- Aug 23, 2015
Rose gold has taken the world by storm, inserting itself into every domain from transportation to cosmetics -- and these rose gold items use the unique aesthetic in inventive new ways.

Rose gold has an elegance and originality that goes beyond the appeal of more commonly seen precious metals like yellow gold and silver. Some of these featured rose gold items are very extravagant, like a $270,000 baby bottle, while some of them are luxurious yet simple, like a monochromatic black bicycle with rose gold accents.

Beyond traditional jewelry, rose gold items are increasingly popular in the world of technology. Rose gold makes smart devices more delicate and feminine and adds a layer of opulence to everyday objects. Rose gold iPhones, smart watches and fitness trackers, for example, are coveted luxury devices.

From Diamond-Studded Smartphones to Fashionable Fitness Trackers: