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Reflecting a generation consumed with self-expression and individuality, Trend Hunter’s bizarre category showcase the most abstract ideas in brand and consumer innovation. Featuring everything from grotesque imagery to atypical designs and uncomfortable marketing tactics, these trends will showcase consumer fascination with the odd and abstract.
Provocative Sustainable Materials
Provocative Sustainable Materials
Natalie Zipfl Develops Blood Leather for Her Latest Collection
Dubbed ‘Do You Love Me Now?,’ designer Natalie Zipfl is challenging viewers with a newly developed material referred to as ‘Blood leather.’ The creative used pig blood and... MORE
Physical Experience-Mimicking Devices
Physical Experience-Mimicking Devices
RCA Students Debut Two Experiential Devices During COVID-19
Two very interesting experiential devices are debuted as part of a special project by Sandeep Hoonjan and Xianzhi Zhang—students of the Royal College of Art in London, UK. Dubbed ‘Feel the... MORE
Vagina-Scented Incense
Vagina-Scented Incense
Erykah Badu is Debuting a Progressive Incense Aroma on BADU WORLD MARKET
The BADU WORLD MARKET is a soon-to-be-opened (February 20th) online marketplace, where American singer-songwriter Erykah Badu will share some goodies with her fans and one of the first items for... MORE
Chicken Nugget Bouquets
Chicken Nugget Bouquets
Tyson Created a Unique Bouquet of Food for Valentine's Day
To help people celebrate Valentine’s Day in an unconventional way, Tyson created a contest based on a bouquet of food. As part of the Chicken Nugget Bouquet Contest, chicken lovers are invited... MORE
Bacon-Scented Patches
Bacon-Scented Patches
Strong Roots Collaborated on a Meat Patch to Fight Bacon Cravings
Oxford University professor Charles Spence, who specializes in sensory perception, collaborated with plant-based food company Strong Roots to create a “meat patch” that’s... MORE
Multi-Sensory Experimental Tableware
Multi-Sensory Experimental Tableware
'Beyond Taste' by Teresa Berger Connects People to Their Food
‘Beyond Taste’ is an experimental collection of crockery that allows individuals to have a better understanding of their food — where it comes from and how it is prepared. It does so... MORE
Unconventionally Stylish Basketball Shoes
Unconventionally Stylish Basketball Shoes
The New Rendition of the Air Jordan 13s Celebrates CNY
A pair of stylish basketball shoes, with a rather unconventional aesthetic, was released on December 31st, 2019, allowing consumers the chance to send off last year in style. The offering takes on... MORE
Adult Toy-Inspired Phone Cases
Adult Toy-Inspired Phone Cases
TENGA Boasts a New and Subtly Racy iPhone X and XS Case
A brand new iPhone X and XS case is offered to Apple fans, but this one embraces a rather unconventional inspiration. The product is produced by a popular Japanese company that is well-known for its... MORE
Intergalactic Consumerism
Products made in space gratify consumers' sense of novel indulgence
Trend - While our capacity for mass space travel is still years away, brands are offering consumers a taste of outer space through products that are partially or fully made in space. Be it a cookie or a pair of boots, these goods satiate shoppers looking to indulge their sense of individuality.
Workshop Question - What excites your consumer? How can you inject a bit of that into their experience with your brand?
