Sprint Firsts in Wrist Technology

 - Sep 20, 2010
References: trendhunter
Pictogram bangles, digital dating bracelets and holographic wrist phones. Today we hunt: WRIST-WORN TECHCESSORIES - Sprint firsts in wrist worn technology.

Many people no longer rely on wristwatches due to the prevalence of mobile phone clocks, yet they still hold strong appeal for aesthetic reasons. Emerging wrist-worn technologies are a promising niche, not only due to their effortless sartorial tie-in, but because having technology attached to the body, as opposed to carried in the pocket, brings human/tech integration to new levels of efficiency.

And now, the Sprint Top Ten.

10. The 'Dyson Energy Bracelet' allows you to charge your phone on the go with thermoelectric energy. You'll never have to worry about missing an important call again.

9. The Dew wearable cellphone is a great way to share data on the go because it has the ability to create holographs. Be weary if you have material not safe for work on this phone because your cubicle neighbor could get an eyeful.

8. Konstantin Datz’s ‘Wristband for Deaf People’ is the future of wrist-worn aids and heathcare devices. The hi-tech bangle translates the sounds around the wearer into pictures.

7. The Nextep Computer Concept is one heck of a computer-savvy look for your next party or office function. Consisting of flexible OLED touchscreen, this bracelet screams, "I'm all over the interwebz."

6. What happens when a watch and a pen combine? You get this handy hybrid called the 'Helix.'

5. This solar-powered mobile phone is titled 'The Leaf.' Eco-conscious and environmentally-friendly, this phone charges while you are being active outside during those hot summer days.

4. Minute and hour hands are now dated. Our ever-evolving world is opting for new, innovative timepiece designs like the 'Zero Wrist Watch' which rely on swirling colors to tell the time.

3. Find your potential soul mate by wearing this fun concept bracelet that pulses and changes color when you've found your match.

2. The Gluco(M) is a wrist-worn device that allows those suffering from diabetes to easily monitor their glucose levels. Farewell painful blood tests and hello tech toys!

1. Whether you're elderly or you just have a bad memory, the 'Mnernonic' will remind you of whatever it is you're forgetting. Program everything from a reminder to call your sister at four to your grocery list. You'll soon forget what life was like without this gadget!

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