Evol's Gluten-Free Burrito is Made with Love and Hormone-Free Chicken

Normally, a food that is breaded and frozen would not be seen as a healthy meal choice, but this gluten-free burrito from Evol is a snack that you can indulge in without any guilt.

Rather than being loaded with mystery additives, salt and preservatives, Evol's all-natural, dairy-free Gluten-Free Chicken Burrito is made with hormone-free chicken, pinto beans, a sweet guajillo chilé sauce, rice and a tomato and roasted corn salsa. The burrito contains about 10g of dietary fiber, which makes it a super quick, easy and healthy way to fuel up. All of this is wrapped up with love (Evol is "love," spelled backwards) in a tortilla that will make celiacs or anybody who likes to lay off the wheat once in a while very happy.