Bot-Proof Raffles
Bot-Proof Raffles
Klarna's High Tech Smoooth Raffle Proves to Be a One-of-a-Kind Experience
The Smoooth Raffle, hosted by Klarna, is a revolution in the experience. The event features an extra-special entry system that uses BPM technology to measure the heartbeat of entrants. As a result,... MORE
Extravagant Knit Face Masks
Extravagant Knit Face Masks
Yr Johannsdottir Encourages Physical Distancing with a Special Design
Icelandic designer Yr Johannsdottir is having an extravagantly artistic response to the COVID-19 crisis with her outlandish knit face masks. Although not intended for medical use, the design is... MORE
Wearable Beanbag Chair Fashion
Wearable Beanbag Chair Fashion
Dahee Kim Challenges Traditional School Uniform Designs in Korea
One of the biggest objections to school uniform designs is that they halt the right for personal self-expression through one’s unique style preferences. This is exactly what Central Saint... MORE
Condiment-Scented Toiletries
Condiment-Scented Toiletries
Lynx and Marmite Teamed Up on a Body Wash and Body Spray
Marmite is known for creating a breakfast spread that people either love or hate and the brand is teaming up with Lynx to create scented toiletries that are just as divisive. The new body spray and... MORE
play_circle_filled Butterfly-Inspired 3D-Printed Jackets
Butterfly-Inspired 3D-Printed Jackets
Julia Körner is Inspired by the Madagascan Sunset Butterfly
Contemporary creative Julia Körner really knocks it out of the park with the design of the Setae 3D-printed jacket. For the aesthetic, she takes cues from the beautiful wings of the Madagascan... MORE
Video Chat Crashing Donkeys
Video Chat Crashing Donkeys
Peace N Peas Farm Will Rent a Donkey to Crash Boring Zoom Meetings
The mundane video-chat conferencing calls many are forced to hold in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic can now be upgraded thanks to a special donkey at Peace N Peas Farm. The 8-year-old miniature... MORE
Provocative Rubber Cabinets
Provocative Rubber Cabinets
Allthatissolid's Masque Thing Emphasizes Material Flexibility
Masque Thing is a rubber cabinet designed by architecture studio Allthatissolid who chose to experiment with material to deliver an interesting juxtaposition and experience. The storage unit is... MORE
Inflatable Latex Trousers
Inflatable Latex Trousers
Harikrishnan's Designs Juxtapose Tailored Jackets & Voluminous Pants
Harikrishnan’s graduate collection at the London College of Fashion introduced bold silhouettes that combined sleek tailored jackets with inflatable latex trousers. The statement pieces of the... MORE
Branded Football-Themed Snack Holders
Branded Football-Themed Snack Holders
Reynolds Wrap Debuted the New Limited-Edition Hunger Harness
In anticipation of this year’s Super Bowl LIV, Reynolds Wrap debuted the new and improved, limited-edition Hunger Harness to help make your football Sunday experience even better. This... MORE
Provokingly Empowering Candles
Provokingly Empowering Candles
This Daring Goop Candle Went Viral and It Sold Out Very Quickly
This Goop candle is definitely intriguing by way of design and, well, scent. Titled ‘This Smells Like My Vagina,’ the product is bound to immediately capture the attention of consumers.... MORE
play_circle_filled Off-the-Menu Watermelon Hams
Off-the-Menu Watermelon Hams
Ducks Eatery Has Stirred Up a Frenzy with This Unexpected Dish
For good or for bad, the watermelon ham at Ducks Eatery in New York City’s East Village has sent food bloggers and Internet users into a frenzy. This, however, is not unexpected. The... MORE
Fruit-Derived Vegan Tuna
Fruit-Derived Vegan Tuna
Wagamama Creates a Vegan-Friendly Tuna Dish by Using Watermelon
Wagamama — a “major UK restaurant,” has just pushed the envelope on a specific type of vegan tuna. The eatery is offering this in a tasty dish for ‘Veganuary’ and the menu... MORE
Vegan Milk Pedicures
Vegan Milk Pedicures
Wellness Center Chillhouse Now Offers the 'Plant-Based and Chill' Treatment
Chillhouse, a modern wellness center based in New York City, recently joined forces with plant-based milk company Elmhurst Milked to launch a unique vegan milk pedicure dubbed ‘Plant-Based and... MORE
Award-Winning Spruce Ales
Award-Winning Spruce Ales
Alaskan Brewing Co. Relaunched the Spruce IPA in Time for Winter
The Alaskan Brewing Co., an American brewery established by Geoff and Marcy Larson in 1986, recently relaunched its iconic Spruce IPA. As its name suggests, this award-winning ale is brewed with a... MORE
Flavor-Synthesizing Devices
Flavor-Synthesizing Devices
Homei Miyashita Uses Electrically Charged Gel in Flavor Device
Japanese researcher Homei Miyashita and his team have developed a new flavor device that is rather interesting in its implications for creating “new possibilities for human-computer interaction.... MORE
Extravagant Body Positive Artworks
Extravagant Body Positive Artworks
Daisy May Collingridge's Fabric Bodysuits Celebrate Beauty
Daisy May Collingridge is a Central Saint Martins graduate and her body positive artwork is, without a doubt, incredibly captivating. Working with textiles as a medium, the creative takes cues from&#... MORE