From Upscale Discount Grocers to Sensory Liquor Store Concepts

 - Mar 18, 2016
These rebranded business innovations range from upscale discount grocers to sensory liquor store concepts that use clever marketing tactics to elevate sales while enhancing shoppers' overall experience. Standouts include LCBO's in-store beer tasting station along with Rexall's in-store beauty bar. Both of the Canadian businesses are known as reliable retailers -- whether selling quality liquor products or fulfilling household or pharmaceutical needs. While LCBO's sensory retail activation promotes new beer varieties while spotlighting Toronto-based breweries, Rexall's in-house beauty bar promotes independent makeup brands while supporting Canadian businesses.

Additional rebranded business innovations include personalized taco rewards like those available on Taco Bell's platform. Appealing to Millennial audiences, the fast food chain offers customization and a gamified rewards model that is designed to mimic popular social media channels and chat apps.

Similarly, heritage clothing retailers like Lord & Taylor are targeting younger audiences with Millennial-focused sister brands while companies like grocer Loblaws are appealing to foodies with lifestyle platforms that feature inspirational and social media-themed components.