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Reflecting a generation consumed with self-expression and individuality, Trend Hunter’s bizarre category showcase the most abstract ideas in brand and consumer innovation. Featuring everything from grotesque imagery to atypical designs and uncomfortable marketing tactics, these trends will showcase consumer fascination with the odd and abstract.
Optical Illusion-Enhanced Rugs
Optical Illusion-Enhanced Rugs
The YO2 Rugs Come in Three Sophisticated and Mind-Bending Styles
The YO2 Rugs, designed by Alain Gilles, have integrated optical illusion patterns that add character and dimension to any interior. The rugs come in three distinct styles that have their own unique... MORE
Animatronic Tail Accessories
Animatronic Tail Accessories
The Tail Company's 'miTail' Operates for Five-Hours Per Charge
The Tail Company’s ‘miTail’ animatronic tail is one of the latest devices from the company that will offer users with a way to integrate an unexpected kind of accessory into their... MORE
Personal Wearable Tents
Personal Wearable Tents
Under the Weather Offers Strap-In Tents with Built-In Mosquito Protection
As spring descends and bugs of all kinds reemerge, Under the Weather offers a novel solution in its new product: the WalkingPod Mesh, a personal, wearable tent. For consumers who don’t like to... MORE
Footwear-Sporting Chairs
Footwear-Sporting Chairs
The LC23 Armchair Has Interchangeable Sneaker Feet
The LC23 Armchair boasts an unusual design, thanks to colorful feet that take the form of sneakers. The design by Italian fashion brand LC23 includes actually feet for the chair, and sneakers to... MORE
Elephant Feces-Infused Gins
Elephant Feces-Infused Gins
The South African Indlovu Gin is Made from Elephant Feces
Indlovu is a South African gin made from “elephant dung.” To begin, the dried feces is dried and put through a sterilization process so it can be rinsed and dried once again to be... MORE
Slanted Whiskey Glasses
Slanted Whiskey Glasses
Glassblower Ben "Puts a New Slant on Any Drink" with This Handmade Glass
Those looking for a unique way to drink their alcohol may be drawn to the aesthetically-pleasing and eye-catching Slanted Glass by Glassblower Ben. As its name suggests, this dynamic glass sits at a... MORE
play_circle_filled Man-Made Floating City Housing
Man-Made Floating City Housing
Blue Estate Island Offers Affordable Homes on a Human-Made Island
Blue Estate Island recently launched the world’s first floating city with accommodations ranging from $20,0.00 to $1.5 billion. Located in the Caribbean Sea, these houses range from studio... MORE
Inflatable Floating Suits
Inflatable Floating Suits
SiiGii's Suit Lets Wearers Float and Stay Protected from the Sun
Spanish artist SiiGii created an inflatable floating suit that can be used to keep wearers completely protected from the sun. Unlike some floatation devices that leave swimmers totally exposed to... MORE
Beginner Skincare
Brands prioritize those who are new to the skincare space
Trend - Brands are releasing products, collections or entire business models that center around introducing beginners to the skincare space. With the industry being full of products, services, information and resources, some brands are aiming to cut through the noise to help those who are new to skincare.
Workshop Question - How could your brand better prioritize accessibility?
