The Carry On Concept is an Efficient One-Handed Way to Tote Four Drinks

 - Mar 6, 2015
References: & packagingoftheworld
This concept for a new type of coffee clutch eliminates what can be the most frustrating part of carrying out coffee duty. Whether you're picking up morning doses of caffeine for your coworkers, your family or your friends, the challenge is always getting from the café to your crew without any spill scares along the way.

Replacing the dreaded coffee cup tray, Martin Lind suggests using a simple single sheet of stiff paper material with six strategic holes cut into it. The rectangular card has four identical round openings in a row, designed to cradle the flaring forms of takeout cups. Two elongated holes come together to serve as a handgrip for the designated deliverer. The beauty of the Carry On coffee clutch is that you no longer need to balance beverages, but rather have them hang from a relaxed arm and hand. It's also effortless to recycle and easily brandable.