- Dec 24, 2015
With Christmas just around the corner, these gift ideas for vegans will help you cross the trickiest people off of your holiday shopping list. Although many people think of veganism as a dietary choice, being a vegan goes beyond just food. Indeed, many vegans try to avoid wearing clothing made from animals byproducts or purchasing cosmetics that have been tested on living creatures.

With so many things to keep in mind, it may seem difficult to shop for the vegan in your life. However, there are many different brands specializing in vegan-friendly products. For example, there are companies that product cruelty-free nail polishes that have not been tested on animals. There are also companies selling vegan-friendly toiletries that are appropriate for both men and women.

Beyond cosmetics, there are a number of retailers who offer vegan-friendly clothing and accessories. These cruelty-free garments include everything from faux leather pants to synthetic suede clutches. There are even vegan shoes made from plant-based ingredients such as unbleached hemp and waxed twills.

Regardless of who you are shopping for, these gifts ideas for vegans are sure to spark some holiday shopping inspiration.

From Chocolaty Seaweed Snacks to Cruelty-Free Makeup Brushes: