The USB Watch Enables You to Wear Your Digital Data

 - Nov 7, 2011
References: yankodesign
Just think about it , you're living in an age where you can tote a whole library of movies on your keychain. It's incredible how much information can be stored within such a small electronic device, so much that at least 3GB of space is available just in the the wristband of this USB Watch.

It seems to be a concept at this stage, but there's little to keep these adorable hour-counting accessories from becoming a reality. The technology is nothing new, as it incorporates a bright LED digital dial, a compact flash drive, memory and the USB hookup to allow for the transferring of files, the charging of the wristwatch's week-strong battery and the syncing of the time to that of the computer's. In terms of the more playful features worked into the USB Watch by Kim Sung Hun, Yoon-tae Myoung and Yoon-jin Gon, there's the delectable color choices, the opaque display and the clever use of the connector as a clip for the timepiece's band.