caught naked.” From Zoom calls to screen shares to forgetting to... MORE
Social TV Sharing Services
Social TV Sharing Services
'Snapscreen' Helps Users Share What They're Watching with Friends
Watching TV solo with a smartphone in hand has become more popular amongst many consumers and has some craving a more social experience, so ‘Snapscreen’ has been created to help support... MORE
Super-Sized Basketball Player-Gloves
Super-Sized Basketball Player-Gloves
Roots Launched the Kawhi Leonard/Fun Guy Size Gloves
Canadian apparel label Roots recently launched a super-sized pair of knit gloves, dubbed the Kawhi Leonard/Fun Guy Size gloves. The new accessory was launched in an attempt to entice basketball... MORE
Audio-Only Meetings
Audio-Only Meetings
Twitter Unveils Early Beta Version of 'Spaces' Feature
Twitter recently expanded its platform offerings with the launch of the new ‘Spaces’ feature. Currently available in an early beta version, the new feature was designed to enable... MORE
Branded-Couch Giveaway Contests
Branded-Couch Giveaway Contests
Velveeta Gave Away a Queso-Themed Couch to Miami Dolphins Fans
Velveeta is running a Twitter contest in Florida that ended on December 16, where two Miami Dolphins fans were selected to win a queso-themed couch as a prize. The queso-themed couch was scheduled... MORE
Celebrity Livestreaming Platforms
Celebrity Livestreaming Platforms
Facebook is Creating Livestreaming Platform for Celebrities
Facebook is currently developing a livestreaming platform named Super that allows users to pay for customized content, like personalized videos, created by celebrities or other creators. The Super... MORE
Refreshed Social Media Guidelines
Refreshed Social Media Guidelines
TikTok Supports Community Well-Being with Refreshed Policies
In an effort to support community well-being, the popular social media platform TikTok is launching refreshed policies and features. The platform is fighting misinformation surrounding the COVID-19... MORE
Digital Denim Outfits
Digital Denim Outfits
The Levi's x Bitmoji Collection Shares Digital Versions of Classic Styles
The Levi’s x Bitmoji collection consists of classic styles like the 501 Original Fit Jeans, which can now be sported by the virtual versions of Snapchat and Bitmoji users. Styles like Trucker... MORE
Artful Cat Campaigns
Artful Cat Campaigns
The Krafted by Kitten Kollection Promotes Responsible Pet Adoption
To promote responsible pet adoption and bring awareness to the issue of kitten abandonment, Whiskas created a campaign in Russia that puts a playful perspective on some of the less favorable habits... MORE
Stunning Eye-Catching Photo Editors
Stunning Eye-Catching Photo Editors
Artleap is a One-Touch Photo Editor that Elevates Your Pics
Artleap is a new, one-touch photo editor that will transform your social media pictures with glitter and glam. The app was made by the award-winning app developer Lightricks and the brand worked... MORE
Election Victory Disputing Policies
Election Victory Disputing Policies
YouTube Will Remove Videos Disputing Joe Biden's Victory
YouTube recently announced it will now remove videos that dispute Joe Biden’s election victory. Initially, when videos came out, the brand let videos making false claims about election results... MORE
Endearingly Silly Interactive Holiday Cards
Endearingly Silly Interactive Holiday Cards
Starbucks Makes it Easy to Gift This Holiday Season
Starbucks is making it easy to gift this holiday season with virtual gift cards (ranging from $5 to $500) alongside endearingly silly interactive holiday cards. Starbucks and Snapchat have created... MORE
Celebrity-Named Vegan Burritos
Celebrity-Named Vegan Burritos
Chipotle Launched New Menu Item Named After Pop Star Miley Cyrus
Popular fast-casual chain, Chipotle, recently expanded its menu with a new vegan burrito option named after pop star Miley Cyrus. Dubbed, ‘The Guac Is Extra but So Is Miley Burrito,’ the... MORE
Influencer-Specific House Designs
Influencer-Specific House Designs
Web Stars Channel Conceived This House for Influencers
Social media platforms have become an inseparable part of our every day—from being a site of entertainment and self-expression to providing marketers with tools to reach audiences—so the concept... MORE