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Reflecting a generation consumed with self-expression and individuality, Trend Hunter’s bizarre category showcase the most abstract ideas in brand and consumer innovation. Featuring everything from grotesque imagery to atypical designs and uncomfortable marketing tactics, these trends will showcase consumer fascination with the odd and abstract.
Paranormal-Detecting Stones
Paranormal-Detecting Stones
The Baketan Reiseki Can Detect and Protect You If a Ghost is Nearby
Fear of the unknown has always frightened humans, however, thanks to the Baketan Reiseki—a ghost-detecting stone produced by Japanese company SolidAlliance—you can keep on eye on the... MORE
Coloring Book-Themed Cafes
Coloring Book-Themed Cafes
The 2D Cafe in Japan is the Perfect Spot for Your Next Instagram Post
As more companies customize their products, services, and venues to attract Millennials and Gen Z generations with unique, “Instagrammable” moments, one Japanese cafe located in Shin... MORE
Daring Piranha Ramen Dishes
Daring Piranha Ramen Dishes
Holiday Jack Will Offer Piranha Ramen for Only Four Days in September
Holiday Jack pulled an April Fool’s prank in 2019 that left a lot of foodies angry — the Japanese event creators boasted a fictitious piranha ramen recipe. Now, in September, the business is... MORE
Slingback-Style Chunky Shoes
Slingback-Style Chunky Shoes
Nike Releaunces Air Force 1 VTF Sneaker With Open Heel for Children
Nike has recently launched a new, unexpected sneaker for children—the Nike Airce 1 VTF that will help your child stand apart from the crowd. The shoe has a breathable element to it, making... MORE
Noodle-Like Blankets
Noodle-Like Blankets
Golden Field's Unique Blanket Takes Inspiration from Japanese Udon Noodles
Inspiration can come from absolutely anywhere, as proved by Japan’s Golden Field, which found a desire to create a unique blanket after being served a bowl of noodles. The ‘Udon for... MORE
Hot Dog-Studded Frozen Desserts
Hot Dog-Studded Frozen Desserts
The New Oscar Mayer Ice Dog Sandwich is Made with Hot Dog Pieces
Following the news that French’s has created mustard-flavored Ice cream, Oscar Mayer has debuted its own bizarre summer treat dubbed the Oscar Mayer Ice Dog Sandwich. Just as the name suggests,... MORE
Condiment-Inspired Ice Creams
Condiment-Inspired Ice Creams
Coolhaus & French's Created a Unique Ice Cream Based on Mustard
Coolhaus is known for creating an array of unique ice cream flavors like Street Cart Churro Dough and Milkshake & Fries and its newest variety comes out of an unexpected partnership with French&#... MORE
Smoked Salmon Candies
Smoked Salmon Candies
Acme Smoked Fish Corporation Created a Sweet & Savory Fish Candy
Acme Smoked Fish Corporation shares a variety of specialty seafood products and at the Specialty Food Association’s Summer Fancy Food Show this year, it introduced an unexpected addition to its... MORE
Intergalactic Consumerism
Products made in space gratify consumers' sense of novel indulgence
Implications - For many novelty-driven consumers who use the products they buy as conversation-starters or as a way to differentiate themselves, few products are more exciting than those created in outer space. While the ability for mass space travel is still years away, consumer goods made partially or fully in space (be it a cookie or a pair of boots) satiate shoppers looking to indulge their sense of individuality.
Workshop Question — What excites your consumer? How can you inject a bit of that into their experience with your brand?
