This Rebrand for Herring Brand BOY Boasts Vibrant Hues

 - Feb 25, 2016
References: packagingoftheworld
Hailing from Finland, BOY is a herring brand owned by the larger Orkla Foods Finland. The 40-year-old herring brand recently decided to reinvigorate its image by commissioning a fresh and contemporary look that would better represent the high quality of the premium product range.

Each of the varieties of herring are contained in a glass jar featuring a single vibrant color that differentiates the flavor. The brand's logo is all caps and features a tiny fish and hook that contributes to the maritime theme without going overboard. Designed by Tony Eräpuro and Kuudes Kerros, the new packaging scheme is aimed at attracting new consumers who would not normally consider themselves herring eaters. The label also features a tiny inscription denoting the BOY brand's launch year, 1977.