- Aug 19, 2012
In today’s age many have countless gadgets that offer a multitude of functions, and this collection of futuristic bracelets show that fashion accessories are no exception.

These highly inconspicuous accessories have great untapped potential. There are so many advantages of having a multifunctional bracelet, which turns out is not even a new concept—afterall, aren’t MedicAlert bracelets and watches just early versions of the high-tech wristband? Intrinsic in design, they are easily carried around and do not infringe on daily activities, so they are the perfect platform to access technology. Some examples of futuristic wristbands include UV-detecting ones for kids, hand-washing monitors for doctors and caller ID-supporting gadgets for those on the go.

The fact that technology and utility is able to realistically meld with fashion gives bracelet design a promising future. The health, convenience and performance benefits are infinite!

From Caller ID Wristbands to Wearable Health Trackers: