From Scientific Snack Packaging to Anecdotal Jerky Branding

 - Apr 1, 2016
From dual-purpose packaging that prevents the need for cleanup to customizable cookie packaging, contemporary snack branding ideas are heavily affected by both the health and wellness movement and the emphasis on portability, sustainability and convenience.

London-based creative agency Kingdom & Sparrow have designed a clever paper box for an indie brand selling pistachios grown in Greece. The paper box has a built-in mechanism that allows a tiny drawer to slide in and out, making it easy to store and later dispose of the pistachio shells.

Separately, the Nordic Bakery in London's Golden Square has begun producing Scandinavian-style rye chips that boast a stunning minimalist branding scheme. The chips are the brand's first pre-packaged snack product that is sure to catch the eye of bakery-goers.