- Nov 27, 2015
These gifts for coworkers are perfect for an office-wide game of secret santa. When it come to buying presents for colleagues, it can be tough to find something that is inexpensive yet practical. These simple gift ideas are sure to win over even your grouchiest colleagues.

While some coworkers are easy to shop for, others can be somewhat tricky. If you're looking for a neutral gift idea, it is always wise to go for something practical. Some examples of functional gift ideas include collapsible coffee cups, cubic cord organizers and office-friendly headphones.

If you're interesting in giving your coworker a gift that is more personal, why not opt for something on the humorous side. Although these kinds of gifts aren't all that practical, they are perfect for colleagues who appreciate a good laugh. Some humorous gifts for coworkers include emergency nap packages, morbid stationary organizers and conference survival kits.

From Sloth-Like Tea Infusers to Ergonomic Desk Accessories: