From Single Use Wine Pouches to Instant Herb Garden Containers

 - Mar 11, 2015
These flexible packaging solutions range from versatile vino pouches to refillable water containers that are perfect way to save space in the fridge. As brands become more conscious of the environment and user practicality, compact and pouch packaging is on the rise.

Whether used to merchandise or store household snacks, health beverages or even kids' toys, flexible packaging is more versatile than traditional boxes, plastic containers or bottles that tend to be less practical and more damaging to the environment.

Single use wine pouches, meals in a bag and spherical juice boxes are just some of the ways that established and rookie brands are using flexible packaging to sell a product. These packaging solutions are not only aesthetically striking but are also designed to appeal to the on-the-go consumer who is likely to use food, drinks or cosmetics while on the road or on an active trip. In addition to being compact and flexible, most of the examples on this list are also bio-degradable or re-usable.