From Analog Smartwatches to Ultraviolet-Tracking Wristbands

 - Jul 16, 2015
Innovative smartwatches are multifaceted gadgets that serve to keep time in addition to offering a variety of smart functions. From health-tracking attributes to WiFi control, these timepieces revolutionize the watch industry.

The Omate Lutetia Smartwatch is a style-savvy timepiece with Bluetooth Low Energy and a fashionable design. Also quite glamorous in design, the Guess Connect watch offers a simultaneous voice command feature. For the tech fans who aren't too concerned about style, innovative smartwatches like the the Epic Signature Edition is basic in design but quite extraordinary when it comes to its wide range of smart attributes. Perfect for those with Epilepsy, the 'Embrace' watch tells time and helps track seizures by monitoring the wearers stress levels.

With innovative watches such as these, timepieces may never be the same again.