From Pastel Coffee Branding to Color-Blocked Wine Bottles

 - Apr 12, 2016
From pastel-hued coffee bags to color-blocked wine labels, there is a clear shift towards color-focused packaging. Not only does a clever color scheme catch the eye of the consumer, but it can also help brands convey an important message about their product.

One of the most interesting uses of color in packaging is the prevalence of pastel hues. No longer reserved for ultra-feminine products, these soft shades are now being used to make intimidating products seem more approachable. As a result, pastel color schemes have been used to brand everything from dietary supplements to wine bottles.

Another form of color-focused packaging that has become extremely popular involves color-blocking. When paired with minimal fonts and simple graphics, this approach can be particularly eye-catching. Some standout examples of minimalist color-blocking include Bolonaf Chocolates, Djurdjic Wines and the educational toy kits for the startup Technology Will Save Us.