The Louisville Vegan Jerky Co.'s Snacks Provide Protein Sans Meat

Sriracha Maple, Bourbon Smoked Chipotle and Sesame Teriyaki are a few of the meat-free flavors offered through the Louisville Vegan Jerky Co. Although the high-protein snacks have have obvious appeal to non-meat eaters, the snacks have also caught the eyes of many meat eaters too. With 12 grams of protein per bag that's free of gluten and soy, it's no wonder the product has such widespread popularity.

While the meat-free element of the jerky naturally makes this product a standout in a market saturated with meat snacks, the Louisville Vegan Jerky Co. developed packaging to make it unmissable. Taking inspiration from traditional apothecaries, the bright, urban and vibrant designs carry just the right amount of oldschool charm to create an authentic, artisan vibe that doesn't exclude those who like to eat meat.