More Information was Leaked on the Smartwatch from Google

 - Mar 17, 2014
References: lg & designboom
Speculation on the LG-made smartwatch from Google was released last year, but now even more news has surfaced in terms of specs and certain features.

The design is said to have 4GB of storage, a ram of 512MB and a 1.65-inch LCD screen. Moreover, the smartwatch will be equipped with a Siri-like assistant to help wearers with a number of questions. Out of all the smartwatches starting to become available on the market, this one looks the most fashionable. Other designs are extremely futuristic and tech-oriented, whereas the smartwatch from Google looks more like an actual wristwatch (apart from the LCD screen of course). Release for this smartwatch is speculated for a conference in June.

Photo Credits: designboom, lg