Whole Foods' Store of the Future is Both Sensory and Tech-Savvy

 - Dec 9, 2015
References: creativity-online & screenmediadaily
Whole Foods' 'Store of the Future' concept makes everyday grocery trips more experiential for shoppers. In addition to its digital signage, this grocery store also features multiple screens that users can interact with. For example, some are used to display shoppers' Twitter and Instagram while others feature new products and weekly sale announcements.

Targeting tech-savvy millennials, Whole Foods shares its signature #WFMAvalon hashtag with store visitors and invites them to document their shopping experience on social media channels. This genius marketing move means that customers are promoting Whole Foods themselves and ultimately saving the food retailer a lot of money.

Whole Foods' Store of the Future is also home to touchscreen-activated 'Expand Your Palette' kiosks that recommend unique flavor combinations and new products to users. Ultimately, these interactive units encourage consumers to test new products and experiment with flavors they would otherwise seldom try.