UFO Milk Packaging Strives for an Out-of-This-World Appeal

 - Dec 25, 2015
References: titovsergey & packagingoftheworld
The designers of these whimsical dairy labels underline the conservative nature of most milk packaging. While wholesome farm illustrations and images of creamy beverages dominate the dairy section, UFO Milk depicts quite an alien scene.

Lead by Sergey Titov, the team at Titov Design drew up a landscape on the brink of urban and agricultural regions with added intrigue just above. A cartoon cow is suspended in the air, appearing to be beamed up by a spaceship. The abduction could suggest the particularly enviable quality of UFO Milk cows at producing the best dairy products around. Either way, the colorful illustrations set this brand apart from competitors, making this milk carton a captivating, amusing and successful packaging scheme.