25 Experimental Furniture Designs
25 Experimental Furniture Designs
From Silkworm Cocoon Cabinets to Marble-Imitating Foam Blocks
For those who are tired of the clean-cut, minimalist connotations of contemporary homeware, experimental furniture — whether it is exhibited or for display-only, will surely spark some creativity... MORE
play_circle_filled Unconventional Immersive Pop-Ups
Unconventional Immersive Pop-Ups
Hendrick's Gin Launched the Unique 'Portals to the Peculiar'
Hendrick’s Gin, the renowned Scottish gin producer, recently partnered with creative agency Space to launch an unusual immersive campaign—the ‘Portals to the Peculiar’—to... MORE
Top 40 Unique Trends in September
Top 40 Unique Trends in September
From Tennis-Themed Candles to Iceberg-Making Submarines
With the September 2019 unique trends, some outlandish concepts and combinations come to our attention. Amid the bizarre products that will certainly cause some to raise an eyebrow is Branston Pickle&... MORE
Ice Cream-Flavored Beers
Ice Cream-Flavored Beers
Wild Leap Brewers Has Launched a Vanilla Ice Cream Stout
Just in time to say goodbye to summer, independent brewing company Wild Leap has launched the Vanilla Ice Cream Stout. While stout-style beers are traditionally enjoyed during the colder months,... MORE
Tennis-Themed Candles
Tennis-Themed Candles
The Otherland's Matchpoint Candle Was Re-Released in Time for the U.S. Open
In honor of the U.S. Open kicking off, the famed scented candle brand Otherland has launched a tennis-inspired candle, fittingly titled the Matchpoint Candle. The candle features an intriguing... MORE
Deconstructed Suit Tie-Inspired Coats
Deconstructed Suit Tie-Inspired Coats
This Thom Browne Coat Boasts an Unconventional Aesthetic
This Thom Browne coat communicates the designer’s ethos to perfection. Concerned with reimagining the formal silhouette and building on the concept of deconstructed fashion, this outwear piece... MORE
play_circle_filled Serene Recruitment Campaigns
Serene Recruitment Campaigns
Mirum Helsinki Launched the Wilderness-Themed 'Creative Essence' Ad
Mirum Helsinki, a global creative agency, recently debuted its new brand ‘Creative Essence’ in a serene, wilderness-themed campaign to attract more talent in an unconventional way. ... MORE
Pumpkin-Spiced Canned Meats
Pumpkin-Spiced Canned Meats
Pumpkin Spice Spam is Real and Coming to Walmart's Online Store
Though it may sound like an April Fool’s Day joke, Pumpkin Spice Spam is officially on the market. As strange as it may sound, Pumpkin Spice Spam is a seasonal take on the iconic canned meat... MORE
play_circle_filled House Giveaway Promotions
House Giveaway Promotions
Jimmy John's Promotes New 'Sandwich Delivery Zones' with House Giveaway
Sandwich chain Jimmy John’s recently debuted its newest marketing campaign to promote its new Sandwich Delivery Zones service. As part of the campaign, the brand will be giving one lucky fan a... MORE
Pickle-Flavored Afternoon Teas
Pickle-Flavored Afternoon Teas
Branston Pickle Created Its Own Tea to Celebrate Afternoon Tea Week
In recognition of Afternoon Tea Week, Branston Pickle created a pickle-flavored tea that’s said to pair well with cheese sandwiches. The pickle-infused tea boasts fruity and ctirsy notes from... MORE
play_circle_filled Video Game-Encoded Energy Drinks
Video Game-Encoded Energy Drinks
Rainbow Six Siege Launched Beverage-Encoded Video Game Files
Just in time for the Brazilian R6 Siege competition, creative agency AKQA Sao Paulo partnered with DNA data storage startup Helixworks to launch Fusion’s new energy drink—one that... MORE
play_circle_filled Senior-Celebrating QSR Parties
Senior-Celebrating QSR Parties
Nando’s Fans Took Over a Franchise With A Nana-Themed Party
Embracing offbeat marketing, Nando’s restaurant recently threw a ‘Nando’s Like My Nan Does’ party for nearly 100 of DC’s biggest Nando’s supporters and their grandmas.... MORE
Taco-Flavored Coffee Beans
Taco-Flavored Coffee Beans
CoffeeAM Offers an Unusual Spicy Taco-Flavored Coffee
For consumers who are looking for a more creative way to get their morning caffeine kick, CoffeeAM offers an unusual Spicy Taco-Flavored Coffee. CoffeeAM is a gourmet coffee company that offers a... MORE
Runaway Alarm Clocks
Runaway Alarm Clocks
Clocky Wheels Itself Away and Hides to Make Sure Users Wake Up
Clocky is an alarm clock that’s available from major retailers like Amazon, which rolls away when it goes off in the morning, prompting users to get out of bed to shut it off, ensuring they&#... MORE
40 Everyday Carry Items
40 Everyday Carry Items
From Modern Minimalist EDC Pens to Versatile Compact Writing Utensils
The EDC community prioritizes being prepared by consistently carrying certain utilitarian items, and if you’re looking to invest in an everyday carry item there is a myriad of options. Luckily,... MORE
Nationalist Avant-Garde Jewelry
Nationalist Avant-Garde Jewelry
Max Machaidze Boasts a Mix of Soviet and American Symbolism
Max Machaidze is a designer from Tbilisi and he launches an interesting collection of avant-garde jewelry that mixes two symbologies that have before been considered to be at odds. Drawing... MORE