These Cheese String Snacks Come in Eco-Friendly Bio Packaging

 - Jan 29, 2015
References: galbanicheese & packagedesignmag
One part of corporate social responsibility is taking actions to protect the environment, like with sustainable or bio packaging. Clear Lam Packaging Inc. developed a bio-based plastic pack for Precious Stickers snacks. Owned by Lactalis American Group Inc., Galbani snack cheese strings are made from Natureworks Ingeopolylactic acid (PLA) as well as other performance-enhancing materials.

The new bio packaging material is 50% plant-based, reduces greenhouse gases by up to 35.2% and takes up to 36.8% less energy to make compared to conventional plastic packages.

Incorporating more eco-friendly and plant-based packaging is one way brands and larger corporations can commit to environmental sustainability and help reduce their carbon footprint. While this example is not totally renewable, it's a step in the right direction.