From Textured Goat Cheese Packaging to Enticing Dairy Stalls

 - Mar 22, 2016
From curious packaging that hints at the texture of a product to locavore branding that makes use of local folk art, there are plenty of dairy branding ideas from which to glean inspirations. With an emphasis on localized production and homespun recipes, much of the dairy branding and merchandising concepts speak to widespread consumer interests related to the health and wellness movement.

One winning example is the butter packaging concept created by Weidenhammer Packaging Group. The innovative design serves as both a container for the butter and a functional butter dish, with a revolving paper lid that easily reseals the product for putting it back in the fridge.

As with much of the food and beverage market, consumers are putting an emphasis on going back to ancient recipes and traditions by flocking to dairy products with packaging concepts that highlight humble, artisan origins.