From Hidden Blade Adhesive Holders to Minimalist Tape Dispensers

 - Aug 17, 2016
Tape needs to be sticky to fulfill its purpose, but that stickiness poses a problem when it comes to use and storage with adhesive holders. The stickier tape is, the more unwieldy it becomes, and the standard dollar store tape dispenser is woefully inadequate.

Industrial designers have attacked the adhesive holder conundrum, though, and there are plenty of tape dispensers that make tape a breeze to manipulate. The Zyp-Zyp minimalist tape dispenser, for example, is barely the size of a thimble, yet its clever design features completely eliminate the frustration that comes with picking at rolls of tape.

As with many office design concepts, tape dispensers and adhesive holders can get cheeky. The Unicorn Tape Dispenser may not be as efficient as the Zyp-Zyp, but then again, some offices prefer to sacrifice an ounce of efficiency for a pound of levity.