Sculptural Office Supply Brings Beauty and Functionality to the Table

 - Feb 9, 2015
References: beyond-object & leibal
A person's first impression of this metal tape dispenser would surely not be a neutral one. Typically, the acknowledgement of the usual utilitarian office implement would be fairly flat, but this artistic item inspires emotion in the observer.

Most likely, a person would not even be able to guess the purpose of this utensil straight away. What you see is a sandwiched pair of glossy disks, made from a mirror-like material. The alloy has been made to emit subtly different colors, so that you can choose between silver, bronze or rose gold finishes. The finished product is gorgeous and sculptural, cantilevering on an angled stand and concealing the adhesive roll inside. Beyond Object's Cantili tape dispenser beautifully fills the gap between elegant decor and basic utility at one's workstation.