This Scotch Tape Dispenser Precisely Cuts Tape At the Turn of a Wheel

 - Jan 20, 2015
References: 3m & gizmodo
American multinational 3M has come up with a potentially epochal and generation-defining invention -- a better scotch tape dispenser. Scotch tape is a pretty essential object in the household and in the office, and while some of us only need to use it a few days a year to wrap gifts or stick something together, there are many people who have to work with it all day long.

To make their life easier, 3M teamed up with designer Joongho Choi to create a desk-sized tape dispenser that automatically and precisely cuts equally sized bits of tape with the simple turn of a wheel.

This scotch tape dispenser is designed to prevent the tape from disappearing back into the roll and forcing you to get your claws out to dig it out. Moreover, the cutting blades are buried deep inside the contraption, ensuring that the only thing you slice will be the tape.