Helium-Powered Floating Jackets
Helium-Powered Floating Jackets
The Inflatable HELIUM-10000 Jacket Allows the Wearer to Fly
Andrew Kostman’s HELIUM-10000 jacket takes puffy jackets to the next level with a design that enables the wearer to functionally fly. The jacket, which was engineered in Italy and made in Japan,... MORE
Bizarre Sneaker-Inspired Handbags
Bizarre Sneaker-Inspired Handbags
The SneakerHead Top Handle Bag is Made with Shoe Materials
The SneakerHead Top Handle Bag is the latest launch in Balenciaga’s line of exclusive handbags pioneered by the brand’s creative director, Demna Gvasalia. The luxury handbag draws... MORE
Geometric Three-Dimensional Vases
Geometric Three-Dimensional Vases
The Vase Na 2.0 from Desz Office Plays with Empty Space
The Vase Na 2.0, developed by the Beijing-based houseware design studio Desz Office, has a geometric three-dimensional structure that plays with the idea of empty space. The minimally designed vase... MORE
Contemporary High Heel Crossovers
Contemporary High Heel Crossovers
The Balenciaga Crocs 2.0 Cross Colorful Crocs with High Heels
The Balenciaga Crocs 2.0 from the luxury fashion brand’s spring 2022 collection are a crossover between popular Crocs and contemporary high heels. The crossover shoes are a daring foray into... MORE
play_circle_filled Contemporary Digital Art Galleries
Contemporary Digital Art Galleries
Fābula Gallery Marries Contemporary Art and Collectable Design
Contemporary art gallery Fābula presents over 100 distinctive collectibles. Rattlesnake Group has designed and developed a mystical and bizarre website that reflects the style and philosophy of the... MORE
Vivid Dream-Inspired Hotel Stays
Vivid Dream-Inspired Hotel Stays Wants to Send You on a Trip Based on a Wild Dream is helping send fans on a summer trip inspired by their wildest dream. According to the brand, Americans have had more strange and memorable dreams this past year, and many are looking to... MORE
Psychedelic DMT Retreats
Psychedelic DMT Retreats
Psychedelics Company Silo Wellness To Open 5-MeO-DMT Retreats in Jamaica
Silo Wellness adds 5-MeO-DMT to its portfolio of psilocybin and ketamine-assisted retreats, harnessing the compound’s ability to rewire neural pathways for therapeutic integration in 2 new... MORE
play_circle_filled Rideshare Item Retrieval Ads
Rideshare Item Retrieval Ads
The Uber Lost & Found Index Shows the Most Commonly Forgotten Items
Uber recently released its fifth annual Lost & Found Index for Canada that unveils the most commonly forgotten items, the most “uniquely” forgotten items, and the most “... MORE
play_circle_filled Ergonomically Efficient Carrying Handles
Ergonomically Efficient Carrying Handles
Mammoth Grips Make Carrying Multiple Items Simpler
Mammoth Grips are a pair of portable carrying handles used to efficiently and effectively lift and transport heavy loads, including everyday items like hangers and groceries. Mammoth Grips work... MORE
play_circle_filled Anthropomorphic Moving-Eye Webcams
Anthropomorphic Moving-Eye Webcams
The Eyecam Moves, Reacts, and Looks like a Real Human Eye
The Eyecam, a webcam physiologically modeled after a real human eye, is the bizarre result of designer and researcher Marc Teyssier’s work with the De Vinci Innovation Center. The Eyecam... MORE
Bacon-Scented Shoe Laces
Bacon-Scented Shoe Laces
The Oscar Mayer Bacon Scented Laces Can Be Won Through a Contest
The Oscar Mayer Bacon Scented Laces have been unveiled as a follow-up to a pair of bacon sneakers that were recently rereleased by the brand. Made to look like thin strips of bacon, the laces... MORE
Drink-Holding Handwarmers
Drink-Holding Handwarmers
Panera's Iced & Toasty Bread Bowl Glove Holds an Iced Coffee Cup
Panera’s Iced & Toasty Bread Bowl is a quirky creation that was created to help people hold their iced coffee in the winter and keep their hands warm. The bread bowl-shaped glove was... MORE
Thanksgiving-Inspired Sneaker Collaborations
Thanksgiving-Inspired Sneaker Collaborations
Concepts & Nike Unveiled the SB Dunk High ‘TurDUNKen’
Ahead of this year’s Thanksgiving celebrations in the US, Concepts and Nike collaborated on a new sneaker model called the Nike SB Dunk High ‘TurDUNKen.’ Taking design cues from the... MORE
Chicken-Flavored Lipsticks
Chicken-Flavored Lipsticks
KFC's Food-Flavored Lipstick is Said to Taste Like Hot Wings
Previously, KFC has launched nail polish products, bath salts and lotions that share the scents and tastes of its menu items and the fried chicken chain is now introducing a food-flavored lipstick... MORE
Bizarre Incredibly Personalized Shirts
Bizarre Incredibly Personalized Shirts
Nice Shirt. Thanks! Creates a Design on Your Description
“TikTok made me buy it” is now viewed as a cultural phenomenon as random products instantly become viral and sell out. One such company lucky enough to achieve this success is Nice Shirt.... MORE
Storm Skull Weather Predictors
Storm Skull Weather Predictors
The Liquid Inside This Skull Reacts to Atmospheric Conditions
The Storm Skull Weather Predictor, as its name suggests, is able to predict the weather and warns of storms ahead of time. The device leverages “the same ‘futuristic alien technology&#... MORE